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We do like making cop shows about tiny police teams in random English towns or out of the way corners of the UK.

I mean, Morse? Which spawned two whole sequels in Lewis and Endeavour. How many years has that been going now? More episodes than actual crimes in Oxford I'd wager. There's my late favourite Case Histories - one slightly depressed guy solves crime in Edinburgh. Admittedly this is a bigger city, but still not a massive one, nor were the crimes particularly epic in scope. My new fave, Shetland, which has managed to finagle some Glaswegian gang/drug organised crime in the latest series. But seriously. SHETLAND. Not exactly the hotbed of criminal mayhem. The first eps were basically 'my aunt killed my nan.' I haven't seen it, but Vera is based on books by the same author - dramatic criminal escapades in... rural Northumbria. Jonathan Creek living in a windmill in Sussex. Midsomer Murders set in the "picturesque but deadly villages of the fictional county of Midsomer," according to wiki. Then there's Miss Marple of course, I mean how many American cop dramas star little old ladies?

I'm not saying they're all like that. Cop shows are a scheduling staple, so of course there's been a lot over the years, but I can't name a single American show, (or Scandinavian dark-and-gritty import) that has that same small scale/small stakes feel. Plus we don't do the whole - Acronymed team of dramatically good looking people solve dramatic crimes. Mostly it's just. One middle aged white dude/dudette, plus a couple of medium-attractive sidekicks, solve slightly interesting mysteries.

Shetland is great tho.
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I mentioned Deborah's style in one of my recaps. Basically it's colourful and insane office wear. I kind of love it even while I think most of her choices are hideous. She definitely pulls it off, and the quirky, in your face-ness suits her personality.

I do wonder whether this'll be interesting to anyone other than me... )
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I tried posting this a few days ago, but DW ate it. This is my awesome reduced to bullet points. I'm sure you're all dreadfully disappointed.

- Strange and Untrue by crickets: This vid gives me ALL THE FEELINGS.
- Case Histories: Unexpectedly interesting. Jason Isaacs gets all my older-man crush feelings going (It's not just Raylan). I like the accents and I like Edinburgh, it's such a gorgeous city.
- Brandon Flowers - Crossfire: YES. THIS. Heroines to the rescue. Also ninjas.

Belated episode thoughts...

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