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Ever notice how in coffeeshop!AUs it's the barista who makes the first move? Or at least, they tend to be from the POV of the staff. Because they know each other don't they, they can speak to each other without weirdness and other customers waiting in line.

Also there are never other customers waiting in line. Except when it's funny.

Anyway. I went in and he wasn't there so I managed to speak to the other guy who works there. A perfectly nice guy, but not the point of my mission into town. Plus I managed to lose my scarf somewhere on the street without noticing. So, all in all a bit of a shit.

But I'll try again. I'm not letting myself run away from crushes any more. It's not happening. 
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So. So. There is a cafe where I go to drink coffee. And in this cafe there is a barista who serves coffee. Well more than one, but one in particular. He is tall and he has curly red hair, earrings and tattoos. He's pretty hot, is what I'm saying. And in my hour of need (I couldn't get the packaging off some new pencils) he was there and ready with a knife (since they didn't have scissors). Chivalry. Also hot.

So a few days later I then returned to this cafe, pencils de-packaged, and proceeded to sit in a corner and sketch in a bohemian and quirky manner, (or in an awkward and stalkerish manner, who knows. I didn't sketch him obsessively. I sketched everyone). I also dressed up massively for this, (by my standards, which means I had lipstick on and my shirt wasn't a farm shirt. But either way, effort was made.)

I then got all flustered whenever he came any where near me, (which wasn't often) and I sincerely hope it wasn't obvious, because while I am a ninja at concealing my crushes (not a useful skill) I am terrible at concealing blushes.

SO THEN. I went home and Facebook stalked him. I now know is full name, where he went to school, the name of his band, what instrument he plays, where he went travelling last year and basically FAR TOO MUCH INFORMATION. I feel like a complete creep and I'm seriously worried I will accidentally let slip any of the above deviously obtained information at random next time I go into the cafe.

Because there will be a next time. I refuse to let the fact of there being a crush scare me away from the chance of progressing this crush. (Trust me I'm a pro at that.)

Anyway, the real point of this post, beyond venting about WHY DID I INTERNET STALK? WHY? Is, well. How do I go from nondescript customer (with very bright lipstick) to conversation-having girlfriend material (with very bright lipstick).

ADVICE, GUYS. I NEED ADVICE. Beyond the basics of - do not accost him when there is a line of customers waiting for their caffeine fix. Like. I get that I probably need to hang around the cafe, and the whole sketching shtick is probably going to be my most useful excuse. BUT. Where do I go from there? I can't just fling my number in his direction without a single word traded (beyond, "UM. I'll have a cappuccino," and "Here's your change.")
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My next post won't be about [community profile] metanews , promise.

Meta links (1/1/13 - 20/1/13) @ DW
Meta links (1/1/13 - 20/1/13) @ LJ

HAHAHA. I finally get the posts up and the html is fucked because smartquotes. AUSPICIOUS BEGINNINGS, I HAS THEM.

I can see clearly now )
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Pantomime season. Oh joy.

As far as I know this is a peculiarly English Christmas tradition, but do correct me if I'm wrong. (Oh no it isn't... Oh yes it is...)

I don't often go to Pantos, though I did take the little ones last year and they loved it, as most small children do. But I'm working this one which kinda means I have no choice but to go. Opening night was tonight. It was full of that heady opening night vibe. Also full of those opening night fails (the octopus, it neither octoied nor... pussied. ahem.)

I've been reading a lot of PTSD H/C over the Technical rehearsal (because Follow Spots have fuck all to do during the Tech. other than sit in the dark and get bored). Specifically ones where the protagonist is so screwed up they have no idea how normal social rules work and are constantly expecting the worst. I wonder if it's because I'm super nervous at work and everything is new to me, compared to all the regulars, who've been there forever and know the place through and through. At least in fic I can point to the characters and say, well, they had it waaay worse than me and they turned out JUST FINE. BREATHE NEMO. KEEP BREATHING. IT'S ALL GOOD. SEVEN MORE WEEKS OF THIS SHIT AND YOU'LL BE OLD HAT TOO.

