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I've gone back to The Following, despite all the mutilation of women, and black guy dies first, and gay serial killers, and WOW. THIS SHOW JUST STOMPS ALL OVER MY PRINCIPLES. )

Have some fic:

quam sidera multa by [ profile] MariposaenArullo
Ryan/Joe (dub-con/non-con)
"Joe purses his lips in an exaggeration of thinking. “You know,” he says slowly, “there is something I’ve been—hankering after, you might say, for a very long time.”"
A kiss for a secret. UNF.

Humble Bones by [ profile] mytimehaspassed
Jacob/Paul, (Jacob/Emma)
"Joe gives him the name."
Little bit Jossed now, but still good and atmospheric despite that.

How it happens by [ profile] ice_hot_13
"Paul gets everything he wants through a lie."

So, on my way in to London, saw the massive "lowcostholidays" billboard. Instantly thought of Red John. CREEPYFANTASTIC. 

This is exactly the fucked up Red John/Patrick Jane I was wanting. Non con. Obviously. Very non con. And fucked up. Because serial killers. Really people, get with the programme. Red John/Jane (Non-con/dub-con) and Aftermath by [personal profile] grenegome

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I do not hate the new lj Friends page (or 'Feed' as it has been renamed.) It looks kinda like a tumblr dashboard and the standard text size is larger than the old Friends page standard text size for my layout. (I have eyesight issues.) How is this not a good thing? It's blue and white and otherwise uninteresting. People freak over the strangest things.

Reading fic with characters who are teachers. Instead of criticising the writing elements (OOCness or showing/telling etc,) I'm finding fault in their teaching style. (What? No. STOP OVER-EXPLAINING THINGS, MY GOD. JUST SHUT UP AND TEACH THEM.)

This teaching lark has clearly gone too far.

The whole, using song lyrics for fic titles thing? Is it me or is it on the rise? And, I'm not exactly complaining, because that'd be terribly hypocritical since I am guilty of doing it myself. And also I do understand both hearing a song that perfectly sums up your fic, and the awful flail for a title after writing which ends with you grabbing the next words you hear.

But. Man. I have so many random songs stuck in my head now. Jeez. Can we go for the more obscure, less catchy ones? Or at least, no more Goddamn Florence and the Machine. I like 'em, I do, but enough is enough.

I'm sort of all over the place with tv. I'm also running about a week behind what's currently aired. Mostly though I just hate everything? Not hate with a fire of a thousand suns, but just. I throw my hands up in despair. Nothing seems to be going the way of awesome. Everything is mediocre.

nothing particularly spoilery, but just in case... )

I didn't actually intend this post to be such a downer, so have some random amusing things to finish off with:

Forbidden Familiars: THIS IS SO BAD, NO SERIOUSLY. SO BAD.

Like, I'm inclined to believe it's a joke? It's every awful thing fanfic can ever be all in one fic. IDK. It takes skills to get that amount of awful in one fic. Bad fic just makes you click away, but this level of badfic. You can't help yourself, it's a slo-mo traincrash or something. IDK. It's just SO AWFUL I CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN. SO SO WRONG. AND AWFUL AND I WAS LAUGHING SO FUCKING HARD MAYBE THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME.

(Also, insanely NSFW.)

Apparently BSG: Blood and Chrome IS FINALLY BEING RELEASED. As a webseries, but still. VISUAL BSG-NESS. CAN I GET A HELL YEAH?
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I've been reading bits of Jane Austen fic recently, and then I found this wonderful thing.

And then I decided I needed to watch all the adaps I haven't yet seen. Mostly it's all the Emmas, but there was a P&P before Ehle and Firth, and a recent Sense and Sensibility. Also I'm going to give the 1999 Mansfield Park a go because wiki says they changed all the things. (I despise Mansfield Park.)

And now, an awesome women being happy gif party!
(All yanked from dollsome's totally impromptu festival of awesome ladies.)


all the gifs )
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Baby Face in Bugsy Malone is Dexter Fletcher, also known as Nathan's dad in Misfits, or Soap, in Lock Stock.


Random brown people in leading roles being randomly brown and no one making a big deal and or plot point out of it: ) pointed it out to me)
Taylor Lautner in Abduction (I think? I haven't actually seen it, just promos).

