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They open with a quick selective rehash of the swimming pool scene:

It's weird seeing the actual actors all together again. Sherlock's face seems different after so long imagining him in my head whilst reading fanfic. My opinion of Jim has changed since seeing him the first time, (I've grown to hate him more, I was mostly bowled over by awesome and weirdness at first). John... John is much the same actually, huh.

They manage to amp back all the tension with the slow lead in, but then comes the drop of Sherlock's eyes to the bomb jacket and I just can't see how they're going to deliver the pay-off. Anything will be anti-climatic after so long a wait.


That was, 'dot dot dot,' for all you listening at home. )
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So, following on from previous Bollywood-ness. I decided I need to catch up on some movies. considering I've seen a grand total of about 5 Bollywood films, this may take a while. I watched Devdas (2002), didn't realise there were multiple versions until after. I'm gonna watch the 1955 one as well if I can bear it. Because, you see... IT'S ALL ABOUT DEVDAS' MANPAIN. To be fair, the title should have tipped me off. But, okay, I'm not expecting much by way of any sort of equality in these movies. Have a tangential explanation: I read someone's post about silly actioners recently in which they were complaining about various fails, and it got me thinking about my 'silly bang bang' category of films, (action, explosions), and how I don't expect anything from them. They serve exactly the purpose stated - fire go boom! So while the various fails register, they don't hurt.

The same thing mostly applies here. Except. This was epic bad, guys. I know it's a famous story, plus it's basically a retelling of Krishna/Radha and so I feel bad knocking it. But, but... THE MANPAIN OMFG. He fucks up his relationship with Paro thanks to his indecision and cowardice, and then he proceeds to DRINK HIMSELF TO DEATH. That's it, literally. The only other thing he manages to do is verbally abuse Chandramukhi into falling in love with him (yeah IDK either.) Plus there's the whole scarring Paro by hitting her in the face with a necklace in order to show his love.

I mean, all the various fails: the marriage focus, the evul in-laws, the getting locked in her house by her husband. All that is pretty much par for the course, but, egad the manpain. There's all the stuff the women do: Paro has to be the step-mother in this new family and deal with a husband in love with his dead wife. Chandramukhi is a whore as Devdas so likes to remind her, she has to be savvy and clever and fight off EVIL MOUSTACHE's amorous overtures. BUT NO INSTEAD OF FOCUSING ON THAT, WE FOCUS ON DEVDAS ROLLING AROUND THE PLACE DRINKING AND AND MAINPAINING HIS WAY THROUGH HIS USELESS LIFE.

Basically I just want fic where Paro and Chandramukhi elope and live in sin together. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?

Anyway, on a more shallow note Shakrukh Khan's nose was as large as ever, eyebrows were as awesome as ever, and Ashwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit are both stupidly gorgeous. Dola Re Dola was my favourite song/dance scene, even if it does fail the Bechdel test (what am I saying? The entire movie fails it). IT SHOWCASES THE FEMSLASH POTENTIAL THOUGH. Also it features bonus creepy moustache being creepy. He goes on to EPIC REVEAL Chandramukhi as a whore in the next scene.

If I were to do an 'official' SGU rewatch, would anyone be interested? I could plug it not just at [ profile] young_rush but at one of the general sgu comms as well. How regular are rewatches usually? One ep a day? Plus there's the question of timezones. Also there needs to be some sort of liveblogging element. AIM would be easiest for me since I already have it, but maybe ljchat would be an easier option for everyone else? How does ljchat even work? Anyone used it before?

TVD -- Strange and Untrue by [ profile] crickets.


OH SHOW. You were fail and I hate you for that. But I can't quit you. Damn it I'm already missing you. Come back.

TGW 3x09 )

Going Postal )

New Girl )

Once Upon a Time )
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Feel so sick. Sore throat turned into hideous flu-ishness and today has been a total write off.

EVOL. Found via the Unspeak blog by Steven Poole.

Also check out this extract from the intro of Unspeak, it's a good book, I enjoyed it.

Subtravelling. On the metro they've got this short film festival going on. These two are my favourites: Le Grand Jeu by Yannick Pecherannd-Molliex and Signs by Vincent Gallagher

TGW ep 8

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When I go for my walk in the evening I always see this one Roe doe in the field across the road from the farm. It's directly on my route, so we usually do the, stop and stare at each other for a minute, thing. I see how close I can get. She just watches silently until finally deciding to bolt and goes leaping through the field into the spinney.

Well, I saw her again today, only this time she had a buck with her. It was adorable, they were messing about, following each other, him with his stumpy little antlers and both with their black noses. They were so wrapped up in each other, and I guess I was downwind, because I was able to get pretty close before she noticed and leapt away. He dozily hung about a bit longer, giving her a couple of confused glances until finally realising I was there. We did the stare-stare thing, his big ears angled towards me, and then he bounded off as well.

I saw them again once I got back, when I went to close my window, they'd crossed the road and hedge into our farm and ambled across the field, very elegantly leaping the fence before continuing on their way.

I'm going to take the camera next time and see if I can get some photos.


Re-watching 'A Study in Pink'. oh Mycroft Holmes. You are the sex. )


Kara Thrace is in New English File Pre-intermediate Unit 3. SHE IS. THAT IS SO HER OMG. pics or it didn't happen. )
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Did get SOME writing done whilst away. Not as much as planned though. Have a quote from D with the C. (This is how I make [rewrite] notes to myself...)

And he flipped them back over, the wound in his thigh giving a slight twinge at the sudden exertion after so many days spent riding, and so many nights spent... riding. [HAHAHA. NO.]

That fic, srsly, cracks me the fuck. up.

