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2016-08-04 02:08 pm

Wynonna Earp <3 Doc Holliday

Can I just say how RIDICULOUSLY attractive I'm finding Doc Holliday on Wynonna Earp.

Like. Really. Really. Ridiculously. Good looking.

Despite the mustache. (Because of the mustache?)

Also. The fact that he played the Druid guy in Lost Girl is killing me. IDK why, I find it utterly hilarious. Druid guy was also stupidly hot, while also being totally ridiculous and wearing terrible clothes. Also morally ambigous. No mustache though. 

Is it a real mustache though? This is the question. Cos it's grey whereas his hair isn't. Which makes me think fake. Also it takes time to grow something that big. And he clearly didn't sport one before. But then he has facial hair in interviews so maybe he'd just shaven it off after the show? IDK.

I have spent too much time pondering the question of this man's facial hair.

He's hot. It makes him hotter! It makes him look kinda rat-like?

He's really sexy. He's kinda wiry and weaselly looking? IDK

I mean, there's this:

But I prefer this:

Did I mention he has a hat?

I have lost perspective. I would very much like HBO to buy this series and then fill every episode with really explicit sex scenes in which Wynonna and Doc fuck on every surface in the house and then christen the pink car, and also other highly specific fantasies I may or may not have had regarding these two. And fucking.

Seriously I have not had such a pornographic reaction to a pairing in... Ever?

In other news, this series has, like diversity and stuff.

Also, this breakdown of how it's basically Buffy, rings fairly true. But I definitely get a Faith vibe off Wynonna more than a Buffy. 
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2016-07-02 01:52 am

Fic recs

I had a conversation at VidUKon, not about vids (appalling, I know) but about fic. Specifically where to find the good stuff - who is reccing nowadays and where. While I do seem to get a lot of my fics from searching AO3 and sorting by bookmarks, I do still visit a few reccing journals and comms. I put a list together to share my pain love, and I thought it might be useful to you guys as well, so, without further ado...

Nemo's reclist of reccers.

The rec center (reccing newletter that has fic/art/vids/meta etc. Basically a mailing list and I do feel like I'm reaching back through time to fannish origins when reading this. It's great.)

Reccing comms:
[community profile] kink_finders
[community profile] fancake
[community profile] bestthingever
[ profile] epic_recs 
[ profile] het_reccers 
[community profile] gensplosion
[ profile] recs 
[ profile] recsrainbow 

Other people's reccing journals:
[community profile] ladybusiness (tag: recommendations:+fanwork) (also featured guest reccers)
[personal profile] kaytaylorrea (tag: fic+rec+monday)
[personal profile] kiki_eng
[personal profile] unfitforsociety 

If anyone has any more to add, please comment! (My only requirement is that they still update. Sporadically is fine, but no dead journals.)

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2016-02-23 10:28 pm

Crime tv, British style

We do like making cop shows about tiny police teams in random English towns or out of the way corners of the UK.

I mean, Morse? Which spawned two whole sequels in Lewis and Endeavour. How many years has that been going now? More episodes than actual crimes in Oxford I'd wager. There's my late favourite Case Histories - one slightly depressed guy solves crime in Edinburgh. Admittedly this is a bigger city, but still not a massive one, nor were the crimes particularly epic in scope. My new fave, Shetland, which has managed to finagle some Glaswegian gang/drug organised crime in the latest series. But seriously. SHETLAND. Not exactly the hotbed of criminal mayhem. The first eps were basically 'my aunt killed my nan.' I haven't seen it, but Vera is based on books by the same author - dramatic criminal escapades in... rural Northumbria. Jonathan Creek living in a windmill in Sussex. Midsomer Murders set in the "picturesque but deadly villages of the fictional county of Midsomer," according to wiki. Then there's Miss Marple of course, I mean how many American cop dramas star little old ladies?

