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I finally saw The Avengers! Woop woop!

Mostly I loved it. Silly Bang Bang, all the feels etc. I don't know that I have anything to say that hasn't already been said, but here goes:


The Bruce/Tony friendship was unexpected and wonderful. Steve/Bruce getting each other likewise. Ruffalo's definitely given him an out-of-timey/old fashioned vibe, which I loved. Also Bruce/Natasha, with her genuinely being afraid of him and him kinda freaking out a bit that he made yet another person afraid of him. (But her gun didn't shake once. Oh Natasha). In general I tried to keep myself without expectations on Ruffalo, since I like him, but also I couldn't see him as Hulk (he's so fluffy!) so it sort of balanced out. But yes, I, like the rest of fandom, was unexpectedly impressed. I loved all his links with the team. If Steve's the leader, and Tony's the deadpan snarker, Thor's the muscle, Natasha's the woobie (more on that later) and Clint's the comedian, then Banner might be the heart. The guy who, if he were kidnapped, everyone would sombre-face and break shit over. (Except for how you can't kidnap the Hulk, but you get me.)

The Superhusbands were adorbs, but not as slashy as fanon makes them. Though that line of Tony's about Steve not being anything without the serum tied PERFECTLY into my plot bunny of a serum reversal fic that leaves Steve with all the issues. (Until he realises his worth and is a ninja leader despite being the skinny guy. Also there is total canon for that: the smooth way Steve took command, man I didn't even notice him stepping up it was so well done.)

Pepper/Tony was wonderful and I want all the homey fic. There's been lots of talk about her feet, which I mostly agree with. I loved the entire casual yet sexy ensemble and I can absolutely buy that that's the point they're at right now: Casual, yet still willing to impress each other. Also I love how they look like their getting older. I mean, it's natural and that's life and IDK if it was exactly a choice so much as how their faces look, but still, there's something nice about it. Tony's maturing and dealing and Pepper's grown into her role as CEO and just in general they're sort of settled. (I am amazed I'm writing that about Tony/Pepper, honestly Joss, you win.) Much as I love the fresh youngness of the STXI cast, I also like the more mature-ness of this lot. (I won't say maturity, since they can be such children emotionally - case in point - the big three smackdown at the beginning.)

OH COULSON. DAMN YOU JOSS. I liked him in fanon, I... didn't entirely buy his transformation into fanboy compared to his previous characterisation in canon, but I liked it nevertheless. And despite this being Joss, I didn't expect the death. (I was also hoping for a Fury-faked-it reveal.)




Except actually, this movie didn't really add anything to my current Loki feels, it just sort of continued the theme. Still Hiddles was clearly having a blast. Coulson's dying line: 'You lack conviction.' felt too prescient. Especially considering Loki's fake-out to Thor later on. He's not ready to relent yet, right now he's still dead set on destruction. Coulson didn't know him well enough to see that eventually (eveeeentually) he will realise destruction isn't what he wants after all. Then again. Coulson was ninja so maybe he could tell.

THE MOUTH SEWN SHUT/JAW LOCK AT THE END. OH HOLY SHIT IT'S ALL SO MIFFIC. Now I really really want to write my Loki falls to Jotunheim fic. (Falls to Jotunheim, sees what he did, meets Angrboda, shit happens.) But now I can't tell if I want to place it AU, or place it between Thor and The Avengers and have Odin come in at the end and steal Loki's kids thus providing the fuel to send him even more cray cray. Or IDK maybe Angrboda will see the future and kick him out to try and change it? Or something. Depends on her characterisation.

Everyone mentioned the Thor/Loki, but I'm just not getting it. Even after watching Thor it wasn't my fave. Loki gen, yes. Thor? Not so much. This breaks type for me, normally I'm all up in the incesty slash. I did love Thor's voice though, it was very resounding and deep. Yum.


I'll settle for a Black Widow/Hawkeye movie but I WANT. I loved her outwitting Loki (HOW DID SHE DO IT? FUCKING NINJA.) I loved her intro scene, I loved her Bruce scene. UGH. I LOVED HER EVERYTHING.

She had a lot of emotional heavy-lifting and I loved that, because all the other guys who had heavy-lifting (i.e. not Hawkeye) had their own movies to build on. Two in Tony's case, but Natasha just came out of nowhere and hit us with all these FEELS.

I also love how fandom's interpreting her in all these different ways. I don't agree with the 'Natasha is in control of her emotions' reading. I think she's due a classic Cara (LotS)/Kalinda (TGW) plot of 'emotionless badass thaws and then freaks out about it'. I like that, it's rare to get a female character playing that arc, and it's a fun arc. I read her 'Love is for children.' line, and in general her superb manipulation of emotions as a clue that she's locked her own away in a place where they won't interfere. (BUT THEY WILL.) I'm not saying she's about to fracture right now. She's not nearly a Tony Stark. But at some point I think she'll have shit to face up to. She's closer to Kalinda than Cara, because Cara had lost her place in her world and was working from a fractured base. Kalinda and Natasha are competent. They are fucking good at their jobs they are doing just fine. And then someone gets through their armour and life goes to shit. (AND THEN THEY REFORM AS SUPER NINJAS AND WE LOOOOVE THEM.)