Also, likely a result of all that fic, I now want to write an Avengers theatre AU. COME ON IT WOULD SO WORK. Clint is always hidden up in the bridges doing Follow Spot. No one sees him, but he always sees you. (Yes, Clint is generally the hero of PTSD fic and yes I've possibly been self-comparing a little too much.) Also my boss' calm voice over the cans just made me think of Coulson the whole time. Nothing seems to faze him, it's awesome. And Natasha would be his second who was operating the show and the Clint/Natasha/Coulson Electrician threesome would be this triad of awesome and competence and win. And Thor would totally be the constantly upbeat Stage Manager, and the Warriors Three are all stage crew and they use their mighty strength to shuffle through scene changes like magic. Plus we all got issued those head torch thingies, and when you wear them round your neck, it lights up your chest like an arc reactor. So that's Tony, the Sound whizz, who they get freelance and he's super difficult to work with but he's also a sound ninja and all the cues go off exactly at the right time and nothing ever malfunctions because he's just that good

And okay so I'm not really sure where Bruce goes, because 'impossibly angry when stressed' isn't really conducive to a high-stress theatrical environment. And then there's the Loki question -- I don't really want him to be the baddie, because a Loki style baddie doesn't really line up with real life style baddies. (The 'Evul Council' translates much better to 'incompetent Director' or 'meddling managerial staff' or something.) Though it would be loltastic if 'Loki' was the villain in the show and Loki the actor was actually Thor's, really quite nice, younger brother.

Seven more weeks, man, this fic bunny may become the only thing keeping me going.

ETA:  Yeah I've locked and unlocked this at least thrice now. I can't decide if there's any chance someone from work might read it. There's no chance, right.... right?
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I've defaulted on a whole bunch of fests. I'm trying to write original fic but nothing is working.

I'm here. but I'm not really here, here. If you get me. I mean, I have some fics that will get posted soonish. But I think signing up for things involving deadlines was not the best idea.

Anyway, I did go to the Expo on Sat, which was AWESOME. I have to bring a camera next time. Some of the costumes were A-MAY-ZING. There was an unfortunate lack of Star Trek people though. I noticed a couple of Next Gen-ers, but no TOS, not even STXI. Despite that I was pretty happy with my Uhura get-up. I got a positive response from a few people. I now need to decide what to go as for the LFCC. COSPLAY. IT IS CONTAGIOUS AND ADDICTIVE.

I didn't really take the time to browse the Dealer room, (it was SO PACKED. My God I did not expect that many people) and like I said, I should have brought a camera so I could perve on praise other people's epic costumes. (There was a fem-Loki and fem-Thor. The fem-Loki was UTTER WIN.)

Other than my eyes dropping out my head at all the wonderful cosplayers, I mostly I focused on going to the panels.

Sarah Shahi (Kate Reed on Fairly Legal) was tiny and gorgeous pretty hilarious. Shamelessly promoting for Fairly Legal, and fairly successful considering I want to give it another go now.

Tyler Hoechlin and Holland Roden (Derek and Lydia on Teen Wolf) were sweet. I'm now more interested in Lydia's story after all Holland's teasing (she'd been sworn to secrecy but apparently Lydia gets a fair amount of attention around mid-season.) They didn't really tell us that much else, though apparently Dylan is not the prankster on set, he's more the prank-ee, which is lols.

Raphael Sbarge (Jiminy Cricket/Archie on OUaT) was UTTERLY ADORABLE. HE KEPT SAYING GEE WHIZ. Not even in a semi-ironic way. He just said it. IT WAS A THING HE SAID. I mean, he was basically Archie IRL. It was the cutest.

The last panel we saw was the guy who plays Nick in Grimm. [ profile] jolinarjackson watches the show and was reccing it to us. (Excepting the German language fail). He seemed personable enough, a little bit too 'cool', but funny despite that.