I'm not saying they're all like that. Cop shows are a scheduling staple, so of course there's been a lot over the years, but I can't name a single American show, (or Scandinavian dark-and-gritty import) that has that same small scale/small stakes feel. Plus we don't do the whole - Acronymed team of dramatically good looking people solve dramatic crimes. Mostly it's just. One middle aged white dude/dudette, plus a couple of medium-attractive sidekicks, solve slightly interesting mysteries.

Shetland is great tho.
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2016-02-17 07:13 pm


Ordered the final book and it arrived today. In an unprecedented effort of self control, I managed a single sketchbook painting before giving in and reading for the next 4 hours. 

(Link to freece/CS Pacat's LJ)

I should probably try and do some actual work now.
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2016-02-15 10:38 pm

FAO: Prison Break fans

Mahone and Whistler are reunited in Crossing Lines ep 7. Also, I haven't seen any of Crossing Lines apart from this ep, but it appears Mahone is a junkie in this too. So basically. Ridiculous PB AU, anyone?

It's a bank robbery ep, so I watched it without prior show knowledge. I basically picked it 'cos it looked like Mahone would be centre stage (it's a cop show ensemble). But it seems he's the main character in the show? Kinda? IDK, maybe it'll be a good cooking tv option. It's cancelled though, back in '14.
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2016-02-11 12:12 am

Rom Zom Com

Pride & Prejudice and Zombies.

It was actually exactly what I needed. Ladies in pretty dresses stabbing things, fighting zombies and rescuing men. The entire thing was insane, plot doesn't hold up worth a damn, but it was fun and tongue in cheek and sort of comforting, in a ridiculous, bloody sort of way.

Cut for spoilers ... do P&P spoilers even count nowadays? )

Oh, also? Darcy's greatcoat is made of leather. Yeah.

It really made me want a Temeraire movie/tv series - for that, Regency AU feel, plus awesome women and a critique of Britain's colonial history. Talk about high concept. Napoleonic wars, with dragons. Why has no one made that yet?
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2016-02-08 12:22 am

State of the TV

I've started watching Mr Robot. (NO SPOILERS PLEASE. I'm only 3 eps in)

under cut in case you haven't seen those 3 eps and don't want to be spoiled. )

I watch cop shows when I cook, it's this whole thing. Mostly I can't stand them, but when I'm cooking it works 'cos they're usually about long enough for me to cook dinner and then eat dinner, plus if I miss a bit it's fine cos they always re-cap plot stuff in police type meetings or whatever it is police type people do.

Anyway, so I've been on iplayer for War and Peace (Paul Danno, so good). And I've started watching Shetland, which. Yes, mainly for the accents. But also because Ciaran Hinds. Also turns out Duckface is in it as well, which is cool.

Archie Panjabi also showed up, which is great, because more Archie on my TV always, but a little sucky, because she seems to be playing the same type AGAIN. (I blame The Good Wife for this btw, she's clearly in a rut). She's got the whole, quiet, pressing lips together, inwardly sighing thing going. Plus she randomly fucked DI Perez. IDK about you, but I always fuck random colleagues from out of town the first day we meet. What? That's not how it works in real police biz? No shit.

So yeah, I mean step down from Gillian Anderson, babe, but still. Please stop casting her as some variation on the femme fatale. I'd like her to play someone ridiculous and expressive some time soon, preferably without the lead using her to get their rocks off in the next scene.

Anyway, solid Brit cast, solid crime drama. I keep wishing all the dead people were not dead though. I'm just not cut out for crime dramas really.
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2016-02-03 11:54 pm

Vampire feeding logistics

The human body contains about 5 litres of blood, allowing for differences in body weight. A donor usually gives about 8-10% of their blood (so approx 500ml). 15-30% (1.5 litres) and you'll feel sick, go pale and your skin will start feeling cold. 30-40% (2 litres) and your heart starts beating faster you'll probably need a transfusion to recover. Over 40% your probably a goner.

In one sitting, you can probably drink 1-1.5 litres comfortably. The stomach can expand to about 4 litres, which is why people can drink a gallon of milk without exploding (but then usually vomit it up after because... what did they expect?)

