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Mahone and Whistler are reunited in Crossing Lines ep 7. Also, I haven't seen any of Crossing Lines apart from this ep, but it appears Mahone is a junkie in this too. So basically. Ridiculous PB AU, anyone?

It's a bank robbery ep, so I watched it without prior show knowledge. I basically picked it 'cos it looked like Mahone would be centre stage (it's a cop show ensemble). But it seems he's the main character in the show? Kinda? IDK, maybe it'll be a good cooking tv option. It's cancelled though, back in '14.
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Let me explain my obsession with weird-faced actors.

Okay, less explaining, more linkage to pictures. Admittedly Dafoe and Fichtner are the only guys on that list I find hot. But I enjoy watching Earle-Haley, Buscemi and Walken, and Knepper is pretty awesome as well, even if he creeps me out the most.

Seriously though. Willem Dafoe was my PIN UP when I was about sixteen. (Back when I could watch war movies without BSOD). I totally obsessed over that stoned scene in Platoon for ages. AGES I TELL YOU. I EVEN IGNORED JOHNNY DEPP. I DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE HE WAS THERE. Oh man.

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And on a WF note, Drive Angry looks like the shittest movie EVER. How does Nicholas Cage do it? Since watching Bangkok Dangerous, and then Sorcerer's Apprentice, he's become mine and K's FAVOURITEST ACTOR IN THE WORLD. Seriously, we MST his movies like NOBODIES' BUSINESS. Good times. (Also, is it me or have they totally ripped the plot from early SPN?)
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[ profile] gwyn_r  has kindly given me a list of WF filmography recs, which I am slowly working my way through. He has a thing for playing members of law enforcement doesn't he?

Go -- Surprisingly watchable, reminded me of After Hours. Very cracked out and meandering, lots of absurdity. WF's scenes were probably the hardest to watch. Not because he was bad or anything, just... I now understand about the cringe factor. The nude scene? STOP. JUST STOP. OH MY GOD.

My jaw does ache from laughing though.


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... I may have to kidnap you and set you up as a sex slave in the basement. Except, we don't have a basement, so bear with me while I go build one.

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