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So, the Musketeers is on the BBC, 4 eps in to a 10 ep season. It's occasionally silly and somewhat formulaic, but it's also got a wonderfully diverse cast, tackles slavery in the 3rd episode, has two awesome, interesting female characters (who, I think completely failed the Bechdel test. GDI). And Peter Capaldi playing the ancestor to modern-day Malcolm Tucker.

Actually in general, (excepting D'artagnan, who is a bit of a blank character anyway) the acting is all pretty damn good. Capaldi, obvs. But Tom Burke's Athos is gorgeously conflicted and hates everything. Milady is great as the manipulative, secretive, possibly-not-completely-evil reason for Athos' manpain. The king is perfect and weak and petty and awful. I enjoyed Aramis' angsty turn last ep. It's still early days yet, but we've got the Porthos centric ep coming up, and then I'm hoping for a longer arc to round out the season, who knows.

ANYWAY. The reason for this post - beyond an attempt to enable people into the fandom (Everyone is ridiculously shippy. EVERYONE. Without the writing being Godawful slashbait.) - THE REASON is that it looks GREAT. And it's not just the filming (a lot on location, which really makes the difference, but even the sets look good). It's also the CLOTHES. I'd like to make a follow up Milady/Constance post, and one for the aristo's as well, but for now - the Musketeers:

D'artagnan torso shot 1 D'artagnan torso shot 2

So first let’s take D’art. Who is basic and simple because all he has is what he brought to Paris with him. And he’s a farmer’s boy and he’s not rich, so maybe he’s wearing Aramis’ second best sword belt and Athos’ spare pistol and so Porthos lent him some gloves and yeah Treville looked in storage to find him a dagger, but he doesn't care because he’s young and full of life and clothes don’t matter and how he presents doesn't matter because that’s not who he is, and he’s still naive enough to think how you look doesn't matter. Plus of course he’s our viewpoint character, so he’s got to be plain enough that we can see ourselves in him without any distractions.

Aramis torso shot 2  Aramis torso shot 3

Whereas Aramis is all distraction. Because he’s gorgeous and he knows it and everyone who sees him knows it and we know it and we love him for it. So he wears his beautiful shoulder guard and he gets shirts with delicate lace details just peeking over his collar and he embellishes his belts with perfect scroll-work. Because it’s beautiful, and who cares about practicality without art? What’s the point of living unless you appreciate the joy of beauty as well? But it’s also almost hidden and personal, because not everything is performance and some things can just be beautiful for the sake of beauty. And some things aren't for everyone else, but just for him. So everything is a game and everything is about enjoyment and beauty and love and he loves to look good and he loves to fall in love and he needs to look good to do that and he does and he is and oh Aramis. Fuck.

Athos torso shot 1 Athos torso shot 2

But then there’s Athos, who wears his Musketeer coat the most out of everyone, because Athos is his job. Without Milady what’s the point of anything? Nice clothes, fancy buckles fuck it all. ATHOS HATES FUN. FUN IS DEAD. So his wears his coat and his hat and he is a Musketeer and that is all. But Athos is from money, he’s an aristocrat. So the clothes he wears are all good quality, those are good, heavy duty belts. They’re not embellished and fancy because Athos hates fun. but they’re quality, because why buy anything else? He’s always bought the good stuff because he comes from money because that is what men like him do. He doesn't need to show off how expensive they are, he’s never had to prove who he is. He’s completely secure in his position. Even when he kept his history a secret, he’s never had to change how he behaves.

 Porthos torso shot 2 Porthos torso shot 3

AND THEN PORTHOS. OH PORTHOS. Because Porthos wears the nicest clothes, like Aramis, because he likes how they make him look, because yeah, he’s a bit of a dandy too, and he likes to show off and have a laugh and have fun. But look at those buckles. He doesn't have the fancy, can’t-see-it-unless-you’re-close leather work Aramis has. No he has shiny golden buckles. He’s not showing off his pretty things, he’s showing off his wealth. Because he’s never been allowed to forget his heritage. He can’t just hide it like Athos. It’s right there in his skin for everyone to see. And they do see it and they judge him for it. And his whole life has been this struggle to overcome the bullshit that other people heap upon him. So when he gets money, yeah he’s gonna spend it on buckles and clothes and gold for his ear. And yeah it’s a giant fuck you to anyone who thought he wasn't good enough. Because someone like Athos has never thought to use clothes as a weapon, but someone like Porthos knows he has to use every weapon he’s fucking got.
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