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I've started watching Mr Robot. (NO SPOILERS PLEASE. I'm only 3 eps in)

under cut in case you haven't seen those 3 eps and don't want to be spoiled. )

I watch cop shows when I cook, it's this whole thing. Mostly I can't stand them, but when I'm cooking it works 'cos they're usually about long enough for me to cook dinner and then eat dinner, plus if I miss a bit it's fine cos they always re-cap plot stuff in police type meetings or whatever it is police type people do.

Anyway, so I've been on iplayer for War and Peace (Paul Danno, so good). And I've started watching Shetland, which. Yes, mainly for the accents. But also because Ciaran Hinds. Also turns out Duckface is in it as well, which is cool.

Archie Panjabi also showed up, which is great, because more Archie on my TV always, but a little sucky, because she seems to be playing the same type AGAIN. (I blame The Good Wife for this btw, she's clearly in a rut). She's got the whole, quiet, pressing lips together, inwardly sighing thing going. Plus she randomly fucked DI Perez. IDK about you, but I always fuck random colleagues from out of town the first day we meet. What? That's not how it works in real police biz? No shit.

So yeah, I mean step down from Gillian Anderson, babe, but still. Please stop casting her as some variation on the femme fatale. I'd like her to play someone ridiculous and expressive some time soon, preferably without the lead using her to get their rocks off in the next scene.

Anyway, solid Brit cast, solid crime drama. I keep wishing all the dead people were not dead though. I'm just not cut out for crime dramas really.

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