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Can I just say how RIDICULOUSLY attractive I'm finding Doc Holliday on Wynonna Earp.

Like. Really. Really. Ridiculously. Good looking.

Despite the mustache. (Because of the mustache?)

Also. The fact that he played the Druid guy in Lost Girl is killing me. IDK why, I find it utterly hilarious. Druid guy was also stupidly hot, while also being totally ridiculous and wearing terrible clothes. Also morally ambigous. No mustache though. 

Is it a real mustache though? This is the question. Cos it's grey whereas his hair isn't. Which makes me think fake. Also it takes time to grow something that big. And he clearly didn't sport one before. But then he has facial hair in interviews so maybe he'd just shaven it off after the show? IDK.

I have spent too much time pondering the question of this man's facial hair.

He's hot. It makes him hotter! It makes him look kinda rat-like?

He's really sexy. He's kinda wiry and weaselly looking? IDK

I mean, there's this:

But I prefer this:

Did I mention he has a hat?

I have lost perspective. I would very much like HBO to buy this series and then fill every episode with really explicit sex scenes in which Wynonna and Doc fuck on every surface in the house and then christen the pink car, and also other highly specific fantasies I may or may not have had regarding these two. And fucking.

Seriously I have not had such a pornographic reaction to a pairing in... Ever?

In other news, this series has, like diversity and stuff.

Also, this breakdown of how it's basically Buffy, rings fairly true. But I definitely get a Faith vibe off Wynonna more than a Buffy. 
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Pride & Prejudice and Zombies.

It was actually exactly what I needed. Ladies in pretty dresses stabbing things, fighting zombies and rescuing men. The entire thing was insane, plot doesn't hold up worth a damn, but it was fun and tongue in cheek and sort of comforting, in a ridiculous, bloody sort of way.

Cut for spoilers ... do P&P spoilers even count nowadays? )

Oh, also? Darcy's greatcoat is made of leather. Yeah.

It really made me want a Temeraire movie/tv series - for that, Regency AU feel, plus awesome women and a critique of Britain's colonial history. Talk about high concept. Napoleonic wars, with dragons. Why has no one made that yet?
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So. So. There is a cafe where I go to drink coffee. And in this cafe there is a barista who serves coffee. Well more than one, but one in particular. He is tall and he has curly red hair, earrings and tattoos. He's pretty hot, is what I'm saying. And in my hour of need (I couldn't get the packaging off some new pencils) he was there and ready with a knife (since they didn't have scissors). Chivalry. Also hot.

So a few days later I then returned to this cafe, pencils de-packaged, and proceeded to sit in a corner and sketch in a bohemian and quirky manner, (or in an awkward and stalkerish manner, who knows. I didn't sketch him obsessively. I sketched everyone). I also dressed up massively for this, (by my standards, which means I had lipstick on and my shirt wasn't a farm shirt. But either way, effort was made.)

I then got all flustered whenever he came any where near me, (which wasn't often) and I sincerely hope it wasn't obvious, because while I am a ninja at concealing my crushes (not a useful skill) I am terrible at concealing blushes.

SO THEN. I went home and Facebook stalked him. I now know is full name, where he went to school, the name of his band, what instrument he plays, where he went travelling last year and basically FAR TOO MUCH INFORMATION. I feel like a complete creep and I'm seriously worried I will accidentally let slip any of the above deviously obtained information at random next time I go into the cafe.

Because there will be a next time. I refuse to let the fact of there being a crush scare me away from the chance of progressing this crush. (Trust me I'm a pro at that.)

Anyway, the real point of this post, beyond venting about WHY DID I INTERNET STALK? WHY? Is, well. How do I go from nondescript customer (with very bright lipstick) to conversation-having girlfriend material (with very bright lipstick).

ADVICE, GUYS. I NEED ADVICE. Beyond the basics of - do not accost him when there is a line of customers waiting for their caffeine fix. Like. I get that I probably need to hang around the cafe, and the whole sketching shtick is probably going to be my most useful excuse. BUT. Where do I go from there? I can't just fling my number in his direction without a single word traded (beyond, "UM. I'll have a cappuccino," and "Here's your change.")
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In conclusion, Veronica Mars.
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New trailer for SHIELD plus some speculation on casting.

