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The way the cleaning lady tells me about her new neighbours, how she's already decided not to speak to them because they're foreign. And how they're getting the 'taking bins out, locking the garden door' system all wrong. Probably because they're Indian, or Pakistani, who knows the difference.

All the while I'm standing there, brown as I am, and wrapped in the shawl Nanigee bought me from Lahore.
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Ultimately I was spoiled for the main thing I knew I'd hate. The other things I disliked were mostly ignorable and though they take up space here, in terms of how many watching minutes were devoted to them? They were outnumbered by the fun, positive elements. I just find it easier to talk about and take apart the things that I didn't like than the things I did. I'M SORRY GUYS. THE GLASS IS HALF EMPTY. Overall, like, watch it? For sure. Have fun. But the thing you know you'll hate. Yeah. You gonna hate.

The good, the bad and the ugly. Spoilers under the cut )
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Anyone know anything about this Item 47 movie? Is it basically a way of getting people into watching SHIELD? (Not that we need any more encouragement). Also, am I wrong with the whole Benny and Claire/Bonnie and Clyde thing? I really liked the actress since Mean Girls and True Blood so I hope they keep them both somehow. Maybe in the tv show? (And he's the guy in Bring It On y/y? AH those were the days).

Looking at more Marvel extras: The Loki/Hawkeye deleted scene from Avengers - Firstly, that look up at 1:20? So deliberate and so wonderful. I could just EAT HIM. ALL OF HIM. (In a non creepy cannibal way. GDI HANNIBAL. YOU SCREW UP EVERYTHING.)

But also, the eyeball? That horrible, disgusting trick Loki pulled? Totally Hawkeye's idea.

Where is the fic that delves into all Clint's pain? HE MUST HAVE SO MUCH PAIN. SO FUCKING MUCH.

Also, I did not realise the whole Maria Hill kinda hates Nick Fury vibe they were going for. The alternate opening makes it more obvious, but rewatching Avengers just now, (which is an exercise in heartache btw. I just want to shout at the screen. NO LOKI. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? STOP IT. GET SOME THERAPY. BUY SOME ICECREAM. SOMEONE TELL THOR TO GIVE HIM A HUG. FFS.) and she's kinda pissed off at him from the get go. IS THERE GOING TO BE A SUDDEN BUT INEVITABLE BETRAYAL. BY A WOMAN. ZOMG HOW FUCKING GROUNDBREAKING. If they tie the creepy old white guys council into Avengers 2 by having Maria Hill turn.


Iron Man 3 reaction:
STOP! Spoiler time... )


Finale reaction )


The Tempest review )

Watched the Anne Lister documentary with Sue Perkins. Perkins is funny. All I really know her from isJust a Minuteand she does come across as a bit smug there. Sort of, playing it for points not the funnies. But she was pretty good in this. I mean, they're doing the usual modern documentary thing of having the presenter be about a 1/4 involved and the 3/4s on the actual historic person. It can come across less like 'queer people through the ages' and more 'LOLOL lesbians talking about lesbians'. But only a little. And anyway, the historical facts were all fascinating.

NGL though I want to know more about half-Indian bastard Eliza. The poor discarded first love.

So, this recent news about the three girls kept in a house for ten years. (I'm not linking because it's fucking sick, but if you google Amanda Berry you'll probably find it)

I'm already not watching The Following because this is a thing I do sometimes. Stop watching all my shows. (Oh hello Vikings, I haven't seen you in a month)

But I don't think I want to go back to it. I don't want to to root for the men who keep women in cages. I don't want to to be so inured to such hideous, life shattering violence against women that I don't even see those TV victims as people. Just obstacles

I don't want to to be part of the culture that thinks it's okay to desensitise us to this shit. That teaches us to to see these women, not as people but as windows dressing. And I'm not going to suddenly stop loving the creepy cop/killer dynamic. But I've had it to here with all the fucking baggage that goes with it.

"I think that's a really creepy pairing... but hey, read what you like."

NO NO NO. Those are not two phrases that taste great together. It's either one or t'other. You are absolutely allowed to say you think something is creepy. Hannibal/Will? HELLA CREEPY. IN CASE I HAVE NOT MADE THIS OBVIOUS. THERE IS PEOPLE EATING. AND A DEER THAT I THOUGHT WAS A MOOSE BECAUSE APPARENTLY I CAN'T ANIMAL.

But you can't append that with 'but hey if you like it fine, (you weirdo). Because the 'you weirdo' will always be implied because you just said it was creepy and didn't allow enough space for the tone of your argument to shift from OMG YUCK! to HEY ALL KINKS ARE AWESOME!

Just say them separately. Space them out. Let one exist and then the other.

GUYS. SHUTTUP. THIS IS A THING THAT MAKES SENSE. DON'T TELL ME I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO DOESN'T GET PISSED OFF BY THIS. I get far more pissed off by this backing and forthing than people outright saying my shipping preferences squick them out. I kinda get off on that shit. You think Young/Rush is the absolute pits? You think Wincest is goddamn disgusting? You can't stand creepy Harry/Snape non-con chan?

