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I've started watching Mr Robot. (NO SPOILERS PLEASE. I'm only 3 eps in)

Rami Malek is very, very good. Nervous and awkward and engaging. Something about the way he inhabits his body, the awkwardness with which he moves, his wide eyes and lack of eye contact, or the way he says his lines, I don't know. The opening is basically a monologue, which can be hard to pull off. But there was this moment when I just went. Oh wow. This guy's nailed it. He wasn't just speaking lines, he was this anxious, possibly insane, twitchy hacker dude.

I like Darlene but perhaps more as a character type than because of anything particular she's done? Likewise Slater is clearly having fun, but hasn't done anything great. Then again, only ep 3, early days yet. The President from House of Cards is Elliot's boss, he's playing much the same, adorable, endearing, probably a sucker type guy, but he's good at it.

The rest are fairly bland. Angela's clothing/make up choices are killing me. She is so washed out. The woman is pale already. I get the whole corporate grey-filter shit they have going on, but have a heart. Where are her eyebrows?

Anyway, I'm mostly, definitely, probably, 100% sure the entire show is basically Fight Club with hackers: Fuck the capitalist overlords, first rule of hacker club is... don't get caught, or whatever. I've been trying to think up a way to merge 'figment of imagination' and Christian Slater into some snappy acronym, but so far have failed miserably.

a) The show is called 'Mr Robot', but the titutlar character is... the mentor? Nah, come on. It's his alter ego.
b) As far as I can tell, no one has addressed Mr R directly, he stepped in front of Elliot that one time Darlene addressed him, which meant her sightline was still basically on Elliot. I don't think we've seen him talk to anyone separately.
c) The fact that Darlene clearly acted like she knew him the first time we meet her.
d) Her entire behaviour is conducive to dealing with a guy who sometimes fucks you and other times acts like he doesn't know who you are.
e) The hacker club treats him like the boss, not some newb.
f) He's delusional enough to hear and see Evil corp every time anyone mentions E corp, which means constant, real-time audio/visual hallucinations. A full blown personality disorder isn't so great a step, espec. considering he's treating the voice in his head i.e. us, like an almost real entity.
g) They've done a good job of establishing a shaky if not downright unreliable narrator already. We are the person in his head, so he talks directly to us (looks to camera), which means our view of the world is blinkered by his view of the world, (men in black possibly following him). Also there's, at least in the first ep, that disorientating jump cut "Instead I went to-" which makes sense as a jump from one memory to another, but also emphasises lack of linear time, unreliability etc.

So yeah, Christian Slamagination. Figment of his Slater, Figstian Slat- ... Ok I'll stop

I've been trying to keep an eye on posters and billboards and anything that might give a Terry Gilliam-esque hint as to what might be going on, but so far nothing.

By the by, the title card? So retro. Love it.

I watch cop shows when I cook, it's this whole thing. Mostly I can't stand them, but when I'm cooking it works 'cos they're usually about long enough for me to cook dinner and then eat dinner, plus if I miss a bit it's fine cos they always re-cap plot stuff in police type meetings or whatever it is police type people do.

Anyway, so I've been on iplayer for War and Peace (Paul Danno, so good). And I've started watching Shetland, which. Yes, mainly for the accents. But also because Ciaran Hinds. Also turns out Duckface is in it as well, which is cool.

Archie Panjabi also showed up, which is great, because more Archie on my TV always, but a little sucky, because she seems to be playing the same type AGAIN. (I blame The Good Wife for this btw, she's clearly in a rut). She's got the whole, quiet, pressing lips together, inwardly sighing thing going. Plus she randomly fucked DI Perez. IDK about you, but I always fuck random colleagues from out of town the first day we meet. What? That's not how it works in real police biz? No shit.

So yeah, I mean step down from Gillian Anderson, babe, but still. Please stop casting her as some variation on the femme fatale. I'd like her to play someone ridiculous and expressive some time soon, preferably without the lead using her to get their rocks off in the next scene.

Anyway, solid Brit cast, solid crime drama. I keep wishing all the dead people were not dead though. I'm just not cut out for crime dramas really.
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