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Rush! It was Rush I was thinking about with that whole true love thing. Only it wasn't a kiss to break a curse, it was true love to end the simulation thingy with Amanda. Haha. I knew I wasn't mad.

Remembered thanks to CleanWhiteRoom's Force over Distance, which is awesome and everyone should read it. Another thing, also sparked by the fic - did Franklin ascend? It's the only option which makes sense really. He got all that ancient knowledge including ascension and then blam.

Have I mentioned how much I love this website? It's the absolute best thing. An entire archive of English accents from all over the world. Honestly I can spend hours listening to the recordings. HOURS.

Plus it's so much better than that '24 accents' boy on youtube. His video has been recommended to me twice and all right, he's not bad at a fair handful, or at least, I can't really comment on the others. But I can tell you his attempts at RP and 'posh' are mind shatteringly awful.


A while back I made a throwaway comment about British acccents = evul in Hollywood, and then I was reading my flist and haha, valoise made a vid about that very thing. I'm not familiar with the actor, but the vid is pretty self-explanatory. Not so keen on the talky face, but some good pace changes in there.

Shame a vid isn't the right medium to show the main way British actors can escape the villain roles and jump back into being leading men (Damien Lewis in Life, Jason Isaacs in Awake - fake an American accent and you're golden). I guess I should be grateful. Apparently Australians aren't allowed to exist at all.

Personal Justified head canon: Quarles' grandfather was one of the Howling Commandos. That's some fucked up bloodlines right there, I bet Grandaddy Quarles would beat the shit out of him. But crossover families are always lining up good-good. I feel there should be more -- "And this is my fuckhead psychotic son who tried to take over the world". Which means Hugo Weasley is the next Dark Lord, JSYK.

I've started watching Falling Skies. I mostly like it, but there are things that irritate me: plot fail and what I'm calling "emotional anvils" -- When they force you to feel a particular emotion, you know: stirring music; tears of joy; people embracing; shot of the flag; oh isn't he such a saviour. I want to like a character because he's interesting, not because the show is telling me: "YOU MUST LIKE HIM, HE IS GOD."

Anyway, partly because of that, and partly because these post-apocalyptic movies all follow a similar guns/milita set up. I started wondering if there were any non-US post-apocalyptic movies/tv/books out there. Something set in a country where access to weapons is more complicated, or access to vehicles, or the city infrastructure is less secure, or the military response is more scattered, (and ideally with fewer emotional anvils).

Does anyone have any recs? I don't particularly like zombies, but I'm up for anything else.

I've asked for recs here and here at the Post-Apocalyptic forum, if you're interested.

Different shows leave me with different feelings at the end. Buffy ended on an upswing: Hope and light and that shot of Buffy looking out at the world and smiling. Firefly/Serenity left me with again, hope, and a feeling of continuity: ragged edges from pain and wounds, but a sense of keeping on, of bowed but unbroken, of Zoe and Mal in the cargo bay and Zoe's straight back and 'she's tore up plenty'. SGU left me with a sense of fragile peace, of things left unsaid, but dormant. A strange calm sort of hope that, somewhere out there, things are okay. Destiny powering down and one tiny light flying on in the black. LotS ended with a satisfying sort of resolution, everything pretty much tied up and Kahlan/Richard forever. Prison Break was painful but full of relief that they were finally free.

Most shows try to end on an upswing of sorts, a half and half, if not an all out happy ending. But with one show in particular, there are so many losses it's hard for me to focus on the happy:

just leaves me sad and broken inside. Oh Boomer, oh Chief, oh Gaeta, oh Helena, oh Kendra, oh Gina, oh Kara, oh Sam oh Lee, oh Tigh, oh Ellen, OH GOD CAPRICA AND GAIUS. OH GOD HE KNOWS ABOUT FARMING OH GOD. I have all the feelings.

The reason I bring all this up is that I recently read The Space Between Us by Ils_mutant and I'm still crying.

It keeps all the elements of the latter half of season 4: the fracturing of society post-Earth, the tension, the mutiny, Boomer's betrayal, Hera's kidnapping etc. but it rewrites everything by changing up the people involved. And oh God it hurts and it's wonderful and this show, these characters. I no can. Can has left the builing.

