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Pride & Prejudice and Zombies.

It was actually exactly what I needed. Ladies in pretty dresses stabbing things, fighting zombies and rescuing men. The entire thing was insane, plot doesn't hold up worth a damn, but it was fun and tongue in cheek and sort of comforting, in a ridiculous, bloody sort of way.

The choice for modernising the dialogue was a good one. They had to shoehorn an extra plot into the existing narrative, so by cutting some of the more convoluted phrasing, as well as juggling a bunch of scenes around, they made enough space for the zombies. Also the direct emotional declarations made sense given the context. Flowery, complex language in a zombie slasher movie would have felt anachronistic in an awkward way, rather than a deliberately humorous way.

They managed a lot of those deliberately comic bits, there were a lot of - women sitting around looking pretty, cleaning guns. And talking about marriage, whilst kung-fu fighting. But they worked, because everyone seemed on the verge at cracking up over how ridiculous it all was? Like, I think reading it mightn't have worked as well, because the tone might come across to straight. Whereas in a film, I don't know, there was a sort of knowing suspension of disbelief.

I think because they were basically parodying or paying homage to P&P fanon rather than the book itself (I mean, Darcy jumped into the lake, guys. THE LAKE. FOR NO REASON EXCEPT HE HAD TO). Like, P&P fanon is ridick. In the best way, there's so many moments that have become over-wrought and dramatic, because they've been done so many times and because we know them so well, not because the original text is particularly over the top. So, the Meryton Assembly being moment for the Bennet sisters to hack zombies to pieces in dramatic slo-mo. I almost cried, guys. Or turning the initial proposal into a fight scene, full of heaving bosoms and being thrown into furniture and cutting off each other's buttons. I mean. It was great. The only thing that could have topped it would have been if it was raining.

Generally it had that kind of insider joke vibe, as in together with the audience. We all love P&P so much, we all can recite these lines verbatim, we all know what's going on when we see Darcy in a flappy white shirt. It felt almost fannish basically. It was the zombie AU you didn't think you'd like, but turned out to be great, and the fancasting for the extras was perf. (literally, 11th Doctor, Matt whatsisname? He stole EVERY SCENE.) I'd say a fanfic might take the chance to introduce the anti-colonial subtext that the movie failed to do, (it sort of attempted a class thing, maybe? But then mostly just forgot about it). Like, the bit where they explained where zombi-ism came from and basically othered it, when it could so perfectly have been a parallel to colonial greed. Missed opportunity.

Also, I would have liked more gaping shirts to balance out the heaving bosoms. (MAN, did they heave). There were a lot of lingering chest shots, and the whole getting dressed with knives! and dresses and knives! Which to be honest, I saw as a power fantasy (I want to wear pretty dresses and knives! and boots with knives!) but, I can understand it being seen as gratuitous sexy shots for 'the boyfriends'. I think equal opportunity gratuity would have made sense in a film like this. I meant the whole premise is gratuitous. Basically, more lingering tightpants shots would have been great.

Oh, also? Darcy's greatcoat is made of leather. Yeah.

It really made me want a Temeraire movie/tv series - for that, Regency AU feel, plus awesome women and a critique of Britain's colonial history. Talk about high concept. Napoleonic wars, with dragons. Why has no one made that yet?

Date: 2016-02-11 01:02 am (UTC)
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I am amused that the lake made an appearance for no novel-canonical reason.

Also, I would have liked more gaping shirts to balance out the heaving bosoms. (MAN, did they heave).

And again, we have a lot of P&P fannishness showing because I've always thought of the miniseries (my total favourite) as a working example that girls with boobs get married. It's only the three well-bosomed Bennets that end up married. Which makes it sound like I'm complaining but I'm not -- I am just shallow enough to really appreciate a historical drama with plenty of cleavage.

I saw the poster for this and sort of wrote it off, but maybe it's worth catching on DVD.

Date: 2016-02-12 01:28 pm (UTC)
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Oh, also? Darcy's greatcoat is made of leather

Thank you; I now know everything I need to know to make an informed decision to watch this movie. :D

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