Mar. 29th, 2012

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So. They make a helicopter frame and attach a RED EPIC digital camera to it, then test drive it with ninjas

These people, these are cool people.

Only flaw is that the ninja clip has no soundtrack, so feel free to pick your own. I found Polica's 'Violent Games' worked quite well.

Also, fic that worldbuilt on that gorgeous setting, that told us more about the ninjas and the sword and the mysterious woman at the end? I WOULD BE ALL OVER THAT. YES PLEASE, INTERNET, THANK YOU.

Insane discoveries that science can't explain ( --Basically an original fic idea generator..

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nemonclature: Daria looking unamused (Default)
I've been reading bits of Jane Austen fic recently, and then I found this wonderful thing.

And then I decided I needed to watch all the adaps I haven't yet seen. Mostly it's all the Emmas, but there was a P&P before Ehle and Firth, and a recent Sense and Sensibility. Also I'm going to give the 1999 Mansfield Park a go because wiki says they changed all the things. (I despise Mansfield Park.)

And now, an awesome women being happy gif party!
(All yanked from dollsome's totally impromptu festival of awesome ladies.)


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