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The RL related resolutions can be summed up in action-verb form: WRITE, RUN, DRAW, PLAY, SOCIALISE, WORK.

But the fandom related ones are more relevant here:

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Which I am pretty much across the board as I changed my tumblr ([ profile] nemonclature ), added an AO3 pseud and my twitter was already [ profile] nemonclature . It's just LJ that I left because I never use it any more.

Midnight Judges by lettered. Okay so as the AN says, at times it's transparently fix it, But towards the end, when everything comes together and people start doing some seriously badass POLITICS and TALKING also there is a LAWYER... FFF I can't tell you how much I love save the world through TALKING plots. Plus it made me start to like Kirk again.

This is exactly what the doctor ordered. (I just wish there was more Sulu)

Teen Wolf 3x01

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All the Other Ghosts, [ profile] rainjoyous


This is not a story about Glee, guys, I'm not even in Glee, I barely know what these characters look like. This is a story about FANDOM. Fandom and fans and all the fucking awesome and all the fucking shit. It's about superheroes and people who are heroes and people who are fucking villains and victims and abusers and rescuers and fucking everything. Just. UGH. Words cannot express. Fucking read it, and then cry your fucking heart out.


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Fandoms I will read absolutely everything I can get my hands on. NO MATTER HOW AWFUL.

THE DON'T JUDGE ME ONE: Blade Trinity Drake/King
THE SHINY NEW ONE: Teen Wolf Isaac/Scott
THE LONG-STANDING ONE: HP Snape mentors Harry Potter
THE ONLY PERSON TO WRITE IT WAS ME ONE: 30 Days of Night Eben/Stranger
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Guys, help me out. There's a show (or a book, or a film) involving 'true love's kiss' ( it's not Once upon a time) where two characters kiss and it fails to have the desired effect - and the guy is all NO WAIT, I DO LOVE YOU, but the woman runs off all sad?

And as a viewer I was pretty sure he did honestly love her, like, I think I actually remember saying so in a post on this journal. But the implication in the show was that he loved something else more. (His work? His job? Money? Power? IDK. Not another person though.)

I just watched Once Upon a Time ep 1x12 with Rumpelstiltskin and Belle and it reminded me of this enough to irritate and not enough for me to name whatever the fuck it is. HELP ME OUT GUYS, PLEASE.

This vid (Sail, GOT) ) is making me want to start watching Game of Thrones again, except really, I only want to watch if it's just about Dani, Sansa and Arya, the boys can all go hang. Maybe I'll try fic instead. Do you think there's Dani/Arya future!fic (where Arya isn't, like, 8 years old?) I'd read the fuck out of that. They would be bitchin' Queens. Technical term


I first heard the word in an interview with Emma Thompson. She was either asked her favourite word, or her favourite attribute in a partner, I'm not sure, either way: "Uxorious", she replied, deadpan.

"Uxorious is an adjective meaning 'very or excessively fond of your wife', e.g.: he was an almost perfect husband: uxorious, hard-working, and a good provider. It comes from the Latin uxor 'wife'." )
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NETSCAPE GUYS. Wow. Also it had some sort of hideous blue satin pattern background. And orange text.
Oh yes.

I have wasabi peas and black melon seeds. All is well in the world. )

Don't Stop, Just Dance by such_heights

So I may actually have to start watching Community. And whoever the Desi boy in it is, he's hot. This is groundbreaking. I don't tend to find Asian guys hot. Except for Shahrukh Khan, and I think that's more 'cos it's Shahrukh fucking Khan than anything else.

HAHA some of the poses he makes, they're so Bollywood I think I might die. PIC HEAVY. OBVS. )

Team/Family dynamics in fic. )
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I've never really had much of a reaction to the overtly sexual kinks, some I prefer, some I don't but I can take 'em or leave 'em. It's the DYNAMICS of a pairing that really gets me. Shippy stuff, obvs. And IDK if I prefer slash, or if I just gravitiate towards it 'cos it's THERE.

powerless!kink, which I've tried to define before, but my latest definition is something like this:

An in control, morally ambiguous character manipulates or controls an obvious good guy/hero character. The good character suspects the in control character's motivations (and is, ideally, afraid of the in control character, at least at first.)

a) The reader, however, is, or eventually comes to be aware that the morally ambiguous character is also good, though possibly held to a less, 'shining' standard of good.


b) The reader is, or eventually comes to be aware that the morally ambiguous character cares for the good guy, though for a given value of 'care'.

I mention b) for the same reason I did last time - Leonidas Lion's Suite!verse HITS MY KINK SO HARD, and all Evil!Sam wants to do is BREAK DEAN INTO A TINY BROKEN THING so he can remake him exactly as he wants (UNF).

Anyway, this feeds into the dubcon!kink, which is I guess more straightforward. Character says no, his/her body says yes. Intoxicated/drugged!kink can fit into this, because the conscious "no" is taken away and all that's left are the secret desires.

Or in general, capacity for consent/control is taken away and responsibility placed in the other character's hands. TRANSFERENCE OF POWER. Usually involuntary, though intoxication blurs the line a bit. But NOT unwanted transference, not entirely, kinda. I mean Dean doesn't want to be Sam's sex slave (EXCEPT HE KINDA DOES). Thor doesn't want to be Loki's sex slave in Chaos War. (EXCEPT HE AGREED TO IT - also he kinda does).

For that reason, non-con totally doesn't hit any of my kinks. That's involuntary + unwanted transference of power, there's not tricky consent angst, there's just pain.

