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I think it's interesting how Dark Matter seems to be going for this very deliberately nineties vibe: the title card and font, the costuming, even the cast photo. It's also very Firefly reminiscent (which certainly can't be accidental).

The other thing I find amusing is their 'throw every trope at the wall, see what sticks' approach. I mean. Spaceships, evil corporations, memory loss, mercenary crew, tech genius girl, clones, zombies, brain sharing, cyborgs (possibly evil).

So yeah. It's sort of terrible. The acting is mostly by numbers, as is characterisation and plot. The aesthetic is definitely a Firefly rip off, and nothing else stands out particularly.

And yet, it's quite fun really. Definitely easy watching. TV to cook to. That kind of thing.

Faint praise I guess... I does have the merit of still being the only spaceship on TV, y/y? Unless I'm missing something? Defiance does still exist. But that's aliens, no Spaceships right?

I may end up rewatching Farscape or SGU if this doesn't pick up though. For quality traumatic angst times.

Moar tv

May. 26th, 2015 08:42 pm
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So there's only one English speaking channel on my tv, and they have this weird assortment of  TV: The White Queen, The Wire, Suburgatory, The Simpsons, Black Sails, Forever, Flight of the Conchords, Hit the Floor, Hannibal and recently they've added True Blood and TVD, oh yeah, and the Newsroom.

So like, this eclectic mix of comedy and drama and high camp. Oh no wait, that's just True Blood. Anyway, I'd been off tv for maybe a month? I hadn't been watching anything back home, and then when I got here I don't have enough data to stream, so I haven't watched any of my shows in ages. Instead I've now got hooked on a bunch of these ones. Which wasn't the plan, but whatever.

Unfortunately they only have two episodes a week. As in, they only broadcast those two episodes, but they have multiple slots. So I'll catch an ep in the morning, go out, come back, get on with work and then put the tv on in the evening and oh hey, same thing. Weirdly it kinda ramps up the anticipation if anything, maybe other channels should try it...

Anyway, in other more serious news, where is the Avengers fanvid set to this. I feel like, considering the approach of Civil War, it could be fairly hilarious and tragic.

Pre-empting - NO ULTRON SPOILERS. I haven't seen it yet, and probably won't for ages.
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Belated TV thoughts:

House of Lies: Seth Cohen, DILDO KING. Why isn't Adam Brody in ever single series ever? Where is the Stiles/Seth fic, people?

The meta I was asking for on X-men is here at racialicious. There's been a bit more in canon since I mentioned it, or possibly earlier without me realising, with Remender chipping in again. (I was gonna use a more angry phrase than 'chipping in', but whatever, his words speak for themselves really).

Sarah Vaughn is just taking the mick.

I was a manic Pixie Dream Girl.... So I googled that Cillian Murphy/Lucy Liu movie and thanks to this article I was able to identify MPDG! I never really knew what they where before.

Teen Wolf, also known as the show with all the badtouching

There are words, but I do not have them. (Hipster!Les Amis kink meme fill)

Superman vs Avengers - Avengers doing clean up, is it fanon? Because it's pretty fucking established and for Steve's and Tony's characterisation, it makes a lot of sense (in completely different ways, yes - I can easily see Steve with a broom and Tony writing off a cheque). But Superman just, um jets off into the desert somewhere? And destroys the tracking drones that come after? Clearly not helping them because if he were they wouldn't need to track him. Also if he were how could he be Clark Kent, reporter, full time if he was helping out? By which I mean to say, Superman is a total dick.

This fic actually made me cry. I WAS CRYING. JUST GIVE THEM ALL HUGS.I did spend over half the story assuming the narrator was female though. I think I had Lois Lane in my head despite it being Marvel not DC, and yeah, there's no gendered pronoun until about half way I believe, or if there was I missed it.

Question: Parodies are fair use (in the US?) right? So does that cover porn versions of famous shows/movies, since they're called 'parodies' when they're not really parodying as such, just, turning it into porn. And you know, a lot of fanfic isn't parody, but is porn. So if they try and outlaw fic, are they gonna outlaw porn also? Because, haha, that would affect their beloved 18-24 male demog.

I want to preface this with a) I have a lot of Harry Potter feels all the time, because it was my first and you never forget your first and b) I routinely do the thing where I imagine vids as crossover fusions for Harry Potter.*

So this vid for Common Law. ALREADY crazy adorable. but now I'm imagining it as Draco/Dean future AU where they're both Aurors. AND FIRST THEY'RE LIKE D: BUT THEN THEY'RE LIKE :D

*I was going to say I do crossover fusions for other fandoms, but no, I've realised it's always Harry Potter. Minor characters, OCCs, whatever, Potterverse in some form or another. I swear, it never leaves you. (There was this one L word vid where Jenny was female Snape, or his sister, or something, IDK it was a bit fucked up. And Charmax' Marvellous Party is all about that Belle Epoque for the Death Eaters before the first war.

Best birthday song EVAR.
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