I haven't seen one-person panels before, I should think that's a tough thing to pull off. The audiences weren't as receptive as they could have been, I think Shahi had the toughest, the other three were in the main stage and seemed to have more watchers of the shows. I think a lot of the people watching Shahi were fans of Life or the L-word, and one guy kept asking her about Alias.

Utterly randomly, on my way home I walked straight past James Purefoy in Paddington station. Just as sexy, if not more, IRL than on tv. I am impress.

K has now massively got into Magic: The Gathering (he stayed for the entire weekend in London, and apparently, when they weren't at the con, they were playing cards. Food? Pff, who needs food?) It is highly addictive and absurdly geeky. I'm not really a fan of the capitalist, materialistic-trap. BUY THESE CARDS. NOW BUY THESE CARDS. ALSO THESE THINGS. ALSO. AND MORE.

But the game itself is plenty fun. even if he keeps killing me. Now I want to see if I can find some Oxford LARPers or table-top-ers (is that a phrase?). Because I'm cool. Did you miss that?

In other news, I finally got round to watching the TVD finale, so there's that.

Thoughts and some S4 spoilers, nothing really major )
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Theoretically Lazy green curry soup.

Slice half an aubergine into strips and fry in oil. Realise they will be fried-yum but spice-tasteless. Add salt. Remove from pan, cut one chicken breast into strips and fry in same pan. Chicken strips stick to pan and begin to burn. Add more oil. Realise chicken will also be tasteless. Add salt and attempt to add black pepper from broken grinder. Search kitchen for a non-distracting base spice, consider and discard soy sauce as too salty. Add miso paste. Remove from oil.

Take off heat and add about two tablespoons of green curry paste. Add about a tablespoon of brown sugar. Add half a red pepper cut into strips. Put back on heat and give a shake. Open tin of coconut milk. Struggle with tin opener and watch red pepper begin to burn. Leap to save red pepper. Browned red pepper is totally fine. Add half tin coconut milk. Mix until sugar and paste are combined with coconut milk. Consider keeping rest of coconut milk back until later. Try to remember which recipe said that was a good idea. Fail to remember. Try to think why doing that might a good idea. More coconuty taste if uncooked? Fail to give a shit. Add rest of coconut milk. Add half a courgette, sliced.

Take out three large green chillies. Slice one. Tap in centre of tongue. Spicy but not burning. Replace two chillies in fridge. Consider size of sliced pile. Worry it will be too little. Worry it will be too much.

Put oil back on shelf. See ginger. Realise you forgot to add ginger. Swear. Grab ginger and dice a thumb sized piece. Consider garlic. Decide against it. Add fried aubergine, ginger and chilli. Add juice of half a lime. Attempt to grate lime zest. Fail because lime is old and dry. Cook for a bit. Add chicken. Add half a cup of water and remaining lime half. Don't bother attempting to grate zest.


Far too fucking spicy fuck shit this is not lazy food. Now I have to think.

Think of ways to fix it. Wish you had added less chilli. Note to self, err on side of caution when using new untested chillies. Be thankful you didn't add all three chillies as planned. Stare at pan. Accept it will not be soup. Resign self to curry.

Drain veg into another pan. Begin boiling off extra water. Wash one cup rice. Add two cups water and a little oil. Stir once then bring to boil. Add cornflower to curry sauce to help thicken. Wash stuck cornflour off fingers. Try adding again this time using a fork. Start stirring. Remember new pan is non-stick. Attempt to stir without touching bottom of pan. Fail.

Swap hobs because rice is taking too long. Rice finally boils. Curry seems thick enough. Take curry off heat, put rice on lowest heat and lid on with small air gap. Leave for 15/20 mins. Pour veg back into pan. Pour curry sauce over veg.

Rice is very almost done, should wait for final water to be burnt off. Fail to give a shit. Swap pans, taste curry sauce, still spicy but heat level seems acceptable. Taste red pepper, is warmish. Should wait until all reheated through. Fail to give a shit.

