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Is what my little bro would say when demanding his milk bottle before he went to sleep. 

So. Fic recs. Where and how, guys? I just don't know where to look for that perfect what I want hit. 

It's different if I have specifics in mind, if I have a kink I'm searching for or a pairing or fandom, that's fine, I can crack out the google-fu, hit up AO3 and [community profile] kink_finders  and it's all good. But when I have this vague, nebulous desire for something long and plotty and angsty and full to the top and good... where do I go? Any suggestions?

Also, like. Not dead, still here. Not much in fandom any more I guess, probably the only thing I do with any regularity is [community profile] metanews , and even that I'll be dropping once I start uni. Yes. Uni again, we'll see how that goes... Anyway, that's not till October. 

I keep meaning to update properly. Start reading my flist again etc etc. Maybe. Eventually. In the meantime I am still here and I do check in occasionally. That's life though, isn't it?
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So. So. There is a cafe where I go to drink coffee. And in this cafe there is a barista who serves coffee. Well more than one, but one in particular. He is tall and he has curly red hair, earrings and tattoos. He's pretty hot, is what I'm saying. And in my hour of need (I couldn't get the packaging off some new pencils) he was there and ready with a knife (since they didn't have scissors). Chivalry. Also hot.

So a few days later I then returned to this cafe, pencils de-packaged, and proceeded to sit in a corner and sketch in a bohemian and quirky manner, (or in an awkward and stalkerish manner, who knows. I didn't sketch him obsessively. I sketched everyone). I also dressed up massively for this, (by my standards, which means I had lipstick on and my shirt wasn't a farm shirt. But either way, effort was made.)

I then got all flustered whenever he came any where near me, (which wasn't often) and I sincerely hope it wasn't obvious, because while I am a ninja at concealing my crushes (not a useful skill) I am terrible at concealing blushes.

SO THEN. I went home and Facebook stalked him. I now know is full name, where he went to school, the name of his band, what instrument he plays, where he went travelling last year and basically FAR TOO MUCH INFORMATION. I feel like a complete creep and I'm seriously worried I will accidentally let slip any of the above deviously obtained information at random next time I go into the cafe.

Because there will be a next time. I refuse to let the fact of there being a crush scare me away from the chance of progressing this crush. (Trust me I'm a pro at that.)

Anyway, the real point of this post, beyond venting about WHY DID I INTERNET STALK? WHY? Is, well. How do I go from nondescript customer (with very bright lipstick) to conversation-having girlfriend material (with very bright lipstick).

ADVICE, GUYS. I NEED ADVICE. Beyond the basics of - do not accost him when there is a line of customers waiting for their caffeine fix. Like. I get that I probably need to hang around the cafe, and the whole sketching shtick is probably going to be my most useful excuse. BUT. Where do I go from there? I can't just fling my number in his direction without a single word traded (beyond, "UM. I'll have a cappuccino," and "Here's your change.")
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The hype around Ms Marvel has made me feel vaguely hopeful re: diversity and media. So I finally got round to downloading a copy off Comixology. And the issue was pretty good, and cliffhanger-y and I kind of want to continue reading. Only, I think I want print versions not digital versions, because paper copies/satisfaction/sharing blah blah reasons.

Now the problem is, there are no comics shops in Ox since Videosyncratic closed down. And I don't really know anything at all about buying comics. How should I go about it, flist?

Should I subscribe directly off Marvel? Should I subscribe from Forbidden Planet or some other UK retailer? Should I hold off buying issues and instead get a volume? I've narrowed down the series I want to: All New Marvel Now - Ms Marvel, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and possibly the Miles Morales Ultimate Spiderman series. (I wanted to download the first issue to check, but Comixology only has volumes). I also want to get Saga, but I'm guessing I can buy that off Amazon or whatever since it's a graphic novel and comes out in volumes? Doesn't it?

