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Now that I've watched the whole season - Wynonna Earp is definitely the spiritual successor to Lost Girl.

You have the rough, tough female lead, with the dark and tortured childhood. The bubbly, happy female sidekick and the rule abiding (possibly a werewolf?) lawman. There isn't really a Doc Holliday parallel? Maybe the flavour of the season morally ambiguous love interest? Lost Girl had a fairly complex rotation of love interests, which made sense, since - succubus. Lost Girl did slightly better when it came to gender parity in the baddie of the week. Wynonna has a cast of evil Revenants who are (almost) all men, but in terms of main cast, their ratio is fairly balanced. WRT racial diversity. We have a black guy. He may even be a love interest! On the other hand, the native American witch doctor lady magic thing. (Oops, she's dead. Now she's a meat puppet to the white lady witch. And now she's dead again :/) So yeah, not doing so great on that one. Queer representation - they put their lesbians in bullet proof vests ;)

Stats aside. In terms of the vibe of the show, I definitely get a Lost Girl feel. The mechanics of the magical system are fairly fast and loose. The special effects budget seems comparable. The irreverence of the lead, the quipping, the fight scenes (allowing for more gun play). It's all just a little bit light hearted, whilst also dealing with some fairly dark subject matter.

... I feel a lack of squee in the above paragraphs, so let me make it clear. The show is AWESOME. And everyone should be watching it RIGHT NOW. There are only 13 eps, it's like, 3 evenings of effort. Wynonna is lovely and rude and ornery and fragile and ballsy as fuck. Waverly is just fucking adorable. Like, genuinely, wonderfully adorable, and her 'ship with Nicole is likewise sweetness and light, and it's so lovely to have a canon lesbian relationship that is just presented as wonderful and perfect and right for the characters. (By the by, I would like to see more fucking, hot, almost violent, throw them up against doors, bite their lips, pull their hair sex scenes for f/f ships. You rarely see that, explosive hot, type thing on TV, and you rarely get it in fic too. Lots of soft focus, shiny hair and soft lips when it comes to lesbians, which... eh.)

It's great to see a black guy as the voice of authority. I'm less keen on his secret drug addiction. Like, of all the vices you had to give the black guy drugs? Really? But mostly he's played as part of the establishment, the representation of greater power, and yes, this all goes to shit by the end, but I think they did a good job showing him as the perfect soldier but gradually warming up into someone genuine and finding connection with Wynonna and the others... I will admit, I found his character the least interesting, so his further complexities may have passed me by.

Basically I am watching this show for Doc Holliday. I feel terrible saying it. Oh hey, here's a diverse and funky show. Watch it for the straight white guy. Like, really Nemo? Are these words coming out of your mouth?

Um yes. I feel terrible but I can't make it untrue. Hands down he is my fave. He is snarky and ridiculous, flawed and morally ambiguous, and by the end of it really, really, utterly devoted to Wynonna. Come on. You cannot tell me he isn't. There is some serious conversion to the cause going on. And by cause I mainly mean vagina. Specifically Wynonna's. Because oh yes, did I mention I ship them? I ship them hard. I ship Doc basically worshipping the ground Wynonna walks on and ok that's not entirely canon, but I can really see it getting there (and I'm so afraid we're gonna get some shitty paint by numbers love triangle in s2 instead and I will be so sad).

It's basically the take on the Bellamy/Clarke relationship in The 100 that I love so much - I really, really dig female characters stepping up as leaders, and the male characters who would follow them anywhere.

So yes. And Doc really isn't there until the end of the season. He's conniving and lying and untrustworthy and actively puts them in danger early on in the series. But that's what makes it so great, like Bellamy with Clarke he doesn't believe in her at first. Perhaps because he's still mourning Wyatt, and instead sees everything that Wynonna isn't. And then he has his revenge, he has his own cowardice to conquer. And he has to deal with the rejection issues that Wynonna's behaviour brings up (because she has issues too, let's not forget). But when he returns, despite the Dolls/Wynonna kiss he is greeted by, he sucks it the fuck up and does what's needed. He's part of the team, and team leader is Wynonna. And at the end, he's ready to follow wherever Wynonna is gonna lead them. (Which. Fuck, that cliffhanger. It's no place good).