HAHAHA sucks to be you.

That shit rolls of my back. This shit is passive aggressive.

(Disclaimer, yes I've probably done exactly this in that past. Whatever. I win at hypocrisy.)
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Watched Waitress again. Loved it, so entirely women's pov, women's stories. Tough issues with a light and slightly surreal touch. Only nitpick is spoilers )

I've been listening to Just A Minute recently, and I was thinking about comedians and how doing a show like that is mostly about being quick-witted. It's all banter, you know? Hearing something, saying something sharp or funny or sarcastic without really having any time to think about it.

And then I started thinking about the Avengers Theatre AU and the Loki problem. I mean, flyting is basically a war of banter and 'your mum' jokes. Only with slightly more entrails and torture.

So, Loki the comedian. A comedian hired to be the villain in the panto, so we still get the villain thing.

I'm actually going to have to write this now aren't I?

I'm Glad You Came by shadowhisper


GAH. I didn't even. That wasn't supposed to happen. Now I'm going to have to start watching it properly.


mostly recs, a couple of anti-recs and some thoughts on race fail and remakes )
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Whitewashing! Yay! (Word. to the first comment on that second link)

Isn't Hollywood the bestest?

(Also I love how the names he's apparently beaten for the role? More white guys. I mean. Armie fucking Hammer? It's like Assassin's Creed's Desmond being played by Fassbender. Yeah, that totally works. He's so very mixed race).
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[community profile] veni_vidi_vids  have closed down, :( sadface forever. Where am I going to get my vid recs from now? A lot of people don't post to vidding

Anyone have a reccing newsletter or pinboarddiigodelicious thing they do? I'm so behind on the web 2.0 reccing scene, I have no idea how it works.

I love reading awesome feminist posts on the internet. But then I read the comments, and after the usual +1 positive stuff, comes the derailing and the plain awful -- The men who make it all about them, the Nice Guys, and then the women who've internalised all the same misgynistic crap and just regurgitate it back. UGH. MY GUTS. THEY ARE IN KNOTS. Example: The art of no, cont.

Req. hate on Natasha.

About face! )

Short Story recs by Aliette de Bodard

Effects of Colonialisation and cultural hegemony? The ending made me cry (in a good way). This fic is clever and brilliant.

Scattered along the river of heaven
Revolution and the aftermath. Great world-building and dB does a good job of slipping the expo into the story. It takes place in the same universe as Immersion, but on different planets and stations with mostly different poeples (Galatic is mentioned in passing). The ending is sharp and clever.

Fandom wank:

Oh SPN fandom. Never stop.
Hiddles fans are just as cray cray.

All the How It Should Have Ended superhero clips on youtube are AWESOME. Is there banter filled fanfic from the HISHE superhero cafe? Because I WANT.

Also, this is basically the Chitauri fanfic I wanted in vid form.
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Guys, help me out. There's a show (or a book, or a film) involving 'true love's kiss' ( it's not Once upon a time) where two characters kiss and it fails to have the desired effect - and the guy is all NO WAIT, I DO LOVE YOU, but the woman runs off all sad?

And as a viewer I was pretty sure he did honestly love her, like, I think I actually remember saying so in a post on this journal. But the implication in the show was that he loved something else more. (His work? His job? Money? Power? IDK. Not another person though.)

I just watched Once Upon a Time ep 1x12 with Rumpelstiltskin and Belle and it reminded me of this enough to irritate and not enough for me to name whatever the fuck it is. HELP ME OUT GUYS, PLEASE.

This vid (Sail, GOT) ) is making me want to start watching Game of Thrones again, except really, I only want to watch if it's just about Dani, Sansa and Arya, the boys can all go hang. Maybe I'll try fic instead. Do you think there's Dani/Arya future!fic (where Arya isn't, like, 8 years old?) I'd read the fuck out of that. They would be bitchin' Queens. Technical term


I first heard the word in an interview with Emma Thompson. She was either asked her favourite word, or her favourite attribute in a partner, I'm not sure, either way: "Uxorious", she replied, deadpan.

"Uxorious is an adjective meaning 'very or excessively fond of your wife', e.g.: he was an almost perfect husband: uxorious, hard-working, and a good provider. It comes from the Latin uxor 'wife'." )
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Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Andrew Garfield, James McAvoy, Jamie Bell, Dominic Cooper, Nicholas Hoult, Ben Whishaw, Rupert Friend, Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hardy ...

pic heavy )
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Tom Hiddleston talking about Archipelago to The Herald (Scotland)

“It’s about an inarticulate middle-class family,” he explains. “The truth is that actually here are these people who are quite closely related but they’re not very connected – and that’s both cringe-making and hilarious, in a way.”

Do we really need another of those stories? )

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