Pile sticky rice on plate. Attempt to drain off excess curry as you pile veg onto plate.

Eat half your food. Still too spicy.

Go back into kitchen, taking plate with you to protect it from cat. Scoop yoghurt into tall cup. Add cold water and sugar. Stir. Drink. Thank all available deities for lassi. Thank some unavailable ones. Finish dinner.

Consider the pan-full of too spicy green curry left in kitchen.

Well shit.
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I wrote a grand total of fuck all today. Very fail. I've signed up for three separate challenges (because I hate myself, clearly). One I wrote some for but now can't face continuing. One has imploded in a a fiery fit of FML, this plot bunny is made of suck, and the last I'm now afraid to start because it has plot and I'm worried it'll make like the FML suck bunny of fire and death and awful terribleness.

So instead have random unrelated things I have been doing to distract myself:

I made this for dinner. I now have enough to feed a small army. (Well, fine. A very small army. Of four.)

Cooking blather )

I'm reading The Journey of the Soul: The story of Hai bin Yaqzan by Ibn Tufail which is an allegorical tale that follows the life of Hai bin Yaqzan, and talks about, variously: the path towards enlightenment; enlightenment thorugh spiritual experience vs enlightenment through knowledge; society vs solitude; religion vs spirituality; and the scientific method.

It's all fairly interesting stuff. Just... not exactly my kind of stuff. I'll review properly it when I'm done, but for now, I quite liked this bit:

"If the universe is an event, it must have a cause and if it had a cause, why did it act when it did and not earlier? Was there something which influenced the cause? But if there was nothing except the cause, how could anything influence it? Was the explanation simply that the cause had experienced a change in its essence? But if so, there must have been a cause that caused this change."

... And then his head exploded.

Trailers )

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...Now I have over 6,000 words of Sam/Lucifer drama.

Guys. I don't even watch the damn show, this was not supposed to happen.

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Guys, help me out. There's a show (or a book, or a film) involving 'true love's kiss' ( it's not Once upon a time) where two characters kiss and it fails to have the desired effect - and the guy is all NO WAIT, I DO LOVE YOU, but the woman runs off all sad?

And as a viewer I was pretty sure he did honestly love her, like, I think I actually remember saying so in a post on this journal. But the implication in the show was that he loved something else more. (His work? His job? Money? Power? IDK. Not another person though.)

I just watched Once Upon a Time ep 1x12 with Rumpelstiltskin and Belle and it reminded me of this enough to irritate and not enough for me to name whatever the fuck it is. HELP ME OUT GUYS, PLEASE.

This vid (Sail, GOT) ) is making me want to start watching Game of Thrones again, except really, I only want to watch if it's just about Dani, Sansa and Arya, the boys can all go hang. Maybe I'll try fic instead. Do you think there's Dani/Arya future!fic (where Arya isn't, like, 8 years old?) I'd read the fuck out of that. They would be bitchin' Queens. Technical term


I first heard the word in an interview with Emma Thompson. She was either asked her favourite word, or her favourite attribute in a partner, I'm not sure, either way: "Uxorious", she replied, deadpan.

"Uxorious is an adjective meaning 'very or excessively fond of your wife', e.g.: he was an almost perfect husband: uxorious, hard-working, and a good provider. It comes from the Latin uxor 'wife'." )
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After reading Blood Magic, I got a bit obsessed with long fics, and old school HP, specifically Harry/Voldemort. Thing is most, if not all Harry/Voldemort is absolutely fucking awful. I managed to find a couple of readable fics, pushed myself into reading the beginnings of a whole bunch of frankly unreadable fics (beginnings only, because I gave up after a chapter or so) and now EVERYTHING I READ IS AWFUL. IT BROKE ME GUIZ. I CAN'T READ FANFIC ANY MORE. MY EYESSSS. THEY BUUUURN.

This must be what hell feels like. Bad fic. Everywhere.
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I used fresh chillies instead of powder in my dinner, because I'm a bloody idiot. I accidentally bit down on a big piece, thinking it was red pepper.

