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May. 26th, 2015 08:42 pm
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So there's only one English speaking channel on my tv, and they have this weird assortment of  TV: The White Queen, The Wire, Suburgatory, The Simpsons, Black Sails, Forever, Flight of the Conchords, Hit the Floor, Hannibal and recently they've added True Blood and TVD, oh yeah, and the Newsroom.

So like, this eclectic mix of comedy and drama and high camp. Oh no wait, that's just True Blood. Anyway, I'd been off tv for maybe a month? I hadn't been watching anything back home, and then when I got here I don't have enough data to stream, so I haven't watched any of my shows in ages. Instead I've now got hooked on a bunch of these ones. Which wasn't the plan, but whatever.

Unfortunately they only have two episodes a week. As in, they only broadcast those two episodes, but they have multiple slots. So I'll catch an ep in the morning, go out, come back, get on with work and then put the tv on in the evening and oh hey, same thing. Weirdly it kinda ramps up the anticipation if anything, maybe other channels should try it...

Anyway, in other more serious news, where is the Avengers fanvid set to this. I feel like, considering the approach of Civil War, it could be fairly hilarious and tragic.

Pre-empting - NO ULTRON SPOILERS. I haven't seen it yet, and probably won't for ages.
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