You can bleed out from the carotid (neck), brachial (arm) or femoral (leg) in about a minute. But arteries are fairly difficult to get at. In the wrist, you'd have to slice vertically down your artery to bleed out with any speed, so from a vamp bite you're talking a few hours, plus the possibility of clotting staunching the flow.

In the neck you'd probably hit veins or even the windpipe first, depending on your aim. Most the time they bite the meat of shoulder, not the pulse point (i.e. artery) which is harder to get to, higher on the neck.

As for the femoral, it's fairly difficult to get your face into someone's groin if accosting outside of a naked sexytimes scenario.

Also vamp teeth are fairly thin and short. It's questionable how far they'd even penetrate considering the layer of fat we all have under the skin before you even get to any good stuff.

So while they may nick an artery, we're not looking at the bleeding out in minutes that you get from severing one fully. You will bleed, and suction will probably induce a steady flow, but you're unlikely to bleed out from a bite wound.

So overall, that equals: a vampire can safely drink as much as the victim can safely lose. The victim won't die, but will feel woozy and need to drink electrolytes or take iron tablets to recover. The wound is going to need pressure and treating, if an artery is nicked, probably in the hospital so they can make sure it heals ok, but if no artery is touched, then just like you would a normal cut. It should clot fine and NO ONE NEED DIE.

The whole, vampire grabs a person by the neck and drains them in seconds, dropping their dead body to the floor? NO. It would be, vamp grabs by neck, stretches head awkwardly to side to get at carotid. Bites, gets blood EVERYWHERE like it's being sprayed out by a fucking garden hose. Makes a massive mess and a few minutes later, the person dies. They would not be able to drink that much blood without vomiting it back up again a la the milk gallon drinking fools. Not a sexy look, I'd imagine.

IF they have anticoagulants in their saliva, then, provided they do pierce an artery, (which isn't easy) passing out followed by death is probably inevitable without medical treatment. Though still, not going to be instantaneous, but a few minutes to an hour depending on severity of bite.

For the ones that rip the entire throat out with their teeth, well yes. Obvs that kills.

Follow up for this would be, if a vamp can drink, let's say 1 litre per person to be on the safe side, then they need to hit up 5 people per night to fully replace the blood in their body. Though, we don't know what happens to blood once in a vamp's body exactly. Maybe since they're dead, they can't generate new blood, only use what they have until it dies. Red blood cells live for about 4 months, so 5 people every 4 months, or, since they could take just over a litre from each person, that's basically hitting one person a month for just over 1 litre of blood.

One person a month. Seriously, couple of iron tablets and some Lucozade and they're fine. NO BIG.
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2016-01-30 10:00 pm

Fannish changes

Not that I'm an authority on fandom or anything, but I find I'm really impressed with how Captain Cold's mixed ethnicity is casually mentioned in fics, so that Wentworth Miller's actual mixed heritage isn't just white-washed. I don't recall anyone ever bothering with that in Prison Break fic, and that's not a reflection on the authors, but a reflection of fandom's changing priorities I think, and it's a change that's really satisfying and comforting.

By the by, I think the reason Miller wears his hair short is because TPTB are afraid to have overtly African hair on their passing-for-white character. Which just goes to show how far behind fandom actual tv land is.

In other news - I started rewatching s2 Prison Break, because Michael/Mahone basically. And then I watched all the Captain Cold eps of the Flash and now I discover that Legends of Tomorrow is a series not a movie, so I guess I'll be watching that too.

Also, would you believe Miller is 43? I mean seriously.
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2015-11-02 09:49 am

Casual racism

The way the cleaning lady tells me about her new neighbours, how she's already decided not to speak to them because they're foreign. And how they're getting the 'taking bins out, locking the garden door' system all wrong. Probably because they're Indian, or Pakistani, who knows the difference.

