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Maybe I can stop hate-watching Brothers & Sisters now that I have Matthew Rhys in an actually good show.

Bouncing off this comment thread in meta about The Americans. I want to write something about how the characters may be being portrayed neutrally, but I agree with the commenter that the organisations (KGB/FBI) definitely aren't. Only my brain can't be bothered to work without a shove, so, anyone want to to talk The Americans at me?

Also. The Armenians.

Thinking of Vidukon panels... Has the post gone up yet? I feel like, it's so far away I can't get my head round planning this early. Anyway, I think I'd like to do some sort of History of Vidding panel, or a look at Vidding Culture. Because there have been so many changes since when vidding first started out, and there's this entire body of (unspoken?) rules on how to vid - avoid talky face, don't over effect... And then there's newer (?) vids which break the rules and use talky face, or vid to music that people wouldn't have used early on. I mean, like any other artistic culture, it's evolved and I feel like we could even take a bit lit-crit stance and say, well this is very post-modern, and unsurprisingly feminist critique has been here from the start, also queer critique, blah blah blah. Like, there's a lot there.

I won't lie, the fact I've picked up some of my English textbooks and am now trying to study theory is informing this somewhat. But I seriously think there is enough of a body of work in vids for some interesting critiques.

There's a lot on history of vidding out there, a quick google search gave me that, so it's not even like I'd have to do any work (lol) just pull it together into a panel.

Personally, I wasn't at the time of the foundation of the OTW worried very much about the centralisation of fandom making it more fragile, but now I am. I have seen too much fanwork disappear because people posted stuff in one archive that then ended up dead (for any reason) to NOT be worried about that. A few years ago when the AO3 was barely off the ground, people who posted their fic there also continued to crosspost to their own journals, sometimes other archives, their own websites. Today, when there'€™s nothing easier than posting a bit of text on the internet (though not all fanwork is written; I'm well aware of this), we've reached a state where the most common behavior is for a fan to post their fic on the AO3 and NOWHERE ELSE, except for those short ficlets that are first born on tumblr. I am *terrified* that one day a major catastrophe might strike the AO3 and all that contemporary work will be lost. I know that plenty of us download e-book versions of fics now, but even then, you see the ripples throughout fandom when the archive is down for more than a half-hour or when it has reliability issues like last year - well, that should make you think about a world without the AO3, either temporarily or permanently. Data security is through redundancy, and most fans I know and see have entirely ignored this for a few years now, putting all their eggs in one basket. This? Is de facto a more fragile state than before. It's scary.

PS: one of my friends was convinced by my spiel on this topic to publish her fic elsewhere too, but she didn't want the hassle of having to post to a website or journal or anything, so she just made sure she has a clean, up-to-date text file for each fic posted to AO3, and made the Dropbox folder containing them public. INSTANT BACKUP PUBLISHING, boom. I recommend it, it'€™s a great strategy. (if you do that, think of leaving the link to that public folder somewhere in your various profiles, eh? otherwise it'€™s less useful.)

I've lost the URL for this, but it's in this week's [community profile] metanews

Shit man. I never thought about that. But I read something else on tumblr about Dropbox and unreliability. Which just makes me wonder if we shouldn't be doing everything longhand. EVERYTHING. Despite that being completely infeasible. OMG I should be carving stone tablets. Yes ok, hyperbole aside. I like the Dropbox backup idea. If I get back into writing fic I may do that.

Interesting thread on ffa about diversity in theatre casting vs tv casting.

I wish all casting would be race blind, regardless of period or genetic accuracy. If people can suspend their disbelief that say medieval people always had perfectly conditioned hair, or spiderman can break the rules of physics or whatever else they can cope with biological siblings having different skin colours or an Asian Mr Darcy.

The commenter goes onto say it's "not so much on grounds of SJ principles". Because yes, God forbid anyone think you actually cared about diversity/representation. 

There are a couple of deliberately obtuse comments. Which can mostly be disregarded with: Yes, coded characters should remain coded. A white Othello wouldn't make sense, because he's coded black. But most white characters AREN'T code white, they just default white.

The other one was about a little white girl growing up to be a black male. (I love the TOTALLY NEUTRAL wording of that). Which, again, this isn't SHOCK CASTING. FOR TEH LULZ. So no to anything that's likely to be so unexpected as to shock you out of the experience, but like the Donmar's Julius Caesar where a bunch of people were black and everyone was a woman. Why couldn't Rome have been like that?

