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Not that I'm an authority on fandom or anything, but I find I'm really impressed with how Captain Cold's mixed ethnicity is casually mentioned in fics, so that Wentworth Miller's actual mixed heritage isn't just white-washed. I don't recall anyone ever bothering with that in Prison Break fic, and that's not a reflection on the authors, but a reflection of fandom's changing priorities I think, and it's a change that's really satisfying and comforting.

By the by, I think the reason Miller wears his hair short is because TPTB are afraid to have overtly African hair on their passing-for-white character. Which just goes to show how far behind fandom actual tv land is.

In other news - I started rewatching s2 Prison Break, because Michael/Mahone basically. And then I watched all the Captain Cold eps of the Flash and now I discover that Legends of Tomorrow is a series not a movie, so I guess I'll be watching that too.

Also, would you believe Miller is 43? I mean seriously.
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Um, I went on a bit of a Priest kick after rewatching it. So, have lots of graphics and I'll post the fic next.

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Ugh my graphics are grainy. AGAIN. I still don't know why. Is it because I fiddle too much instead of going back to the originals? Is it the exporting? Is it because the caps are too low quality? WHY?


me --> :(

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Title: "Should we hang up a sheet?"
Author: [ profile] nemo_r
Fandom: Prison Break
Genre: pwp
Pairing/Character: Michael/Sucre
Summary: The warehouse is just another prison, but Fox River wasn't all bad.
Warnings: -
Rating: 12
Author's Note: I get bowled over by a new pairing, I'm all for it, and then I go write something completely different? I lose. Also, technically Michael has green eyes? Only I forgot and said they were blue. Anyway, they change depending on his wardrobe I'm sure of it.

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HAHAHA wait. So everyone ever is in the same prison? OMG. SHOW. NEVER STOP.

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... I may have to kidnap you and set you up as a sex slave in the basement. Except, we don't have a basement, so bear with me while I go build one.

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Is there a The O.C/Prison Break crossover where Ryan and Michael design buildings together? Because that, in any incarnation would be awesome. Seth would totally fangirl over Linc and Linc wouldn't know what to do about it and LJ would crack the fuck up. And Sandy and Alex would totally bond, somehow, IDK, I think they'd get eachother. And then Sara would like, come back from saving people's lives and they'd order Chinese take-away and trade insane stories about their lives and the PB lot would totally win.

Best. fic. ever.
Make it happen.
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Michael/Mahone. Latest 'ship obsession. Also? Lasting a lot longer than Xander/Spike. Epic rec post gonna go up on [ profile] nemo_recs. I even read RPF for this. Srsly this ship/fandom has taken me over.

Does anyone have vids? I've seen [ profile] sdwolfpup 's two, but the others I've found are all no longer hosted.

Thoughts on S1-3, some spoilers )


Also, in the continuing saga of making C into a smaller me - I managed to hook her on Cliff McNish's Doomspell trilogy, which stands out in my memories for one reason and one reason only - Dubcon femslash. (Okay technically that's two reasons? Shuttup). And yes, the witch's Alien- style double jaw thing, and possibly the purple teeth spiders, and the snake, and possibly, like, flying magical babies? Or something? IDEK man, those books were pretty insane.
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Guys, guys, guys. I love the library. No really. I love the library. It has Prison Break seasons 1-3... NOW I HAVE PB SEASONS 1-3, and I have 4 on reserve. \o/ Man I'm not gonna get any studying done.

Also, so I am actually incapable of returning a book for C without going and finding another one to take out and make her read. THERE IS SO MUCH AWESOME LITERATURE OUT THERE. MUST MOULD HER INTO A SMALLER ME. READ FANTASY ALL DAY LONG.

So, PB.

Wow, this show really is absurd. All these tiny (and not so tiny) coincidences that Michael bases his plan on. I love how all his flashy/insane/clever plots manage to hide away all the TOTAL ABSURDITIES.

Managing to get in the correct prison. Being paired with someone like Sucre, not T-Bag. Getting Sara as his doctor. Abruzzi deciding to help, not torture further. Building the Taj Mahal replica for the warden?! FFFF. Thing is though, the show knows it and doesn't care. (I mean, "Properly propagated." = LOL forever.) That makes all the difference - doing it knowingly, with a wink at the audience, instead of taking themselves oh-so-seriously.

Michael is soooooooooooo pretty omg. HIS EYES. UNF. And Linc is so ugly, it's lols. Actually, boring as well. Skip skip skip. Linc the sink (lame nick-name, man.) Also I forgot how boring LJ was back then, IDK I think he grew on me, I could be wrong. Same goes for Veronica. She never grew. Skip skip skippy skip. At least all the losers tend to share scenes, that cuts down on time.


Sara Tancredi is adorable as ever. I hated that they 'killed' her off in such a crap way. Yay for bringing her back again.

I like that I've forgotten most of the plot details here, I remember the basic plan, but the details are all new. I love the intro, and the scene transitions rushing through the guts of the prison building. Ah SHOW. YOU ARE FUN.

Random thing that is bugging me: - OK, so Abruzzi? I have this image of Peter Stormare saying "frreeaaak" in this weird, drawing it out sort of way, possibly with his face all up in someone else's. Does he do that? Is it in Constantine? It can't be in PB, his character isn't wacko enough. It's totally pissing me off. But I can't remember enough to google. Don't you hate that?
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More joy day in prison by gwyn  --  This is the kinda post that, if made in person, would be at a frequency audible only to dogs and small children and involve a great deal of flailing wildly interspersed with - OMG AND OMG. IT JUST. FFFF AND. YOU KNOW? LIKE. OMG. I CAN'T EVEN. JUST. UH.

I wholeheartedly approve.

Also. I do this... Why do I do this? I get into a show (Prison Break/White Collar/Inception/Sherlock) And I'm all YAY OHYAY this is amazing I LOVE IT. Except, wait, now I'm going to stop and not watch any more of it for MONTHS.

And then I come back and WHOA LOOK there's a fandom and fans and shit, and GDI I missed it. ALL. AGAIN. D:


Anyway, continuing the Prison Break thing, sdwolfpup's Michael/Mahone primer. And hey, SGU people, [ profile] cerebel used to write fic. If that isn't a reason to dive into the fandom, IDK what is :D

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