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On the way to the airport, I saw this graffiti:

                    anticrist Photobucket

emo                        muerte a justin beiber

Attack the block, from [ profile] slippery_fish's rec. DUUUUUUUDE. IT LOOKS EPIC.

And there is The Sound of my Voice which looks like creepy, trippy fun.

Also, can I just get a plug in here for BSG: Blood and Chrome. IDK where it's being stalled exactly, most likely reason seems to be CGI costs money, but either way it' stuck between tv and webseries limbo and IT IS TOO AWESOME FOR THAT. I WANT IT NOW.

I spent the past however many hours on TVTropes, because, um, reasons. I ended up reading the SGU pages. It never fails to amuse me how people expect all fans to divide into the 'Young camp' or the 'Rush camp'.

Oh no no, guys. United we stand.

Also, did you know Greer used to voice Gerald from Hey Arnold? I literally did an 'OMG! NO WAI!' At the screen.

Also, also these crowning moments of funny mostly make me want to cry. OH SHOW, ♥ forever.

Seven Times Logan Echolls Went To Jail by sowell, Logan/Veronica -- God they're a fucking train crash. I love them.

For some reason I stopped following Dorothy Surrenders, I really don't know why. Anyway, I've been catching up, and this is very true. I think an L-word rewatch is on the books.

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I wrote a grand total of fuck all today. Very fail. I've signed up for three separate challenges (because I hate myself, clearly). One I wrote some for but now can't face continuing. One has imploded in a a fiery fit of FML, this plot bunny is made of suck, and the last I'm now afraid to start because it has plot and I'm worried it'll make like the FML suck bunny of fire and death and awful terribleness.

So instead have random unrelated things I have been doing to distract myself:

I made this for dinner. I now have enough to feed a small army. (Well, fine. A very small army. Of four.)

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I'm reading The Journey of the Soul: The story of Hai bin Yaqzan by Ibn Tufail which is an allegorical tale that follows the life of Hai bin Yaqzan, and talks about, variously: the path towards enlightenment; enlightenment thorugh spiritual experience vs enlightenment through knowledge; society vs solitude; religion vs spirituality; and the scientific method.

It's all fairly interesting stuff. Just... not exactly my kind of stuff. I'll review properly it when I'm done, but for now, I quite liked this bit:

"If the universe is an event, it must have a cause and if it had a cause, why did it act when it did and not earlier? Was there something which influenced the cause? But if there was nothing except the cause, how could anything influence it? Was the explanation simply that the cause had experienced a change in its essence? But if so, there must have been a cause that caused this change."

... And then his head exploded.

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I have three 'The Sartorial Choices of X' picspams I want to make, I think I need to accept the fact I'm interested in fashion, and solve my awful wardrobe problem.

I'm gonna leave half my clothes here in Spain. I can't take them all home, so away they go. All my trousers are falling apart at the seams anyway. (Literally. I have had THREE SEPARATE PAIRS rip apart while I was wearing them. I TEACH. I OCCASIONALLY FACE THE BOARD. BACK TO THE ROOM. THIS IS GETTING EMBARRASSING.)

When I get home I'm getting rid of as much as I can. I have scads of hand me downs: things my mother has bought me; things my aunts/cousins have given me, plus random shit I buy at Primark because it's cheap and I am weak.


And honestly, I increasingly love spending time on fashion blogs, even if I barely understand half of what they're on about.

Anyway, I'll chart it here or something, but for now...

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I started this at a semi-reasonable hour, I swear.

if you liked the book you'll hate the movie by paperclipbitch
XMFC, Hank/Alex, Charles/Erik [high!school!au], [family dynamics]
This, seriously, this. I can't even explain, it's not what you expect. It's fun, but it becomes brilliant around Alex's POV, when the Charles/Erik not!flirting steps up, and the dysfunctional!family aspect kicks in. It's like crack except perfect. And I haven't the words. Just read it, it'll have you in stitches (and keep you up 'till five, apparently).
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NOW LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO (and by you, I mean me).

I was going to make a massive picspam post of tumblr steals, but then it was taking ages and then I posted just the links and I didn't like it.


