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VIDUKON! I sort of wasn't sure about going this year, but then I looked at the con webpage and was like. OMG. YES. THIS OLD THING AGAIN. SIGN ME UP. So, I did.

ANYWAY. I totally want to do a panel or something again. The brainstorming post will go up soon, which is good, since I have nooo idea what I might do as I'm still in the awkward watcher-not-creator place. But whatever, IDK. Thoughts. Blah. Vids.


Much as I hate google's relentless drive to unite us all under google+ I have to say, having my youtube history saved has been really useful.

For the second time* this month I've been able to place an elusive song, the lyrics and singer of which I had completely forgotten. (The first was to try and find The Heavy to rec them to someone.) All I remembered was the useless, instrumental/vocal section, and typing "oh ohohh ohh" into google doesn't do all that much. Anyway, the song I was looking for was So Cold by Ben Cocks and I knew I'd first heard it on a youtube Potter vid. It's a good thing I try and centralise my fandom browsing under my fandom email though. The accidentally- signed-in-as-someone-else thing can be a pain. Especially because, and to go back to my previous, unite us all under google+ hate - I don't want my fannish browsing to come up under the farm's work email. It's not even my personal work email. It's the email for the entire business. It's so fucking annoying.

Anyway, I figured. I know I've probably recced most of these already. But there's never a wrong time to rec more Harry Potter vids.

So cold by Julia36229 - Despite this being the reason I started searching, it's actually not a favourite. it's got the classic youtube effects make over - blown out sound and contrast.

Harry Potter Feat. Glitch Mob by Grable424 - This one's just a really fun action-er


Breaking Point by niicoleelee - The name says it all. This just makes me want to cry.


What would happen if all vampires from all canons got together in - let's face it - New Orleans.  )
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Where Ward is replaced by a Muslim woman... )

* -- I have heard SHIELD has improved recently, so maybe this is no longer relevant. But I bet it doesn't have Muslim sorta lesbians and evil robots and conversations about race and passing and becoming part of the system and shared bodies and DEAD PUPPIES. So clearly mine is much better.
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I wrote a grand total of fuck all today. Very fail. I've signed up for three separate challenges (because I hate myself, clearly). One I wrote some for but now can't face continuing. One has imploded in a a fiery fit of FML, this plot bunny is made of suck, and the last I'm now afraid to start because it has plot and I'm worried it'll make like the FML suck bunny of fire and death and awful terribleness.

So instead have random unrelated things I have been doing to distract myself:

I made this for dinner. I now have enough to feed a small army. (Well, fine. A very small army. Of four.)

Cooking blather )

I'm reading The Journey of the Soul: The story of Hai bin Yaqzan by Ibn Tufail which is an allegorical tale that follows the life of Hai bin Yaqzan, and talks about, variously: the path towards enlightenment; enlightenment thorugh spiritual experience vs enlightenment through knowledge; society vs solitude; religion vs spirituality; and the scientific method.

It's all fairly interesting stuff. Just... not exactly my kind of stuff. I'll review properly it when I'm done, but for now, I quite liked this bit:

"If the universe is an event, it must have a cause and if it had a cause, why did it act when it did and not earlier? Was there something which influenced the cause? But if there was nothing except the cause, how could anything influence it? Was the explanation simply that the cause had experienced a change in its essence? But if so, there must have been a cause that caused this change."

... And then his head exploded.

Trailers )

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I am a compulsive bookmarker.

I can't read something as soon as I find it, I have to bookmark it for a later date.

It's partly due to the way I find things... )
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I used fresh chillies instead of powder in my dinner, because I'm a bloody idiot. I accidentally bit down on a big piece, thinking it was red pepper.

My mouth's been on fire for the past FIVE MINUTES. NO SIGN OF ABATING. I've got no yoghurt and no bread in the house. I already drunk two glasses of milk.

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I wasn't lying when I made those last straw posts. I've finally had enough. That's not to say I'm dropping my white men fandoms. I'm not. I love them, I'm not going to deny that. But I've reached the point where I just can't stand to continue as I have been, complaining and still doing nothing.

So here is my first step on the path to hypocrisy-free media consumption and critique. For every white men centric source I consume (tv/film/vid I watch, book/fanfic I read etc) I'm going to consume two things about women or POC, a corresponding source if I can, but if not, fic for film or book for vid or any permutation is fine, as long as it's two for every one.

