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So. So. There is a cafe where I go to drink coffee. And in this cafe there is a barista who serves coffee. Well more than one, but one in particular. He is tall and he has curly red hair, earrings and tattoos. He's pretty hot, is what I'm saying. And in my hour of need (I couldn't get the packaging off some new pencils) he was there and ready with a knife (since they didn't have scissors). Chivalry. Also hot.

So a few days later I then returned to this cafe, pencils de-packaged, and proceeded to sit in a corner and sketch in a bohemian and quirky manner, (or in an awkward and stalkerish manner, who knows. I didn't sketch him obsessively. I sketched everyone). I also dressed up massively for this, (by my standards, which means I had lipstick on and my shirt wasn't a farm shirt. But either way, effort was made.)

I then got all flustered whenever he came any where near me, (which wasn't often) and I sincerely hope it wasn't obvious, because while I am a ninja at concealing my crushes (not a useful skill) I am terrible at concealing blushes.

SO THEN. I went home and Facebook stalked him. I now know is full name, where he went to school, the name of his band, what instrument he plays, where he went travelling last year and basically FAR TOO MUCH INFORMATION. I feel like a complete creep and I'm seriously worried I will accidentally let slip any of the above deviously obtained information at random next time I go into the cafe.

Because there will be a next time. I refuse to let the fact of there being a crush scare me away from the chance of progressing this crush. (Trust me I'm a pro at that.)

Anyway, the real point of this post, beyond venting about WHY DID I INTERNET STALK? WHY? Is, well. How do I go from nondescript customer (with very bright lipstick) to conversation-having girlfriend material (with very bright lipstick).

ADVICE, GUYS. I NEED ADVICE. Beyond the basics of - do not accost him when there is a line of customers waiting for their caffeine fix. Like. I get that I probably need to hang around the cafe, and the whole sketching shtick is probably going to be my most useful excuse. BUT. Where do I go from there? I can't just fling my number in his direction without a single word traded (beyond, "UM. I'll have a cappuccino," and "Here's your change.")
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Hi writer!

First up, you're awesome for doing this and I'm sure I'll love whatever you write. Second I haven't done a fic exchange in forever, so if I've overloaded you with prompts, I apologise. You totally don't have to go with any of the prompts I made, (optional is optional and all that). They're just ideas in case you're stuck.

Below is some more general info on what I like and don't like. And for each fandom, what I like about each show/series.

I hope you have a blast writing the fic!

Things I like )

Things I don't like )

Fandom Specific )
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I discovered you can post replies to comments on DW by hitting reply to the email. I NEVER REALISED THIS WAS AN OPTION. It's not quite as awesome as a dedicated DW app would be... but failing that, it will have to do.

In other news, I still need to add everyone from VidUKon and I can't do that from my phone. Boo.

Ok so regarding adding everyone, do people use Twitter? I reinstated my username* and have not been swamped with hackers, (yay) so I guess I'll try using it again. And will invariably post something gay accidentally with my work twitter and have a meltdown and kick it to the curb again. WHATEVER, FUTURE ME WILL HAVE TO DEAL.

So yes, Twitter usernames, people. Give them to me.

Also Tumblr ones, because I don't think I follow that many people I know on there? It's mostly random people who post pictures of Hiddles or cats. And recently, Dashcon fail. Are people following this? That shit is hilarious.

*I'm nemonclature everywhere. EVERYWHERE. And my icon is now Maleficent everywhere too. (Except AO3, I still need to edit that.)

ETA: OK I ADDED ALL THE PEOPLE. Or at least, everyone who had their twitter username easily findable. So if I added you and you're wondering who the fuck I am, I'm me!

And anyone I haven't added (on Twitter OR Tumblr) hit me up in comments.
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Wonder Woman
The comics recs, the animated series recs, the vid recs, the fic recs. ALL OF THEM. GIVE THEM TO ME

I thought it was interesting to notice how prevalent author intro credits are for the Creaspace vids. Very technically accomplished credits. But not just that, credits with their own music, which is often quite disconnected even jarring from the song. I feel like, in our culture of vidding, something like that would be a big no-no. You want the credits to be as seamless as possible, or else in some way complementary to the vid.

