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Ordered the final book and it arrived today. In an unprecedented effort of self control, I managed a single sketchbook painting before giving in and reading for the next 4 hours. 

(Link to freece/CS Pacat's LJ)

I should probably try and do some actual work now.
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New trailer for SHIELD plus some speculation on casting.

Casting speculation )
Anyway, other than that. Ming Na is sort of Black Widowish? Is her character a Marvel character or a tv-only thing? I don't really care either way, I'm psyched to see her play someone awesome, she was so underused in SGU.

And I do quite enjoy that whole, 'superheroes are springing up all over the place' vibe they have going on. I see the Heroes parallels, but I raise you um, that Heroes S1 was actually good. IT WAS. IT ONLY WENT SHIT LATER. Hey guys. Hey, Remember when Quinto was known only for being Sylar? Good times,

(Oh my God, I just realised, Mohinder/Sylar was literally my first hero/serial killer villain obsession. IT WAS SO HOT GUYS. SO HOT. AND THERE WERE SECRET IDENTITIES. IT'S LIKE IT WAS WRITTEN FOR ME.)

Sleepy Hollow

There's been squee about this on tumblr, so I started watching the promo and there is FUNNY and SNARK and BANTER and then. JOHN CHO! IT'S GOT JOHN CHO IN IT! HE WAS RIGHT THERE OHMYGOD. I LITERALLY ALMOST SPEWED TEA ALL OVER MY KEYBOARD. THERE WAS UGLY CHOKING.

I AM SO FUCKING THERE GUYS. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. (I am a bit weirded out by how he's barely in any promo stuff though. Is he an expensive soon to be killed off cameo? DON'T DO THAT TO ME GUYS. PLEASE.)

... So, you know how I sometimes start screaming about John Cho? And like, it's partially because he's just plain hot, And I'm gonna have to screencap that sunset scene in Flash Forward for you guys, because THE SUNLIGHT, IT WAS SO GOLDEN. AND HIS FACE WAS SO AMAZING AND I THINK HIM AND FIENNES WERE BEATING EACH OTHER UP OR SOMETHING? THERE WERE EMOTIONS AND MUSCLES IS WHAT I'M SAYING.

So then also, Sulu, and the fact that he's a ninja and then

[personal profile] jane_potter 's Space Pirate fic (The Riot 'verse) and the Into Darkness promos look like they could be from that instead. Seriously, if that was the movie that had got made instead? CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW AWESOME?

Anyway, so those are the two previous reasons, but recently, STiD spoilers )

So I'm gonna brave the stoner movies. ALL THE MOVIES. JOHN CHO APPRECIATION MONTH. BRING IT.

Almost Human

MICHAEL EALY IS BACK ON MY TV! And I thought it'd be an excuse to have him play the wild guy he played in Common Law, but he's way more uptight. HE'S SO GORGEOUS AND AWESOME AND HELLO, COME BE ON MY TV ALL THE TIME.

Ok so people are a bit worried about all the slave robots being played by POC. Which, I think I saw a wider range of skin colours? But maybe it's that the two main robots are POC? As in Ealy and the other replacement? Or something, IDK the trailer was too short. Basically, I LOVE EALY HE NEEDS ALL THE ROLES. So I am watching the shit out of this. Also, I'm pretty sure the Bones/Ealy robot sex is going to be amayzing. Though again people are worried about invisible black guy syndrome. But basically I'm of the WAIT AND SEE opinion, because SHIELD tricked me into thinking it was all white people, but it might end up being more diverse than I previously thought, so I'm loath to make snap decisions now.


Also also. Look, he was in that Islamaphobia show back in the day, so I am cutting him SLACK, man. Mainly on account of his face, I'll admit, but he was so adorable in Common Law. Oh that show was THE SLASH.)

This Autumn is gonna be fucking ninja. (That said, is the Star Trek cast and crew trying to take over the TV world?)

ETA: Did you know both Ealy and Cho are about 40 years old? BASTARDS.
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I've gone back to The Following, despite all the mutilation of women, and black guy dies first, and gay serial killers, and WOW. THIS SHOW JUST STOMPS ALL OVER MY PRINCIPLES. )

Have some fic:

quam sidera multa by [ profile] MariposaenArullo
Ryan/Joe (dub-con/non-con)
"Joe purses his lips in an exaggeration of thinking. “You know,” he says slowly, “there is something I’ve been—hankering after, you might say, for a very long time.”"
A kiss for a secret. UNF.