(I actually think the gender casting would be the issue for a lot of people, rather than the race.)

I think the reason we accept it in theatre isn't because theatre is inherently more progressive. It's just become a norm, and it could certainly become the norm in tv as well.
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So, the Musketeers is on the BBC, 4 eps in to a 10 ep season. It's occasionally silly and somewhat formulaic, but it's also got a wonderfully diverse cast, tackles slavery in the 3rd episode, has two awesome, interesting female characters (who, I think completely failed the Bechdel test. GDI). And Peter Capaldi playing the ancestor to modern-day Malcolm Tucker.

Actually in general, (excepting D'artagnan, who is a bit of a blank character anyway) the acting is all pretty damn good. Capaldi, obvs. But Tom Burke's Athos is gorgeously conflicted and hates everything. Milady is great as the manipulative, secretive, possibly-not-completely-evil reason for Athos' manpain. The king is perfect and weak and petty and awful. I enjoyed Aramis' angsty turn last ep. It's still early days yet, but we've got the Porthos centric ep coming up, and then I'm hoping for a longer arc to round out the season, who knows.

ANYWAY. The reason for this post - beyond an attempt to enable people into the fandom (Everyone is ridiculously shippy. EVERYONE. Without the writing being Godawful slashbait.) - THE REASON is that it looks GREAT. And it's not just the filming (a lot on location, which really makes the difference, but even the sets look good). It's also the CLOTHES. I'd like to make a follow up Milady/Constance post, and one for the aristo's as well, but for now - the Musketeers:

Clothes and character meta + pics )
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Where Ward is replaced by a Muslim woman... )

* -- I have heard SHIELD has improved recently, so maybe this is no longer relevant. But I bet it doesn't have Muslim sorta lesbians and evil robots and conversations about race and passing and becoming part of the system and shared bodies and DEAD PUPPIES. So clearly mine is much better.
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I'm going to have another bash at vidding and see if I can rustle something up for VidUKon. I've got an idea for something vaguely apocalyptic, so I was wondering if anyone could help me with my list of apocalypse movies? I'm trying to stick with only the ones where the apocalypse happens in the move (or is about to happen) so nothing post-apoca. It seems to basically be Mother Nature/War/Zombies/Aliens, are there any other common threats?

list )

Also I have this idea for a vid that I'd like to make in the future that's sort of meta. About all those movies that boil down to: THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF TWO WHITE BOYS (IN LOVE). And how women's stories and POC's stories get sidelined as a result. All the fail inherent in fandom's pet loves, looking at not just the canon, but also the fanon that builds up around it. 

Something that starts as straightforward squee: YAY Erik/Charles, YAY Tony/Steve, YAY Loki/Thor, YAY Clint/Phil (which is a great example of the fanon building up around the canon in a 'pro-white boys in love' way.) Then the focus shifts and it's not YAY, it's HEY WAIT. WHAT ABOUT THESE PEOPLE? WHERE HAVE ALL THE WOMEN GONE? OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHY ARE ALL THE BLACK GUYS DEAD?

So I thought about Put it There Pal by Richard Thompson. (Lyrics).

I like the song, but I'm not sure how great it'd be to vid too, it's too long, so I'd have to edit, and Thompson's enunciation. HAHA. (though I can always put lyrics in the vid post).

Can anyone think of a song that might fit? Something about empty heroes/attention grabbers/people who aren't what they say they are? I thought of Carly Simon's 'Your so Vain' but there's no real twist to that. Something that's literally:

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Watched Waitress again. Loved it, so entirely women's pov, women's stories. Tough issues with a light and slightly surreal touch. Only nitpick is spoilers )

I've been listening to Just A Minute recently, and I was thinking about comedians and how doing a show like that is mostly about being quick-witted. It's all banter, you know? Hearing something, saying something sharp or funny or sarcastic without really having any time to think about it.

And then I started thinking about the Avengers Theatre AU and the Loki problem. I mean, flyting is basically a war of banter and 'your mum' jokes. Only with slightly more entrails and torture.

So, Loki the comedian. A comedian hired to be the villain in the panto, so we still get the villain thing.

I'm actually going to have to write this now aren't I?

I'm Glad You Came by shadowhisper


GAH. I didn't even. That wasn't supposed to happen. Now I'm going to have to start watching it properly.


mostly recs, a couple of anti-recs and some thoughts on race fail and remakes )
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I'm enjoying reading requires hate, who reviews books and blogs about racism, sexism and homohobia in the SF world. But sort of tangentially to that -- I like that there are loads of blogs out there that talk about racism, lots of different types of racism, sometimes religionism, (or should I just say Islamaphobia?) which unsurprisingly, is relevant to my interests (oh intersectionality).