Casting speculation )
Anyway, other than that. Ming Na is sort of Black Widowish? Is her character a Marvel character or a tv-only thing? I don't really care either way, I'm psyched to see her play someone awesome, she was so underused in SGU.

And I do quite enjoy that whole, 'superheroes are springing up all over the place' vibe they have going on. I see the Heroes parallels, but I raise you um, that Heroes S1 was actually good. IT WAS. IT ONLY WENT SHIT LATER. Hey guys. Hey, Remember when Quinto was known only for being Sylar? Good times,

(Oh my God, I just realised, Mohinder/Sylar was literally my first hero/serial killer villain obsession. IT WAS SO HOT GUYS. SO HOT. AND THERE WERE SECRET IDENTITIES. IT'S LIKE IT WAS WRITTEN FOR ME.)

Sleepy Hollow

There's been squee about this on tumblr, so I started watching the promo and there is FUNNY and SNARK and BANTER and then. JOHN CHO! IT'S GOT JOHN CHO IN IT! HE WAS RIGHT THERE OHMYGOD. I LITERALLY ALMOST SPEWED TEA ALL OVER MY KEYBOARD. THERE WAS UGLY CHOKING.

I AM SO FUCKING THERE GUYS. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. (I am a bit weirded out by how he's barely in any promo stuff though. Is he an expensive soon to be killed off cameo? DON'T DO THAT TO ME GUYS. PLEASE.)

... So, you know how I sometimes start screaming about John Cho? And like, it's partially because he's just plain hot, And I'm gonna have to screencap that sunset scene in Flash Forward for you guys, because THE SUNLIGHT, IT WAS SO GOLDEN. AND HIS FACE WAS SO AMAZING AND I THINK HIM AND FIENNES WERE BEATING EACH OTHER UP OR SOMETHING? THERE WERE EMOTIONS AND MUSCLES IS WHAT I'M SAYING.

So then also, Sulu, and the fact that he's a ninja and then

[personal profile] jane_potter 's Space Pirate fic (The Riot 'verse) and the Into Darkness promos look like they could be from that instead. Seriously, if that was the movie that had got made instead? CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW AWESOME?

Anyway, so those are the two previous reasons, but recently, STiD spoilers )

So I'm gonna brave the stoner movies. ALL THE MOVIES. JOHN CHO APPRECIATION MONTH. BRING IT.

Almost Human

MICHAEL EALY IS BACK ON MY TV! And I thought it'd be an excuse to have him play the wild guy he played in Common Law, but he's way more uptight. HE'S SO GORGEOUS AND AWESOME AND HELLO, COME BE ON MY TV ALL THE TIME.

Ok so people are a bit worried about all the slave robots being played by POC. Which, I think I saw a wider range of skin colours? But maybe it's that the two main robots are POC? As in Ealy and the other replacement? Or something, IDK the trailer was too short. Basically, I LOVE EALY HE NEEDS ALL THE ROLES. So I am watching the shit out of this. Also, I'm pretty sure the Bones/Ealy robot sex is going to be amayzing. Though again people are worried about invisible black guy syndrome. But basically I'm of the WAIT AND SEE opinion, because SHIELD tricked me into thinking it was all white people, but it might end up being more diverse than I previously thought, so I'm loath to make snap decisions now.


Also also. Look, he was in that Islamaphobia show back in the day, so I am cutting him SLACK, man. Mainly on account of his face, I'll admit, but he was so adorable in Common Law. Oh that show was THE SLASH.)

This Autumn is gonna be fucking ninja. (That said, is the Star Trek cast and crew trying to take over the TV world?)

ETA: Did you know both Ealy and Cho are about 40 years old? BASTARDS.
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Do you think, if there was an alien invasion, fandom would get online and update people. Like, warn people. "Yes, this shit is going down in my corner of the world as well."

Do you think you'd contact all those random people you have in your gchat contacts who you emailed once when you were 17 and never spoke to again?

If they looked and sounded human, do you think you'd guess it was an alien invasion as oppose to some sort of spectacularly organised military coup. Or IDK, terrorist coup. It's not really terrorist modus operandi, to try and take over the world.

