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We do like making cop shows about tiny police teams in random English towns or out of the way corners of the UK.

I mean, Morse? Which spawned two whole sequels in Lewis and Endeavour. How many years has that been going now? More episodes than actual crimes in Oxford I'd wager. There's my late favourite Case Histories - one slightly depressed guy solves crime in Edinburgh. Admittedly this is a bigger city, but still not a massive one, nor were the crimes particularly epic in scope. My new fave, Shetland, which has managed to finagle some Glaswegian gang/drug organised crime in the latest series. But seriously. SHETLAND. Not exactly the hotbed of criminal mayhem. The first eps were basically 'my aunt killed my nan.' I haven't seen it, but Vera is based on books by the same author - dramatic criminal escapades in... rural Northumbria. Jonathan Creek living in a windmill in Sussex. Midsomer Murders set in the "picturesque but deadly villages of the fictional county of Midsomer," according to wiki. Then there's Miss Marple of course, I mean how many American cop dramas star little old ladies?

I'm not saying they're all like that. Cop shows are a scheduling staple, so of course there's been a lot over the years, but I can't name a single American show, (or Scandinavian dark-and-gritty import) that has that same small scale/small stakes feel. Plus we don't do the whole - Acronymed team of dramatically good looking people solve dramatic crimes. Mostly it's just. One middle aged white dude/dudette, plus a couple of medium-attractive sidekicks, solve slightly interesting mysteries.

Shetland is great tho.
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Is what my little bro would say when demanding his milk bottle before he went to sleep. 

So. Fic recs. Where and how, guys? I just don't know where to look for that perfect what I want hit. 

It's different if I have specifics in mind, if I have a kink I'm searching for or a pairing or fandom, that's fine, I can crack out the google-fu, hit up AO3 and [community profile] kink_finders  and it's all good. But when I have this vague, nebulous desire for something long and plotty and angsty and full to the top and good... where do I go? Any suggestions?

Also, like. Not dead, still here. Not much in fandom any more I guess, probably the only thing I do with any regularity is [community profile] metanews , and even that I'll be dropping once I start uni. Yes. Uni again, we'll see how that goes... Anyway, that's not till October. 

I keep meaning to update properly. Start reading my flist again etc etc. Maybe. Eventually. In the meantime I am still here and I do check in occasionally. That's life though, isn't it?
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I discovered you can post replies to comments on DW by hitting reply to the email. I NEVER REALISED THIS WAS AN OPTION. It's not quite as awesome as a dedicated DW app would be... but failing that, it will have to do.

In other news, I still need to add everyone from VidUKon and I can't do that from my phone. Boo.

Ok so regarding adding everyone, do people use Twitter? I reinstated my username* and have not been swamped with hackers, (yay) so I guess I'll try using it again. And will invariably post something gay accidentally with my work twitter and have a meltdown and kick it to the curb again. WHATEVER, FUTURE ME WILL HAVE TO DEAL.

So yes, Twitter usernames, people. Give them to me.

Also Tumblr ones, because I don't think I follow that many people I know on there? It's mostly random people who post pictures of Hiddles or cats. And recently, Dashcon fail. Are people following this? That shit is hilarious.

*I'm nemonclature everywhere. EVERYWHERE. And my icon is now Maleficent everywhere too. (Except AO3, I still need to edit that.)

ETA: OK I ADDED ALL THE PEOPLE. Or at least, everyone who had their twitter username easily findable. So if I added you and you're wondering who the fuck I am, I'm me!

And anyone I haven't added (on Twitter OR Tumblr) hit me up in comments.
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Wonder Woman
The comics recs, the animated series recs, the vid recs, the fic recs. ALL OF THEM. GIVE THEM TO ME

I thought it was interesting to notice how prevalent author intro credits are for the Creaspace vids. Very technically accomplished credits. But not just that, credits with their own music, which is often quite disconnected even jarring from the song. I feel like, in our culture of vidding, something like that would be a big no-no. You want the credits to be as seamless as possible, or else in some way complementary to the vid.

Lost Girl
A) There should be more Lost Girl vids.
B) where the fuck is Lost Girl right now? What the hell. I need more girl kissing on my tv. Orphan Black ended (NOT THAT I'VE FINISHED. DO NOT SPOIL ME. I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN.) And Orange is the New Black, also finished. Also I feel like there was way less girl kissing this season?


My vid recs are finally typed up, all: here @ nemo_recs. DW was being a bit weird so if anything looks wonky, let me know in comments.