I DO NOT UNDERSTAND COMICS. Someone advise me as to the best and most cost effective way of doing things please! Also any recs/reviews of the above? Any other series I should check out? I considered Captain Marvel as well, (Carol Danvers) but I'm not sure, and I haven't looked at DC at all, is there anything worth knowing in there? I'm only really looking at the women or the POC right now, as is obvious. A-K wants me to get some X-men for him. Which of those is worth getting? Thoughts? All New Marvel Now? Ultimates? Teens? I DO NOT KNOW. GREAT BELL OF BOW.
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I've written some meta on the dub con/non con/consent debate which I have seen flying around recently. It's only really about the difference between non con and dub con, but also a bit on why dub con is a valid kink and I shouldn't be made to feel ashamed for having it.

Anyone wanna beta it for me? I want to make sure my argument is clear.
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So that was the busiest weekend in forever. I have to sleep all of the week to recover.

Cosplay question )

Talking about fannish stuff. I feel Earthcam should be used for some sort of massive, international, fan extravaganza. Don't ask me what, I don't know, it just seems too futuristic and cool/creepy and invasive, not to use. That or some sort of world-wide spygame, IDK.

Does no one make wallpapers any more? Where are all the graphics makers at? Still on LJ? Did all those elite icon comms cause the fandom to implode or something?

I've decided to buy myself a birthday present, )

Listening to Tegan and Sara's new album (via [personal profile] calvinahobbes I think?). And then I was scrolling my flist and "I'm not your hero" came on while I was reading [personal profile] amaresu's post with this icon:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Please rec me: Plotty racebending and genderbending fic. )
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I'm going to have another bash at vidding and see if I can rustle something up for VidUKon. I've got an idea for something vaguely apocalyptic, so I was wondering if anyone could help me with my list of apocalypse movies? I'm trying to stick with only the ones where the apocalypse happens in the move (or is about to happen) so nothing post-apoca. It seems to basically be Mother Nature/War/Zombies/Aliens, are there any other common threats?

list )

Also I have this idea for a vid that I'd like to make in the future that's sort of meta. About all those movies that boil down to: THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF TWO WHITE BOYS (IN LOVE). And how women's stories and POC's stories get sidelined as a result. All the fail inherent in fandom's pet loves, looking at not just the canon, but also the fanon that builds up around it. 

Something that starts as straightforward squee: YAY Erik/Charles, YAY Tony/Steve, YAY Loki/Thor, YAY Clint/Phil (which is a great example of the fanon building up around the canon in a 'pro-white boys in love' way.) Then the focus shifts and it's not YAY, it's HEY WAIT. WHAT ABOUT THESE PEOPLE? WHERE HAVE ALL THE WOMEN GONE? OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHY ARE ALL THE BLACK GUYS DEAD?

So I thought about Put it There Pal by Richard Thompson. (Lyrics).

I like the song, but I'm not sure how great it'd be to vid too, it's too long, so I'd have to edit, and Thompson's enunciation. HAHA. (though I can always put lyrics in the vid post).

Can anyone think of a song that might fit? Something about empty heroes/attention grabbers/people who aren't what they say they are? I thought of Carly Simon's 'Your so Vain' but there's no real twist to that. Something that's literally:


Oh El Jay

Dec. 31st, 2012 11:34 am
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Is anyone else getting absolutely inundated with spam comments on lj or is some spambot just targeting accounts connected to my email?

It's hitting all my old rp accounts and some of my [ profile] nemo_r ones as well.

Lj really is going down the toilet isn't it?

[ETA: I've deleted all my lj RP accounts. Sad day. I've also adjusted privacy settings on [ profile] nemo_r so if anyone has any issues, either here or at [ profile] young_rush or [ profile] shutter_island, let me know.]
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I'm enjoying reading requires hate, who reviews books and blogs about racism, sexism and homohobia in the SF world. But sort of tangentially to that -- I like that there are loads of blogs out there that talk about racism, lots of different types of racism, sometimes religionism, (or should I just say Islamaphobia?) which unsurprisingly, is relevant to my interests (oh intersectionality).

But really, I wish more mixed-race kids would speak up. I'd love to read people's thoughts about passing or 'how ethnic is ethnic?' What it's like to be called white by one person then brown by another (or not brown enough, or not white enough). And obviously I'd rather a British perspective, because, relevant. I get the feeling the experiences, of say, a Black American who can pass in the US is not going to be the same as mine.

