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Can I just say how RIDICULOUSLY attractive I'm finding Doc Holliday on Wynonna Earp.

Like. Really. Really. Ridiculously. Good looking.

Despite the mustache. (Because of the mustache?)

Also. The fact that he played the Druid guy in Lost Girl is killing me. IDK why, I find it utterly hilarious. Druid guy was also stupidly hot, while also being totally ridiculous and wearing terrible clothes. Also morally ambigous. No mustache though. 

Is it a real mustache though? This is the question. Cos it's grey whereas his hair isn't. Which makes me think fake. Also it takes time to grow something that big. And he clearly didn't sport one before. But then he has facial hair in interviews so maybe he'd just shaven it off after the show? IDK.

I have spent too much time pondering the question of this man's facial hair.

He's hot. It makes him hotter! It makes him look kinda rat-like?

He's really sexy. He's kinda wiry and weaselly looking? IDK

I mean, there's this:

But I prefer this:

Did I mention he has a hat?

I have lost perspective. I would very much like HBO to buy this series and then fill every episode with really explicit sex scenes in which Wynonna and Doc fuck on every surface in the house and then christen the pink car, and also other highly specific fantasies I may or may not have had regarding these two. And fucking.

Seriously I have not had such a pornographic reaction to a pairing in... Ever?

In other news, this series has, like diversity and stuff.

Also, this breakdown of how it's basically Buffy, rings fairly true. But I definitely get a Faith vibe off Wynonna more than a Buffy. 
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The human body contains about 5 litres of blood, allowing for differences in body weight. A donor usually gives about 8-10% of their blood (so approx 500ml). 15-30% (1.5 litres) and you'll feel sick, go pale and your skin will start feeling cold. 30-40% (2 litres) and your heart starts beating faster you'll probably need a transfusion to recover. Over 40% your probably a goner.

In one sitting, you can probably drink 1-1.5 litres comfortably. The stomach can expand to about 4 litres, which is why people can drink a gallon of milk without exploding (but then usually vomit it up after because... what did they expect?)

You can bleed out from the carotid (neck), brachial (arm) or femoral (leg) in about a minute. But arteries are fairly difficult to get at. In the wrist, you'd have to slice vertically down your artery to bleed out with any speed, so from a vamp bite you're talking a few hours, plus the possibility of clotting staunching the flow.

In the neck you'd probably hit veins or even the windpipe first, depending on your aim. Most the time they bite the meat of shoulder, not the pulse point (i.e. artery) which is harder to get to, higher on the neck.

As for the femoral, it's fairly difficult to get your face into someone's groin if accosting outside of a naked sexytimes scenario.

Also vamp teeth are fairly thin and short. It's questionable how far they'd even penetrate considering the layer of fat we all have under the skin before you even get to any good stuff.

So while they may nick an artery, we're not looking at the bleeding out in minutes that you get from severing one fully. You will bleed, and suction will probably induce a steady flow, but you're unlikely to bleed out from a bite wound.

So overall, that equals: a vampire can safely drink as much as the victim can safely lose. The victim won't die, but will feel woozy and need to drink electrolytes or take iron tablets to recover. The wound is going to need pressure and treating, if an artery is nicked, probably in the hospital so they can make sure it heals ok, but if no artery is touched, then just like you would a normal cut. It should clot fine and NO ONE NEED DIE.

The whole, vampire grabs a person by the neck and drains them in seconds, dropping their dead body to the floor? NO. It would be, vamp grabs by neck, stretches head awkwardly to side to get at carotid. Bites, gets blood EVERYWHERE like it's being sprayed out by a fucking garden hose. Makes a massive mess and a few minutes later, the person dies. They would not be able to drink that much blood without vomiting it back up again a la the milk gallon drinking fools. Not a sexy look, I'd imagine.

IF they have anticoagulants in their saliva, then, provided they do pierce an artery, (which isn't easy) passing out followed by death is probably inevitable without medical treatment. Though still, not going to be instantaneous, but a few minutes to an hour depending on severity of bite.

For the ones that rip the entire throat out with their teeth, well yes. Obvs that kills.

Follow up for this would be, if a vamp can drink, let's say 1 litre per person to be on the safe side, then they need to hit up 5 people per night to fully replace the blood in their body. Though, we don't know what happens to blood once in a vamp's body exactly. Maybe since they're dead, they can't generate new blood, only use what they have until it dies. Red blood cells live for about 4 months, so 5 people every 4 months, or, since they could take just over a litre from each person, that's basically hitting one person a month for just over 1 litre of blood.

One person a month. Seriously, couple of iron tablets and some Lucozade and they're fine. NO BIG.
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In conclusion, Veronica Mars.
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Fandoms I will read absolutely everything I can get my hands on. NO MATTER HOW AWFUL.

THE DON'T JUDGE ME ONE: Blade Trinity Drake/King
THE SHINY NEW ONE: Teen Wolf Isaac/Scott
THE LONG-STANDING ONE: HP Snape mentors Harry Potter
THE ONLY PERSON TO WRITE IT WAS ME ONE: 30 Days of Night Eben/Stranger
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I've defaulted on a whole bunch of fests. I'm trying to write original fic but nothing is working.

