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Where Ward is replaced by a Muslim woman... )

* -- I have heard SHIELD has improved recently, so maybe this is no longer relevant. But I bet it doesn't have Muslim sorta lesbians and evil robots and conversations about race and passing and becoming part of the system and shared bodies and DEAD PUPPIES. So clearly mine is much better.
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Pantomime season. Oh joy.

As far as I know this is a peculiarly English Christmas tradition, but do correct me if I'm wrong. (Oh no it isn't... Oh yes it is...)

I don't often go to Pantos, though I did take the little ones last year and they loved it, as most small children do. But I'm working this one which kinda means I have no choice but to go. Opening night was tonight. It was full of that heady opening night vibe. Also full of those opening night fails (the octopus, it neither octoied nor... pussied. ahem.)

I've been reading a lot of PTSD H/C over the Technical rehearsal (because Follow Spots have fuck all to do during the Tech. other than sit in the dark and get bored). Specifically ones where the protagonist is so screwed up they have no idea how normal social rules work and are constantly expecting the worst. I wonder if it's because I'm super nervous at work and everything is new to me, compared to all the regulars, who've been there forever and know the place through and through. At least in fic I can point to the characters and say, well, they had it waaay worse than me and they turned out JUST FINE. BREATHE NEMO. KEEP BREATHING. IT'S ALL GOOD. SEVEN MORE WEEKS OF THIS SHIT AND YOU'LL BE OLD HAT TOO.

Also, likely a result of all that fic, I now want to write an Avengers theatre AU. COME ON IT WOULD SO WORK. Clint is always hidden up in the bridges doing Follow Spot. No one sees him, but he always sees you. (Yes, Clint is generally the hero of PTSD fic and yes I've possibly been self-comparing a little too much.) Also my boss' calm voice over the cans just made me think of Coulson the whole time. Nothing seems to faze him, it's awesome. And Natasha would be his second who was operating the show and the Clint/Natasha/Coulson Electrician threesome would be this triad of awesome and competence and win. And Thor would totally be the constantly upbeat Stage Manager, and the Warriors Three are all stage crew and they use their mighty strength to shuffle through scene changes like magic. Plus we all got issued those head torch thingies, and when you wear them round your neck, it lights up your chest like an arc reactor. So that's Tony, the Sound whizz, who they get freelance and he's super difficult to work with but he's also a sound ninja and all the cues go off exactly at the right time and nothing ever malfunctions because he's just that good

And okay so I'm not really sure where Bruce goes, because 'impossibly angry when stressed' isn't really conducive to a high-stress theatrical environment. And then there's the Loki question -- I don't really want him to be the baddie, because a Loki style baddie doesn't really line up with real life style baddies. (The 'Evul Council' translates much better to 'incompetent Director' or 'meddling managerial staff' or something.) Though it would be loltastic if 'Loki' was the villain in the show and Loki the actor was actually Thor's, really quite nice, younger brother.

Seven more weeks, man, this fic bunny may become the only thing keeping me going.

ETA:  Yeah I've locked and unlocked this at least thrice now. I can't decide if there's any chance someone from work might read it. There's no chance, right.... right?
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I wasn't lying when I made those last straw posts. I've finally had enough. That's not to say I'm dropping my white men fandoms. I'm not. I love them, I'm not going to deny that. But I've reached the point where I just can't stand to continue as I have been, complaining and still doing nothing.

So here is my first step on the path to hypocrisy-free media consumption and critique. For every white men centric source I consume (tv/film/vid I watch, book/fanfic I read etc) I'm going to consume two things about women or POC, a corresponding source if I can, but if not, fic for film or book for vid or any permutation is fine, as long as it's two for every one.

It's not exactly arduous! More media to enjoy!

The same rule however, is going for fanworks. I've got my Wolf!Stiles fic to post soon, and after that I'll create two female/POC centric fics/fan works. (Oh, and a twofer only counts as one.) They don't have to be equivalent size, it's more about opening my mind to the possibilities, it's not like I don't have fics about women and POC rattling around in my skull, but instead of rattling and back burnering, I'm pushing them to the front.

Plus I can work on original fic as well, (in fact that should probably take priority, um). So my work won't always appear up here, but when it's fandom related it definitely will.

The Queen's Thief Series by Megan Whalen Turner. )

Takers (spoilers) )

I fail at memes )

Aliens, and TMI )

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I had been writing while on the metro in to work. Epic teen wolf boyangst, almost missed my stop a few times. But my bicing card has come through now, and unfortunately writing and cycling don't go well together. (Unless you mean writing + cycling = DEAD.)

So. I might still take the metro for the longer journeys, which means two days out of four will be 'teen wolf writing' journeys and the other two... 'try not to get run over while cycling' journeys.


