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Raylan: There is a sizeable amount of money missing.
Boyd: How sizeable?
Raylan: Well over ten dollars.
Boyd: ... Well Raylan, if I had that kind of money I'd be over the border in Mexico by now.
Raylan: Boyd, I've been to Mexico, I don't think you'd like it.
Boyd: How so?
Raylan: ... There's a lot of Mexicans.

Oh yes, let's not forget Boyd's time as a Neo-Nazi, racist fuckhead. (Gotta admit, it's easy to forget because a) I think he was faking it, and b) he's very awesome. But it does freak me out every time I remember because... Neo-Nazi fuckhead, that's a big thing to get over.)

Also, they end that conversation by beating each other up and smashing through a glass wall. BECAUSE THAT IS HOW THEY ROLL.


Oh wow, I just want to type caps-lock vitriol for ever. Swearing and more swearing. God, I haven't hated a fictional character this strongly in a long while. It's sort of cathartic.

Ava is awesome. Just awesome, and I love her boots, and she needs to be around more this season.

Winona and Raylan -- have they talked about their shit? Or has the injury just put all that on hold. Because it isn't going away, and God, if she has this baby... GUYS. Your relationship is fucked up. Deal with it.

OKAY LOOK. Since when did thuggish enforcer types look like models? Not just that, DRESS like them too. I mean, the hat? What is it, a fedora? Okay, yes Raylan is gorgeous and has a hat, but whatever, he's Raylan. Who the fuck is this guy. (Kinda hot though, in an emaciated sort of way.) He has as weird slurred way of speaking ... Also apparently he's completely bat-shit crazy. Huh.

Honestly though, he doesn't seem very 'Justified' he's not from Harlem. He's not Dixie Mafia (okay technically he is, but he doesn't seem the type), and he's not a thuggish enforcer like Devil or whoever. He's weird. But I can see how his game is going to end up played by Raylan and Raylan will finally heal enough to be fast enough to win. Or else he'll have a second gun or something, because Raylan's not above fixing the odds.

TIM! RACHEL! Not that she got a line, but her eye flick was plenty expressive. (Wish she'd got a line.)

Tim: I thought you might help me, 'cos you have that thing.
Raylan: Have what thing?
Tim: That thing where you two killed Gary together.
Raylan: ... That's funny, that's real funny.

Gotta say though, Raylan doesn't seem to have made friends in the dept, apart from Art that is, and that's from before. I know they're not exactly expressive types, and it's not like they hate him or anything, but he's got stronger ties with Harlem people than he does fellow Marshals. So CLEARLY there need to be more Marshal based plots this series. Also that'll solve the Rachel-doesn't-get-enough-lines problem.

Haha the crazy killer likes Raylan's hat (you'll note, Raylan does not return the compliment).

Raylan: You're not gonna let me do anything are you?
Art: You can't run and you can't shoot, what can you do?
Raylan: I can be the guy on the radio, telling everyone what to do.
Art: ... That's my job, asshole.

See? They're friends. Tim and Rachel however, IDK. I don't think they approve of Raylan keeping everything to himself. Art accepts it because... IDK actually, he has no real reason to. Raylan gets results, yes, but are the risks worth it? He gets his hands dirty.

HAHAHA AVA. OH AVA. AVA SMASH. There was me thinking Devil was Boyd's right hand man. Stupid. Ava is his right hand man, of course she is, she's the shit. ("My fried chicken is to die for.")

I love all these pencil skirts. Seriously, Winona annoys me sometimes, and is pretty useless a lot of the time, but she certainly knows how to wear a damn pencil skirt. Sheesh.

OH AND RAYLAN DID. HE ADJUSTED THE ODDS. BECAUSE HE'S AWESOME. (And really fucking gorgeous. Some of those shots, where he looks up form under the brim of his hat. FFFFF. His skin is so gorgeous. Fuck he looks so good for his age. And earlier on? The fanservice shot of him putting on his shirt after the shooting range, all those muscles. Wooh boy.

Oh Boyd, those prison jumpsuits do NOTHING FOR YOU. Your arse looks terrible. It's a crime. You need your jeans and jacket back.

Oh. oh. Boyd wanted to get locked up. Of course he did. He has plans, he always has plans. (Except for that one time when he was super!depressed and tried to suicide-by-gangster or whatever it was). It's not about killing Dickie though is it? I mean, it is, but that can't be the entirety of it. Surely he could order a hit on Dickie from the outside. He'd be willing to get revenge by proxy, he's not that obsessed. Ava's not dead after all. No there's gotta be more to it.


No lie though, this is such a white men show. Rachel has a non-part, and she's the only token. I do get why they don't have any black characters in the Harlem contingent because, racism. But it means the only chance for POC is on the law-abiding side and that tends to have a smaller cast. That said I think I saw a black guy shaking Boyd's hand in the promos, so, fingers crossed he doesn't get dead in the first few scenes >_<.

I really, really hope they actually do something with Rachel though, I'll (grudgingly) settle for a token if she actually gets to do shit.

As for female characters, they have had a few awesome ones; Helen and Mags and that coal company lady, but two of them are dead and one's left town. All we've got is Ava, and she's great, but I want MORE. The promos seemed to imply there's a new woman, so hopefully she'll stick around long enough to do shit. I'd like to have Loretta magically involved, but she's still a kid and her entire plot was pretty connected to Mags, so I guess that's all over. Still I hope she comes back at least once. Raylan would visit her foster family, he would, he's that kinda guy. He'd check up on her.

It'd be nice if Winona got to do shit, but she's confined to 'love interest' and I have a hard time seeing her get a storyline where she actually has some autonomy or whatever the word I'm looking for is. -- A chance to have a storyline that focuses on her actions and is progressed by her actions, not on her reactions to other people's actions or a storyline dependent on other people. For example, the money stealing plot was more about how Raylan put it right and how it affected his relationship with Art. And the entire Gary plot was more about Winona being a prize, and Raylan out-playing Gary. And I know Raylan is the lead but Boyd and Ava, either separate or together, get to have almost self-contained plots despite that, so it is possible to widen the focus.

However, I can't see Winona getting that because it doesn't fit the confines of her character. Ava and Boyd represent Harlem, so they're important and get plots. Even Tim and Rachel could get Marshal plots if the show decided to go there. I don't think it will, because they like keeping the focus pretty tight, but it could. And the Marshal plots would still be tied to Raylan, just like the Harlem stuff always ends up coming round to him. But Winona? What's she got beyond a bun in the oven? Especially now Gary's gone, there isn't even that. Unless they bring him back I guess, but it'd still be more about Gary than about her. Her character has nothing to bring to the show beyond someone for Raylan to have sex with and someone to complain about Raylan living dangerously. I want to like her character, she's basically a normal, straightforward woman in love with Raylan, (and who wouldn't be?) but she's boring. And that's part of the reason I think their relationship is doomed. Love is all well and good, but she wants normality and stability and Raylan brings Harlem. The anti-normal, anti-stable.

WHICH IS WHY THREESOME. AVA/BOYD/RAYLAN. (or Tim/Rachel/Raylan if he decides to go all law-abiding and shit).
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