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...Now I have over 6,000 words of Sam/Lucifer drama.

Guys. I don't even watch the damn show, this was not supposed to happen.

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Little Thor.

There is also Iron Baby which is amusing, albeit slightly creepy.

I'm still in the process of settling into dreamwidth. Mostly that means I'm going through batches of comms and people bookmarked and gradually extending my circle. (Halloo if I friended you!) Next I'll probably make further cuts over at lj as I try to add people's dw mirrors and drop their lj ones.

I feel the need to give the journal a haircut. Also I realise that tag is very useless without screencaps of what the change is, so I'm going to put caps and links next time so that it can actually serve some purpose.

'Get bent' is such an odd curse. )


Really interesting post by Aliette de Bodard, starting from Sherlock 2x03, but really talking about the representation of women in literature in the past and contrasting it to now. (Roughly summarised as: it was misogynist, but at least they were there, whereas now we barely even exist.)


I hate the 'cut corners' approach to canon 'ships. The ones where we don't see any development of the actual 'ship. We see the meeting and the lust, but after that we're just expected to believe in them as a couple. Tada! They're together. ... )

RECS World lit and Second person POV )

Random quote:
"[P]reviously I've had to go looking for spoilers, but now there's tumblr which is seemingly populated mostly by children who weren't in fandom the day the rest of us did Spoiler Cuts and You: An Introduction."
(from [personal profile] netgirl_y2k)

So true.

Question: Why do people keep the ashes from cremated bodies? People don't parts from buried bodies. Is it reassuring? Is it for a sense of connection with the one who's passed? Why is it socially acceptable to keep ash, but not bones or hair?
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My computer keeps crashing. Mainly because I've been trying to load multiple vids at the same time, (festvids masterlist is up and I'm catching up on [ profile] veni_vidi_vids recs*.) Also tabbed browsing? Is the death of me. I am incapable of sticking to one thought thread. MUST. CLICK. OTHER. THINGS. LOTS. OPEN. SAME. TIME.)

Anyway, this is bugging me. A LOT. Seriously, can't wait until I can get a new laptop. COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS. MAN.

[*hey, veni vidi outranks the porn site. I wonder if those two are caught in a perpetual battle for first place on google, this amuses me.]


Is it shallow that the main thing I miss about season one SPN is Sam's hair?

I mean, there's other stuff as well. Classic tied up in each other!neverletgo!Wincest is pretty awesome. And I've never cared for Castiel, so the break up of Sam/Dean for Castiel/Dean and Sam, never sat well with me (I can tolerate it when it becomes the awesome foursome of Castiel/Dean, Gabriel/Sam, but it's not the SAME).

Also I really think they've got an inverse relationship going on between the quality of their acting and the season number. Seriously. Batman voice? 'Nuff said.

I kinda miss the whole monster of the week, emphasis on scary horror, not demonic apocalypse. Which is well hypocritical, because the horror monsters are the reason I stopped watching. Mainly. I am a nightmare prone baby. This are fact.

(good/heroic) characters with asthma.

I'm sure there's more, it's starting to bug me. Halp?

Eben -- 30 days of night
Eleanor Penn (Echo) -- Dollhouse
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So you know how I talked about Supernatural and the whole Kali thing and the inter-religion fail? This fic: The Many Faces Of by [ profile] shantirosa FIXED IT ALL.

I haven't the words for how unbelievably awesome and perfect it is. GO READ.


London Film and Comic Con 2010

Kara FRAKKIN Thrace!! This makes me want to go. But the only other con I've been to was a Heroes one, and it was kinda disappointing :( Anyone going? DO I EVEN HAVE ANY LONDONERS ON MY FLIST?



When it comes to SGU I'm a total shipping whore.

I thought I had some boundaries, but... no I really don't. ANYONE/ANYONE. I bet I can be persuaded to believe it. EVEN ALIENS. FUCK YEAH. BRING IT. Also, Greer totally is the little black dress for SGU fandom. TOTALLY. HE GOES WITH ANYONE. There needs to be more sex involving Greer. MORE SEX I TELL YOU.