Lost Girl
A) There should be more Lost Girl vids.
B) where the fuck is Lost Girl right now? What the hell. I need more girl kissing on my tv. Orphan Black ended (NOT THAT I'VE FINISHED. DO NOT SPOIL ME. I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN.) And Orange is the New Black, also finished. Also I feel like there was way less girl kissing this season?


My vid recs are finally typed up, all: here @ nemo_recs. DW was being a bit weird so if anything looks wonky, let me know in comments.

Yeah that's all I got. Thoughts. Tired. Stuff. Haven't started vidding yet. *mumble mumble*...

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Two days and 14 hours of gameplay later...

I've finally stepped away from the computer. Yes I know, applause. I managed to accidentally give some dodgy guy my signature. Smooth move Shepherd. That's only going to come back to haunt me.

I can't work out how to level up my squad, and since I have no electronics or decryption skills as Shepherd, there are all these unopened boxes all over the place that I don't have the hacking skills to open. IT'S SO FRUSTRATING.

Also frustrating, the way Kaiden was totally shooting me down previously. But it's cool. We're flirting now. I figured I'd end up going for the gay option but NOPE. I like Kaiden.

Other than that. Still not quite got the handle on combat, but since I'm playing on easy setting, it's not a massive disadvantage, and I'm here for the plot, not the fighting anyway.

I love all the zipping around the galaxy and checking out new worlds. Don't so much love running all over the ship and the lifts (though yes, the lift talk/awkward silences are lols). I wish games routinely gave characters teleportation devices. Or at least let me jump? WHY CAN'T I JUMP. I usually jump places when I have to cover long distances, I don't know if it makes me cover ground any faster, but at least it gives me something to do with my fingers.

Anyway. Yes, much enjoyment... DON'T SPOIL ME.


P.S WHERE IS THE THORIAN MIND CONTROL TENTACLE SEX POLLEN KINK? What the hell internet. You failed me. I'm so disappointed in you.
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  • So my twitter account seems to have been hacked, since I was suddenly following 1000 or so accounts.I painstakingly unfollowed, only to watch random people get followed before my eyes, without me doing anything. IDK how or why such a pointless hack exists, but whatever. My twitter account is now deactivated. I never used it anyway.
  • Love this: Sam Storyteller's Rewriting Firefly
  • Shutdown LK Hamilton - She's trolling us isn't she? It's like that Joaquin Phoenix/Casey Afleck stunt. It's going to turn out to be an elaborate performance piece. Deliberately destroying her writing. Picking up the pieces that are the most awful, rewriting them in particular. Cutting out anything good, writing more of the worst. She's actually honed it. It was a process. There was dross in amongst the good, then more dross and the good dropped to mediocre. And then it was awful amongst the bad and now it's ALL AWFUL. I think. I think I'm in awe. I think she might just be the Antichrist. Wow.
  • Undoing Maleficent - So wait, giving depth and complexity to female characters is 'undoing' them? You'd rather have them remain beautiful cyphers? Their two dimensionality lending them... what? Better fap value? Because messy real people with ups and downs and good and bad don't fantasise so well? Ok, that's inflammatory of me, STILL THOUGH. I call bullshit. (Also, what trend? Wicked and this? Two movies? Srsly?) It's all well and good to call for 'new characters' but if the execs are going to greenlight new characs it's gonna be 'white male antiheroes' a la every single show on tv right now. Not 'complex female villains without an existing fanbase'. If we want interesting female characs on our screens, then we have to look for already famous ones, no one will take the risk on new ones because the entire industry is loaded against us. So, you know. Fuck off Mr internet writer guy.
  • So I have Good Wife thoughts, looking back at the characters and how they've grown and looking at the different friendships, and looking at what chances they've missed along the way and which they've leapt on, and putting things in perspective and so on and so forth. but right now whenever I think about the show, it's either CAPSLOCK SCREAMING. or it's me curled up in the foetal position crying. SO. MAYBE LATER. WHEN I HAVE PUT MY HEART BACK TOGETHER.

