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Ordered the final book and it arrived today. In an unprecedented effort of self control, I managed a single sketchbook painting before giving in and reading for the next 4 hours. 

(Link to freece/CS Pacat's LJ)

I should probably try and do some actual work now.
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Over the past week or so I've been listening to audio books by Anne Bishop and LK Hamilton, (because hearing sex scenes narrated makes me giggle.) I've finally got bored of them -- for all that they're my comfort books, they're not really books that stand up to multiple readings. And so, I did a bit of googling for things in a similar genre. Unfortunately if you type 'fantasy' and 'romance' into google you get a billionty Anita Blake clones. The better ones of which I have already read and the shittier ones I can't face working through.

Does anyone have recs for authors more similar to Anne Bishop? As in not the Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance genre. I'm not looking for a 'spunky strong' heroine with love triangles and alpha male werewolf/vampire/[insert supernatural being here] romantic subplot. Or main plot, even. I'm looking for dark/erotic world-building. The plot and characters are sort of secondary to that, though I would like it to be fem-centric.

Anyway, I ended up finding a few that didn't exactly fit what I was looking for, but seemed interesting nevertheless:

Obernewtyn by Isobelle Carmody - is okay )

The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear (Books 1 and 2 of The Kingkiller Chronicles) by Patrick Rothfuss - are rather good )

The books I'm not reccing:

Geist by Philippa Ballantine - is boring and badly written )

The Crown Conspiracy by Michael J Sullivan - is formulaic with clunky writing )

Next on my list:

- Thief With No Shadow by Emily Gee. Which is unobtainable by my usual means, but luckily cheap enough secondhand from amazon.
- Charles' Stross Merchant Princes series. Which were, I believe, recced to me previously when I asked for political intrigue.
- Guy Gavriel Kay's Lions of Al-Rassan. Also recced, but I've seen mentioned in various places since.
- The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie. Which I've had for a while and never got round to reading, but since I've circled round to fantasy again albeit not high, I might give it a go.

Categories/Labels for Fantasy sub-genres. )
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I wasn't lying when I made those last straw posts. I've finally had enough. That's not to say I'm dropping my white men fandoms. I'm not. I love them, I'm not going to deny that. But I've reached the point where I just can't stand to continue as I have been, complaining and still doing nothing.

So here is my first step on the path to hypocrisy-free media consumption and critique. For every white men centric source I consume (tv/film/vid I watch, book/fanfic I read etc) I'm going to consume two things about women or POC, a corresponding source if I can, but if not, fic for film or book for vid or any permutation is fine, as long as it's two for every one.

It's not exactly arduous! More media to enjoy!

The same rule however, is going for fanworks. I've got my Wolf!Stiles fic to post soon, and after that I'll create two female/POC centric fics/fan works. (Oh, and a twofer only counts as one.) They don't have to be equivalent size, it's more about opening my mind to the possibilities, it's not like I don't have fics about women and POC rattling around in my skull, but instead of rattling and back burnering, I'm pushing them to the front.

Plus I can work on original fic as well, (in fact that should probably take priority, um). So my work won't always appear up here, but when it's fandom related it definitely will.

The Queen's Thief Series by Megan Whalen Turner. )

Takers (spoilers) )

I fail at memes )

Aliens, and TMI )

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In Barcelona. Have a job! Only 8 hours a week but whatever it´ll cover rent. IT´S A START. OKAY? Am using flatmate´s v weird Spanish keyboard laptop and her dongle internet thing, still no internet in the flat. ¡Dios mío!


Ok, so do you ever get this thing where you get a soundtrack/music in your head? I don´t mean a tune stuck in your head, I mean, for example, when I'm making up stories, or daydreaming. I get a soundtrack in my head. If I focus too hard on it, it disappears into silence. Usually I don't notice it's there, but if I do, If I sort of half focus, like looking at something out of the corner of your eye, I can listen to it.

But I'm not consciously deciding what note comes next. I don't even decide what style/genre of music it is. It just seems to happen.



A packet of reviews (SPOILERS ABOUND):
Remember that OMG FILLUMS post I made a while back? )

Bookses - Malinda Lo´s Ash and Huntress )
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Rec: Compromise series by mercredigirl

Written for Eid Ka Chand and Days of Awesome 2010, a celebration of Muslim and Jewish characters in transformative fiction, this series involves two short character studies of X-Men members Sooraya Qadir (Dust, an Afghani Muslim) and Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat, a USAmerican Jew).

From the second part, Kitty POV:

"She doesn't pay Dust much notice, no more than she – a senior X-Man – would pay to any newcomer; but then Dr McCoy offers the girl some bacon on her baked potato, and Kitty can sense how Dust freezes up and fishes for a suitable answer.

Oh, Kitty thinks. Oh, my dear, my sister."

This got me so choked up. The Jewish/Muslim situation always makes me want to throw things, but most especially because we have more in common than we do with anyone else. It's the same hurt you get when you see family ripping each other apart.


