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Ultimately I was spoiled for the main thing I knew I'd hate. The other things I disliked were mostly ignorable and though they take up space here, in terms of how many watching minutes were devoted to them? They were outnumbered by the fun, positive elements. I just find it easier to talk about and take apart the things that I didn't like than the things I did. I'M SORRY GUYS. THE GLASS IS HALF EMPTY. Overall, like, watch it? For sure. Have fun. But the thing you know you'll hate. Yeah. You gonna hate.

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I'm going to have another bash at vidding and see if I can rustle something up for VidUKon. I've got an idea for something vaguely apocalyptic, so I was wondering if anyone could help me with my list of apocalypse movies? I'm trying to stick with only the ones where the apocalypse happens in the move (or is about to happen) so nothing post-apoca. It seems to basically be Mother Nature/War/Zombies/Aliens, are there any other common threats?

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Also I have this idea for a vid that I'd like to make in the future that's sort of meta. About all those movies that boil down to: THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF TWO WHITE BOYS (IN LOVE). And how women's stories and POC's stories get sidelined as a result. All the fail inherent in fandom's pet loves, looking at not just the canon, but also the fanon that builds up around it. 

Something that starts as straightforward squee: YAY Erik/Charles, YAY Tony/Steve, YAY Loki/Thor, YAY Clint/Phil (which is a great example of the fanon building up around the canon in a 'pro-white boys in love' way.) Then the focus shifts and it's not YAY, it's HEY WAIT. WHAT ABOUT THESE PEOPLE? WHERE HAVE ALL THE WOMEN GONE? OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHY ARE ALL THE BLACK GUYS DEAD?

So I thought about Put it There Pal by Richard Thompson. (Lyrics).

I like the song, but I'm not sure how great it'd be to vid too, it's too long, so I'd have to edit, and Thompson's enunciation. HAHA. (though I can always put lyrics in the vid post).

Can anyone think of a song that might fit? Something about empty heroes/attention grabbers/people who aren't what they say they are? I thought of Carly Simon's 'Your so Vain' but there's no real twist to that. Something that's literally:

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Watched Waitress again. Loved it, so entirely women's pov, women's stories. Tough issues with a light and slightly surreal touch. Only nitpick is spoilers )

I've been listening to Just A Minute recently, and I was thinking about comedians and how doing a show like that is mostly about being quick-witted. It's all banter, you know? Hearing something, saying something sharp or funny or sarcastic without really having any time to think about it.

And then I started thinking about the Avengers Theatre AU and the Loki problem. I mean, flyting is basically a war of banter and 'your mum' jokes. Only with slightly more entrails and torture.

So, Loki the comedian. A comedian hired to be the villain in the panto, so we still get the villain thing.

I'm actually going to have to write this now aren't I?

I'm Glad You Came by shadowhisper


GAH. I didn't even. That wasn't supposed to happen. Now I'm going to have to start watching it properly.


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Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Andrew Garfield, James McAvoy, Jamie Bell, Dominic Cooper, Nicholas Hoult, Ben Whishaw, Rupert Friend, Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hardy ...

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Tom Hiddleston talking about Archipelago to The Herald (Scotland)

“It’s about an inarticulate middle-class family,” he explains. “The truth is that actually here are these people who are quite closely related but they’re not very connected – and that’s both cringe-making and hilarious, in a way.”

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I'm home for another two days, it's great to see everyone, and I'm loving being cut off from anything work related and unable to do anything but chill. It's good being in the family rythym and getting early nights, my body's thanking me, the persistent headache from the past week has all gone. The weather is cold and grey and blustery, but I'm enjoying it since I can leave it all behind. I've restocked on earl grey and cocoa (cannot find any cocoa in Barcelona, it's weird). Have also filled my suitcase with clothes, gonna have a heck of a time transporting all my stuff to the new place. I have decided I am going to be a shinier and more fashionable person from now on, no more ratty old boring clothes, I will be SMART, CHIC and ELEGANT. Or at the very least I will wear less grey. I even have make up, of both the made and up variety. This is a milestone for me, I am being initiated into the mystic feminine arts of putting paint on one's face.

A bought us all presents, which was adorable of him since we don't actually celebrate Christmas. Admittedly they were all presents that he'd like to get - films and music, but it's the thought that counts. My present to myself was a netbook, with stellar timing since my laptop gave up the ghost on the first day back. I'm still getting used to the tiny thing, it is SHINY and TINY and other -iny words.

That's about it for the RL catch up, have a whole fuckton of saved up snippets. I'm blaming tumblr for the brevity, it's paring down my attention span. Any more of this and I'll end up on Twitter. THE STUPIDEST SOCIAL PLATFORM EVER TO STUPID.