Humble Bones by [ profile] mytimehaspassed
Jacob/Paul, (Jacob/Emma)
"Joe gives him the name."
Little bit Jossed now, but still good and atmospheric despite that.

How it happens by [ profile] ice_hot_13
"Paul gets everything he wants through a lie."

So, on my way in to London, saw the massive "lowcostholidays" billboard. Instantly thought of Red John. CREEPYFANTASTIC. 

This is exactly the fucked up Red John/Patrick Jane I was wanting. Non con. Obviously. Very non con. And fucked up. Because serial killers. Really people, get with the programme. Red John/Jane (Non-con/dub-con) and Aftermath by [personal profile] grenegome

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Pushing Tin, Bourne Legacy, Batman, Spiderman )

More thoughts about Natasha - )

Prometheus pre-quel. This is hilarious guys, you have no idea.

Teen Wolf/P&P fusion vid trailer. LOL FOREVERER. On a related note, is Sterek just a tease? I've read the meta, but I'm not convinced. Trusting a show to make a slash ship reality just seems so very impossible.

Also also, I'm only half way through S2 so DON'T SPOIL ME.

Legend of Korra (spoilers) )

Completely random webcomic rec -- This is utterly gorgeous. A very nifty idea. It's a short comic about an illustrator and his attempts to escape his editor. It uses folds and light and angles to create a 3D effect with just paper and pencil. Quite short. Worth a look.
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Unknown (2006)

I love twisty thrillers and I love Jim Caviezel and I love slashy duos. This film. GUYS.

The premise is awesome... )

Source Code
was rather silly, but Jake Gyllenhaal is always watchable, and he had good chemistry with Vera Farmiga. Not so great with Michelle Monaghan (the love interest) which was a little disappointing. The plot was predictable but there was enough action, and it was fast-paced enough to sustain interest. In all, a solid Silly Bang Bang flick.

I also watched Conan and Abduction. Which were both awful, and I only managed to watch through judicious use of the fast forward button and because I've been on a bid to ignore my life and distract myself with shit tv for the past fortnight or so.

Well done, we have brown people who aren't Will Smith as leads, can we now have them starring in not-shit movies?

Taylor Lautner cannot act to save his life, but he does have very attractive canines.(What? I get weirdly specific sometimes, so sue me. I see why they cast him as a werewolf though).

Conan was so unbelievably sexist and hideous. Though now I really want genderswap fix it fic. Internet, make that happen.
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Nemo checks out her flist
Nemo sees veni_vidi_vids has updated
Nemo clicks
Page loads
Nemo reads the first rec: Every so often I feel I need more creepy grimdark in my life, so I re-watch obsessive24/Nicky's Climbing Up the Walls. And I forget that Zac Efron played flashback Simon in Firefly and there's a whole other level of intertextuality and creepiness...



More TW blather, in no particular order... )


Yanked from thefourthvine's yuletide request )


"Dorothy Jane fell out of a plane" or, am I a hypocrite? )
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In Barcelona. Have a job! Only 8 hours a week but whatever it´ll cover rent. IT´S A START. OKAY? Am using flatmate´s v weird Spanish keyboard laptop and her dongle internet thing, still no internet in the flat. ¡Dios mío!


Ok, so do you ever get this thing where you get a soundtrack/music in your head? I don´t mean a tune stuck in your head, I mean, for example, when I'm making up stories, or daydreaming. I get a soundtrack in my head. If I focus too hard on it, it disappears into silence. Usually I don't notice it's there, but if I do, If I sort of half focus, like looking at something out of the corner of your eye, I can listen to it.

But I'm not consciously deciding what note comes next. I don't even decide what style/genre of music it is. It just seems to happen.



A packet of reviews (SPOILERS ABOUND):
Remember that OMG FILLUMS post I made a while back? )

Bookses - Malinda Lo´s Ash and Huntress )
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When I go for my walk in the evening I always see this one Roe doe in the field across the road from the farm. It's directly on my route, so we usually do the, stop and stare at each other for a minute, thing. I see how close I can get. She just watches silently until finally deciding to bolt and goes leaping through the field into the spinney.

