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VIDUKON! I sort of wasn't sure about going this year, but then I looked at the con webpage and was like. OMG. YES. THIS OLD THING AGAIN. SIGN ME UP. So, I did.

ANYWAY. I totally want to do a panel or something again. The brainstorming post will go up soon, which is good, since I have nooo idea what I might do as I'm still in the awkward watcher-not-creator place. But whatever, IDK. Thoughts. Blah. Vids.


Much as I hate google's relentless drive to unite us all under google+ I have to say, having my youtube history saved has been really useful.

For the second time* this month I've been able to place an elusive song, the lyrics and singer of which I had completely forgotten. (The first was to try and find The Heavy to rec them to someone.) All I remembered was the useless, instrumental/vocal section, and typing "oh ohohh ohh" into google doesn't do all that much. Anyway, the song I was looking for was So Cold by Ben Cocks and I knew I'd first heard it on a youtube Potter vid. It's a good thing I try and centralise my fandom browsing under my fandom email though. The accidentally- signed-in-as-someone-else thing can be a pain. Especially because, and to go back to my previous, unite us all under google+ hate - I don't want my fannish browsing to come up under the farm's work email. It's not even my personal work email. It's the email for the entire business. It's so fucking annoying.

Anyway, I figured. I know I've probably recced most of these already. But there's never a wrong time to rec more Harry Potter vids.

So cold by Julia36229 - Despite this being the reason I started searching, it's actually not a favourite. it's got the classic youtube effects make over - blown out sound and contrast.

Harry Potter Feat. Glitch Mob by Grable424 - This one's just a really fun action-er


Breaking Point by niicoleelee - The name says it all. This just makes me want to cry.


What would happen if all vampires from all canons got together in - let's face it - New Orleans.

Some of them would just hang out. Like, Spike and Damon and Lestat would fuck and fight and set shit on fire and have a ball, and Stefan and Louis and Angel would just brood like, the whole fucking time. But they'd do it together, like they'd be in a bar and the other three are dancing and grinding on the dance floor, and this three are sitting in a corner nursing their beers and just glowering and muttering.

"Existence is so futile."
"I know."
"What's the point of any of it."
"Immortality is a curse."
"How can they enjoy the tragedy of their existence?"

"Our hair looks great though."
"Like, so great."

But then you have curve balls like Klaus. Would he massacre everyone or just go cry in a corner because no one loves him? And Dracula? What would Dracula even do with all that shit. Plus there's like a billion of them. Hammer Horror Dracula, man would that be fucking hilarious to see. He'd hide in shadows and leap out at people "I VANT TO DRINK YOUR BLOOOD!" With the cape and the dramatic lighting and Spike and Damon would be sitting at the back giving him points, Eurovision style.

Then there's the recentish BBC Dracula, who would probably get into some sort of fang-measuring contest with Klaus, because they both had that kind of, I am the biggest bestest most ladies man here, vibe. And the new NBC Dracula would probably be part of that too. Except for how his backstory is much like Gary Oldman Dracula, so they might get wasted and commiserate over their dead wives, then go murder a bunch of hunters for old time's sake.


God knows about the women. I mean, how would Drusilla and Darla react to Elena or Caroline? Or Katherine for that matter. Oh God, Katherine and Drusilla in a room together. If they decided to work together they'd probably take less than 5 minutes to kill everyone who opposes them and enslave all the men. ALL THE MEN.

OMG AND GERARD BUTLER DRACULA FROM THAT MOVIE WHERE DRACULA IS JUDAS. I mean, he didn't really have a character? As such, but OH GOD. Imagine Lestat and the Chronicles crowd dealing with legit VAMPIRE JUDAS. Or just Lestat maybe, he was the one who had the most overt Christian religious dramas wasn't he? Marius also? Maybe? IDK it's been a good long while since I've read them.

I haven't seen it yet, but Hiddles and Swinton vampires. I mean, they would just drift about looking fang-fucking-tastic and totally bemused by all the flashy weirdness of the other vamps. Except for Catherine Deneuve, they'd all drift together and wear a lot of draperies. And be tall. They'd just be really really tall in comparison with everyone else. Well, IDK about Deneuve, according to google she's not that tall. So just Swinton and Hiddles then.

Oh and Nosferatu. Poor sod, he probably wouldn't even get a look in, creeping around all bald and long-fingered.

Eric and Pam and Bill. Ugh Bill is so boring, he'd brood with Angel et al. And Pam would team up with the ruling girls. That or there would be an epic throw down fight. I think, I mean Dru isn't one for all out fighting really? So Pam vs Katherine, well, Katherine runs away, as a rule, so I think Pam would come out on top, particularly if Tara was there to watch her back.

Eric, IDK. He's sort of part of the suave sexy vampire set, like Henry in Blood Ties and BBC Dracula, he's fun within his show, but outside of it, I can't see him standing out much, The Anita Blake vampires likewise. They're probably evenly split between Vamp Chronicles fucking weird old ones and 'the generic sexy vamp'.

Godric would totally fit in with the Vampire Chronicles types though, like I can see him being all bookish and moral with Louis and, IDK that one other guy who was a human historian or something? Daniel? Possibly?

Armand is kinda weird. I don't know where he'd fit. And then there's Kate Beckinsale.

OHOHOH. AND THEN BLADE WOULD KILL THEM ALL. Beckinsale might help, to be fair.

Am I missing any others? I probably am. There are too many.
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