Thief Gold

thoughts on finishing the game. )
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In conclusion, Veronica Mars.
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Bouncing off this thread here - I completely agree with the content of the post itself - the main characters not being anti-heroes, but just being morally complex protagonists. That counts for Stan as well as Philip and Elizabeth but also a lot of the supporting cast as well. I wanted to talk abut what was raised in the comment thread, however, regarding the way the two organisations have been portrayed.

Trigger warning for rape.

So first, yes IRL the counterpart to the KGB would probably be the CIA, but we are watching a tv show, it's a step to the side of reality, and within the world of the show it's quite clear the two opposing govt. bodies are the KGB and the FBI. They're the two the show focuses on, they're the two our leads respectively work for, they're the ones we are meant to set against each other.

It's difficult/impossible to distance the organisations' orders from the character's actions. So there is that, but broadly speaking I think we get a more negative vibe off the KGB's actions - I'm not saying the FBI comes off smelling of roses. I'm not saying it's more positive than the KGB, I'm saying it's a case of worse and worst.


The FBI blackmail Nina directly - with the threat of extradition/trial/execution if they abandon her to the KGB vs Philip and Elizabeth blackmail the cleaner - by threatening her child with death. Both are bad, but the KGB sanctioned actions come off worse. (Try flipping it. The FBI catch the Jennings, can you seem them threatening to poison and kill their children?)

Stan kidnaps/tortures/shoots Vlad vs Philip stabs/kidnaps/tortures Amador. It's a horrible, messy situation and (I would argue) they are both tortured: one physically, one mentally. (But, flip it. Can you see the FBI and Stan leaving Vlad to bleed out on the table whilst pumping him for answers?)

KGB orders the rape of (female?) recruits as part of their training*. Through the inaction of the trainer, who turns away, and the rapists' comment about the other recruits: it's clearly something that, if not directly, is certainly tacitly sanctioned by higher ups. (There is no FBI equivalent here, so lets just flip it. FBI orders imaginary female operative to be raped. I can't imagine that at all.)

* -- Is this even a real thing that happened? Or was it introduced because all tough women must have rape as back-story? Authorial decisions aside, it definitely makes the KGB come off badly.

KGB assassinates a civilian (Rob's wife) and kidnaps/extradites their child. Now, I can imagine the FBI doing something like this - if the Jennings get found out, this will basically be their fate. But the lying to the wife: the implication Cuba was an option, and then taking the bloodier road, that elicits a different reaction in the audience to just doing the action straight. Lying when leading characters to their death is definitely a calculated writerly-choice, engineered to make the viewer sympathise more with the victims ... but has the knock on effect of turning the viewer against the KGB. (And if we flip it - I can see the FBI executing the Jennings, I can't see them lying about it.)

KGB assassinates their own agent (Udacha). Now assassinations of other people happens on both sides, for example, the CIA assassinated Zhukov, which we hated them for because we like Zhukov, cue revenge story etc etc. BUT I couldn't think of an example where the FBI has assassinated their own people. (Flip it - say they find out about Martha, can you see them having her assassinated?)

KGB contracts an assassin, then changes its mind, then it can't get hold of the assassin it hired, and then it fails to stop one of the bombs from gong of, which kills FBI agents in the blast. Which all just looks like a massive clusterfuck vs the S1 finale and the FBI clusterfuck where Elizabeth got shot. (Flip it, can you see the FBI leaving a massive trail of destruction in their wake? Or are they more organised, more efficient, more caring of human lives/collateral damage?)

KGB tortures its own operatives (the Jennings) and threatens their children when trying to find the mole. OTOH, when the cleaner comes forward about the clock... the FBI do nothing? Reassure her? She keeps her job? (Flip it: would the FBI beat the shit out of Stan if he were a mole? What about Martha, who actually is a mole - albeit an accidental one, but would the KGB let that sway them do you think?)