Also, by the by, at the end of Iron Man Two I really wanted Pepper to be that someone for Natasha, in a gloriously femslashy competent!girlfriends kinda way. But I'm honestly buying Tony/Pepper now, so that's partly why I'm okay with Clint/Natasha. (Especially since the entire emotional hit of that relationship was on Natasha's shoulders, so I haven't really been won over by canon yet.) That's not to say I'm not good with friendship either, I loved how, when whisper-explaining stuff to C in the cinema, I could say that x was happening because Natasha loved Clint or because he was her best friend and either (both) was true.

I like Clint/Darcy as fanon, but it's not angsty enough for me to really get my teeth into. Clint/Natasha, however, is. Not just from her end, but also from his - she outclasses him. Don't lie. Plus she's been a friend, which means a shift in how they relate. Plus his shiny new brainwashing PTSD. (Which, I know I wasn't the only one who saw that and instantly thought - MIND CONTROL DUB CON SEX. YES PLEASE.)

Maria Hill was epic, though see my dislike below and I'm still mourning Coulson (OH COULSON), but I can see her stepping up. (Also, Fury and the cards. He is a magnificent bastard isn't he?)

THE FUNNY. ALL THE FUNNY. HULK SLAPPING LOKI AROUND. FFFF. Yes please, laugh at yourselves guys, you are silly. I liked Clint with the exploding arrow as well. I mean I love Loki I really do, but I'm not at all arguing with Whedon's tendency to slapstick up (or just straight up slap) his bad guys.



- Steve's 'stirring and patriotic' soundtrack. Ugh, overkill. We get that he's awesome. I actually like him. Please stop making me want to retch.
- Tony's magically disappearing arc reactor. At least two scenes the lights were turned off under his shirt. Oops.
- THE MUMBLING! Tony in particular, but all of them had moments. Seriously, I caught one word in ten.
- The Council? I get they needed it for the nuke drama, but who the fuck were they?
- Tony didn't know what shawerma is? Seriously? Meat sandwich. Not complicated. Tony Stark has never gone home drunk and late after partying and stopped at a kebab stand? You kidding? That line was so unnecessary, they could have kept the restaurant scene without Tony's random ignorance.
- The lack of a Maria/Natasha scene. Natasha works for SHIELD. They must know each other. They're both plenty competent and awesome, whether they like, dislike or are ambiguous about each other, I would like to have seen it.

Fic I want:

- I want to know how Clint remembers Budapest.
- Maria/Natasha Bechdel passing interaction.
- THE CELLIST. Who tells her? How much does she know?
- POV of the 'evil' aliens. The Tessaract was theirs originally? I want their POV on the battle.
- Natasha interrogating people. All the people. HOW DID SHE DO THAT OMFG.
- Clint/Loki mindfucked hotness.

Random note:

If it hadn't been for the fact that I recently used the word 'quim' in scrabble, neither me nor my bros would have got that line. (OH YEAH I DID. 'Q' AND TRIPLE WORD SCORE. FUCKING NINJA.)

I saw The Hunger Games just before I left Barcelona, and I'd meant to get this post up earlier but whatever. THE LINKAGE? GALE BETTER PLAY BALDR IN THOR 2. THEN LOKI WILL KILL HIM AND SHIT WILL GO DOWN.

It was good. I enjoyed it. Jennifer Lawrence was lovely as expected, Peeta did very little for me, just as in the book. I see how him and Katniss are a genderswap of the norm, but I'm not usually interested in the love interest who represents normality and is unrelated to the protagonist's acutal life and struggle. Which is basically who Peeta is cast as. Yes he's part of the Games, but he doesn't get Katniss like Gale, or Cinna, or Haymitch (who was wonderful btw).

I liked Gale more here than in the books, despite little screentime. Does anyone have AUs where he was reaped instead of Peeta? I'd be interested in that. In the books I just wanted Katniss to go it alone. Well, to fuck Johanna through the wall and go it alone. Or maybe go it with Johanna. Either is good. (Bonus Johanna backstory How to make a mask by tied-in-a-knot. Yeah, she's still my favourite.)

The silent applause at Katniss' reaping got me a little choked up, and then Rue's death: the flowers, the salute from District 11. Oh man, oh man, really really choked up. Unexpectedly so. It was sad in the book, but not quite to this extent. I had to blink away tears. (I also found How Rue became the Mockingjay, an AU by aimmyarrowshigh, which again, made me tear up.)

Did they change the ending though? In the fic I've read Peeta throws away his knife, which allows for a final moment of doubt. I can't remember the canon scene, but since I've read it more than once I can only assume it's correct. I wonder why they ditched it.

Anyway, then I went out and watched all the interview clips with Jennifer Lawrence I could find, including the ones I'd already seen, because she is wonderful. Seriously, she is the most adorable and hilarious famous person ever, I love her.

Also, more fuel on the Kristen Bell should play Johanna fire - they're both adorable in interviews. (She's 31? Shit, when did that happen?) Though Bell seems more of a ditz.
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