But really, I wish more mixed-race kids would speak up. I'd love to read people's thoughts about passing or 'how ethnic is ethnic?' What it's like to be called white by one person then brown by another (or not brown enough, or not white enough). And obviously I'd rather a British perspective, because, relevant. I get the feeling the experiences, of say, a Black American who can pass in the US is not going to be the same as mine.

Also there's the Islamic curveball - being a Muslim is a much stronger cultural identity than my Pakistani blood, so again it's a different, invisible sort of divide or passing or whatever. Plus there are all those wonderful English class issues and scholarship girl envy issues.

There's just things, lots of things, self-confidence things, and 'can I be part of this discussion?' things, and 'who's culture am I appropriating here?' things, and just. Straddling the line, (lots of lines... hello bisexuality) is a tough place to be.

So. Um I'd like to commiserate? With other line straddlers? Or something. I guess I could try and fashion a coherent post, but since it's mostly formless thoughts and worries, I think the post would be more brain-splurge, than well articulated argument.

Does anyone know of any blogs that hit the subject on the nose?
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Little Thor.

There is also Iron Baby which is amusing, albeit slightly creepy.

I'm still in the process of settling into dreamwidth. Mostly that means I'm going through batches of comms and people bookmarked and gradually extending my circle. (Halloo if I friended you!) Next I'll probably make further cuts over at lj as I try to add people's dw mirrors and drop their lj ones.

I feel the need to give the journal a haircut. Also I realise that tag is very useless without screencaps of what the change is, so I'm going to put caps and links next time so that it can actually serve some purpose.

'Get bent' is such an odd curse. )


Really interesting post by Aliette de Bodard, starting from Sherlock 2x03, but really talking about the representation of women in literature in the past and contrasting it to now. (Roughly summarised as: it was misogynist, but at least they were there, whereas now we barely even exist.)


I hate the 'cut corners' approach to canon 'ships. The ones where we don't see any development of the actual 'ship. We see the meeting and the lust, but after that we're just expected to believe in them as a couple. Tada! They're together. ... )

RECS World lit and Second person POV )

Random quote:
"[P]reviously I've had to go looking for spoilers, but now there's tumblr which is seemingly populated mostly by children who weren't in fandom the day the rest of us did Spoiler Cuts and You: An Introduction."
(from [personal profile] netgirl_y2k)

So true.

Question: Why do people keep the ashes from cremated bodies? People don't parts from buried bodies. Is it reassuring? Is it for a sense of connection with the one who's passed? Why is it socially acceptable to keep ash, but not bones or hair?
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I wasn't lying when I made those last straw posts. I've finally had enough. That's not to say I'm dropping my white men fandoms. I'm not. I love them, I'm not going to deny that. But I've reached the point where I just can't stand to continue as I have been, complaining and still doing nothing.

So here is my first step on the path to hypocrisy-free media consumption and critique. For every white men centric source I consume (tv/film/vid I watch, book/fanfic I read etc) I'm going to consume two things about women or POC, a corresponding source if I can, but if not, fic for film or book for vid or any permutation is fine, as long as it's two for every one.

It's not exactly arduous! More media to enjoy!

The same rule however, is going for fanworks. I've got my Wolf!Stiles fic to post soon, and after that I'll create two female/POC centric fics/fan works. (Oh, and a twofer only counts as one.) They don't have to be equivalent size, it's more about opening my mind to the possibilities, it's not like I don't have fics about women and POC rattling around in my skull, but instead of rattling and back burnering, I'm pushing them to the front.

Plus I can work on original fic as well, (in fact that should probably take priority, um). So my work won't always appear up here, but when it's fandom related it definitely will.

The Queen's Thief Series by Megan Whalen Turner. )

Takers (spoilers) )

I fail at memes )

Aliens, and TMI )

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Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Andrew Garfield, James McAvoy, Jamie Bell, Dominic Cooper, Nicholas Hoult, Ben Whishaw, Rupert Friend, Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hardy ...

pic heavy )
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Tom Hiddleston talking about Archipelago to The Herald (Scotland)

“It’s about an inarticulate middle-class family,” he explains. “The truth is that actually here are these people who are quite closely related but they’re not very connected – and that’s both cringe-making and hilarious, in a way.”

Do we really need another of those stories? )

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