And since every blog needs some idiotic conceit. There is a THREE WORD LIMIT to all things ever.

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AM SO WATCHING THIS: Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol -- I KNOW. Scientology man, but it's Mission Impossible. Can't not. ALSO just going by that one line in the trailer:

"Who are you really?"
"We all have our secrets, don't we Ethan."

I'm totally headcanoning that Hawkeye IS LITERALLY HAWKEYE in this, only undercover. EPIC CROSSOVER WIN.

The Heir Apparent Largo Winch -- Looks like silly fun, in French, which makes a change. (Partly in French, whatever). And Kristen Scott Thomas is DIVINE. (Yes, she merits that word, her and Cate Blanchett have copyrighted it). So may watch just for her. BUT doesn't Largo remind you of Richard Coyle - as in Jeff from Coupling? (Now that I would pay to watch.)

Underworld Awakening. -- YAY VAMPIRES. You know I don't think I ever bothered with the prequel. I'll have to dig it up and then do a marathon. What happened to her love interest? Too monstrous and blue? See this is the problem with werewolves. They just aren't sexy. Sorry Teen Wolf. Human form? Sure. Man-wolf form? No thank you.

Snow White and the Huntsman -- FFFF. Stardust rip off. Hancock's immortal gf hires Thor to bring back the heart of Bella Swan. LOL FOREVER. And WOW that was an unbelievably laboured fake!English accent at the beginning of the voice over. May have to watch it just for that (then bandage my bleeding ears). And from what little I got from the trailer, Thor has a terrible accent going on as well. Joy. I wonder if they made KStew do the same, since all she does in the trailer is run around looking pretty/scared/determined.

Like Crazy -- I think the last overtly romantic movie I watched was 500 days of Summer. This looks more straightforward. Also looks like the kind of movie that'll make me want to slit my wrists if I watch it alone and single as ever as always (oh God). So yeah, put that on the back burner shall we? In other news, Felicity Jones could be Rebekah's brunette sister. They've got the whole petite, big limpid eyes, pointy face, pale skin thing going on.

Safehouse -- OOOOH. I love Ryan Reynolds. I just do. I saw him in, Blade 3? And he was hilarious in a shitty film, And then he was in Definitely Maybe and he was sweet, and he was fun in Smokin' Aces as well. I realise he's made a bunch of shitty movies but I DON'T CARE. I like him. And Denzel Washington is Denzel Washington and he's always watchable. Also this looks SLASHORIFIC. And it's got moral!ambiguity!kink going on. So. YES PLEASE. BRAINLESS SLASHY KINK? I AM SO IN THERE. Though I gotta ask, isn't this basically Training Day? Only with CIA people instead of cops?

Albert Nobbs -- Could be interesting, depends on how they play it. Is she crossdressing just for work or because it feels natural? Is it something she grew into or always wanted to do? Is she in love with Wasikowska or just doing what is expected? Is it even crossdressing? Is she even a she? I'm not saying they have to answer the questions, but they have to recognise they're there to be asked. I Haven't seen Glenn Close in much but she's got a good rep, right? Might give it a go. Though the accents sound a bit... top o' the mornin' to yeh... O_o

Coriolanus -- Hmmm IDK, Ralph Fiennes can be good. But I saw Chromophobia that had a whole bunch of epic people in it and it was written and directed by his sister, and it was the most godawful prolonged session of upper middle class navel-gazing I have ever watched. Not that I expect this to be navel gazing what with Shakespeare and all. But I could see it being pretentious and back-slappy. Particularly considering the modern AU. (I swear, Shakespeare is way ahead of the competition when it comes to modern AUs of his stuff. WAY AHEAD. What else is there? Bridget Jones?)
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Feel so sick. Sore throat turned into hideous flu-ishness and today has been a total write off.

EVOL. Found via the Unspeak blog by Steven Poole.

Also check out this extract from the intro of Unspeak, it's a good book, I enjoyed it.