Also there's the Islamic curveball - being a Muslim is a much stronger cultural identity than my Pakistani blood, so again it's a different, invisible sort of divide or passing or whatever. Plus there are all those wonderful English class issues and scholarship girl envy issues.

There's just things, lots of things, self-confidence things, and 'can I be part of this discussion?' things, and 'who's culture am I appropriating here?' things, and just. Straddling the line, (lots of lines... hello bisexuality) is a tough place to be.

So. Um I'd like to commiserate? With other line straddlers? Or something. I guess I could try and fashion a coherent post, but since it's mostly formless thoughts and worries, I think the post would be more brain-splurge, than well articulated argument.

Does anyone know of any blogs that hit the subject on the nose?
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-- You sign in, search for your book, download, and read.

It could work like the downloadable BBC iplayer stuff. Your book stays 'alive' for 3 weeks, more if you renew it, just like paper-copy books. We already have online searchable book catalogues for most libraries, whether state-run or private (university libraries, for example). You could read it online, like the normal iplayer, but that discriminates against people who don't have constant (fast) internet.

We have Google books, which is almost there, but still doesn't have all the content ever. We have a bunch of projects and archives for books which are no longer under copyright. Basically access is still limited because no seller wants readers to be able to download entire copyrighted books for free. This is why treating it as a time-limited borrowing of books, (instead of keeping them forever) wouldn't necessarily eat into book sales any more than a real library does.

Yes people could hack/crack and keep them, just like you could rip a CD/DVD borrowed from the library, but if you're going to pirate, you'd just pirate directly, I think, not bother with the library. Instead this would encourage people who would normally pirate, to do things the legal way. I mean I don't always want a permanent copy of an ebook, if I could borrow it for free instead of buy/download, I'd be up for that.

What is does do, is help people read. People in cut off areas who can't make it to a library, (or, um, can't be bothered the trek to the library). People who want a book on the spur of the moment (hm, there's traffic on the way to work, my bus journey just became a half hour longer - tada! I can download a book for free!)  People who want to access books in a different language to the country they're in. People who want obscure/speciality books. That's the great thing about ebooks vs paper-books, you don't need all that shelf-space.


Or link me to where it already has? Do any of your local libraries have an online ebook section?

A quick google came up with the World Digital Library which seems much like Project Gutenberg in that it looks to mostly be non-copyrighted stuff. And, which is a searchable database of libraries, but has no login/download abilities. Also there's Scribd, which, since content is user-uploaded, is deliciously illegal.

((My thoughts were sparked by Charles Stross' recent articles about the death of DRM.))
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Guys, I need me some mind-fuckery. I don't really care what permutation: consent issues, hurt/comfort, aftermath, AU... whatever.  Complete non-con/rape isn't really what I'm looking for, but anything that cuts very close to the line is still okay.

Rec me?

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Guys, help me out. There's a show (or a book, or a film) involving 'true love's kiss' ( it's not Once upon a time) where two characters kiss and it fails to have the desired effect - and the guy is all NO WAIT, I DO LOVE YOU, but the woman runs off all sad?

And as a viewer I was pretty sure he did honestly love her, like, I think I actually remember saying so in a post on this journal. But the implication in the show was that he loved something else more. (His work? His job? Money? Power? IDK. Not another person though.)

I just watched Once Upon a Time ep 1x12 with Rumpelstiltskin and Belle and it reminded me of this enough to irritate and not enough for me to name whatever the fuck it is. HELP ME OUT GUYS, PLEASE.

This vid (Sail, GOT) ) is making me want to start watching Game of Thrones again, except really, I only want to watch if it's just about Dani, Sansa and Arya, the boys can all go hang. Maybe I'll try fic instead. Do you think there's Dani/Arya future!fic (where Arya isn't, like, 8 years old?) I'd read the fuck out of that. They would be bitchin' Queens. Technical term


I first heard the word in an interview with Emma Thompson. She was either asked her favourite word, or her favourite attribute in a partner, I'm not sure, either way: "Uxorious", she replied, deadpan.

