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Do you think, if there was an alien invasion, fandom would get online and update people. Like, warn people. "Yes, this shit is going down in my corner of the world as well."

Do you think you'd contact all those random people you have in your gchat contacts who you emailed once when you were 17 and never spoke to again?

If they looked and sounded human, do you think you'd guess it was an alien invasion as oppose to some sort of spectacularly organised military coup. Or IDK, terrorist coup. It's not really terrorist modus operandi, to try and take over the world.

What would be the most efficient way of colonising an entire planet? Take out the military I guess. I mean, setting aside any sort of mind-control equipment because that's cheating. Maybe some sort of subversive behind the scenes replacing of the political leaders would be better? Rather less exciting narrative-wise if we're conducting a Mary Sue fantasy/'What to do in case of Alien Invasion' primer. I mean, I can't really get involved with the replacement of the PM, but aliens landing in the field? That I can do.

The problem with alien invasion scenarios is that they're so diverse. It's not like the Zombie Apocalypse, I am so ready for that.

Welcome to the Punch )

I didn't watch tv for weeks and then I caught up on a month's worth a weekend ago. I'm probably behind again now. Anyway, quick catch up:

The Following, Justified, The Good Wife, The Mentalist, Xena, Lost Girl, Vikings )
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There's something awesome about those Gary Stu wish-fulfilment HP fics. )

Remember all that HP fic MSTing that used to go on? Remember pottersues? Remember when epic_rants had claws and wasn't just another reccing site? Remember weeping cock? (Wishing you didn't remember it now?) How about badfic_quotes? Or the mother of all fuck-ups, fandom_wank?

Looking over them, a lot seem to still be updating. I guess it's just my fault for drifting away from the dark and seedy underbelly of fanfic. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

((Posting about those two things together may or may not be related.))

Justified S1 rewatch )

Prometheus )
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A couple of film reviews:

Attack the Block and Tinker Tailor )

vids )

Natasha/Clint and thoughts. )

Justified question

Is Tim canonically gay? Is that too progressive for Justified? Is it fanon? Because I realised I was basically accepting it as fact in all Tim eps and IDK where exactly I got it from. It just seems like a thing that makes sense.

And on a completley different note, I found a couple of old posts where requireshate absolutely eviscerates Anne Bishop's Black Jewels series (here and here).

Yes, they are that awful, they're my terrible, bottom drawer, id-fic, shameful love, but they really are awful.

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Title: The Potential You’ll Be
Recipient: [ profile] xbedhead
Characters Raylan, Boyd
Pairings: gen/pre-slash
Rating: G
Word count: 5,000
Spoilers: Pre-series
Warnings: -
Disclaimer: Justified belongs to Elmore Leonard and Graham Yost.
A/N: Many thanks to [ profile] thornfield_girl for the wonderful beta.

Summary: Raylan’s been in Lexington for a month, when Boyd, out of the blue, invites him back to a party in Harlan. He agonises over whether or not to go, agonises once there and just generally agonises a great deal. Boyd is as cool as a cucumber.

The Potential You’ll Be )
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GUYS. If you haven't been tracking the nvrleaveharlan Justified fic exchange then shame on you. But if you only read one fic, read my gift!! IT IS SO AWESOME. GUYS SO AWESOME IT'S LORETTA POV: THE BADDEST TEENAGE NOT!CRIMINAL IN ALL OF EVER. GOD I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I CAN'T EVEN SPEAK. IT'S THE BEST.

Burnt and Purged Away by ndnickerson

The characterisation and banter is utterly perfect. The fic has such a wonderful sense of depth and emotion, and the prose is GORGEOUS:

Raylan isn't even staring right at her when she walks out of school that Thursday afternoon, elbows bent out like wings threaded through her backpack straps. The day began a perfect blameless blue and now the clouds are building, purple-rimmed and ominous, racing up from the horizon. The raw hint of rain is carried to her on the wind.


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I need a beta for two fics and a third some time next month.

The first is a Justified fic for the [ profile] nvrleaveharlan fic exchange, it's Raylan centric and pre-series. More details can be given via PM/email. The second is a Community prompt from queer_fest: "Troy and Abed, They're both queer, but they aren't interested in each other. But tell that to everybody else."

The third is another [ profile] queer_fest prompt, but it's not ready for betaing yet, it's HP: "Every morning, he wakes up with another memory missing. He doesn't notice it's happening at first, but then the big ones start to go and soon he doesn't recognize the man he's living with anymore. It's definitely a curse, but very few think it's a hate crime, even though it seems the only memories the curse takes include the man everyone tells him he's in love with."

I chose Percy/Oliver as the 'ship.


Apr. 11th, 2012 11:59 pm
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I was going to wait and post this with the rest of my tv thoughts, but then I watched 3x13 and I needed to share right away.

Justified 3x10 )


3x11 )


3x12 )


3x13 )

tv update

Feb. 23rd, 2012 11:50 pm
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'Last week on Justified' - I forgot to mention last time, but that bit where Boyd knocked Tanner down and then told him - "Now you tell your boss, if he has anything to say in replaaaaaa-aaaaaah..."


Justified ep 1x06 )



TGW ep 3x15 )

FFFF. ELENA. I wish I looked that good in the mornings. She should have eyes gummed shut with sleep, hair all over the fucking place, and red lines from where her sheet has marked her cheek. YOU ARE NOT REAL. IS THIS SOME DOPPLEGANGER POWER?

TVD ep 3x15 )

OH THE DRAMA. I'm so glad I got into this show. Honestly, it's overdramatic WIN.

Revenge ep 1x15 )
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I tried posting this a few days ago, but DW ate it. This is my awesome reduced to bullet points. I'm sure you're all dreadfully disappointed.

- Strange and Untrue by crickets: This vid gives me ALL THE FEELINGS.
- Case Histories: Unexpectedly interesting. Jason Isaacs gets all my older-man crush feelings going (It's not just Raylan). I like the accents and I like Edinburgh, it's such a gorgeous city.
- Brandon Flowers - Crossfire: YES. THIS. Heroines to the rescue. Also ninjas.

Belated episode thoughts...

Justified 3x02 )

Justified 3x03 )

TGW 3x14 )

TVD 3x12 )

Revenge, eps 1-13 )

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Title: Don't talk (put your head on my shoulder)
Author: [ profile] nemo_r
Fandom: Justified
Genre: angst, friendship
Pairing/Character: Boyd/Raylan/Ava
Summary: Rewrite of the scene outside Ava's house
Warnings: Spoilers for ep 11/12
Author's Note: For the purposes of this fic, Frances died when Raylan was in his teens.

Gravel crunches under the wheels and Raylan cuts the engine, climbing up out of the car. )

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