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The human body contains about 5 litres of blood, allowing for differences in body weight. A donor usually gives about 8-10% of their blood (so approx 500ml). 15-30% (1.5 litres) and you'll feel sick, go pale and your skin will start feeling cold. 30-40% (2 litres) and your heart starts beating faster you'll probably need a transfusion to recover. Over 40% your probably a goner.

In one sitting, you can probably drink 1-1.5 litres comfortably. The stomach can expand to about 4 litres, which is why people can drink a gallon of milk without exploding (but then usually vomit it up after because... what did they expect?)

You can bleed out from the carotid (neck), brachial (arm) or femoral (leg) in about a minute. But arteries are fairly difficult to get at. In the wrist, you'd have to slice vertically down your artery to bleed out with any speed, so from a vamp bite you're talking a few hours, plus the possibility of clotting staunching the flow.

In the neck you'd probably hit veins or even the windpipe first, depending on your aim. Most the time they bite the meat of shoulder, not the pulse point (i.e. artery) which is harder to get to, higher on the neck.

As for the femoral, it's fairly difficult to get your face into someone's groin if accosting outside of a naked sexytimes scenario.

Also vamp teeth are fairly thin and short. It's questionable how far they'd even penetrate considering the layer of fat we all have under the skin before you even get to any good stuff.

So while they may nick an artery, we're not looking at the bleeding out in minutes that you get from severing one fully. You will bleed, and suction will probably induce a steady flow, but you're unlikely to bleed out from a bite wound.

So overall, that equals: a vampire can safely drink as much as the victim can safely lose. The victim won't die, but will feel woozy and need to drink electrolytes or take iron tablets to recover. The wound is going to need pressure and treating, if an artery is nicked, probably in the hospital so they can make sure it heals ok, but if no artery is touched, then just like you would a normal cut. It should clot fine and NO ONE NEED DIE.

The whole, vampire grabs a person by the neck and drains them in seconds, dropping their dead body to the floor? NO. It would be, vamp grabs by neck, stretches head awkwardly to side to get at carotid. Bites, gets blood EVERYWHERE like it's being sprayed out by a fucking garden hose. Makes a massive mess and a few minutes later, the person dies. They would not be able to drink that much blood without vomiting it back up again a la the milk gallon drinking fools. Not a sexy look, I'd imagine.

IF they have anticoagulants in their saliva, then, provided they do pierce an artery, (which isn't easy) passing out followed by death is probably inevitable without medical treatment. Though still, not going to be instantaneous, but a few minutes to an hour depending on severity of bite.

For the ones that rip the entire throat out with their teeth, well yes. Obvs that kills.

Follow up for this would be, if a vamp can drink, let's say 1 litre per person to be on the safe side, then they need to hit up 5 people per night to fully replace the blood in their body. Though, we don't know what happens to blood once in a vamp's body exactly. Maybe since they're dead, they can't generate new blood, only use what they have until it dies. Red blood cells live for about 4 months, so 5 people every 4 months, or, since they could take just over a litre from each person, that's basically hitting one person a month for just over 1 litre of blood.

One person a month. Seriously, couple of iron tablets and some Lucozade and they're fine. NO BIG.
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I don't know, maybe I'm being a bitch here. But I really really dislike this idea that we the fans have to police our behaviour around the objects of our fannishness.

Yes, it sucks to be chased down the road, yes it sucks to be made uncomfortable by intrusive questions, or seeing yourself nude in fanart, or having sex in fanfic.

But. Thing is. Do they police their behaviour around us? Do they avoid being rudely dismissive of the fans. Do they abstain from making fun of our creations? Do they avoid belittling, lording it over and in general behaving badly towards fans?

Some do? Well yeah, but all fans don't act the same way as well.

Look, sure, ideally we would all behave well towards each other. But the fact is it's them who are in the position of privilege, not us. And I despise this backhanded shaming that erupts in fandom every so many years: HDU show fanfic, HDU tinhat, etc. etc.

The fans are part of being famous. They are a job hazard. Fame = lack of privacy. That is the way it is. And I really have no patience with superstars who moan and complain about how hard their life is now that they're rich and famous. Likewise I have no patience with fans who set themselves up as gatekeepers and take it upon themselves to police everyone else's behaviour.

I'm not saying we should dismiss the objects of our fandom, I'm not saying we should revere them, I'm saying do what you like, and maybe stop shaming each other over our choices.

I live!

Mar. 22nd, 2011 10:48 pm
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My computer died. Is still dead in fact. And then I proceeded to kill A's as well. I'm just waiting for this one to die next. IT'S NOT MY FAULT. I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING. I just have some anti-tech forcefield, or something >_<.

So. This is why the sudden silence. Also all my files and documents are stuck on the dead computer. Which has put a spanner in both fandom and revision works. To be fair, more of an excuse on the revision front than an actual obstruction, but shhhhh.