"Uxorious is an adjective meaning 'very or excessively fond of your wife', e.g.: he was an almost perfect husband: uxorious, hard-working, and a good provider. It comes from the Latin uxor 'wife'." )
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Baby Face in Bugsy Malone is Dexter Fletcher, also known as Nathan's dad in Misfits, or Soap, in Lock Stock.


Random brown people in leading roles being randomly brown and no one making a big deal and or plot point out of it: ) pointed it out to me)
Taylor Lautner in Abduction (I think? I haven't actually seen it, just promos).

MORE? Guys, there are more, my brain is blanking. Rec me please? I want brown people having everyday awesome lives entirely independent of their skin colour. Profic or fic, fanon or canon. I AM OPEN.

There's a place for movies that show us what it's like to be of [x] ethnic group or minority, they can be great films and I'm all for them. But it's also nice to be able to imagine yourself in the [generic lead role] and not have to mentally edit your skin colour in order to fit.


New Girl )

Favourite Community Eps (S1 and S2) ) Abed's mental voice is spot on.

Very belated Once Upon A Time review (Episode 7)

ALL THE SPOILERS. Consider yourself warned. )

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So, following on from previous Bollywood-ness. I decided I need to catch up on some movies. considering I've seen a grand total of about 5 Bollywood films, this may take a while. I watched Devdas (2002), didn't realise there were multiple versions until after. I'm gonna watch the 1955 one as well if I can bear it. Because, you see... IT'S ALL ABOUT DEVDAS' MANPAIN. To be fair, the title should have tipped me off. But, okay, I'm not expecting much by way of any sort of equality in these movies. Have a tangential explanation: I read someone's post about silly actioners recently in which they were complaining about various fails, and it got me thinking about my 'silly bang bang' category of films, (action, explosions), and how I don't expect anything from them. They serve exactly the purpose stated - fire go boom! So while the various fails register, they don't hurt.

The same thing mostly applies here. Except. This was epic bad, guys. I know it's a famous story, plus it's basically a retelling of Krishna/Radha and so I feel bad knocking it. But, but... THE MANPAIN OMFG. He fucks up his relationship with Paro thanks to his indecision and cowardice, and then he proceeds to DRINK HIMSELF TO DEATH. That's it, literally. The only other thing he manages to do is verbally abuse Chandramukhi into falling in love with him (yeah IDK either.) Plus there's the whole scarring Paro by hitting her in the face with a necklace in order to show his love.

I mean, all the various fails: the marriage focus, the evul in-laws, the getting locked in her house by her husband. All that is pretty much par for the course, but, egad the manpain. There's all the stuff the women do: Paro has to be the step-mother in this new family and deal with a husband in love with his dead wife. Chandramukhi is a whore as Devdas so likes to remind her, she has to be savvy and clever and fight off EVIL MOUSTACHE's amorous overtures. BUT NO INSTEAD OF FOCUSING ON THAT, WE FOCUS ON DEVDAS ROLLING AROUND THE PLACE DRINKING AND AND MAINPAINING HIS WAY THROUGH HIS USELESS LIFE.

Basically I just want fic where Paro and Chandramukhi elope and live in sin together. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?

Anyway, on a more shallow note Shakrukh Khan's nose was as large as ever, eyebrows were as awesome as ever, and Ashwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit are both stupidly gorgeous. Dola Re Dola was my favourite song/dance scene, even if it does fail the Bechdel test (what am I saying? The entire movie fails it). IT SHOWCASES THE FEMSLASH POTENTIAL THOUGH. Also it features bonus creepy moustache being creepy. He goes on to EPIC REVEAL Chandramukhi as a whore in the next scene.

If I were to do an 'official' SGU rewatch, would anyone be interested? I could plug it not just at [ profile] young_rush but at one of the general sgu comms as well. How regular are rewatches usually? One ep a day? Plus there's the question of timezones. Also there needs to be some sort of liveblogging element. AIM would be easiest for me since I already have it, but maybe ljchat would be an easier option for everyone else? How does ljchat even work? Anyone used it before?

TVD -- Strange and Untrue by [ profile] crickets.


OH SHOW. You were fail and I hate you for that. But I can't quit you. Damn it I'm already missing you. Come back.