All the while I'm standing there, brown as I am, and wrapped in the shawl Nanigee bought me from Lahore.
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2015-07-31 09:42 pm
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Dark matter

I think it's interesting how Dark Matter seems to be going for this very deliberately nineties vibe: the title card and font, the costuming, even the cast photo. It's also very Firefly reminiscent (which certainly can't be accidental).

The other thing I find amusing is their 'throw every trope at the wall, see what sticks' approach. I mean. Spaceships, evil corporations, memory loss, mercenary crew, tech genius girl, clones, zombies, brain sharing, cyborgs (possibly evil).

So yeah. It's sort of terrible. The acting is mostly by numbers, as is characterisation and plot. The aesthetic is definitely a Firefly rip off, and nothing else stands out particularly.

And yet, it's quite fun really. Definitely easy watching. TV to cook to. That kind of thing.

Faint praise I guess... I does have the merit of still being the only spaceship on TV, y/y? Unless I'm missing something? Defiance does still exist. But that's aliens, no Spaceships right?

I may end up rewatching Farscape or SGU if this doesn't pick up though. For quality traumatic angst times.
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2015-07-13 06:32 pm

Hello world

New layout. Sort of an interim thing until I can get to a computer and pretty it up a bit. The idea is to get something single colour that will work on a mobile since 90% of my Web browsing is done on my phone nowadays.

So I just finished rereading Force over Distance by Cleanwhiteroom and am feeling all adrift and sad and weird. It's a magnificent fic. Really wonderful, but very immersive. Complex and plotty and full of dramatic interpersonal relationship and character drama.

Plus I'm off to Spain tomorrow morning and I'm vaguely stressing about trains and flights and bookings. I'm travelling with a friend and we've never spent 10 days straight together before. I feel like 10 days is a fairly reasonable number. Not too long, not too short.

Anyway. Yeah, hello dreamwidth btw. I think I've neglected you far too much over the past years. I'm still reading fic after all. The least I could do is maintain my reccing.

We'll see.
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2015-05-26 08:42 pm
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Moar tv

So there's only one English speaking channel on my tv, and they have this weird assortment of  TV: The White Queen, The Wire, Suburgatory, The Simpsons, Black Sails, Forever, Flight of the Conchords, Hit the Floor, Hannibal and recently they've added True Blood and TVD, oh yeah, and the Newsroom.

So like, this eclectic mix of comedy and drama and high camp. Oh no wait, that's just True Blood. Anyway, I'd been off tv for maybe a month? I hadn't been watching anything back home, and then when I got here I don't have enough data to stream, so I haven't watched any of my shows in ages. Instead I've now got hooked on a bunch of these ones. Which wasn't the plan, but whatever.

Unfortunately they only have two episodes a week. As in, they only broadcast those two episodes, but they have multiple slots. So I'll catch an ep in the morning, go out, come back, get on with work and then put the tv on in the evening and oh hey, same thing. Weirdly it kinda ramps up the anticipation if anything, maybe other channels should try it...

Anyway, in other more serious news, where is the Avengers fanvid set to this. I feel like, considering the approach of Civil War, it could be fairly hilarious and tragic.

Pre-empting - NO ULTRON SPOILERS. I haven't seen it yet, and probably won't for ages.
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2015-02-16 12:41 pm
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oh tumblr

So Yahoo, in it's infinite wisdom, has decided what tumblr needs is basically a super involved 'trending' list. Cue, thefandometrics. (Not to be confused with the SPM fan-stats tumblr fandometrics... yeah, real classy on the name choice there, tumblr.)

This, is basically being presented as a 'good thing for brands' which, well yeah, I guess. They get to see how well they're doing. I can't see how it affects fandoms to be honest, unless more tumblr visibility affects decisions to axe or keep a show (Agent Carter, I'm looking at you). But I kinda doubt producers are going to give a shit, to be honest.

So this seems to be going hand in hand with a bunch of accounts being disabled/links being disabled, where copyrighted music is involved. No one seems to have the truth on whether it's just the music or whole blogs that are going.

