Jul. 3rd, 2013

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I was looking for meta on this but all could find were the comments on the [community profile] scans_daily  post. I'm hoping someone more in the fandom has written something? Because I want to read it! But as a signal boost/my thoughts/whatever:

So Alex Summers came out with the "m-word" speech a few months ago see here and here. And there was some backlash over it in fandom, but mostly measured critique? As far as I remember. (But then Remender made the lovely hobo piss comment which people objected to. Because it was fucking offensive). But basically it boiled down to him not wanting to be seen as a mutant, and colourblindness, and treated as equal and post-racial society blah blah.

So recently Kitty came out with this. Which is much more on the intersectionality/no such thing as colourblindness, assimilation is a lie and reminds me of that quote by Kerry Washington, (which I think is here, but maybe she's talked about it elsewhere also).

But on a more meta level, when you take both Alex and Kitty's words together, it presents a kind of rounded worldbuilding where one person doesn't own The Voice of The Oppressed (TM). Which is of the good I think. I like that both views can coexist, even if I agree with one more. It means they're treating the mutant issues as something pervasive and lived. Just like RL oppression is lived. (People are wondering if it's a reflection of the writer's differing world views (see the [community profile] scans_daily comments) which is possible, but not necessarily a bad thing? Since in doesn't seem to come off anvilicious.)

Anyway, I'm not in Marvel Comics fandom, so I can't really comment on this in any way but externally, I would like to know what other people have written/think though.

What I can comment on is the way the oppression storyline has been dealt with in the films universe. So jumping on a tangent...

What does Prof X (and the 'good guys') do to further equality for mutants?

When your leader is telling you to effectively do nothing, then no wonder Alex ends up saying, well, do nothing. When Prof X is aggressively maintaining the status quo, then no wonder Alex wants to assimilate without ever rocking the non-mutant boat.

In the movies, the only actions the Prof takes are to combat the human hating mutants (Magneto et al.) like, that's basically it? In First Class he tries stop a different human hating mutant. Outside of that, he runs his school and tries to find other mutants. What does he actually do in terms of activism? As far as I can remember he furthers no agenda of visibility, if anything he encourages mutants to secrete themselves away in his little isolationist, hidden community.

He's not spearheading a political career, he's not campaigning for rights or freedoms, drafting a specific bill, trying to get mutants out of incarceration, working towards a more inclusive educational system, developing healthcare, setting up a Mutant Aid society or anything, anything that activism requires. He makes no speeches, he organises no protests. He sits, in his sprawling castle on his rolling green hills bolstered and made safe by his money and he does nothing.

And we're expected to see him as the best hope for mutantkind?

We're distracted from his hypocritical apathy by the threats 'bad' mutants pose, and the psycho bigots of the human world: there's Magneto and Shaw, there's whathisname, from X men 2, and there's Mr Sinister and that time travel guy, apocalypse? and the...sentinels? The robot things? You can see how much knowledge I have outside of movie canon, but whatever, there are threats, (and fuckloads of time travel afaik how come the movies haven't hit that?) but there are never any genuine threats relating to the nitty gritty, the real life side of the discrimination storyline they attempt to portray. Or, that they allude to, without ever actually portraying. They riff off the oppression parallels, but when pinned down, (see above links) claim they were NEVER WRITING ABOUT OPPRESSION ANYWAY. PARALLELS? WHAT PARALLELS? OH LOOK, HAVE MORE TIME TRAVEL.

Am I wrong here? I could be forgetting some political subplot from the first three movies since it has been a while. But all I can remember is that Beast has some vaguely political/consultant(?) role, but it was implied that he and the Professor weren't all that close? Like not in that they'd stopped being friends, but grown apart, maybe because, IDK, Prof's ideology was all about sitting back and doing nothing? Because wasn't there a 'haven't seen you in a while'/'great to see you again' sort of vibe when Beast got involved? Maybe? Kinda? Gah, I should probably rewatch before making grand statements.

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