I'm here. but I'm not really here, here. If you get me. I mean, I have some fics that will get posted soonish. But I think signing up for things involving deadlines was not the best idea.

Anyway, I did go to the Expo on Sat, which was AWESOME. I have to bring a camera next time. Some of the costumes were A-MAY-ZING. There was an unfortunate lack of Star Trek people though. I noticed a couple of Next Gen-ers, but no TOS, not even STXI. Despite that I was pretty happy with my Uhura get-up. I got a positive response from a few people. I now need to decide what to go as for the LFCC. COSPLAY. IT IS CONTAGIOUS AND ADDICTIVE.

I didn't really take the time to browse the Dealer room, (it was SO PACKED. My God I did not expect that many people) and like I said, I should have brought a camera so I could perve on praise other people's epic costumes. (There was a fem-Loki and fem-Thor. The fem-Loki was UTTER WIN.)

Other than my eyes dropping out my head at all the wonderful cosplayers, I mostly I focused on going to the panels.

Sarah Shahi (Kate Reed on Fairly Legal) was tiny and gorgeous pretty hilarious. Shamelessly promoting for Fairly Legal, and fairly successful considering I want to give it another go now.

Tyler Hoechlin and Holland Roden (Derek and Lydia on Teen Wolf) were sweet. I'm now more interested in Lydia's story after all Holland's teasing (she'd been sworn to secrecy but apparently Lydia gets a fair amount of attention around mid-season.) They didn't really tell us that much else, though apparently Dylan is not the prankster on set, he's more the prank-ee, which is lols.

Raphael Sbarge (Jiminy Cricket/Archie on OUaT) was UTTERLY ADORABLE. HE KEPT SAYING GEE WHIZ. Not even in a semi-ironic way. He just said it. IT WAS A THING HE SAID. I mean, he was basically Archie IRL. It was the cutest.

The last panel we saw was the guy who plays Nick in Grimm. [ profile] jolinarjackson watches the show and was reccing it to us. (Excepting the German language fail). He seemed personable enough, a little bit too 'cool', but funny despite that.

I haven't seen one-person panels before, I should think that's a tough thing to pull off. The audiences weren't as receptive as they could have been, I think Shahi had the toughest, the other three were in the main stage and seemed to have more watchers of the shows. I think a lot of the people watching Shahi were fans of Life or the L-word, and one guy kept asking her about Alias.

Utterly randomly, on my way home I walked straight past James Purefoy in Paddington station. Just as sexy, if not more, IRL than on tv. I am impress.

K has now massively got into Magic: The Gathering (he stayed for the entire weekend in London, and apparently, when they weren't at the con, they were playing cards. Food? Pff, who needs food?) It is highly addictive and absurdly geeky. I'm not really a fan of the capitalist, materialistic-trap. BUY THESE CARDS. NOW BUY THESE CARDS. ALSO THESE THINGS. ALSO. AND MORE.

But the game itself is plenty fun. even if he keeps killing me. Now I want to see if I can find some Oxford LARPers or table-top-ers (is that a phrase?). Because I'm cool. Did you miss that?

In other news, I finally got round to watching the TVD finale, so there's that.

Thoughts and some S4 spoilers, nothing really major )
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I have three 'The Sartorial Choices of X' picspams I want to make, I think I need to accept the fact I'm interested in fashion, and solve my awful wardrobe problem.

I'm gonna leave half my clothes here in Spain. I can't take them all home, so away they go. All my trousers are falling apart at the seams anyway. (Literally. I have had THREE SEPARATE PAIRS rip apart while I was wearing them. I TEACH. I OCCASIONALLY FACE THE BOARD. BACK TO THE ROOM. THIS IS GETTING EMBARRASSING.)

When I get home I'm getting rid of as much as I can. I have scads of hand me downs: things my mother has bought me; things my aunts/cousins have given me, plus random shit I buy at Primark because it's cheap and I am weak.


And honestly, I increasingly love spending time on fashion blogs, even if I barely understand half of what they're on about.

Anyway, I'll chart it here or something, but for now...

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mostly tv

Jan. 19th, 2012 11:16 pm
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The Good Wife 3x13. Entirely superficial not! recap:-- Kalinda, you looked REALLY HOT this episode. I think was the colour of her top, plus some stellar make up? Not sure what exactly, but her skin had all these different tones. She's gorgeous. Not that they couldn't cut back further on the black and increase the use of colour. (Navy? Dark brown? THERE ARE OPTIONS, OKAY.)

Once Upon A Time 1x09. Entirely fed-up not!recap:-- Fuck it. Emma you lose at life. Henry you are an ungrateful shit. Regina, I love you. Rumplestiltskin, I love you as well. Snow and Charming, you're all right but you don't get enough screen time. Everyone else, you are MADE OF BORING. (Red, you are still super!hot). Even mystery man-on-motorbike isn't enough to keep me interested. I had hopes, possibly not very high, but they were middling. Show, you ruined them. Now how am I going to get my Carlyle kick? Bring back SGU, you losers.