Yeah that's all I got. Thoughts. Tired. Stuff. Haven't started vidding yet. *mumble mumble*...

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Where Ward is replaced by a Muslim woman... )

* -- I have heard SHIELD has improved recently, so maybe this is no longer relevant. But I bet it doesn't have Muslim sorta lesbians and evil robots and conversations about race and passing and becoming part of the system and shared bodies and DEAD PUPPIES. So clearly mine is much better.
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The RL related resolutions can be summed up in action-verb form: WRITE, RUN, DRAW, PLAY, SOCIALISE, WORK.

But the fandom related ones are more relevant here:

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Ultimately I was spoiled for the main thing I knew I'd hate. The other things I disliked were mostly ignorable and though they take up space here, in terms of how many watching minutes were devoted to them? They were outnumbered by the fun, positive elements. I just find it easier to talk about and take apart the things that I didn't like than the things I did. I'M SORRY GUYS. THE GLASS IS HALF EMPTY. Overall, like, watch it? For sure. Have fun. But the thing you know you'll hate. Yeah. You gonna hate.

The good, the bad and the ugly. Spoilers under the cut )
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Anyone know anything about this Item 47 movie? Is it basically a way of getting people into watching SHIELD? (Not that we need any more encouragement). Also, am I wrong with the whole Benny and Claire/Bonnie and Clyde thing? I really liked the actress since Mean Girls and True Blood so I hope they keep them both somehow. Maybe in the tv show? (And he's the guy in Bring It On y/y? AH those were the days).

Looking at more Marvel extras: The Loki/Hawkeye deleted scene from Avengers - Firstly, that look up at 1:20? So deliberate and so wonderful. I could just EAT HIM. ALL OF HIM. (In a non creepy cannibal way. GDI HANNIBAL. YOU SCREW UP EVERYTHING.)

But also, the eyeball? That horrible, disgusting trick Loki pulled? Totally Hawkeye's idea.

Where is the fic that delves into all Clint's pain? HE MUST HAVE SO MUCH PAIN. SO FUCKING MUCH.

Also, I did not realise the whole Maria Hill kinda hates Nick Fury vibe they were going for. The alternate opening makes it more obvious, but rewatching Avengers just now, (which is an exercise in heartache btw. I just want to shout at the screen. NO LOKI. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? STOP IT. GET SOME THERAPY. BUY SOME ICECREAM. SOMEONE TELL THOR TO GIVE HIM A HUG. FFS.) and she's kinda pissed off at him from the get go. IS THERE GOING TO BE A SUDDEN BUT INEVITABLE BETRAYAL. BY A WOMAN. ZOMG HOW FUCKING GROUNDBREAKING. If they tie the creepy old white guys council into Avengers 2 by having Maria Hill turn.


Iron Man 3 reaction:
STOP! Spoiler time... )


Finale reaction )


The Tempest review )

Watched the Anne Lister documentary with Sue Perkins. Perkins is funny. All I really know her from isJust a Minuteand she does come across as a bit smug there. Sort of, playing it for points not the funnies. But she was pretty good in this. I mean, they're doing the usual modern documentary thing of having the presenter be about a 1/4 involved and the 3/4s on the actual historic person. It can come across less like 'queer people through the ages' and more 'LOLOL lesbians talking about lesbians'. But only a little. And anyway, the historical facts were all fascinating.

NGL though I want to know more about half-Indian bastard Eliza. The poor discarded first love.

So, this recent news about the three girls kept in a house for ten years. (I'm not linking because it's fucking sick, but if you google Amanda Berry you'll probably find it)

I'm already not watching The Following because this is a thing I do sometimes. Stop watching all my shows. (Oh hello Vikings, I haven't seen you in a month)

But I don't think I want to go back to it. I don't want to to root for the men who keep women in cages. I don't want to to be so inured to such hideous, life shattering violence against women that I don't even see those TV victims as people. Just obstacles

I don't want to to be part of the culture that thinks it's okay to desensitise us to this shit. That teaches us to to see these women, not as people but as windows dressing. And I'm not going to suddenly stop loving the creepy cop/killer dynamic. But I've had it to here with all the fucking baggage that goes with it.

"I think that's a really creepy pairing... but hey, read what you like."

NO NO NO. Those are not two phrases that taste great together. It's either one or t'other. You are absolutely allowed to say you think something is creepy. Hannibal/Will? HELLA CREEPY. IN CASE I HAVE NOT MADE THIS OBVIOUS. THERE IS PEOPLE EATING. AND A DEER THAT I THOUGHT WAS A MOOSE BECAUSE APPARENTLY I CAN'T ANIMAL.