I'm not sure whether I should finish the AU at the end of ep 1 or continue. If I let it, I can see it's going to take over my every waking moment and I'd like to have enough drive to write other things in the fandom. I've been trawling [ profile] comment_fic for prompts which is always fun.

kink, POC, and gender thoughts (still about TW) )


Nov. 15th, 2011 12:12 am
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"It could just as easily have been you." (Teen Wolf)

According to a recap I read, the Alpha says this to Stiles. Which made me want an AU. Instead of doing the sensible thing and finding a kink_meme on which to prompt it. I STARTED WRITING IT. So first I got hold of the show and now I'm watching and writing. I quite enpoy doing it parallel like that with these kind of AUs -- staying very close to canon until divergence is necessary. But if I really stay close to canon, as in, scene by scene, it's gonna take bloody forever to write. So I'm going to have to diverge sooner rather than later. I have some ideas plotwise, but since I haven't actually watched any further than I've written (Which would be halfway into ep one... >_<) I don't really know if it's going to make sense within canon parameters. IDK, I could go entirely off track, but that means more work, and GDI I HAVE OTHER STUFF TO WRITE. Where did this even come from? I wasn't going to watch this damn show.

There should be more threesomes on TV (How I Met Your Mother). This clip ends too early, they cut the bit where they then all fall onto the sofa together. (NB: This is from the blooper reel, don't get those hopes up.)

A sexual minority speaks out and Response. -- It's not subtle, the response even less so. But it's funny and painful all the same.

Spanish TV part 2 )

Anyone interested in joining a con-crit comm? )

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In other news, I am attempting this degree game once more )
Um, I feel bad about the contentless-ness of this post. SO HAVE RANDOM LINKS I HAVE GATHERED FOR MY COURSE:

Warwick Uni: Literature in the Modern World Podcasts
Apple Itunes - U - lectures and files and various university related miscellanea.

(possibly illegal) Book repositories:

Some sort of epic bibliography/index of everything lit related ever:
A Bibliography of Literary Theory, Criticism and Philology

Random RSA Animate lectures that have nothing to do with anything I just think they're cool.

ALSO THIS VIDEO, that again has nothing to do with anything, but whatevs, at least it's English related.

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"Gentlemen... and that one hot chick over there. What are you prepared to do?":

Miss Piggy = Nick Motherfucking Fury:

I wanna quote, but the whole thing's hilarious - literal rap Captain America Trailer:

And bonus literal Harry Potter Deathly Hallows trailer because I love that shit:

As far as I can tell, this is what it'd look like if Bridget Jones interviewed Chris Evans:
At this point, which was a…number of drinks in, it was easy to forget that it really was an interview, and I'd be lying if I said it didn't cross my mind that something might happen (and that we'd go to the Oscars and get married and have babies forever until we died?).

Also I'm just stealing all links ever from [ profile] aliassmith JSYK.

IDK if I want to try at nano again. On the one hand, I do want to. On the other, I have left it veeery late to do any planning and I already tried it once doing it without. That was fail.
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Watched that dancing movie with Robert Carlyle in -- 'Marilyn Hodgekiss something something ballroom dancing'

It's was sort of absurd and funny at times, but it had bits that made me wince with embarrassment squick, and other bits that were yawn soppy. I think the main problem was the script. The movie storyline, the ideas and all that, were random and amusing enough that the meandering-ness wasn't a problem. But the dialogue was just bad. I kinda want to write a Young/Rush AU based on it though.

It also made me want to finish watching SGU like burning. OH RUSH. I LOVE YOUR FACE.


Watched Alice (Tim Burton's one) with the students. Didn't dislike it as much as the first time round, though I still think the ending is absurd. Again got hit with the Hatter/Alice 'ship, optional Cheshire extra. They were so threesoming it up. My God.

I'm writing DwtC very, very slowly. But I am writing. I'll be glad when it's over, gotta say. I need to kick the whole formal speaking thing it's got me doing (Esca! Use a fucking contraction for the love of God.)

Have a snippet like SGU thing instead:


Title: Suit down
Author: [ profile] nemo_r
Fandom: SGU
Pairing/Character: Young/Rush
Summary: Missing scene style, 2x07
Author's Note: Wooh, it's been a while!

Read more... )
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Did get SOME writing done whilst away. Not as much as planned though. Have a quote from D with the C. (This is how I make [rewrite] notes to myself...)

And he flipped them back over, the wound in his thigh giving a slight twinge at the sudden exertion after so many days spent riding, and so many nights spent... riding. [HAHAHA. NO.]

That fic, srsly, cracks me the fuck. up.

Collected glass from the beach, white mostly, some pale blue, some green, one dark blue, woot! Also got a bunch of stones with holes in, just in case I ever have to see through a fairy glamour. YOU NEVER KNOW.

The old Adam West batman was on while we were there. SAME BAT-TIME, SAME BAT-CHANNEL. I kinda want to do a rewrite of Batman Begins/Dark Knight in the old style way. BUT THERE IS NO ROBIN. HOLY TRAGEDY BATMAN!

Managed to catch up on TGW, but utterly failed to watch any SGU. I felt too bad watching tv instead of writing. I know, I fail at this holiday lark.




TGW s2 e18-23 )
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* I stayed up late then got up early. THAT'S MY STORY AND I'M STICKING TO IT.

Since I managed to anon fail on the Eagle kink meme, I might start writing and posting all the random Consequences 'verse bunnies I have in my mind. THEY ARE TAKING OVER. I NEED SPACE FOR THINGS LIKE RECIPES AND UM OTHER FICS AND... Yeah okay fine, I don't actually have anything better to store in the space between my ears. MULTIPLY YOU FLUFFY BASTARDS. HAVE AT.

