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New layout. Sort of an interim thing until I can get to a computer and pretty it up a bit. The idea is to get something single colour that will work on a mobile since 90% of my Web browsing is done on my phone nowadays.

So I just finished rereading Force over Distance by Cleanwhiteroom and am feeling all adrift and sad and weird. It's a magnificent fic. Really wonderful, but very immersive. Complex and plotty and full of dramatic interpersonal relationship and character drama.

Plus I'm off to Spain tomorrow morning and I'm vaguely stressing about trains and flights and bookings. I'm travelling with a friend and we've never spent 10 days straight together before. I feel like 10 days is a fairly reasonable number. Not too long, not too short.

Anyway. Yeah, hello dreamwidth btw. I think I've neglected you far too much over the past years. I'm still reading fic after all. The least I could do is maintain my reccing.

We'll see.
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