Sherlock 2x03/entire season 2. Entirely obsessed not!recap:-- I HAVE TO WAIT A WHOLE YEAR? (Or possibly just under a year) FFFFFUUUUUU. John, you were the wonderfullest wonderful ever to wonderful. Sherlock, you were manic this entire season, but it did make sense in context. Moriarty, you were the best villain in the entire world ever. He gave me shivers, actual physical shivers. I have to watch everything with Andrew Scott in now. EVERYTHING. HIS FACE. MY GOD. Molly and Lestrade, you were great, wish they'd had more screen time, but we got some nice round the edges character development, especially ep 1 and 3. Shame there wasn't more Sally and shame Anthea didn't seem to exist (though we did get more Mycroft, which I certainly approve of.) It was deffo darker this season, which makes me wonder where they're going to go in 3. Even more darker-er?

The Thousandth Man, by Rudyard Kipling
(Taken from mariole@lj)

Oh wow, this really is about John, especially considering... ep3 spoilers... )

Underage ships in Whip It fic )

Anyway, somewhat related, I HAVE ROLLER SKATES! I realise this would make more sense had I told the internet about my intention to take up Roller Derby, so consider this a belated reveal. I INTEND TO TAKE UP ROLLER DERBY! )

Their Eyes Were Watching God. )

Crazy Stupid Love )

Drive )
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I'm home for another two days, it's great to see everyone, and I'm loving being cut off from anything work related and unable to do anything but chill. It's good being in the family rythym and getting early nights, my body's thanking me, the persistent headache from the past week has all gone. The weather is cold and grey and blustery, but I'm enjoying it since I can leave it all behind. I've restocked on earl grey and cocoa (cannot find any cocoa in Barcelona, it's weird). Have also filled my suitcase with clothes, gonna have a heck of a time transporting all my stuff to the new place. I have decided I am going to be a shinier and more fashionable person from now on, no more ratty old boring clothes, I will be SMART, CHIC and ELEGANT. Or at the very least I will wear less grey. I even have make up, of both the made and up variety. This is a milestone for me, I am being initiated into the mystic feminine arts of putting paint on one's face.

A bought us all presents, which was adorable of him since we don't actually celebrate Christmas. Admittedly they were all presents that he'd like to get - films and music, but it's the thought that counts. My present to myself was a netbook, with stellar timing since my laptop gave up the ghost on the first day back. I'm still getting used to the tiny thing, it is SHINY and TINY and other -iny words.

That's about it for the RL catch up, have a whole fuckton of saved up snippets. I'm blaming tumblr for the brevity, it's paring down my attention span. Any more of this and I'll end up on Twitter. THE STUPIDEST SOCIAL PLATFORM EVER TO STUPID.

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"Gentlemen... and that one hot chick over there. What are you prepared to do?":

Miss Piggy = Nick Motherfucking Fury:

I wanna quote, but the whole thing's hilarious - literal rap Captain America Trailer:

And bonus literal Harry Potter Deathly Hallows trailer because I love that shit:

As far as I can tell, this is what it'd look like if Bridget Jones interviewed Chris Evans:
At this point, which was a…number of drinks in, it was easy to forget that it really was an interview, and I'd be lying if I said it didn't cross my mind that something might happen (and that we'd go to the Oscars and get married and have babies forever until we died?).

Also I'm just stealing all links ever from [ profile] aliassmith JSYK.

IDK if I want to try at nano again. On the one hand, I do want to. On the other, I have left it veeery late to do any planning and I already tried it once doing it without. That was fail.
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So I held off watching Thor and Captain America because I'd reached WHITE MANPAIN BROMANCE saturation point. But then I read that fic I mentioned in my last post, and another Loki AU fic (Shatter by Aria, where Loki was sent down, not Thor) and SOMEONE started RPing Loki, and I just needed Loki in my life, clearly.

Thor )


Captain America )


Tom Hiddleston talks Avengers )


Random rec: Fright Night fic. THIS is what I wanted the film to be. I know, I have unrealistic expectations.
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* I stayed up late then got up early. THAT'S MY STORY AND I'M STICKING TO IT.

Since I managed to anon fail on the Eagle kink meme, I might start writing and posting all the random Consequences 'verse bunnies I have in my mind. THEY ARE TAKING OVER. I NEED SPACE FOR THINGS LIKE RECIPES AND UM OTHER FICS AND... Yeah okay fine, I don't actually have anything better to store in the space between my ears. MULTIPLY YOU FLUFFY BASTARDS. HAVE AT.

A whole lot of rambling, mostly about the Celts, mention of some other things I'm writing, TSN and original fic, at end. )
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I have this overwhelming urge to vid Stefan to Ivor Cutler's Tomato Brain.



I've got about twenty billion Seal Prince plot bunnies. SRSLY HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? )


Zen -- My thought process behind watching this went something like: RUFUS SEWELL! RUFUS SEWELL! RUFUS SEWELL! YEAH YEAH YEAH! So I was totally biased.

Basically, it's silly and a bit crap.  )

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