So, even setting aside the inexcusable (rape), while a lot of the KGB's actions seem to be excusable considering the situation, when I flip them, I realise I can't see the FBI doing them. Which means I'm holding them to different standards, by which I mean I expect worse of the KGB than I do of the FBI, which means the show has succeeded in vilifying the KGB for me.

And I don't think it's intentional, I think it's almost entirely because they want greater sympathy with the victims, whether that's Elizabeth during the rape, or the assassination targets. But greater sympathy for victims results in greater dislike for aggressors. And we don't see the Jennings as the aggressors, because we see how conflicted they are about what they're doing, so the blame is shifted up a level to the KGB itself.

Conversely Stan's actions (wrt Vlad) come from him alone (and was retroactively sanctioned). So we blame him, but also excuse him (Amador guilt) and so the blame doesn't go up a level, but stops there.

The only thing I can think of that we can explicitly blame the higher ups for, is the stringing along of Nina. But since we know that she is actually stringing Stan along, the sting has been pulled from that action.

Ultimately, IRL a lot of the US' atrocities happened abroad, whether that's direct action or support of military regimes. Which means we're probably not going to see it, or at most we'll get off-screen 'the CIA did a bunch of stuff' which distances it again because it's the CIA not FBI and they're totally completely utterly different things, guys. Take the Afghanistan example: They brush by the fact that the US was pumping guns into the proto-Taliban, by having Philip, our KGB operative, kill a bunch of people.

ETA: I just got reminded of this - one thing we do know is that the CIA was infiltrating various civil rights groups IRL. But in-show, we get Stan who's been undercover among white supremacists - Imagine if Amador had been instrumental in locking up members of a black civil rights group instead.

So yeah. Let me know your thoughts. I recognise that this is somewhat subjective. But I do still think that there is a general trend towards: the FBI doing bad things, the KGB doing worse things.
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The hype around Ms Marvel has made me feel vaguely hopeful re: diversity and media. So I finally got round to downloading a copy off Comixology. And the issue was pretty good, and cliffhanger-y and I kind of want to continue reading. Only, I think I want print versions not digital versions, because paper copies/satisfaction/sharing blah blah reasons.

Now the problem is, there are no comics shops in Ox since Videosyncratic closed down. And I don't really know anything at all about buying comics. How should I go about it, flist?

Should I subscribe directly off Marvel? Should I subscribe from Forbidden Planet or some other UK retailer? Should I hold off buying issues and instead get a volume? I've narrowed down the series I want to: All New Marvel Now - Ms Marvel, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and possibly the Miles Morales Ultimate Spiderman series. (I wanted to download the first issue to check, but Comixology only has volumes). I also want to get Saga, but I'm guessing I can buy that off Amazon or whatever since it's a graphic novel and comes out in volumes? Doesn't it?

I DO NOT UNDERSTAND COMICS. Someone advise me as to the best and most cost effective way of doing things please! Also any recs/reviews of the above? Any other series I should check out? I considered Captain Marvel as well, (Carol Danvers) but I'm not sure, and I haven't looked at DC at all, is there anything worth knowing in there? I'm only really looking at the women or the POC right now, as is obvious. A-K wants me to get some X-men for him. Which of those is worth getting? Thoughts? All New Marvel Now? Ultimates? Teens? I DO NOT KNOW. GREAT BELL OF BOW.
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Maybe I can stop hate-watching Brothers & Sisters now that I have Matthew Rhys in an actually good show.

Bouncing off this comment thread in meta about The Americans. I want to write something about how the characters may be being portrayed neutrally, but I agree with the commenter that the organisations (KGB/FBI) definitely aren't. Only my brain can't be bothered to work without a shove, so, anyone want to to talk The Americans at me?

Also. The Armenians.