What would be the most efficient way of colonising an entire planet? Take out the military I guess. I mean, setting aside any sort of mind-control equipment because that's cheating. Maybe some sort of subversive behind the scenes replacing of the political leaders would be better? Rather less exciting narrative-wise if we're conducting a Mary Sue fantasy/'What to do in case of Alien Invasion' primer. I mean, I can't really get involved with the replacement of the PM, but aliens landing in the field? That I can do.

The problem with alien invasion scenarios is that they're so diverse. It's not like the Zombie Apocalypse, I am so ready for that.

Welcome to the Punch )

I didn't watch tv for weeks and then I caught up on a month's worth a weekend ago. I'm probably behind again now. Anyway, quick catch up:

The Following, Justified, The Good Wife, The Mentalist, Xena, Lost Girl, Vikings )
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I've gone back to The Following, despite all the mutilation of women, and black guy dies first, and gay serial killers, and WOW. THIS SHOW JUST STOMPS ALL OVER MY PRINCIPLES. )

Have some fic:

quam sidera multa by [ profile] MariposaenArullo
Ryan/Joe (dub-con/non-con)
"Joe purses his lips in an exaggeration of thinking. “You know,” he says slowly, “there is something I’ve been—hankering after, you might say, for a very long time.”"
A kiss for a secret. UNF.

Humble Bones by [ profile] mytimehaspassed
Jacob/Paul, (Jacob/Emma)
"Joe gives him the name."
Little bit Jossed now, but still good and atmospheric despite that.

How it happens by [ profile] ice_hot_13
"Paul gets everything he wants through a lie."

So, on my way in to London, saw the massive "lowcostholidays" billboard. Instantly thought of Red John. CREEPYFANTASTIC. 

This is exactly the fucked up Red John/Patrick Jane I was wanting. Non con. Obviously. Very non con. And fucked up. Because serial killers. Really people, get with the programme. Red John/Jane (Non-con/dub-con) and Aftermath by [personal profile] grenegome

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OMG Did China Mieville swallow a fucking dictionary as a child? I mean, I am loving it, but still.  (The City and The City, full review to come once I'm finished.) 

I go round thinking Teen Wolf is this nice but silly wolf show and then it cracks out something utterly, vicious and gruesome and I'm SCARRED I TELL YOU. SCARRED.

Season 2 Spoilers )

I love shippy, romantic stories with creepy stalkers, dubious consent, fucked up powerplays, and Stockholm syndrome-y screwedupness. I really do. I know they're wrong and IRL not at all sexy or good or in any way approximating positive, but in fic or films or tv? LOVE 'EM.

But I can't get into the whole Paranormal Romance, Alpha male, Edward Cullen style creeper craze. I just can't.

I think I've worked out why.

... (Teen Wolf S2 spoilers under the cut) )
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Unknown (2006)

I love twisty thrillers and I love Jim Caviezel and I love slashy duos. This film. GUYS.

The premise is awesome... )

Source Code
was rather silly, but Jake Gyllenhaal is always watchable, and he had good chemistry with Vera Farmiga. Not so great with Michelle Monaghan (the love interest) which was a little disappointing. The plot was predictable but there was enough action, and it was fast-paced enough to sustain interest. In all, a solid Silly Bang Bang flick.

I also watched Conan and Abduction. Which were both awful, and I only managed to watch through judicious use of the fast forward button and because I've been on a bid to ignore my life and distract myself with shit tv for the past fortnight or so.

Well done, we have brown people who aren't Will Smith as leads, can we now have them starring in not-shit movies?

Taylor Lautner cannot act to save his life, but he does have very attractive canines.(What? I get weirdly specific sometimes, so sue me. I see why they cast him as a werewolf though).

Conan was so unbelievably sexist and hideous. Though now I really want genderswap fix it fic. Internet, make that happen.

mostly tv

Jan. 19th, 2012 11:16 pm
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The Good Wife 3x13. Entirely superficial not! recap:-- Kalinda, you looked REALLY HOT this episode. I think was the colour of her top, plus some stellar make up? Not sure what exactly, but her skin had all these different tones. She's gorgeous. Not that they couldn't cut back further on the black and increase the use of colour. (Navy? Dark brown? THERE ARE OPTIONS, OKAY.)

