Jul. 31st, 2015

nemonclature: Daria looking unamused (huh?)
I think it's interesting how Dark Matter seems to be going for this very deliberately nineties vibe: the title card and font, the costuming, even the cast photo. It's also very Firefly reminiscent (which certainly can't be accidental).

The other thing I find amusing is their 'throw every trope at the wall, see what sticks' approach. I mean. Spaceships, evil corporations, memory loss, mercenary crew, tech genius girl, clones, zombies, brain sharing, cyborgs (possibly evil).

So yeah. It's sort of terrible. The acting is mostly by numbers, as is characterisation and plot. The aesthetic is definitely a Firefly rip off, and nothing else stands out particularly.

And yet, it's quite fun really. Definitely easy watching. TV to cook to. That kind of thing.

Faint praise I guess... I does have the merit of still being the only spaceship on TV, y/y? Unless I'm missing something? Defiance does still exist. But that's aliens, no Spaceships right?

I may end up rewatching Farscape or SGU if this doesn't pick up though. For quality traumatic angst times.

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