Feb. 16th, 2015

oh tumblr

Feb. 16th, 2015 12:41 pm
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So Yahoo, in it's infinite wisdom, has decided what tumblr needs is basically a super involved 'trending' list. Cue, thefandometrics. (Not to be confused with the SPM fan-stats tumblr fandometrics... yeah, real classy on the name choice there, tumblr.)

This, is basically being presented as a 'good thing for brands' which, well yeah, I guess. They get to see how well they're doing. I can't see how it affects fandoms to be honest, unless more tumblr visibility affects decisions to axe or keep a show (Agent Carter, I'm looking at you). But I kinda doubt producers are going to give a shit, to be honest.

So this seems to be going hand in hand with a bunch of accounts being disabled/links being disabled, where copyrighted music is involved. No one seems to have the truth on whether it's just the music or whole blogs that are going.

People are freaking out a lot over these things, and on the one hand, hallelujah, lets all go back to dreamwidth. On the other hand though... It's not quite strikethrough, is it? because fandom on tumblr isn't like fandom was on LJ. We don't really have BNFs in the same way, so taking out a few high profile people isn't going to have the same knock down - up and move affect that strikethrough did.

I mean, Youtube takes down copyrighted content, that was a big deal when they started, but you know, vidders still operate on there, it hasn't really changed the face of youtube-grown vidding fandom. LJ/DW/old school vidders maybe moved to vimeo or backed up at another site. But youtube vidders just kept on going.

Tumblr is full or tumblr-grown fans, yes, there's an old school presence, but there's a lot of newbies. More newbies? I think so?

So, what I'm saying is, a couple of shut downs isn't going to stop people. It's not a small controllable fandom, it's a massive spectrum of content. And like youtube, they're never going to be able to keep up. Take down notices might come, but shit will just go up elsewhere. Fandom will adapt, maybe change tagging etiquette or something, but a move is a far greater task and we, people, are mostly lazy.

So, sorry anyone (me) who thought this might be the final tumblr deathknell. I'm pretty sure we're staying put.

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