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7 Things your flight attendant wants you to know - (No 7.) I didn't know kids could still visit the cockpit (after landing). That makes me so happy! I was inordinately sad when I heard that wasn't a thing any more. I mean, I understood it, but it was still sad to hear. I remember going into the cockpit as a kid and being AMAZED. ALL THE BUTTONS. SO MANY BUTTONS. THE COOLEST FLYING MACHINE IN THE WORLD.

Spiderman playing basketball with local kids between takes - NGL part of me is thinking, hmm, clever marketing, guys. But most of me is just. SPIDERMAN, YOU ARE THE HERO THAT GIVES ME THE MOST NORMAL PEOPLE FEELS. Like, the train scene? The crane scene? Ugh. Just stop.

Common Law Gag Reel - STUPID DANCING. [personal profile] theoret . FOR YOUR VID. WHY WAS THIS SHOW CANCELLED???? WHYYYYYY?

Orphan Black (S1 spoilers)

Nice escape from the original/chosen one/most special, making it all a lie fed to Helena. I expected Sarah to be the original since main character and fertile and the special connection blah blah, but making them twins worked so much better and subverted so neatly.

Also twins managed to be another stick you to the nurture/nature debate.

The patent, literal barcode thing was sufficiently horrifying. (Dark Angel flashbacks anyone? Also the small group against the world thing. I love that.)

Delphine flipping from being into Leekie to in love with Cos was a bit unexpected/fast, and a bit mimic of Paul, but then again, Donnie is still evil, and anyway yay for lesbians on my tv.

Accents - Rachel's seems much better, Sarah's was okay though, it just occasionally falls into sudden!Australian. I wonder if posh accents are easier to mimic? I feel like the dropped 't'/glottal stop is a hard one to pull off? Without sounding OTT I mean, but then again it seems to be mostly vowels that cause issues, so IDK.

I just want all the clone sex now. Twincest-clone- hatesex, to be specific. I'm sad Helena had to die, I liked her.

So Mrs S went rogue? And ran off with Sarah? That's the vibe I'm getting. I don't think she's evil and kidnapped Kira, at least if she did it was to escape Leekie, not Sarah.

Hope we get more Art next season, and more new clones as well.

After Earth

So many feels! So many so many father/son and emotional robot/needahug feels! Also Kitai was so scared all the time! And his eyebrows were doing the 'I'm gonna cry thing'. AND he so badly needed a hug! (Also bird feels, and baby birds and surrogate parenting/bird!honour... IDEK. FEELS. IS WHAT I MEAN.) It was a very emotional action movie.

Also very very pretty. Big forests and big trees and big vistas and just lots of growing green things. The animals as well, crazy hybrid felines and giant eagles and angry monkeys.

I also really liked the architecture on the other planet. All based off organic forms and natural fibres, but still very futuristic and cool. Sort of unlivable in? But then a lot of modern architecture comes off as unlivable to me, so...

The plot was a straightforward action plot with many scifi loopholes, as you do. (Freezes over at night? Really? And there's still all this lush greeness? Also bad air, and yet ALL THE GREENESS? And he has to climb the volcano? Because reasons? Aliens made killer animals that sense fear but didn't bother giving them eyes?) But that's a given with action movies. Everything else about it was awesome.

And talking over the fridging after. Yes, a female character did die and yes her death did fuel Kitai's storyline, but we also got to see her through Cypher's eyes, and she wasn't fuelling anything there, she was just being straight up mourned, normal loss and grief. So we got to get little snippets of her character and who she was and she was built up into more of a character. Fundamentally though, she diesd protecting her brother, she had agency, she used it, her death wasn't just a damsel/ineffectual spur for the hero.

So yeah, she died? But sometimes female character death is just that, and sometimes even fridging isn't awful. (In terms of tying into the overarching dead females trope. Yes, it did. But it also was a movie that kicked race bullshit in the teeth, so I'm giving it a bit of a pass on intersectionality fail).

Also, the quote at the end where Kitai said he wanted to work with his mother - even if it was a throwaway line, which is fine, because he's spent a long time trying to be his dad and okay he doesn't have to give it up - but [personal profile] theoret was saying how great it was to have an action macho movie that ends with: 'DO NOT WANT. Actually I'm gonna go over there and use my brain instead of my muscles.' And the fact that Cypher wanted to retire as well, despite being pretty young, also lent credence to the general anti macho vibe, whilst still being a super action/violent 'macho' movie! I think the fact that all the violence against the animals was mostly phrased in a - this is not a great thing to be doing - way. With Moby Dick in the background an the fact that the eagle got personified and the monkeys only retaliated to violence and even the liger thing was more targeting birds for food, rather than grr evil fauna. And like, sadness for dead birds. It sounded from the trailer like it was going to be a lot more 'evil flora and fauna hate humanity' but it was more, 'these things are violent, but not evil'

Anyway, I also liked how Faia's job wasn't denigrated. The joke when Cypher said he'd work with her came off more, lol yeah as if you could keep up with me, rather than, lol big man doing women's work. She had a legit job! She was't just 'mother/wife' We saw her working! It was on turbines and she doesn't strike me as a get hands dirty person (a lot of flowy while clothing) which means she's likely in R&D especially since she was using a Tony Stark style holographic interface. So crazy space engineer! Like, she could literally be a rocket scientist! (Also, see? Not hard to inject character backstory whilst not detracting from main plot, like, what did that even take? Half a minute extra before Will Smith entered the scene, and one line about turbines.)


The whole Moby Dick/whales/save the planet message, was fine. Like, I am down with that moral? So I don't mind if it came off a little strongly. It's a message that bears repeating.

So yeah, deffo go see this movie. It's unlucky in terms of release date, since it's exam time. I'm blaming that for the box office fail. Well that and racism. So stick it to the man! Buy a ticket for the movie and go see it!

I wish there were a fandom for this, because there's a lot of scope for fanon worldbuilding in the 'who are the aliens' and 'why do they want to kill us' and 'how does society work' and 'why does everyone have pseudo-South-African accents?' but I can see why fandom wouldn't be quick to jump on a family based relationship, like, father and son and not even in a kinky incest way. Yeah. Oh well.

(Thought: M Night Shyamalan, trying to regain his POC cred after the A:TLA debacle? Is that terribly cynical of me?)

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