A whole lot of rambling, mostly about the Celts, mention of some other things I'm writing, TSN and original fic, at end. )
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I have this overwhelming urge to vid Stefan to Ivor Cutler's Tomato Brain.



I've got about twenty billion Seal Prince plot bunnies. SRSLY HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? )


Zen -- My thought process behind watching this went something like: RUFUS SEWELL! RUFUS SEWELL! RUFUS SEWELL! YEAH YEAH YEAH! So I was totally biased.

Basically, it's silly and a bit crap.  )
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Does no one else call Marble Arch, 'Marble Arble'? Is it really just me?
/am weird.


I want to read Shadow of the Templar again.
I'm not a re-read-y kind of person. And I only finished it a few days ago, but. MAN. I want.


Game of Thrones )


writing frustration )


Fairly Legal )
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Whooo boy, the 30 DoN fic really takes it out of me. IDK why, but it's one of those, drag me in, tense me up, fics. I come out of a writing stint and it's like WHOA okay, so, still daytime, still in my room not Alaska. Okay. Even so, I'm glad I'm writing it again.
White blank page (Mark/Eudardo) by cutthroatbitch
This is really good. The lyrics fit really well, I love the use of the song's pace changes.
I am number four  )
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All blame to the anon who filled the kink meme werewolf!Dustin prompt, and then went on to comment about facebook fighting evil. IT ATE MY BRAIN.


/I haven't started writing this or anything...
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It's been a while since a 'ship came out of nowhere and clobbered me one. I think... Bruce/Jim was the last? And I was all OM NOM NOM over at [ profile] nowweretwo (Yeah, there's Rush/Young, but I'm a writer there as well, and frankly, there is barely any archive on which to nom... *waves tiny fandom flag*)

fic craving )

journal haircut )


fic writing )
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So I'm struggling along, fighting serious, painful writer's block with my bloody NaNo, and then I get this random, tiny snippet of an idea for a Downton Abbey fanfic scene (literally tiny, a couple of lines, neither of which I ended up using) and suddenly I've got a seven page ficlet.


Actually. I think I know what it is. I work on conflict and characters. It's people, it's interactions. That's how most my fics start. But my NaNo, it's all the scene setting/single characters at a time/introductions, introductions, introductions. I'm boring myself. I need to find the conflict.

As Gru would say... light bulb!

Anyway, here's my review of the first three eps, I'll get the fic up once it's been edited a bit.


one two three... )
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Dom leans down over the couch and picks his son up, James' warm, tired limbs falling over his chest, small head resting on Dom's shoulder, the soft blonde curls tickling his cheek and hot puffs of air warm against his neck.

Phillipa leans against his leg tiredly, her hand drifting up to her mouth and thumb slipping between her lips as he leads them up to the bedroom, pushing her gently towards her bed before flipping the cover off James' and setting him down on the cold sheets.

James mumbles nonsense, curls up in a body heat conserving ball and Dom tucks the covers around him, smooths his sweaty curls away from his forehead, eyes travelling over the perfect curve of his cheek, the smooth roundness of closed eyelids.

Then he walks over to where Phillipa has fallen over the bed covers, too tired to pull them off properly. She leans against his chest as he pulls her up to sitting position, brings the covers round then tucks her back in. Her little hand reaches out to catch at his shirt, pulling him down, and he settles his long legs on top of the covers, curls his arm around her and lets her tuck her head under his chin. He stays until he can feel her breathing level out, her thumb falling from her mouth to lie wetly on the pillow.

He untangles his arm from under her head carefully and slips out of he room, pulling the door almost shut. Leaves the hall light on and yawns as he descends the stairs. Running his hand thorough his hair, already sticking up oddly from where it was pressed against Phillipa's pillow.


Meta on the Bechdel test, writing female characters by hradzka


Family's driving me up the wall atm and plus travelling, I'm a little on edge, so I went and watched Humming by greensilver and Untitled 221 by [ profile] bendtothesun . They have to be watched together. They do. Even if the makers didn't know it when they made them. IT IS FACT. (Also I love bendtothesun's header, it is adorkable).

They aren't quite a pick me up, it can be a bittersweet sort of pairing really, but lovely nonetheless. I want to immerse myself in Sherlock fandom now.


ALSO. Did you know the first site that appears when you type veni vidi vids into google is a porn site? YES I clicked without checking. NO that was not what I wanted to see.
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I've been terrible at keeping up with my flist lately. I know there's all this awesome I've been missing. But basically since leaving London and coming back home I've been a bit adrift. Hopefully this is now coming to end. I've got an internship application that I'll get the final word on next week. And even if it doesn't come together, I'm applying other places and doing vaguely useful things.

But I am pulling myself slowly up out of this rut I've been in. And I hope that'll transfer over to fandom business as well.

As part of my slow move back to Ubuntu (I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I won't leave you again, it was just a fling, it meant nothing, I swear.) I found this random bit of randomness... ENJOY!


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