Jun. 6th, 2013

nemonclature: Daria looking unamused (i sit on the toilet)
Which I am pretty much across the board as I changed my tumblr ([tumblr.com profile] nemonclature ), added an AO3 pseud and my twitter was already [twitter.com profile] nemonclature . It's just LJ that I left because I never use it any more.

Midnight Judges by lettered. Okay so as the AN says, at times it's transparently fix it, But towards the end, when everything comes together and people start doing some seriously badass POLITICS and TALKING also there is a LAWYER... FFF I can't tell you how much I love save the world through TALKING plots. Plus it made me start to like Kirk again.

This is exactly what the doctor ordered. (I just wish there was more Sulu)

Teen Wolf 3x01


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