It's not exactly arduous! More media to enjoy!

The same rule however, is going for fanworks. I've got my Wolf!Stiles fic to post soon, and after that I'll create two female/POC centric fics/fan works. (Oh, and a twofer only counts as one.) They don't have to be equivalent size, it's more about opening my mind to the possibilities, it's not like I don't have fics about women and POC rattling around in my skull, but instead of rattling and back burnering, I'm pushing them to the front.

Plus I can work on original fic as well, (in fact that should probably take priority, um). So my work won't always appear up here, but when it's fandom related it definitely will.

The Queen's Thief Series by Megan Whalen Turner. )

Takers (spoilers) )

I fail at memes )

Aliens, and TMI )

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I'm home for another two days, it's great to see everyone, and I'm loving being cut off from anything work related and unable to do anything but chill. It's good being in the family rythym and getting early nights, my body's thanking me, the persistent headache from the past week has all gone. The weather is cold and grey and blustery, but I'm enjoying it since I can leave it all behind. I've restocked on earl grey and cocoa (cannot find any cocoa in Barcelona, it's weird). Have also filled my suitcase with clothes, gonna have a heck of a time transporting all my stuff to the new place. I have decided I am going to be a shinier and more fashionable person from now on, no more ratty old boring clothes, I will be SMART, CHIC and ELEGANT. Or at the very least I will wear less grey. I even have make up, of both the made and up variety. This is a milestone for me, I am being initiated into the mystic feminine arts of putting paint on one's face.

A bought us all presents, which was adorable of him since we don't actually celebrate Christmas. Admittedly they were all presents that he'd like to get - films and music, but it's the thought that counts. My present to myself was a netbook, with stellar timing since my laptop gave up the ghost on the first day back. I'm still getting used to the tiny thing, it is SHINY and TINY and other -iny words.

That's about it for the RL catch up, have a whole fuckton of saved up snippets. I'm blaming tumblr for the brevity, it's paring down my attention span. Any more of this and I'll end up on Twitter. THE STUPIDEST SOCIAL PLATFORM EVER TO STUPID.

All the things )
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First, if you haven't you all have to go read Aspeninthesunlight's A Year Like No Other, because it's absolutely wonderful, and even if the first few chapters don't quite get you (it was written mid series and for example, Snape's backstory is no longer canon compliant) stick with it and the plot and the worldbuilding will deffo hook you in.

Consider yourself warned however - character death, pain, violence. Or more explicit spoiler warnings: [under cut )].

But the reason you need to read, is that Aspen talks about Slytherin ways of doing things vs Gryffindor ways. The convoluted plans Snape and Draco come up with are very complex and Slytherin and occasionally too damn clever for their own good. On the other hand the Gryffindor plans that Harry (mostly) comes up with are straightforward and occasionally far too blunt. So there's this interesting balance she plays with.

Well, I was thinking about Loki and Thor, and MY GOD they are epitomising the Slyth/Gryff divide.

If we set aside Loki's Daddy issues and self worth issues (a lot to set aside, I know, but bear with me) then basically the entire movie is him saying to Thor:

"GDI THOR. Fight me, hate me, love me, fuck me, kill me, SEE ME!"  
And doing all this crap to get his brother to focus on him.

Whereas Thor is sitting there going: "YEAH YEAH! GO LOKI! LOKI LOKI HE'S OUR MAN. ILU BROTHER YOU'RE THE BEST!"

And Loki's like: O_o

And Thor's like: "Should I break out the pompoms?"


And Thor's like: O_o


Um, my argument may have broken down towards the end.

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NOW LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO (and by you, I mean me).

I was going to make a massive picspam post of tumblr steals, but then it was taking ages and then I posted just the links and I didn't like it.


And since every blog needs some idiotic conceit. There is a THREE WORD LIMIT to all things ever.

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GUYS. Rachel Shelley is in Lagaan. I always thought it was two different people, but I watched one of the dances on youtube yesterday and was up half the night trying to merge Helena Peabody's face with Elizabeth's. AND DESPITE MY FAILURE TO DO SO, THEY ARE ACTUALLY THE SAME PERSON.

I realise this is groundbreaking for a grand total of zero people other than myself. But WHAT THE EVER. DRAMAZ.