Well, I saw her again today, only this time she had a buck with her. It was adorable, they were messing about, following each other, him with his stumpy little antlers and both with their black noses. They were so wrapped up in each other, and I guess I was downwind, because I was able to get pretty close before she noticed and leapt away. He dozily hung about a bit longer, giving her a couple of confused glances until finally realising I was there. We did the stare-stare thing, his big ears angled towards me, and then he bounded off as well.

I saw them again once I got back, when I went to close my window, they'd crossed the road and hedge into our farm and ambled across the field, very elegantly leaping the fence before continuing on their way.

I'm going to take the camera next time and see if I can get some photos.


Re-watching 'A Study in Pink'. oh Mycroft Holmes. You are the sex. )


Kara Thrace is in New English File Pre-intermediate Unit 3. SHE IS. THAT IS SO HER OMG. pics or it didn't happen. )


Jun. 2nd, 2011 08:42 pm
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Database of songs - Useful from a vidding perspective, but also when writing and wanting mood music.


K's telling knock knock jokes downstairs...

"Knock, knock."
"Who's there?"
"Interrupting Cow."

... O_o


Does anyone have AIM? I use it now and then and it'd be nice to be able to chat to flist as well as RP peeps.


Please, someone tell me Amadeo/Zen has been written. IT HAS TO BE. OMG. I would also actually kill for an Amadeo/Mycroft crossover, but I'm guessing that's just me.
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A bird flew in through my window today. It made a small circle of my room, it's wings beating loudly, then slipped out again.

It was so unexpected, I felt my heart clench in my chest.


I've been reading the King of Attolia again, )


Rewatched The Eagle avec la famille. )


I am a very active writer, as in I will read parts out loud, act parts out, wave my hands about and squint at the air. I also scream at the screen, bounce up and down when I think of something, scowl at characters, occasionally flap my hand about like I'm trying to fly, and stick my tongue out at my laptop.

I leap about like I'm on drugs, basically. Is this normal? Do other people do this?
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RIGHT, so you know why everyone should watch this show? I mean the really simple insta-rec reason? There is no crowning moment of awesome, there are no super awesome 'omg this one!' characters...


Like, the plot and the characters and the pacing and the everything is wonderful, yes. But... you know those things, those things that fill you with squee and you want to grab random people off the street and shake them until they're all dizzy and deaf from your shouting and then maybe they will understand half of how you're feeling?


* - ok fine, except Jeremy. God Jeremy, get a life.
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Wooh SGU! Except I haven't actually seen the finale, and still have half a season to catch up on (SO DON'T SPOIL ME OMG). But still, SOLIDARITY! FANDOM LOVE! NEVAR FORGET etc. etc.

I know I've been all quiet on the SGU front for months now, but that's irrelevant. THE LOVE IS STILL STRONG IN ME. TRUFAX.

SGU! First time being in a fandom. First time de-lurking. First time modding a comm. First time seriously writing fic. First time seriously creating fanwork in general!

The community! The squee! The discussions! The theories! The dissecting of Y/R minutia. (OH BOYS. YOU WERE EPIC.) The ship! The planets! The Ancient tech! The aliens! The military! The civilians! The stupid characters! The awesome characters! The loser characters! The ones I loved! The ones I hated! The ones I ended up changing my mind about! THE EVERYTHING!

SGU, you were the best. And SGU fandom, you are all wonderful, amazing people and I'm so glad to have had a chance to flail and squee with you guys. No matter how shortlived the show. FANDOM WILL LIVE ON.

Also, I seem to have lost the Vancouver press day pic where Carlyle and Ferreira were leaning against each other (where F was wearing that brown cardigan?) So have this instead! And this time Carlyle has made the questionable sartorial choice! Woot!

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I have realised pretty much all the links I've been posting recently have been fail html. I blame this entirely on Evernote which apparently hates it when I include html tags in text. Very, very annoying. I have to change my entire method of writing up livejournal posts now. GDI.

Computer is back from the shop! All fixified! In fact, it was just dust clogging up the fan and stopping it from spinning.


So. VidUKon! ([ profile] vidukon ) EPIC WONDERFUL TIME.

I met so many amazing people, put faces to the names of so many vidders whose work I adore. Got totally vidding enthused and enabled. And yes, may have reached vid saturation point. At least for a couple of days...

Have my procrastination fuelled epic-long write up )

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