My mouth's been on fire for the past FIVE MINUTES. NO SIGN OF ABATING. I've got no yoghurt and no bread in the house. I already drunk two glasses of milk.

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NOW LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO (and by you, I mean me).

I was going to make a massive picspam post of tumblr steals, but then it was taking ages and then I posted just the links and I didn't like it.


And since every blog needs some idiotic conceit. There is a THREE WORD LIMIT to all things ever.

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Nemo checks out her flist
Nemo sees veni_vidi_vids has updated
Nemo clicks
Page loads
Nemo reads the first rec: Every so often I feel I need more creepy grimdark in my life, so I re-watch obsessive24/Nicky's Climbing Up the Walls. And I forget that Zac Efron played flashback Simon in Firefly and there's a whole other level of intertextuality and creepiness...



More TW blather, in no particular order... )


Yanked from thefourthvine's yuletide request )


"Dorothy Jane fell out of a plane" or, am I a hypocrite? )
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... and then I decided I had to send a vid primer to K.


Here, it might be interesting to some people. these are all vidrecs I've posted at nemo_recs at various times. ALSO I feel I have to put up a disclaimer. I know my Loki vid was shit. I feel bad critiquing really good stuff, then posting shite. It was just pissing me off and taking up my time and WMV wasn't cooperating but mostly I was being lazy and I just POSTED IT. SO yeah. whatever. I have to be up in 6 hours and I hate everything.

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Did get SOME writing done whilst away. Not as much as planned though. Have a quote from D with the C. (This is how I make [rewrite] notes to myself...)

And he flipped them back over, the wound in his thigh giving a slight twinge at the sudden exertion after so many days spent riding, and so many nights spent... riding. [HAHAHA. NO.]

That fic, srsly, cracks me the fuck. up.

Collected glass from the beach, white mostly, some pale blue, some green, one dark blue, woot! Also got a bunch of stones with holes in, just in case I ever have to see through a fairy glamour. YOU NEVER KNOW.

The old Adam West batman was on while we were there. SAME BAT-TIME, SAME BAT-CHANNEL. I kinda want to do a rewrite of Batman Begins/Dark Knight in the old style way. BUT THERE IS NO ROBIN. HOLY TRAGEDY BATMAN!

Managed to catch up on TGW, but utterly failed to watch any SGU. I felt too bad watching tv instead of writing. I know, I fail at this holiday lark.




TGW s2 e18-23 )
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* I stayed up late then got up early. THAT'S MY STORY AND I'M STICKING TO IT.

Since I managed to anon fail on the Eagle kink meme, I might start writing and posting all the random Consequences 'verse bunnies I have in my mind. THEY ARE TAKING OVER. I NEED SPACE FOR THINGS LIKE RECIPES AND UM OTHER FICS AND... Yeah okay fine, I don't actually have anything better to store in the space between my ears. MULTIPLY YOU FLUFFY BASTARDS. HAVE AT.

A whole lot of rambling, mostly about the Celts, mention of some other things I'm writing, TSN and original fic, at end. )

The Eagle

May. 20th, 2011 10:22 pm
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I saw the Eagle. It is quite possibly the silliest film I've seen all year... AND I WATCH NICOLAS CAGE MOVIES.

Picspam and spoilers below the cut. )
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I post A LOT. I feel like I should be apologising? But, like, I won't be offended if I get de-friended or filtered. Hell, I won't even know if I'm getting filtered, so um, No, not apologising. I do have a warning in my (HAHA HIDDEN) profile. (Also I get far too much amusement out of the HAHA HIDDEN-ness. /am loser)

Right, so I read strive seek find yield by waldorph. (I love STXI fic that really thinks about the future, and incorporates all these awesome things about changing gender norms and society etc. it makes me wriggle with glee.)

Anyway, then then I had this urge to stare at pretty people in pretty suits... Because IDEK, my mind, it can be weirdly specific sometimes.

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