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Name:nemo (nemonclature)
I am a non-performing writer, my work unabridged remains.

I watch a lot of some tv, and I read a lot of some fic. I talk about the former here and I (sporadically) rec the latter at [community profile] nemo_recs. In my real life I have returned to the land of perpetual youth, that is. University, and am still angsting over my ever present writer's block.

I don't post nearly as regularly as I used to, but I do still exist.

Interests (111):

action, amnesia, angst, bamf, banter, battlestar galactica, buffy, cats, character studies, characters thinking their love is unrequited, characters working through trauma, competence, creepy relationships, crossovers, cunning disguises, dark angel, devil wears prada, dollhouse, draco, dreamy prose, dub-con, dubious consent, fade to blacks, farscape, femslash, fic with atmosphere, firefly, first times, fix it fics, foe-yay, groundhog day fic, harry potter, hate sex, hero/villain, heroes, hiding, hurt/comfort, hypnotism, identity porn, imagine me and you, imprisonment, jim gordon, jokes, justified, kalinda sharma, kara thrace, kidnapping, kiss kiss bang bang, lack of confidence, lena headey, lima syndrome, longing, marvel, mcu, mind control, mind fuck, missions, mmmalec, morally grey characters, mutual respect (even for enemies), mylar, nervous babbling, nicholas rush, orange is the new black, orphan black, plot, pop culture references, power dynamics, power imbalance, power play, prison break, ptsd, pwps, quips, red eye, redo fics, sarcasm, secret identities, secretly!badass characters, secrets, serial killers, skipping sex scenes, slash, snape, snarry, sneaking, spies, spike, starbuck, stargate: universe, stockholm syndrome, supernatural, sylar, tentacles, the 100, the good wife, the musketeers, the vampire diaries, time loops, time travel, touching, tricksters, true blood, ust, veela!fic, very intense angst, very intense kissing, vids, voldemort, wincest, wing!fic
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