Stupid games invented by my family )

'Salem's Lot by Stephen King )
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Sebastian seems to be the name people use to refer to: 'past, slightly predatory lover.' Literally, I keep coming across OCs called Sebastian who fit that role. To the point where, when I came across it last, I did a double take, thinking it was an actual character from the show - 'that ex-Sebastian' as opposed to an OC the writer just made up.

I now feel bad for all people named Sebastian everywhere. It's a perfectly nice name, why the evilness? Is it the sibilance?


I have often bemoaned the lack of fic finders. But. Actually. They seem to be everywhere. Clearly I am an idiot. Non exhaustive list of links at the fanlore entry and more links compiled by [ profile] lothy  here. (Plus, those links were compiled ages ago, so. Yeah. Idiot.)


Kage Baker - Could have sworn I already recced Anvil of the World and House of the Stag? But I can't find it, so maybe I imagined it. I found her through [personal profile] snarp's recs here.

Baker very much had her own writing style, think Terry Pratchett, you'd know his writing anywhere, right? Same with Baker. Also, talking similarities, it's all very humorous and ironic fantasy. (Well, fantasy and scifi, but I read Anvil before starting the Company series, so.) But she's a lot sharper than Pratchett. Also, no footnotes.

In general, I like the characters, banter and narrative style. The plots are maybe a bit... fast? Not very detailed? There's a 'broad brush-strokes' sort of feel, if that makes any sense at all? IDK. But that's not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes you don't want thick, heavy, Gormenghast-style prose.


The reason I like Sherlock/John is the reason I like Miranda/Andy (Devil Wears Prada). Also Snape/Harry, Draco/Harry, Gabriel/Sam... um, there's more, I'm sure. It's the: "One person with all the cards//the naif without any."  Which is, yes, is simply an extension of the powerless!kink. Because I'm nothing if not predictable. (Also my Elijah/Damon fic totally fits here).

Not every fic with that pairing has that dynamic, obvs people interpret characters differently, but it crops up.

Specifically, I like fics narrated by the naif, where the 'person with the cards' is very inscrutable and impossible to read - to the naif, but not to the reader, who of course knows there's a ship there.

I actually think a lot of White Collar OT3 fic is like this. No, Neal isn't exactly a naif, but when it comes to relationships, he's not all that great, and when it comes to emotional honesty... he's totally pwned by Peter and El. So in that situation, Peter and El, either working as a team, or sometimes El in particular, are the card-holding characters, and Neal is all unsure and freaked out by being unsure. Yum.

Recs anyone? I'm sure there are more pairings that fit, it's not exactly an unheard of ship dynamic.


Also, I have a total kink for Miranda doing the pursed lip thing she does in the movie. In fact non-verbal communication of any sort, with Andy totally understanding her. I need that. I love DWP fandom.

Why have I not raved about it before? I lose. DWP fandom is basically my femslash fandom girlfriend. We have this casual relationship, we see other people, but keep coming back. It's been going on for years.

I'm going to stop talking now.

I live!

Mar. 22nd, 2011 10:48 pm
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My computer died. Is still dead in fact. And then I proceeded to kill A's as well. I'm just waiting for this one to die next. IT'S NOT MY FAULT. I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING. I just have some anti-tech forcefield, or something >_<.

So. This is why the sudden silence. Also all my files and documents are stuck on the dead computer. Which has put a spanner in both fandom and revision works. To be fair, more of an excuse on the revision front than an actual obstruction, but shhhhh.

On the procrastination front, have done a good deal of baking since getting home.

I am lost without a computer. SRSLY. Without lj I have no one to talk at. (as a result, this post is epic long, guys). I couldn't read fanfic, or check my flist properly or ANYTHING. These couple of days have been hellish.

... I am sort of worried for myself. Clearly, yes, I have a problem. Internet addiction is very real. I should probably get some twelve step book or something.

Or, you know. Some self-control.

"Transition" by Iain Banks (I am not impress) )


Die Hard 4 (needs Nikita crossover) )


What should happen in Justified (OT3, yes I am predictable) )
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So. Openings. Thinking more on what I said about names and made up words in my Companion to Wolves review.

I stand by it, but...

You can get away with introducing unknown names without giving fuckloads of exposition... how? By giving us a solid opening.

explanation, example (JC Grimwood) )


Melusine and The Virtu by Sarah Monette )
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Time was I wouldn't ever stop reading a book, no matter how bad I thought it was. Nowadays, I know when to cut my losses. I think it's fanfic that cured me of that blind adoration of profic. There's so much better out there and I ain't got the time to waste.

So, I'm starting this off with a confession - I didn't finish this book. Maybe it got better, maybe not. This is my opinion of what I read:

fail fail, read Robin Hobb/fanfic instead )
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I've been binging on SPN fic recently. It's so easy to binge on, such a massive fandom and [ profile] spnstoryfinders is such an awesome site. Anyway I've realised why I like Evil!Sam/Dean so much - it's the Harry/Voldemort, or Mohinder/Sylar dynamic.


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