But you can't append that with 'but hey if you like it fine, (you weirdo). Because the 'you weirdo' will always be implied because you just said it was creepy and didn't allow enough space for the tone of your argument to shift from OMG YUCK! to HEY ALL KINKS ARE AWESOME!

Just say them separately. Space them out. Let one exist and then the other.

GUYS. SHUTTUP. THIS IS A THING THAT MAKES SENSE. DON'T TELL ME I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO DOESN'T GET PISSED OFF BY THIS. I get far more pissed off by this backing and forthing than people outright saying my shipping preferences squick them out. I kinda get off on that shit. You think Young/Rush is the absolute pits? You think Wincest is goddamn disgusting? You can't stand creepy Harry/Snape non-con chan?

HAHAHA sucks to be you.

That shit rolls of my back. This shit is passive aggressive.

(Disclaimer, yes I've probably done exactly this in that past. Whatever. I win at hypocrisy.)
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I find the line between meta and literary criticism quite tough. I think maybe I tend to include all media (film/tv) criticism because, well, the majority of it is fandom. If you get media/tv crit online, chances are it comes from a fanblog. Because mainstream critics have this snobbish attitude towards caring too much about 'just tv'. You review it and that's that. But books you can critique. Because literature is REAL ART. But with lit crit I feel like it's getting too close to the aca side of acafan, or just too 'mainstream' crit, not fan crit?

IDK. It is a thing I have noticed about myself, a tv/book double standard. My own flaws, exposed for your perusal. Enjoy.

"So, instead, I would like to take the time to speculate who some of Nolan’s other regulars might play.Michael Caine will be Cooper’s mentor—but I’m going to say he ends up evil this time. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Cooper’s assistant. If Hathaway’s character isn’t the wife/girlfriend of Cooper, the loss of whom sends him spiralling into a pit of insanity, then I’m going to guess Marion Cotillard for that role. Then there’s Cillian Murphy, hopefully in a role that doesn’t require him to wear a bag over his head again. I’m having a hard time placing Tom Hardy. And I’d love for Ken Watanabe to show up, but I don’t know who I want him to be other than “someone cool.” (Of course, he’s Ken Watanabe.)"

(The Mary Sue, emphasis mine)

What's that you say? Nolan making another movie with fridged women? NO SHIT.

Carrie Trailer - "Carrie is like Harry Potter. Except she didn't get saved." FFF I WANT THAT FIC. (Glass Harp : Potter Theme)

Being Taken Seriously - the Double Standard. I made a post about make up and the female/male professional wear double standard a while back. Though actually I think most of that discussion was in the comments to the LJ post. Anyway, relevant.

I've learnt how to make ringlet curls with my hair straightener. THE. COOLEST. THING. (thank you youtube)

OH MY GOD. I just realised who my dentist reminds me of. Goran Visnjic. FUCK MY LIFE. HOT DENTISTS SHOULD BE AGAINST THE LAW.

I really wanted to include this (For all the women I have loved who were dragged through the mud) at [community profile] metanews but I didn't want to break the week old posts rule any further than I already have (it's a tough one to stick to). I already tweeted it I think, but I haven't got round to following anyone on [ profile] nemonclature or doing anything useful with it, so I'm currently just shouting into the void.
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So that was the busiest weekend in forever. I have to sleep all of the week to recover.

Cosplay question )

Talking about fannish stuff. I feel Earthcam should be used for some sort of massive, international, fan extravaganza. Don't ask me what, I don't know, it just seems too futuristic and cool/creepy and invasive, not to use. That or some sort of world-wide spygame, IDK.

Does no one make wallpapers any more? Where are all the graphics makers at? Still on LJ? Did all those elite icon comms cause the fandom to implode or something?

I've decided to buy myself a birthday present, )

Listening to Tegan and Sara's new album (via [personal profile] calvinahobbes I think?). And then I was scrolling my flist and "I'm not your hero" came on while I was reading [personal profile] amaresu's post with this icon:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Please rec me: Plotty racebending and genderbending fic. )
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My next post won't be about [community profile] metanews , promise.

Meta links (1/1/13 - 20/1/13) @ DW
Meta links (1/1/13 - 20/1/13) @ LJ

HAHAHA. I finally get the posts up and the html is fucked because smartquotes. AUSPICIOUS BEGINNINGS, I HAS THEM.

I can see clearly now )
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My posting frequency may rise as I get this comm off the ground. Am cutting posts so that I take up less space on your flists/circles.

