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I finally watched it. Took me forever, I know. But I was out of the country when it was released and then my thing of sometimes not having the courage to watch fictional characters go through trauma made me not want to watch it. (Yeah and at other times I spend half the night reading gratuitous hurt/comfort fic, emphases on the hurt, I know I make no sense).

Anyway. Finally.

So for the most part I enjoyed it. Endgame Thanos stuff was exciting. New superpowers, new Avengers, cool. Sad about Quicksilver, but I guess they decided to avoid Fox's territory just in case X:men did it better, plus they have spiderman now. Possibly even more banter in this film than in the others put together? Some nice team stuff too, like the party and some bits in Hawkeye's house. Vision casually picking up the hammer was awesome. And I liked how the foreshadowing ade sense, but at the time just felt like casual friendly fun. Expo done right. 

The Natasha/Bruce I was spoiled for so, while I wasn't really behind it, at least I wasn't blindsided.  Likewise Clint's surprise!family.

I didn't get why Ultron was evil though. If it was meant to be Stark's baby (I thought it was going to be some alien AI they found? Did I read the reviews wrong? Is that a comic thing?) Why did it turn evil? His track record with robot AI is pretty stellar. Dummy? JARVIS? Kinda pretty awesome robots to be honest. And if it was the alien bit, the mind gem that made him evil, why is Vision ok? Also what exactly is the mind gem? Power? A processor? Consciousness?

Idk it just all seemed a bit fudged really.

Anyway.  I'm still hoping they'll change their minds about Civil war and choose literally any plot that isn't: everybody fights and then Captain America dies.
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