Collected glass from the beach, white mostly, some pale blue, some green, one dark blue, woot! Also got a bunch of stones with holes in, just in case I ever have to see through a fairy glamour. YOU NEVER KNOW.

The old Adam West batman was on while we were there. SAME BAT-TIME, SAME BAT-CHANNEL. I kinda want to do a rewrite of Batman Begins/Dark Knight in the old style way. BUT THERE IS NO ROBIN. HOLY TRAGEDY BATMAN!

Managed to catch up on TGW, but utterly failed to watch any SGU. I felt too bad watching tv instead of writing. I know, I fail at this holiday lark.




TGW s2 e18-23 )
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I have this overwhelming urge to vid Stefan to Ivor Cutler's Tomato Brain.



I've got about twenty billion Seal Prince plot bunnies. SRSLY HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? )


Zen -- My thought process behind watching this went something like: RUFUS SEWELL! RUFUS SEWELL! RUFUS SEWELL! YEAH YEAH YEAH! So I was totally biased.

Basically, it's silly and a bit crap.  )
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RIGHT, so you know why everyone should watch this show? I mean the really simple insta-rec reason? There is no crowning moment of awesome, there are no super awesome 'omg this one!' characters...


Like, the plot and the characters and the pacing and the everything is wonderful, yes. But... you know those things, those things that fill you with squee and you want to grab random people off the street and shake them until they're all dizzy and deaf from your shouting and then maybe they will understand half of how you're feeling?


* - ok fine, except Jeremy. God Jeremy, get a life.
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Wooh SGU! Except I haven't actually seen the finale, and still have half a season to catch up on (SO DON'T SPOIL ME OMG). But still, SOLIDARITY! FANDOM LOVE! NEVAR FORGET etc. etc.

I know I've been all quiet on the SGU front for months now, but that's irrelevant. THE LOVE IS STILL STRONG IN ME. TRUFAX.

SGU! First time being in a fandom. First time de-lurking. First time modding a comm. First time seriously writing fic. First time seriously creating fanwork in general!

The community! The squee! The discussions! The theories! The dissecting of Y/R minutia. (OH BOYS. YOU WERE EPIC.) The ship! The planets! The Ancient tech! The aliens! The military! The civilians! The stupid characters! The awesome characters! The loser characters! The ones I loved! The ones I hated! The ones I ended up changing my mind about! THE EVERYTHING!

SGU, you were the best. And SGU fandom, you are all wonderful, amazing people and I'm so glad to have had a chance to flail and squee with you guys. No matter how shortlived the show. FANDOM WILL LIVE ON.

Also, I seem to have lost the Vancouver press day pic where Carlyle and Ferreira were leaning against each other (where F was wearing that brown cardigan?) So have this instead! And this time Carlyle has made the questionable sartorial choice! Woot!

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 ... eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

UM. Jack Sparrow/James Norrington is like this weird AU version of the White Collar dynamic (or, well POTC came first, but whatever).

I never really noticed this before, but I read the first part of this fic and yes, it's completely not Neal and not Peter, but at the same time, I can see shades of their characters in the fic... WEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIRD.

Has anyone ever noticed how utterly massive Anne Hathaway's eyes are in DWP? SERIOUSLY. BAMBI EYES. MOVE OVER ANDREW GARFIELD, WE HAVE A WINNER.

Is this a thing she always has, or did they do something magical with the make up?
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I have realised pretty much all the links I've been posting recently have been fail html. I blame this entirely on Evernote which apparently hates it when I include html tags in text. Very, very annoying. I have to change my entire method of writing up livejournal posts now. GDI.

Computer is back from the shop! All fixified! In fact, it was just dust clogging up the fan and stopping it from spinning.


So. VidUKon! ([ profile] vidukon ) EPIC WONDERFUL TIME.

I met so many amazing people, put faces to the names of so many vidders whose work I adore. Got totally vidding enthused and enabled. And yes, may have reached vid saturation point. At least for a couple of days...

Have my procrastination fuelled epic-long write up )

TGW 2x14

Mar. 10th, 2011 09:30 pm
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In other, completely unrelated news. Finishing the 30DoN fic has kinda killed me. I haven't even been able to read fic, let alone write anything. I've just been watching Justified and catching up on TGW and TVD. I'm hoping this is a temporary thing and I'll be back to normal by the weekend. It's a bit annoying. I want to be back in that *yay writing* groove, but it's like my batteries are all dead.
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eps 15 - end. [spoilers of course]

I don't really review shows so much as capslock random words. Like, if you're watching the show, it make sense, but I really doubt it means anything if you haven't seen the show. APOLOGIES every 99% of you who haven't watched. What can I say, you're missing out on some epic crack, right here.


Adios show, you were epic crazy )
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... I may have to kidnap you and set you up as a sex slave in the basement. Except, we don't have a basement, so bear with me while I go build one.

PB season four. Season of the hats. )


Invasion )
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I did try watching the American Being Human. It did not impress me in any way at all ... OMG STOP. WHY DOES LUCIFER HAVE FLOPPY BLOND HAIR? I really, really don't get the point in remaking something so close and similar to the original, except more crap.

Josh and Sally were sort of bearable. But I vastly prefer Annie and George. Aiden was fail on a fail cake. And Lucifer as Bishop? NO NO NO.

The filming all looked low budget and crappy. Srsly. British TV usually has the market on low budget and crappy. How did they manage that? And all the minor characters were awkward and stilted. That first post-full moon scene in the hospital? Not the good sort of funny. I am laughing at you, not with.

So yeah fail all round. I mean, I was totally biased because a) I like Being Human and I don't want a remake, and b) I think these change-nothing remakes are a total waste of time anyway. So, IDK, ignore my opinion at will.


Being Human S3

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