Subtravelling. On the metro they've got this short film festival going on. These two are my favourites: Le Grand Jeu by Yannick Pecherannd-Molliex and Signs by Vincent Gallagher

TGW ep 8

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In case it wasn't obvious. I may even work on the final DWTC chapter it's that bad. (EGAD THAT FIC. I WANT IT GONE.). I also have eleventy billion Maddy Bowen icons (from Blood Diamond) to post, since I made them for her RP journal (seriously, eleventy billion, I was a bit trigger happy with the screencap button).



LOKI VID THAT NEEDS TO BE MADE - INTRUDER by PETER GABRIEL. (Lyrics don't start until about 1.00 but MY GOD it is perfect.)
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I am planning a lesson about Alice in Wonderland. I'm looking for an abridged text to use with my students, and I came across this.

"...But when the Rabbit actually TOOK A WATCH OUT OF ITS WAISTCOAT- POCKET, and looked at it, and then hurried on, Alice started to her feet..."

I couldn't help but read the CAPSLOCK as if the narrator had suddenly STARTED SHOUTING! (The internet has broken me) And then I realised what it really needed was some CAPSLOCK SWEARING.

... Some helpful enabling later (thank you [ profile] gelise!) and this is the result:


I should probably get back to planning the damn lesson now... Can't I just have the students all make GQMF posters for each other? That's useful shit, right?
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I have realised pretty much all the links I've been posting recently have been fail html. I blame this entirely on Evernote which apparently hates it when I include html tags in text. Very, very annoying. I have to change my entire method of writing up livejournal posts now. GDI.

Computer is back from the shop! All fixified! In fact, it was just dust clogging up the fan and stopping it from spinning.


So. VidUKon! ([ profile] vidukon ) EPIC WONDERFUL TIME.

I met so many amazing people, put faces to the names of so many vidders whose work I adore. Got totally vidding enthused and enabled. And yes, may have reached vid saturation point. At least for a couple of days...

Have my procrastination fuelled epic-long write up )
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Billy Connolly - Wildebeest: "Can you hear a lion? ... Thought I heard a lion."

Mark Steel - Shitty London Transport. (He's also done some awesome, informative lectures for tv, they're on youtube as well)

Mark Thomas - UK arms trade.

Dylan Moran - What can we replace religion with?

Eddie Izzard - Fanvid by [ profile] danegen . (Look at him flopping about the stage!)

Chris Morris - Prank calling America. (Terrestrial Dolphin). Bonus prank call: "Are the planes sniffing at the building?"

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la status

Mar. 14th, 2011 11:40 pm
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I'm making this public in some attempt to shame myself into studying. I'm also including some random things in order to justify said publicness. Since I'm a-London-ing tomorrow, I probs won't get another of these up until Wed. But from then on. I WILL BE CONSISTENT. I WILL. REVISION MUST HAPPEN.

Farscape picspam. OH MY GOD FARSCAPE. I miss you too much. Really. Too much. (found via [ profile] kiki_eng 's rec archives)
Article on why Mark Zuckerberg didn't sue for defamation. Basically the exact plot of TGW episode 14
The fail situation of state education. Awesome animated lecture style:

(Royal Society for the encouragement of the Arts)

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Decided to try and dive into SG1 and SGA fandoms. Partly because they are massive and I'm always up for more fic. Partly because I was reading synecdochic's writing meta and there's lots of SG examples in there, partly because I want to know what it is the SGU haters miss so much.

I'll be honest, my main reason was procrastination.

I have a vague knowledge of canon points/characters thanks to SGU and general fandom osmosis, as well as my one fail attempt to watch the respective canons. But I specifically went looking for recs for the newbie.

SG1 primer for the Farscape fan. - (Mostly, just makes me want to re-watch Farscape. NO SHOW CAN EQUAL THAT LEVEL OF INSANE.)

/with fic recs:
SGA fic primer
thefourthvine's fandoms I have loved: SG1.
thefourthvine's fandoms I have loved: SGA. ("I suffer for my art. Or, okay, it isn't exactly art, and I don't suffer so much as, well, type, and also indulge my obsessiveness to an alarming degree, but "I suffer for my art" would fit on an icon, so I generally just go with that. Misleading but succinct, that's my motto. Except for the succinct part." -- That quote just makes me giggle.)

I now know that Cam is a man and Sam is a girl. This has solved much confusion.

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