Thinking of Vidukon panels... Has the post gone up yet? I feel like, it's so far away I can't get my head round planning this early. Anyway, I think I'd like to do some sort of History of Vidding panel, or a look at Vidding Culture. Because there have been so many changes since when vidding first started out, and there's this entire body of (unspoken?) rules on how to vid - avoid talky face, don't over effect... And then there's newer (?) vids which break the rules and use talky face, or vid to music that people wouldn't have used early on. I mean, like any other artistic culture, it's evolved and I feel like we could even take a bit lit-crit stance and say, well this is very post-modern, and unsurprisingly feminist critique has been here from the start, also queer critique, blah blah blah. Like, there's a lot there.

I won't lie, the fact I've picked up some of my English textbooks and am now trying to study theory is informing this somewhat. But I seriously think there is enough of a body of work in vids for some interesting critiques.

There's a lot on history of vidding out there, a quick google search gave me that, so it's not even like I'd have to do any work (lol) just pull it together into a panel.

Personally, I wasn't at the time of the foundation of the OTW worried very much about the centralisation of fandom making it more fragile, but now I am. I have seen too much fanwork disappear because people posted stuff in one archive that then ended up dead (for any reason) to NOT be worried about that. A few years ago when the AO3 was barely off the ground, people who posted their fic there also continued to crosspost to their own journals, sometimes other archives, their own websites. Today, when there'€™s nothing easier than posting a bit of text on the internet (though not all fanwork is written; I'm well aware of this), we've reached a state where the most common behavior is for a fan to post their fic on the AO3 and NOWHERE ELSE, except for those short ficlets that are first born on tumblr. I am *terrified* that one day a major catastrophe might strike the AO3 and all that contemporary work will be lost. I know that plenty of us download e-book versions of fics now, but even then, you see the ripples throughout fandom when the archive is down for more than a half-hour or when it has reliability issues like last year - well, that should make you think about a world without the AO3, either temporarily or permanently. Data security is through redundancy, and most fans I know and see have entirely ignored this for a few years now, putting all their eggs in one basket. This? Is de facto a more fragile state than before. It's scary.

PS: one of my friends was convinced by my spiel on this topic to publish her fic elsewhere too, but she didn't want the hassle of having to post to a website or journal or anything, so she just made sure she has a clean, up-to-date text file for each fic posted to AO3, and made the Dropbox folder containing them public. INSTANT BACKUP PUBLISHING, boom. I recommend it, it'€™s a great strategy. (if you do that, think of leaving the link to that public folder somewhere in your various profiles, eh? otherwise it'€™s less useful.)

I've lost the URL for this, but it's in this week's [community profile] metanews

Shit man. I never thought about that. But I read something else on tumblr about Dropbox and unreliability. Which just makes me wonder if we shouldn't be doing everything longhand. EVERYTHING. Despite that being completely infeasible. OMG I should be carving stone tablets. Yes ok, hyperbole aside. I like the Dropbox backup idea. If I get back into writing fic I may do that.

Interesting thread on ffa about diversity in theatre casting vs tv casting.

I wish all casting would be race blind, regardless of period or genetic accuracy. If people can suspend their disbelief that say medieval people always had perfectly conditioned hair, or spiderman can break the rules of physics or whatever else they can cope with biological siblings having different skin colours or an Asian Mr Darcy.

The commenter goes onto say it's "not so much on grounds of SJ principles". Because yes, God forbid anyone think you actually cared about diversity/representation. 

There are a couple of deliberately obtuse comments. Which can mostly be disregarded with: Yes, coded characters should remain coded. A white Othello wouldn't make sense, because he's coded black. But most white characters AREN'T code white, they just default white.

The other one was about a little white girl growing up to be a black male. (I love the TOTALLY NEUTRAL wording of that). Which, again, this isn't SHOCK CASTING. FOR TEH LULZ. So no to anything that's likely to be so unexpected as to shock you out of the experience, but like the Donmar's Julius Caesar where a bunch of people were black and everyone was a woman. Why couldn't Rome have been like that?

(I actually think the gender casting would be the issue for a lot of people, rather than the race.)