TGW 3x09 )

Going Postal )

New Girl )

Once Upon a Time )
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NETSCAPE GUYS. Wow. Also it had some sort of hideous blue satin pattern background. And orange text.
Oh yes.

I have wasabi peas and black melon seeds. All is well in the world. )

Don't Stop, Just Dance by such_heights

So I may actually have to start watching Community. And whoever the Desi boy in it is, he's hot. This is groundbreaking. I don't tend to find Asian guys hot. Except for Shahrukh Khan, and I think that's more 'cos it's Shahrukh fucking Khan than anything else.

HAHA some of the poses he makes, they're so Bollywood I think I might die. PIC HEAVY. OBVS. )

Team/Family dynamics in fic. )


Nov. 15th, 2011 12:12 am
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"It could just as easily have been you." (Teen Wolf)

According to a recap I read, the Alpha says this to Stiles. Which made me want an AU. Instead of doing the sensible thing and finding a kink_meme on which to prompt it. I STARTED WRITING IT. So first I got hold of the show and now I'm watching and writing. I quite enpoy doing it parallel like that with these kind of AUs -- staying very close to canon until divergence is necessary. But if I really stay close to canon, as in, scene by scene, it's gonna take bloody forever to write. So I'm going to have to diverge sooner rather than later. I have some ideas plotwise, but since I haven't actually watched any further than I've written (Which would be halfway into ep one... >_<) I don't really know if it's going to make sense within canon parameters. IDK, I could go entirely off track, but that means more work, and GDI I HAVE OTHER STUFF TO WRITE. Where did this even come from? I wasn't going to watch this damn show.

There should be more threesomes on TV (How I Met Your Mother). This clip ends too early, they cut the bit where they then all fall onto the sofa together. (NB: This is from the blooper reel, don't get those hopes up.)

A sexual minority speaks out and Response. -- It's not subtle, the response even less so. But it's funny and painful all the same.

Spanish TV part 2 )

Anyone interested in joining a con-crit comm? )

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I've never really had much of a reaction to the overtly sexual kinks, some I prefer, some I don't but I can take 'em or leave 'em. It's the DYNAMICS of a pairing that really gets me. Shippy stuff, obvs. And IDK if I prefer slash, or if I just gravitiate towards it 'cos it's THERE.

powerless!kink, which I've tried to define before, but my latest definition is something like this:

An in control, morally ambiguous character manipulates or controls an obvious good guy/hero character. The good character suspects the in control character's motivations (and is, ideally, afraid of the in control character, at least at first.)

a) The reader, however, is, or eventually comes to be aware that the morally ambiguous character is also good, though possibly held to a less, 'shining' standard of good.


b) The reader is, or eventually comes to be aware that the morally ambiguous character cares for the good guy, though for a given value of 'care'.

I mention b) for the same reason I did last time - Leonidas Lion's Suite!verse HITS MY KINK SO HARD, and all Evil!Sam wants to do is BREAK DEAN INTO A TINY BROKEN THING so he can remake him exactly as he wants (UNF).

Anyway, this feeds into the dubcon!kink, which is I guess more straightforward. Character says no, his/her body says yes. Intoxicated/drugged!kink can fit into this, because the conscious "no" is taken away and all that's left are the secret desires.

Or in general, capacity for consent/control is taken away and responsibility placed in the other character's hands. TRANSFERENCE OF POWER. Usually involuntary, though intoxication blurs the line a bit. But NOT unwanted transference, not entirely, kinda. I mean Dean doesn't want to be Sam's sex slave (EXCEPT HE KINDA DOES). Thor doesn't want to be Loki's sex slave in Chaos War. (EXCEPT HE AGREED TO IT - also he kinda does).

For that reason, non-con totally doesn't hit any of my kinks. That's involuntary + unwanted transference of power, there's not tricky consent angst, there's just pain.

And the other kink I've been trying to expose into some comprehensible format, ties into these again - witheld!knowledge!kink - where knowledge is witheld from the POV character (yes, and knowledge = power and I see the similarities). Examples include: concealed identity fic/ bad guy is secretly a good guy fic/slave fic where the character doesn't know what his/her owner is like (and expects the worse). I especially like reveal! moments - Merlin's magic, Batman's idenitity, that sort of thing.


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