Okay I'm done.
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So I don't watch supernatural, haven't for the last 3 seasons or so, I only really keep track of what's happening so that I can read [ profile] entangled_now 's fic without being completely confused... which means keeping track of Gabriel - and so I went and watched this bit of episode 19.( It's the spoiler bit BIG SPOILER. So don't clicky if you haven't yet watched the ep.) I skipped around a bit to get the other Gabriel scenes, but the rest of it...
Spoilerific thoughts )
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I've been binging on SPN fic recently. It's so easy to binge on, such a massive fandom and [ profile] spnstoryfinders is such an awesome site. Anyway I've realised why I like Evil!Sam/Dean so much - it's the Harry/Voldemort, or Mohinder/Sylar dynamic.


to be clicking... )
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Yeah, this is my third post today. I fail at getting any work done. OTOH I get full marks for procrastination.

Don't even think I'll be letting up. I have four essays and one and a bit weeks, which means all but the final night will be spent steadily consuming fanworks, tv, books and films, and ignoring the existence of said essays.

SO Have some fic-rec related SPAM... )
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I'm trying to clear out my hard-drive, so here is an art dump.

One wallpaper. )

Many icons, old and new, made for fun and for gifts at [ profile] whedonland

Please don't hotlink

Comments are nice
Credit is love.

Screencaps all mine, promo pics not mine and some non-fandom from deviantart and getty images.


Total Icon Count: 61


TEASER! Icon 006 TEASER! Icon 028 TEASER! Icon 041

Icons Here! )

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So what's up with LJ? It keeps eating my spaces, anyone else getting this? Am now sticking "br /" everywhere, html you won't let me down...

Also being away from the internet makes me store up lots of random posts, so this is kinda spammy. I do talk a lot of shit.

Random thought #1 )
Random thought #2 )
Random thought #3 )
Status update... )
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OMFG this almost makes me want to watch SPN again...almost.

Episode 5x08 SPOILERS

giggle inducing clips under cut...  )
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Here's some more banner/blends/random that I'm not sure what to do with.

I like the Star Trek one, but I like my layout as it is so...

As with everything feel free to take, please the button spell the word... )
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Many many recs, I was bedridden and sick and went a bit crazy, here are the fruits of my 'labour'

enjoy )
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I'll try to give a bit more info with the recs: ships, warnings, fic status, but better to read the author's notes as well, just to be sure.

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icons: SPN

Aug. 31st, 2009 01:59 pm
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My first batch of icons, Supernatural seasons 1-3.


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Credit and take

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I love Veronica Mars, and I LoVe Veronica Mars, so why is it I find myself only reading Veronica/Lamb? (Logan and a crossover snuck in at the end).

Veronica Mars

Some were born to sing the blues by [ profile] monimala 
Funny hot snarky and irreverent

Smoke 'em if you Gotham by [ profile] monimala 
Veronica and Lamb at a sorority party trying to find the Hearst rapist. There's sleuthing and pretending to make out, actual making out, lamb in (arse-less) chaps and Veronica dressed up as batgirl the hooker. Very hot.

Slippery when wet by [ profile] monimala 
Really really hot, and very vivid. Its raining, Veronica gets soaked, Lamb picks her up, hijinks ensue. Spoilerish: (if by hijinks you mean UST then sex in the rain, 'cos that's what I meant). Lovely Lamb voice, all casually vulgar and lewd.

Basically read all her VM fics, they're all brill: Monimala's VM fics or all fandoms here

What goes down 'verse by [ profile] amathela 
Well written, well plotted, in keeping with the style of the show, with a larger mystery and a number of smaller ones as well. All nicely in character with no bashing. The first fic is more hot than the sequel, with mutliple sexy outfits and all that.

White by [ profile] amathela 
A sweeter AU of how Shelley's party might have gone had Lilly not been killed.

Crossover: Veronica Mars/Supernatural

Asking nothing, leave me tweed by [ profile] monimala 
Lovely and angsty. I don't know if the sequel ever came about, but this works as a one shot. Sexy, funny, painful, with a good little twist at the end.

Dark Angel

Love's not a competition (but I'm winning) by [ profile] amathela 
Short angsty with a good twist. There's too little m/a in the world

Cake (or other four-letter words)
by [ profile] amathela 
Silly short fun. With cake.

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