I think the reason we accept it in theatre isn't because theatre is inherently more progressive. It's just become a norm, and it could certainly become the norm in tv as well.
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I don't know, maybe I'm being a bitch here. But I really really dislike this idea that we the fans have to police our behaviour around the objects of our fannishness.

Yes, it sucks to be chased down the road, yes it sucks to be made uncomfortable by intrusive questions, or seeing yourself nude in fanart, or having sex in fanfic.

But. Thing is. Do they police their behaviour around us? Do they avoid being rudely dismissive of the fans. Do they abstain from making fun of our creations? Do they avoid belittling, lording it over and in general behaving badly towards fans?

Some do? Well yeah, but all fans don't act the same way as well.

Look, sure, ideally we would all behave well towards each other. But the fact is it's them who are in the position of privilege, not us. And I despise this backhanded shaming that erupts in fandom every so many years: HDU show fanfic, HDU tinhat, etc. etc.

The fans are part of being famous. They are a job hazard. Fame = lack of privacy. That is the way it is. And I really have no patience with superstars who moan and complain about how hard their life is now that they're rich and famous. Likewise I have no patience with fans who set themselves up as gatekeepers and take it upon themselves to police everyone else's behaviour.

I'm not saying we should dismiss the objects of our fandom, I'm not saying we should revere them, I'm saying do what you like, and maybe stop shaming each other over our choices.
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So, the Musketeers is on the BBC, 4 eps in to a 10 ep season. It's occasionally silly and somewhat formulaic, but it's also got a wonderfully diverse cast, tackles slavery in the 3rd episode, has two awesome, interesting female characters (who, I think completely failed the Bechdel test. GDI). And Peter Capaldi playing the ancestor to modern-day Malcolm Tucker.

Actually in general, (excepting D'artagnan, who is a bit of a blank character anyway) the acting is all pretty damn good. Capaldi, obvs. But Tom Burke's Athos is gorgeously conflicted and hates everything. Milady is great as the manipulative, secretive, possibly-not-completely-evil reason for Athos' manpain. The king is perfect and weak and petty and awful. I enjoyed Aramis' angsty turn last ep. It's still early days yet, but we've got the Porthos centric ep coming up, and then I'm hoping for a longer arc to round out the season, who knows.

ANYWAY. The reason for this post - beyond an attempt to enable people into the fandom (Everyone is ridiculously shippy. EVERYONE. Without the writing being Godawful slashbait.) - THE REASON is that it looks GREAT. And it's not just the filming (a lot on location, which really makes the difference, but even the sets look good). It's also the CLOTHES. I'd like to make a follow up Milady/Constance post, and one for the aristo's as well, but for now - the Musketeers:

Clothes and character meta + pics )
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VIDUKON! I sort of wasn't sure about going this year, but then I looked at the con webpage and was like. OMG. YES. THIS OLD THING AGAIN. SIGN ME UP. So, I did.

ANYWAY. I totally want to do a panel or something again. The brainstorming post will go up soon, which is good, since I have nooo idea what I might do as I'm still in the awkward watcher-not-creator place. But whatever, IDK. Thoughts. Blah. Vids.


Much as I hate google's relentless drive to unite us all under google+ I have to say, having my youtube history saved has been really useful.

For the second time* this month I've been able to place an elusive song, the lyrics and singer of which I had completely forgotten. (The first was to try and find The Heavy to rec them to someone.) All I remembered was the useless, instrumental/vocal section, and typing "oh ohohh ohh" into google doesn't do all that much. Anyway, the song I was looking for was So Cold by Ben Cocks and I knew I'd first heard it on a youtube Potter vid. It's a good thing I try and centralise my fandom browsing under my fandom email though. The accidentally- signed-in-as-someone-else thing can be a pain. Especially because, and to go back to my previous, unite us all under google+ hate - I don't want my fannish browsing to come up under the farm's work email. It's not even my personal work email. It's the email for the entire business. It's so fucking annoying.