Oh Felix, oh Hoshi, oh Jesse, oh Sarah, oh Helo, oh Athena, oh Boomer, oh Tyrol, oh Sam, oh Kara, oh flipping, fucking hell.

I then went and played Gaeta's lament and then Kara's coordinates on youtube and I got SHIVERS. SHIVERS I TELL YOU.

Also, bonus adorable drunken fluff set post-fic

Remember how I said I wanted GOT fic with Dany/Arya where Arya wasn't still a kid? Wait it Out by rawthorne. THIS FIC IS ALL THE THINGS. It's an AU where Dany was kept at King's Landing as an example. And it's wonderful.

SPN rewritten like the Bible: "[8] And he said unto him, Stir not thy foot against him that the LORD hath shown unto thee, for it is totally not the LORD doing it anyway."


Does anyone else think SPN is heading for a 'Lucifer teaming up with the Winchesters to kill the Leviathans' plot? My interest in watching anything Leviathan related is below zero, but Lucifer's a whole other matter.

Am I honestly the only one who, after looking at that, thinks: 'Just cut that loser out of the photo there and we have here THE MOST GORGEOUS COUPLE ON EARTH.'

Though, I stand by my Johanna/Katniss. They would be such a perfect foe-yay hate!sex pair. ALSO. I was lurking on the interwebs and I read that Kirsten Bell might auditioning for Johanna. Because OMG I JUST MADE INHALEY CROAKEY NOISES AT THE SCREEN FOR 5 MINUTES STRAIGHT.

I MAY DIE. then write Katniss/Johanna sex forever and ever amen.

Meta sparked by the first few eps of Awake:

I like the 'crazy intuitive cop' trope as much as the next person, but it can get a bit grating when it's only the crazy intuitive partner solving all the cases and the poor by-the-book partner is just there to be awe-struck.*

The most obvious example, Sherlock/Watson, is actually a bit of a subversion, yes Sherlock is usually in the lead, but John does actually get to do shit, (in Sherlock at least, it's been so long since I've read the books I can't be sure). Yes, Sherlock makes the crazy intuitive leaps, but John takes action - look at ep 1x01: if not for John, Sherlock would have taken the suicide pill. In 2x01 it's John's knowledge of trivia that gives them their next lead, not Sherlock.

Contrast this with Life, which was a show I utterly adored, and had Charlie Crews being magnificently Zen and intuitive, but it NEVER let Reese solve a case through her work or her own hunches (if she even had any). She was always following Crews' lead, waiting for him to make the jump from clue to clue. Not cool. She knew her shit, she was competent and experienced, she should have had more input.

And now Awake seems to be falling into the same trap. Isaacs' clues from his parallel worlds are totally cool and fun to decipher, but I would really like to see one of his partners actually getting to do their jobs as well.

On a racial and gender note, having the white man be the clever leader that the women/POC look up to is problematic. It works with Vega because he's a rookie, but both Reese and Freeman are experienced in their own right and having them play follow the leader feels icky.

Finally it's unfair to real police work. That isn't about crazy magical intuitive leaps, it's about paperwork or doing the drudge of interviews and looking over tapes etc. etc. (I mean, IDK exactly, I have no experience, but it's a RL job, makes sense it'd have RL boringness). True, research isn't exactly prime time tv ("And now we fill out ALL THE FORMS...") But there are ways to spin it, and it'd feel a lot more honest if we had some connect the dots elements, instead of all intuition, all the time. After all, 'straight' cop shows, with non-super-powered protagonists manage to pull it off.

Ultimately, these 'one super, one not' buddy cop formats tend to use the super-power as a crutch. It starts fine, but in the end it grows repetitive and I hope they realise that in Awake and work on making the partnership(s) more balanced.

*It's slightly similar to the emotional anvils I mentioned above, or at least, they use emotional anvils to show us how amazing the protagonist is, so not only is he/she not allowed to make any kind of mistake, but his/her successes are forcibly hammered into our skulls. We're not left cheering them on. We're left brain-damaged.
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