And the other kink I've been trying to expose into some comprehensible format, ties into these again - witheld!knowledge!kink - where knowledge is witheld from the POV character (yes, and knowledge = power and I see the similarities). Examples include: concealed identity fic/ bad guy is secretly a good guy fic/slave fic where the character doesn't know what his/her owner is like (and expects the worse). I especially like reveal! moments - Merlin's magic, Batman's idenitity, that sort of thing.


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fucking superheroes

that damn spiderman train scene. I can't even.
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So I held off watching Thor and Captain America because I'd reached WHITE MANPAIN BROMANCE saturation point. But then I read that fic I mentioned in my last post, and another Loki AU fic (Shatter by Aria, where Loki was sent down, not Thor) and SOMEONE started RPing Loki, and I just needed Loki in my life, clearly.

Thor )


Captain America )


Tom Hiddleston talks Avengers )


Random rec: Fright Night fic. THIS is what I wanted the film to be. I know, I have unrealistic expectations.
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In Barcelona. Have a job! Only 8 hours a week but whatever it´ll cover rent. IT´S A START. OKAY? Am using flatmate´s v weird Spanish keyboard laptop and her dongle internet thing, still no internet in the flat. ¡Dios mío!


Ok, so do you ever get this thing where you get a soundtrack/music in your head? I don´t mean a tune stuck in your head, I mean, for example, when I'm making up stories, or daydreaming. I get a soundtrack in my head. If I focus too hard on it, it disappears into silence. Usually I don't notice it's there, but if I do, If I sort of half focus, like looking at something out of the corner of your eye, I can listen to it.

But I'm not consciously deciding what note comes next. I don't even decide what style/genre of music it is. It just seems to happen.



A packet of reviews (SPOILERS ABOUND):
Remember that OMG FILLUMS post I made a while back? )

Bookses - Malinda Lo´s Ash and Huntress )
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I am planning a lesson about Alice in Wonderland. I'm looking for an abridged text to use with my students, and I came across this.

"...But when the Rabbit actually TOOK A WATCH OUT OF ITS WAISTCOAT- POCKET, and looked at it, and then hurried on, Alice started to her feet..."

I couldn't help but read the CAPSLOCK as if the narrator had suddenly STARTED SHOUTING! (The internet has broken me) And then I realised what it really needed was some CAPSLOCK SWEARING.

... Some helpful enabling later (thank you [ profile] gelise!) and this is the result:


I should probably get back to planning the damn lesson now... Can't I just have the students all make GQMF posters for each other? That's useful shit, right?
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Rec: Compromise series by mercredigirl

Written for Eid Ka Chand and Days of Awesome 2010, a celebration of Muslim and Jewish characters in transformative fiction, this series involves two short character studies of X-Men members Sooraya Qadir (Dust, an Afghani Muslim) and Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat, a USAmerican Jew).

From the second part, Kitty POV:

"She doesn't pay Dust much notice, no more than she – a senior X-Man – would pay to any newcomer; but then Dr McCoy offers the girl some bacon on her baked potato, and Kitty can sense how Dust freezes up and fishes for a suitable answer.

Oh, Kitty thinks. Oh, my dear, my sister."

This got me so choked up. The Jewish/Muslim situation always makes me want to throw things, but most especially because we have more in common than we do with anyone else. It's the same hurt you get when you see family ripping each other apart.


Stupid games invented by my family )

'Salem's Lot by Stephen King )
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Did get SOME writing done whilst away. Not as much as planned though. Have a quote from D with the C. (This is how I make [rewrite] notes to myself...)

And he flipped them back over, the wound in his thigh giving a slight twinge at the sudden exertion after so many days spent riding, and so many nights spent... riding. [HAHAHA. NO.]

That fic, srsly, cracks me the fuck. up.

Collected glass from the beach, white mostly, some pale blue, some green, one dark blue, woot! Also got a bunch of stones with holes in, just in case I ever have to see through a fairy glamour. YOU NEVER KNOW.

The old Adam West batman was on while we were there. SAME BAT-TIME, SAME BAT-CHANNEL. I kinda want to do a rewrite of Batman Begins/Dark Knight in the old style way. BUT THERE IS NO ROBIN. HOLY TRAGEDY BATMAN!

Managed to catch up on TGW, but utterly failed to watch any SGU. I felt too bad watching tv instead of writing. I know, I fail at this holiday lark.




TGW s2 e18-23 )
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Wooh SGU! Except I haven't actually seen the finale, and still have half a season to catch up on (SO DON'T SPOIL ME OMG). But still, SOLIDARITY! FANDOM LOVE! NEVAR FORGET etc. etc.

I know I've been all quiet on the SGU front for months now, but that's irrelevant. THE LOVE IS STILL STRONG IN ME. TRUFAX.

SGU! First time being in a fandom. First time de-lurking. First time modding a comm. First time seriously writing fic. First time seriously creating fanwork in general!

The community! The squee! The discussions! The theories! The dissecting of Y/R minutia. (OH BOYS. YOU WERE EPIC.) The ship! The planets! The Ancient tech! The aliens! The military! The civilians! The stupid characters! The awesome characters! The loser characters! The ones I loved! The ones I hated! The ones I ended up changing my mind about! THE EVERYTHING!

SGU, you were the best. And SGU fandom, you are all wonderful, amazing people and I'm so glad to have had a chance to flail and squee with you guys. No matter how shortlived the show. FANDOM WILL LIVE ON.

Also, I seem to have lost the Vancouver press day pic where Carlyle and Ferreira were leaning against each other (where F was wearing that brown cardigan?) So have this instead! And this time Carlyle has made the questionable sartorial choice! Woot!

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