So that's Doc. Did I mention he's really hot? Cos he is.


Wynonna herself is pretty classic Faith. Well, pretty classic Bo even. She's been shunned, treated like she's crazy, rejected, isolated. She's had to survive without a network, and with EPIC FUCKTONS of guilt, because oh hey, it wasn't revenants that killed Wade, it was her. So when she comes into town, she has this whole mission ahead of her in finding acceptance in her family, in the townspeople (and man, that scene with the sheriff and the heel face turn to jerk with a heart of gold. I was seriously tearing up. That kinda thing gets me every time. It was almost a Buffy/homecoming prize, thanks for keeping us alive type thing.)

And then there are her issues with authority and being respected and valued and listened to re: Dolls, which is something I do like about their relationship, even if I wish it were still platonic.

AND THEN. AND THEN. Doc. DOC AND WYNONNA. AND HOW THEY CANNOT COMMUNICATE CAN THEY OH NO THIS IS GOING TO GO DOWN IN FLAMES. Because he says you're just like me. Because she ran away from the town that hated her, because she couldn't face her guilt and the pain and loss and she was just a kid. And he couldn't face the loss of Wyatt's friendship and the responsibility of being there for the modern day Earps. Because they both turned the fuck around (or, you know, got kidnapped and then decided to do the right thing) and came back, and stayed, and took up that responsibility, and fucking lived up to it and are living up to it and are choosing every day to stay and to make it work and to believe in something bigger and better than themselves.

Because Wynonna likes shooting revenants in the fucking head. Because she likes the power that holding the gun gives her, that having the badge gives her, and because Doc gets that, he gets the power kick and he gets the hunger for control and the need to be the one in charge, not be the one powerless and alone (and stuck down the bottom of a well for a hundred years). Because they both understand revenge and the need under your skin and the burning hatred and the suspect moral choices and the tunnel vision. Because they both want to fuck when they want to fuck and drink when they want to drink, because they take the abuse and shrug it off, and ignore the barbs that stick.

Because they see all of that in each other and they see something that's real and honest and genuine. And that scares the fuck out of them.

And I do think think Doc is better able to deal with it than Wynonna. I don't know why that is. Maybe it's just that being older, he's seen more. Maybe being in the well gave him a different perspective on what you do when you find that connection. Maybe it was losing Wyatt that did that, and he just needed to be reminded of it by Juan Carlos.

But Wynonna doesn't have that. She's still afraid of connection. Her sister and Gus are the only two she's really willing to recognise. By the end of the season she's willing to admit Dolls, but to admit that Doc has found a place in her heart, this guy who could in theory leave at any time. Who doesn't have anything keeping him here now that the Stone Witch is in the ground. Who has all these memories of her ancestor who was probably a really great fucking guy and what is she? She's just a kid, just an amateur, she's not even the real heir (OMG ALL THAT NOT THE REAL HEIR SHIT WYNONNA AND WAVERLY HAVE ON THEM). She's just a mess of insecurities, and that's why she wants him and goes to him and grabs him and brings him the witch's car but then tells them "There is no us". That's why she expects him to be at her side, but then kisses Dolls, because she hasn't (ever?) had a genuine, mutually respectful, give and take relationship. She doesn't even have a fucking template, 'cos her parents were never happy. So she's just. Fucked, basically. And that's something I'm so ready to explore in fic, but so afraid canon will shaft, and let her push him away and just. PLEASE PLEASE SHOW. GIVE ME THIS ONE THING. THEY CAN GROW TOGETHER AND HE CAN WORSHIP HER AND SHE CAN REALISE SHE DESERVES It BECAUSE SHE FUCKING DOES AND IT CAN BE GLORIOUS.

Anyway. I really intended this just to be a squee post, and I was gonna talk about Wynonna and Doc and their issues in a separate post, but clearly that didn't happen.

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