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I had been writing while on the metro in to work. Epic teen wolf boyangst, almost missed my stop a few times. But my bicing card has come through now, and unfortunately writing and cycling don't go well together. (Unless you mean writing + cycling = DEAD.)

So. I might still take the metro for the longer journeys, which means two days out of four will be 'teen wolf writing' journeys and the other two... 'try not to get run over while cycling' journeys.


I'm not sure whether I should finish the AU at the end of ep 1 or continue. If I let it, I can see it's going to take over my every waking moment and I'd like to have enough drive to write other things in the fandom. I've been trawling [ profile] comment_fic for prompts which is always fun.

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Push is pretty much a stupid movie that makes absolutely no sense. The plot doesn't fall apart, it doesn't even start from a together place. And some of the powers... Bleeders? Seriously? Was there any point to them except so that they could have the scene in the fish market with lots of water and broken glass?


a) It is gorgeous. And to be fair I think this is the reason for the lack of sense. There was clearly a point where the creators were like - "So we can have this movie, and it can either be coherent... or it can be OMFG TECHNICOLOUR HONG KONG ACTION PRETTY NEON LIGHTS LOVE IT." ... You can guess which one they went for.


b) It has the most awesome het chan pairing ever. (Nick/Cassie). And that's the reason I still like the movie despite sense!fail. Because THOSE TWO. EPICALLY IN LOVE. I KID YOU NOT. And here's a non chan, future fic for all those that get squicked by underage: I need love, love to ease my mind, part one and part two.

Also, you know what Chris Evans' superpower is? Being adorable in crap films - Push, Losers, Fantastic Four. I actually want to see Captain America. Seriously. Captain. America. I don't think a movie has existed that's more not-me. (On that - I googled it, and did you know about Camp Cathcart? Because a movie about that, about Isiah Bradley and Josiah X, that's a movie I would want to see.)


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I did not think it'd be my kind of movie. In fact, I thought it sounded really boring. I kinda hate facebook. But everyone kept going on about how great it was, and since I had a friend over I decided to give it a try.

Yes, ok, everyone was right.

[Spoilers abound]

the bad - epic (gender)fail )

the good - despite that, I couldn't help liking this movie )
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Dark Angel - Jensen Ackles has been on my mind...

I'm one of those hardcore Max/Alec shippers. I first saw the DA re-runs of S2 on the TV when I was younger (oh Channel Five, you were so crap awesome) and so, when I went and d/led it and re-watched properly, I enjoyed S1, but I already knew the mmmalec was on his way. So I was biased. I was an Alec/Max shipper before Alec even appeared on screen.

I've never hated Max (I can't deal with hardcore Max-bashing in fics) but Alec was certainly my favourite character. I was just reading stuff about how Weatherly fucked up the show and was, basically, an evil, self-important wanker - so all that anti-Logan fanfic is kinda justified - and how the writers would have liked S3 to play out, if Cameron, and Weatherly/Alba hadn't screwed up... (Alec/Max with Logan becoming a blood-junkie.) Though I'll admit I don't really like hardcore Logan-bashing either. CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?

It does amuse me that the two most jarring bits in terms of Alec and Logan - the pool game and the bit where Logan has to 'save' Alec from the Familiar crack team - Weatherly insisted on putting them in. IDIOT.

ANWYAY apparently Ackles is a darling, \o/ I tend to associate him with Dean nowadays, who in my mind is a lamer version of Alec (come on, you know it's true) and clearly this is unfair to him. ASHverse!Alec, all the way. (The ASHverse being this awesome - unfortunately abandoned - epic long DA fic. Best shit ever, I kid you not.)

ANYWAY. I had a point here somewhere...

No, maybe I didn't.

I was thinking about genetically engineered supersoldiers you see, due to playing F.E.A.R on A's computer, and then I had a craving for fic about genetically engineered supersoldiers... and DA is my only genetically engineered supersoldier fandom... unless you count Cylons.


BSG has kind of eaten my mind recently. I've finally managed to persuade the family to watch and we're all talking about stuff.

"YOU CYLON" has become the insult du jour. Anyway, this has resulted in a lot of meta thoughts about BSG and a stalking of BSG fan's journals (*cough* [ profile] nicole_anell *cough*) so, over the next few days weeks I'll try to get coherent and post on that. For now, have some rambling thoughts:

Spoilers for all seasons... )

ETA: Apparently this layout doesn't make hyperlinks obvious, I'm not sure if this is due to my fiddling, or if it's meant to be like that, so I've gone back and bolded the links in the last few entries as a temporary measure.
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You know I don't think it's so surprising we write less femslash than slash. It's not that female characters are more boring, it's the Bechdel rule. We see a lot of male interaction, very often highly emotional - intense hatred or strong friendship, and we work on that. We see absolutely zero female interaction, and so we have nothing to build on.

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Thanks to [ profile] cerebel  for giving this a quick once-over.

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