On the procrastination front, have done a good deal of baking since getting home.

I am lost without a computer. SRSLY. Without lj I have no one to talk at. (as a result, this post is epic long, guys). I couldn't read fanfic, or check my flist properly or ANYTHING. These couple of days have been hellish.

... I am sort of worried for myself. Clearly, yes, I have a problem. Internet addiction is very real. I should probably get some twelve step book or something.

Or, you know. Some self-control.

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I did not think it'd be my kind of movie. In fact, I thought it sounded really boring. I kinda hate facebook. But everyone kept going on about how great it was, and since I had a friend over I decided to give it a try.

Yes, ok, everyone was right.

[Spoilers abound]

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TVD so2 e09

Ok so that solves the 'are witches always women?' question. But seriously. All witches are black? That isn't funny or interesting or anything, that's fucking stupid. Can we not racially segregate superpowers please?


Really very disappointed with Misfits eps 6 and 7

The arc up to 4 was great. 5 was an all right self contained/filler. But 6 and 7 just nose-dived.

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Rewatching The Great Game... JOHN TYPES WITH TWO FINGERS, HE IS A TWO FINGER TYPIST. AW JOHN. (Sherlock OTOH, is, of course, a touch typist).

Money Money Money by rexregirebellis
OH MY GOD. This is too hilarious, too brilliant. The best sort of crack. And Mark Gatiss' face. IT IS WONDERFUL.

The Apple Tree (tribute to Glitch Mob) by Khamelion808
"It is not intended to tell a story. I didn't edit it that way. I wanted to relate sound to motion. So each and every cut you see was picked for a reason."
Tribute, fanwork, awesome.
It's like a dance, a video dance. A celebration of sound.

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I feel like I'm both over-doing and over-sharing with all this "UP FANDOM" talk, so feel free to ignore the stuff under the cut.

ETA: Journal's new haircut... you like?

grr arg

Sep. 20th, 2010 02:17 pm
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'Well if she's so good at X why doesn't she do it for money?'

I hear this so often, usually in my case for fanfic/RP and I've seen other fandom people complain about having it directed at them.

This complete inability to understand that we do it for FUCKING FUN. IT'S A FUCKING HOBBY. WHY IS THAT NOT VALID? Can't you see what we get out of it, this sense of community, the sharing of creativity. Don't you see that there is NOTHING FUCKING WRONG WITH BEING A FUCKING GEEK! WHY IS IT SOCIALLY MORE OK TO BE A MUSIC GEEK? FUCK MUSIC. IT'S JUST NOISE.

Then there's the whole. It's not very inventive/imaginative, using someone else's source as your springboard. That classic dig against fandom - 'find your own characters.' >_< OH GOD. Diana Gabaldon flashbacks.

It's not the same as doing a cover of someone else's music, it's not even the same as adapting someone else's music, unless you're talking something seriously radical and new. We change things in fandom, just as much in vids as in fic, just in a different way. Why is painting a picture of some stately house a valid hobby? If not for the architect's vision THERE WOULD BE NO HOUSE. But that's art, that's worthy.

Oh man. It actually really, seriously pisses me off when they do shit like this, when they belittle fandom. I fucking love fandom. Probably too much, yeah, I probably spend too much of my time here and probably have too many of my social needs met through the internet.

SO FUCKING WHAT? Doesn't change the fact that fandom is a valid creative process, that drawing interesting insights into the world at large from the media output doesn't make those insights any less important just because they're from the media not from, IDK the news at ten.

That a vid or fic somehow has less right to be taken seriously than an essay. O_o Like you can't make important statements through a creative piece and like an essay or article can't ever be about FUCK ALL, despite being 10 pages long. Like some fuckhead who works for a magazine has more 'expertise' than someone who's been in fandom for years.

That elevating source to a discussion of race or gender or equality isn't just the same as wondering what colour socks Brad Pitt is wearing today.

I can't, I actually can't do this.
Sorry. Coherent meta is not my friend right now.
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I've been working my way through my flist, trying to catch up, by which I mean bookmarking lots of things I want to read, but don't actually have time for right now, so not catching up at all actually >_<. But here's some random things I've stored up over the week:

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SGU ep 18 )

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So I don't watch supernatural, haven't for the last 3 seasons or so, I only really keep track of what's happening so that I can read [ profile] entangled_now 's fic without being completely confused... which means keeping track of Gabriel - and so I went and watched this bit of episode 19.( It's the spoiler bit BIG SPOILER. So don't clicky if you haven't yet watched the ep.) I skipped around a bit to get the other Gabriel scenes, but the rest of it...
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Watched New York I love you

WOW I did not like that movie.

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Got hold of the recent Anita Blake book, Skin Trade.

Okay I don't get the title, is it some reference to prostitution? To the strippers? Eh?

ANYWAY. I was pretty surprised. THERE WAS ACTUAL PLOT.

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