Anyway, I figured. I know I've probably recced most of these already. But there's never a wrong time to rec more Harry Potter vids.

So cold by Julia36229 - Despite this being the reason I started searching, it's actually not a favourite. it's got the classic youtube effects make over - blown out sound and contrast.

Harry Potter Feat. Glitch Mob by Grable424 - This one's just a really fun action-er


Breaking Point by niicoleelee - The name says it all. This just makes me want to cry.


What would happen if all vampires from all canons got together in - let's face it - New Orleans.  )
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Do my thing The Heat - Very funny, great timing, solid character work.
Teardrop Hard Candy - Atmospheric, gorgeous, really captures the movie.
Toxic Feint My Immortal - IT'S MY IMMORTAL. HOW COULD I NOT REC THIS? (Also there is femslash?)
Lost Cause The Americans - Really makes me want to watch this, though seeing Keri Russell in Austenland also reminded me to look her up. But yes, vid. Drama, pain, angst, feels.
Get Close Deep Blue Sea - NO SERIOUSLY. SHARKS.
Ah Mary Justified - Ava character study. I don't love it as much as [personal profile] sol_se's Black Dresses, but it is a solid character study and does chart Ava's development (corruption) very well.
Trouble Interview with the Vampire - Decadent vampires are sexy and evil. And wow were Cruise and Pitt young back then. And sexy and evil. And really really slashy. Fuck. I have to watch this again. (I especially love the break at around 00:56)
Snake Song Interview with the Vampire - And a completely different tone and portion of the movie, Lots of Louis pain though, that's a constant.
Lifeforms Never let me go - The emotion of this creeps up on you, and you get to the last part and the pace changes and suddenly the stark reality of their lives is right there and oof. It hits you right in the heart. Horrible no good tragic story GDI. (Also, I think Garfield's hair has it's own gravitational pull or something. 'Cos he just makes you want to hug him and hug him and hug him. Admittedly this still stands when he's bald as well so yeah fuck it. He's just doe eyed and adorable.)
Kneel before the Queen Snow White and the Huntsman - Really gorgeous, and great song choice. Very emotional as well, stirring, inspiring etc. Almost makes me want to see the movie, except I have a suspicion this vid is actually better.
I'm on Fire Stoker - Really gets into the fucked up relationship between Uncle Charlie and India. Very dreamy and slow and atmospheric. Gets right into your head. It's interesting, while the vid below feels much more polished technically, this vid certainly gave me the stronger emotional hit.
Paradise Circus Stoker - This is all motion and movement and beats. Interesting that the same source can give us two very differently styled vids. Completely different pace here to the first vid. The song choice and the way its been cut work perfectly.Lots of repetition and mirroring and in general very elegant visual work.

There are some good Masters of Sex vids in there, but I don't watch the show so I didn't get much out of them. Likewise I liked the Hanna vid set to a Metric track, but, like, what even was the point of that movie? IDK. I also spent the whole time I was watching the Much Ado vid (L.O.V.E.) trying to work out if Reed Diamond was in it (spoiler: [he is]) because he was in the first ep of The Shield, which I just started watching, (spoiler: [he dies]) and I really wanted him to be Red John in The Mentalist. (spoiler: [he wasn't]) and now I'm a bit obsessed with him. I also thought the P&P vid was pretty funny, but it did make me think of [personal profile] sisabet's Whatta Man which is just perfect. If Austen could approve of a vid, I think she'd approve of that one ("I think I wanna have your baby").
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Where Ward is replaced by a Muslim woman... )

* -- I have heard SHIELD has improved recently, so maybe this is no longer relevant. But I bet it doesn't have Muslim sorta lesbians and evil robots and conversations about race and passing and becoming part of the system and shared bodies and DEAD PUPPIES. So clearly mine is much better.
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More space than people. ... )
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The RL related resolutions can be summed up in action-verb form: WRITE, RUN, DRAW, PLAY, SOCIALISE, WORK.

But the fandom related ones are more relevant here:


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