MORE? Guys, there are more, my brain is blanking. Rec me please? I want brown people having everyday awesome lives entirely independent of their skin colour. Profic or fic, fanon or canon. I AM OPEN.

There's a place for movies that show us what it's like to be of [x] ethnic group or minority, they can be great films and I'm all for them. But it's also nice to be able to imagine yourself in the [generic lead role] and not have to mentally edit your skin colour in order to fit.


New Girl )

Favourite Community Eps (S1 and S2) ) Abed's mental voice is spot on.

Very belated Once Upon A Time review (Episode 7)

ALL THE SPOILERS. Consider yourself warned. )


May. 7th, 2011 03:24 pm
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You know what? Can we have a story about a bunch of lesbians, with this one token gay male relationship, like a brother of one of the leads, or an ex-boyfriend from before she came out. And the brother's/ex's partner really hates her, for no apparent reason, and is all bitchy etc. and guess what?! The guys want a baby! And they want to use one of the lesbian's wombs to do so! And they want it right away and it's all weirdly sudden and no one seems to deal with emotional repercussions!

Let's do that, instead of, oh. THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Or hey, radical idea? LET'S NOT DO IT AT ALL.

In other words: The Broken Hearts Club = QAF except with Timothy Olyphant in. )

Perfect Getaway. (Total spoilers! and picspams) )
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I have realised pretty much all the links I've been posting recently have been fail html. I blame this entirely on Evernote which apparently hates it when I include html tags in text. Very, very annoying. I have to change my entire method of writing up livejournal posts now. GDI.

Computer is back from the shop! All fixified! In fact, it was just dust clogging up the fan and stopping it from spinning.


So. VidUKon! ([ profile] vidukon ) EPIC WONDERFUL TIME.

I met so many amazing people, put faces to the names of so many vidders whose work I adore. Got totally vidding enthused and enabled. And yes, may have reached vid saturation point. At least for a couple of days...

Have my procrastination fuelled epic-long write up )

I live!

Mar. 22nd, 2011 10:48 pm
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My computer died. Is still dead in fact. And then I proceeded to kill A's as well. I'm just waiting for this one to die next. IT'S NOT MY FAULT. I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING. I just have some anti-tech forcefield, or something >_<.

So. This is why the sudden silence. Also all my files and documents are stuck on the dead computer. Which has put a spanner in both fandom and revision works. To be fair, more of an excuse on the revision front than an actual obstruction, but shhhhh.

On the procrastination front, have done a good deal of baking since getting home.

I am lost without a computer. SRSLY. Without lj I have no one to talk at. (as a result, this post is epic long, guys). I couldn't read fanfic, or check my flist properly or ANYTHING. These couple of days have been hellish.

... I am sort of worried for myself. Clearly, yes, I have a problem. Internet addiction is very real. I should probably get some twelve step book or something.

Or, you know. Some self-control.

"Transition" by Iain Banks (I am not impress) )


Die Hard 4 (needs Nikita crossover) )


What should happen in Justified (OT3, yes I am predictable) )
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I did not think it'd be my kind of movie. In fact, I thought it sounded really boring. I kinda hate facebook. But everyone kept going on about how great it was, and since I had a friend over I decided to give it a try.

Yes, ok, everyone was right.

[Spoilers abound]

the bad - epic (gender)fail )

the good - despite that, I couldn't help liking this movie )
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GUYS, hey guys! Guys, hey, hey, guys, [Bernard! Hey Bernard! Hey, Bernard, Bernard... I am a prostitute robot from the future.]

... ahem. MOVING ON.

GUYS. Rec me some tv!

I am aware there are a whole range of scifi/fantasy shows out there in their first seasons, or just renewed whatever. BUT I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THEM. What's worth watching? What's surprised you with its awesome? Is there some site where you can watch trailers for all these shows and keep up to date?

I want to know about these new shows with their shiny HD and their magic and their absurdly pretty people. REC ME!


ode to Spike, Misfits thoughts, White Collar vidrec. )
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Jensen Ackles really is unbelievably gorgeous isn't he? -- blame this vid for making me think about it. Blame my insomnia for the picspam:
((ETA: my Dark Angel bias may be showing))

A few stupidly large pics beneath the cut )

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