0.5) Questions page @ DW and LJ. -- Any typos? Glaring errors? Questions that should have been answered? Problems that should have been resolved? Also, anon commenting should be on, but LJ keeps telling me it's off. If anyone wants to test that in case it's my computer being weird, I'd be much obliged.

stuck in the middle with you )
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Various things from the people I found from said friending meme: )

I went back to look over my old, really old archived posts because I thought RP had changed the way I post. My theory was, writing out speech as I do in RP to try and capture the feeling of dialogue for a 'video' or an 'audio' post, has had a knock on effect on the way I post here in my dw. As in, I now default on posting stream of monologue style. With a haphazard approach to punctuation (never my strong suit) -- full stops interchangeable with commas, run on sentences, question marks for rising intonation etc etc. (I haven't got to the point where I write out my occasional stutter, but, but, but...)

Anyway, so that's why I looked back, but then my old posts seem really quite chatty as well and I couldn't tell if there had been a noticeable difference, or if it was just a a matter of me becoming more comfortable in putting my thoughts out there on the internet.

ANYWAY. I got distracted and I found this Heroes macro. GOOD TIMES.

I am questioning my decision to get a plurk ([ profile] nemo_r). It seems to be twitter only sideways?

My tumblr isn't work-safe, mainly thanks to the Hawkeye initiative. This is highly frustrating to me. 

The female lead at work has a tendency to say 'hi-ho' a lot in conversation. Which just makes me think of Veronica and Logan.

I started reading cleanwhiteroom's mathematique again because I've decided it will probably need multiple rereads before I get it, so the WIP thing is actually a positive. That or I'm just going to have to accept I don't understand the physics/maths side of things. It's not the plot that's difficult, it's twisty, but in a good way. It's just when Rush goes off on his mental maths-y physics-y bent and they're talking about zero protocol whatsits... WHOOSH is the sound it makes as it goes over my head. I still highly rec though. REC REC REC.

Also, thanks to reading other fans' journals I will be giving OUAT another go (for the femslash, Regina and Carlyle,) but I'm NGL, a part of me wants to jump around and shout at OUAT fans: SO NOW YOU LOVE ROBERT CARLYLE, WHERE WERE YOU WHEN SGU WAS DYING? WHERE WERE YOOOOOUUUU?

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"There's a really good article in there about fracking."

Everyone's talking about fracking. It is cracking me the frak up.

Still working my way through the friending meme, from which I have learned: yes Teen Wolf really is the big new thing in fandom. For some reason I still had this idea it was a mostly unknown tiny secret thing. THAT WOULD BE WRONG. COMPLETELY WRONG. (Maybe someone will write us some more Scott/Isaac now.) 

Anyway, it's taking me ages because I only get a day off a week from the Panto and I mostly sleep the day away, and the rest of the time I'm just tired and zombie-like. I don't think I shall be doing this next year. Not without more time off. (UGH. THE SONGS. MAKE THEM STOP).

I've discovered I can actually narrate from memory the first half a minute or so of the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows literal trailer. THIS IS NOT SAD. THIS IS COOL. I AM COOL.

Over on tumblr I've been reblogging other people's emotion-drenched super angsty STXII posts with utterly random unrelated commentary. Comments on Kirk's boots, or fridge logic, or just, IDK, I've decided they're all sharing each other's clothes in this movie? Because Chekhov put black paint in Enterprise's washing machines as part of a prank war with Engineering and then half their clothes were dyed black and half were ruined. Yeah. IDK man. It is the most hilarious thing. Seriously, it makes my day.

Also, I don't really know what's going on re: not!Khan? Is he a whitewashed character or is he completely new?

Are we calling it STXII now? Because I need to know for tagging reasons, or is it just STXI 2 because UGH, WRONG.

Sulu. He's my favourite. I liked him before, but for some reason his is the face my eyes are automatically drawn to whenever a pic crops up on my dash. IDK WHAT IT IS. I JUST WANT HIS EVERYTHING. RIGHT NOW.
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There's something awesome about those Gary Stu wish-fulfilment HP fics. )

Remember all that HP fic MSTing that used to go on? Remember pottersues? Remember when epic_rants had claws and wasn't just another reccing site? Remember weeping cock? (Wishing you didn't remember it now?) How about badfic_quotes? Or the mother of all fuck-ups, fandom_wank?

Looking over them, a lot seem to still be updating. I guess it's just my fault for drifting away from the dark and seedy underbelly of fanfic. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

((Posting about those two things together may or may not be related.))

Justified S1 rewatch )

Prometheus )

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