Once Upon A Time 1x09. Entirely fed-up not!recap:-- Fuck it. Emma you lose at life. Henry you are an ungrateful shit. Regina, I love you. Rumplestiltskin, I love you as well. Snow and Charming, you're all right but you don't get enough screen time. Everyone else, you are MADE OF BORING. (Red, you are still super!hot). Even mystery man-on-motorbike isn't enough to keep me interested. I had hopes, possibly not very high, but they were middling. Show, you ruined them. Now how am I going to get my Carlyle kick? Bring back SGU, you losers.

Sherlock 2x03/entire season 2. Entirely obsessed not!recap:-- I HAVE TO WAIT A WHOLE YEAR? (Or possibly just under a year) FFFFFUUUUUU. John, you were the wonderfullest wonderful ever to wonderful. Sherlock, you were manic this entire season, but it did make sense in context. Moriarty, you were the best villain in the entire world ever. He gave me shivers, actual physical shivers. I have to watch everything with Andrew Scott in now. EVERYTHING. HIS FACE. MY GOD. Molly and Lestrade, you were great, wish they'd had more screen time, but we got some nice round the edges character development, especially ep 1 and 3. Shame there wasn't more Sally and shame Anthea didn't seem to exist (though we did get more Mycroft, which I certainly approve of.) It was deffo darker this season, which makes me wonder where they're going to go in 3. Even more darker-er?

The Thousandth Man, by Rudyard Kipling
(Taken from mariole@lj)

Oh wow, this really is about John, especially considering... ep3 spoilers... )

Underage ships in Whip It fic )

Anyway, somewhat related, I HAVE ROLLER SKATES! I realise this would make more sense had I told the internet about my intention to take up Roller Derby, so consider this a belated reveal. I INTEND TO TAKE UP ROLLER DERBY! )

Their Eyes Were Watching God. )

Crazy Stupid Love )

Drive )
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Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Andrew Garfield, James McAvoy, Jamie Bell, Dominic Cooper, Nicholas Hoult, Ben Whishaw, Rupert Friend, Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hardy ...

pic heavy )
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They open with a quick selective rehash of the swimming pool scene:

It's weird seeing the actual actors all together again. Sherlock's face seems different after so long imagining him in my head whilst reading fanfic. My opinion of Jim has changed since seeing him the first time, (I've grown to hate him more, I was mostly bowled over by awesome and weirdness at first). John... John is much the same actually, huh.

They manage to amp back all the tension with the slow lead in, but then comes the drop of Sherlock's eyes to the bomb jacket and I just can't see how they're going to deliver the pay-off. Anything will be anti-climatic after so long a wait.


That was, 'dot dot dot,' for all you listening at home. )
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I'm home for another two days, it's great to see everyone, and I'm loving being cut off from anything work related and unable to do anything but chill. It's good being in the family rythym and getting early nights, my body's thanking me, the persistent headache from the past week has all gone. The weather is cold and grey and blustery, but I'm enjoying it since I can leave it all behind. I've restocked on earl grey and cocoa (cannot find any cocoa in Barcelona, it's weird). Have also filled my suitcase with clothes, gonna have a heck of a time transporting all my stuff to the new place. I have decided I am going to be a shinier and more fashionable person from now on, no more ratty old boring clothes, I will be SMART, CHIC and ELEGANT. Or at the very least I will wear less grey. I even have make up, of both the made and up variety. This is a milestone for me, I am being initiated into the mystic feminine arts of putting paint on one's face.

A bought us all presents, which was adorable of him since we don't actually celebrate Christmas. Admittedly they were all presents that he'd like to get - films and music, but it's the thought that counts. My present to myself was a netbook, with stellar timing since my laptop gave up the ghost on the first day back. I'm still getting used to the tiny thing, it is SHINY and TINY and other -iny words.

That's about it for the RL catch up, have a whole fuckton of saved up snippets. I'm blaming tumblr for the brevity, it's paring down my attention span. Any more of this and I'll end up on Twitter. THE STUPIDEST SOCIAL PLATFORM EVER TO STUPID.

All the things )

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