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Not that I'm an authority on fandom or anything, but I find I'm really impressed with how Captain Cold's mixed ethnicity is casually mentioned in fics, so that Wentworth Miller's actual mixed heritage isn't just white-washed. I don't recall anyone ever bothering with that in Prison Break fic, and that's not a reflection on the authors, but a reflection of fandom's changing priorities I think, and it's a change that's really satisfying and comforting.

By the by, I think the reason Miller wears his hair short is because TPTB are afraid to have overtly African hair on their passing-for-white character. Which just goes to show how far behind fandom actual tv land is.

In other news - I started rewatching s2 Prison Break, because Michael/Mahone basically. And then I watched all the Captain Cold eps of the Flash and now I discover that Legends of Tomorrow is a series not a movie, so I guess I'll be watching that too.

Also, would you believe Miller is 43? I mean seriously.

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