People are freaking out a lot over these things, and on the one hand, hallelujah, lets all go back to dreamwidth. On the other hand though... It's not quite strikethrough, is it? because fandom on tumblr isn't like fandom was on LJ. We don't really have BNFs in the same way, so taking out a few high profile people isn't going to have the same knock down - up and move affect that strikethrough did.

I mean, Youtube takes down copyrighted content, that was a big deal when they started, but you know, vidders still operate on there, it hasn't really changed the face of youtube-grown vidding fandom. LJ/DW/old school vidders maybe moved to vimeo or backed up at another site. But youtube vidders just kept on going.

Tumblr is full or tumblr-grown fans, yes, there's an old school presence, but there's a lot of newbies. More newbies? I think so?

So, what I'm saying is, a couple of shut downs isn't going to stop people. It's not a small controllable fandom, it's a massive spectrum of content. And like youtube, they're never going to be able to keep up. Take down notices might come, but shit will just go up elsewhere. Fandom will adapt, maybe change tagging etiquette or something, but a move is a far greater task and we, people, are mostly lazy.

So, sorry anyone (me) who thought this might be the final tumblr deathknell. I'm pretty sure we're staying put.
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2015-01-28 12:46 am

and I want it full to the top and I want it warm and I want it good one and I want it now

Is what my little bro would say when demanding his milk bottle before he went to sleep. 

So. Fic recs. Where and how, guys? I just don't know where to look for that perfect what I want hit. 

It's different if I have specifics in mind, if I have a kink I'm searching for or a pairing or fandom, that's fine, I can crack out the google-fu, hit up AO3 and [community profile] kink_finders  and it's all good. But when I have this vague, nebulous desire for something long and plotty and angsty and full to the top and good... where do I go? Any suggestions?

Also, like. Not dead, still here. Not much in fandom any more I guess, probably the only thing I do with any regularity is [community profile] metanews , and even that I'll be dropping once I start uni. Yes. Uni again, we'll see how that goes... Anyway, that's not till October. 

I keep meaning to update properly. Start reading my flist again etc etc. Maybe. Eventually. In the meantime I am still here and I do check in occasionally. That's life though, isn't it?
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2014-11-16 11:09 am


 It's almost time for New Year's resolutions. Kinda. Not really, I guess, but if they can be selling mince pies in Sainsburys, then I can be thinking about New Year.

Anyway, updates...

FIC! Written a while back and I missed the reveals (oops) but here is my gen fic in all it's depressed!Bucky glory! Multiple and profuse thanks to [personal profile] charloween  and [personal profile] theoret  for betaing, cheerleading and generally making the fic happen. I'm glad to have finally busted through my writer's block. Not that I've written much since, but that's been down to busyness and stress, not lack of drive.

I'm in the final days of my Foundation course (it's a 3 month intensive thing) and smack bang in the middle of applications for undergrad. Yes, the return to university is, well, not imminent, but immanent, maybe. 

As for cafe guy. I had given up, but then I went in a few days ago and he was there and I made some utterly inane comment about the music and it was awful. WHY CAN'T LIFE BE MORE LIKE FIC?

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2014-10-04 09:12 pm

Genfic exchange! Fic fic and more fic

Genfic Exchange is live! Go forth and read!

This was my wonderful gift: Born for Adversity (The Musketeers). I love it! Musketeers Fuck Yeah!
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2014-09-14 10:51 pm

The cofeeshop!Au that my life isn't

Ever notice how in coffeeshop!AUs it's the barista who makes the first move? Or at least, they tend to be from the POV of the staff. Because they know each other don't they, they can speak to each other without weirdness and other customers waiting in line.

Also there are never other customers waiting in line. Except when it's funny.

Anyway. I went in and he wasn't there so I managed to speak to the other guy who works there. A perfectly nice guy, but not the point of my mission into town. Plus I managed to lose my scarf somewhere on the street without noticing. So, all in all a bit of a shit.

But I'll try again. I'm not letting myself run away from crushes any more. It's not happening.