Pictures under the cut )

New tag -- 'review: themed' )
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... and then I decided I had to send a vid primer to K.


Here, it might be interesting to some people. these are all vidrecs I've posted at nemo_recs at various times. ALSO I feel I have to put up a disclaimer. I know my Loki vid was shit. I feel bad critiquing really good stuff, then posting shite. It was just pissing me off and taking up my time and WMV wasn't cooperating but mostly I was being lazy and I just POSTED IT. SO yeah. whatever. I have to be up in 6 hours and I hate everything.

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In other news, I am attempting this degree game once more )
Um, I feel bad about the contentless-ness of this post. SO HAVE RANDOM LINKS I HAVE GATHERED FOR MY COURSE:

Warwick Uni: Literature in the Modern World Podcasts
Apple Itunes - U - lectures and files and various university related miscellanea.

(possibly illegal) Book repositories:

Some sort of epic bibliography/index of everything lit related ever:
A Bibliography of Literary Theory, Criticism and Philology

Random RSA Animate lectures that have nothing to do with anything I just think they're cool.

ALSO THIS VIDEO, that again has nothing to do with anything, but whatevs, at least it's English related.

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"Gentlemen... and that one hot chick over there. What are you prepared to do?":

Miss Piggy = Nick Motherfucking Fury:

I wanna quote, but the whole thing's hilarious - literal rap Captain America Trailer:

And bonus literal Harry Potter Deathly Hallows trailer because I love that shit:

As far as I can tell, this is what it'd look like if Bridget Jones interviewed Chris Evans:
At this point, which was a…number of drinks in, it was easy to forget that it really was an interview, and I'd be lying if I said it didn't cross my mind that something might happen (and that we'd go to the Oscars and get married and have babies forever until we died?).

Also I'm just stealing all links ever from [ profile] aliassmith JSYK.

IDK if I want to try at nano again. On the one hand, I do want to. On the other, I have left it veeery late to do any planning and I already tried it once doing it without. That was fail.
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... that took absolutely forever to perfect. MY GOD.

Anyway, have an absurdly long save up of posts from the past few days...

I don't drink coffee at home. )


My flatmate is obsessive about turning lights off, )






Spanish language tv part one: )
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In Barcelona. Have a job! Only 8 hours a week but whatever it´ll cover rent. IT´S A START. OKAY? Am using flatmate´s v weird Spanish keyboard laptop and her dongle internet thing, still no internet in the flat. ¡Dios mío!


Ok, so do you ever get this thing where you get a soundtrack/music in your head? I don´t mean a tune stuck in your head, I mean, for example, when I'm making up stories, or daydreaming. I get a soundtrack in my head. If I focus too hard on it, it disappears into silence. Usually I don't notice it's there, but if I do, If I sort of half focus, like looking at something out of the corner of your eye, I can listen to it.

But I'm not consciously deciding what note comes next. I don't even decide what style/genre of music it is. It just seems to happen.



A packet of reviews (SPOILERS ABOUND):
Remember that OMG FILLUMS post I made a while back? )

Bookses - Malinda Lo´s Ash and Huntress )
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Not dead, stupid busy though. Still struggling with the final two chapters of DwtC. Hoping to write them up while on the plane. Yes plane. Because I am moving to Barcelona on Monday. No job, no accommodation, just me, 30 copies of my CV and a suitcase. Oh yeah.

(oh help!)

I want to re-watch 500 Days of Summer. First time round I sympathised with Tom, but I've just got out of an awkward situation -- liking and semi dating a guy to see how it went, only to realise I wasn't actually into him and oh shit he was still into me.

How do you tread the line between leading someone on and just getting to know them?

Ugh, dramaz. I feel for Summer.
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I am planning a lesson about Alice in Wonderland. I'm looking for an abridged text to use with my students, and I came across this.

"...But when the Rabbit actually TOOK A WATCH OUT OF ITS WAISTCOAT- POCKET, and looked at it, and then hurried on, Alice started to her feet..."

I couldn't help but read the CAPSLOCK as if the narrator had suddenly STARTED SHOUTING! (The internet has broken me) And then I realised what it really needed was some CAPSLOCK SWEARING.

... Some helpful enabling later (thank you [ profile] gelise!) and this is the result:


I should probably get back to planning the damn lesson now... Can't I just have the students all make GQMF posters for each other? That's useful shit, right?

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