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Pride & Prejudice and Zombies.

It was actually exactly what I needed. Ladies in pretty dresses stabbing things, fighting zombies and rescuing men. The entire thing was insane, plot doesn't hold up worth a damn, but it was fun and tongue in cheek and sort of comforting, in a ridiculous, bloody sort of way.

Cut for spoilers ... do P&P spoilers even count nowadays? )

Oh, also? Darcy's greatcoat is made of leather. Yeah.

It really made me want a Temeraire movie/tv series - for that, Regency AU feel, plus awesome women and a critique of Britain's colonial history. Talk about high concept. Napoleonic wars, with dragons. Why has no one made that yet?
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Baby Face in Bugsy Malone is Dexter Fletcher, also known as Nathan's dad in Misfits, or Soap, in Lock Stock.


Random brown people in leading roles being randomly brown and no one making a big deal and or plot point out of it: ) pointed it out to me)
Taylor Lautner in Abduction (I think? I haven't actually seen it, just promos).

MORE? Guys, there are more, my brain is blanking. Rec me please? I want brown people having everyday awesome lives entirely independent of their skin colour. Profic or fic, fanon or canon. I AM OPEN.

There's a place for movies that show us what it's like to be of [x] ethnic group or minority, they can be great films and I'm all for them. But it's also nice to be able to imagine yourself in the [generic lead role] and not have to mentally edit your skin colour in order to fit.


New Girl )

Favourite Community Eps (S1 and S2) ) Abed's mental voice is spot on.

Very belated Once Upon A Time review (Episode 7)

ALL THE SPOILERS. Consider yourself warned. )

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I had been writing while on the metro in to work. Epic teen wolf boyangst, almost missed my stop a few times. But my bicing card has come through now, and unfortunately writing and cycling don't go well together. (Unless you mean writing + cycling = DEAD.)

So. I might still take the metro for the longer journeys, which means two days out of four will be 'teen wolf writing' journeys and the other two... 'try not to get run over while cycling' journeys.


I'm not sure whether I should finish the AU at the end of ep 1 or continue. If I let it, I can see it's going to take over my every waking moment and I'd like to have enough drive to write other things in the fandom. I've been trawling [ profile] comment_fic for prompts which is always fun.

kink, POC, and gender thoughts (still about TW) )
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In Barcelona. Have a job! Only 8 hours a week but whatever it´ll cover rent. IT´S A START. OKAY? Am using flatmate´s v weird Spanish keyboard laptop and her dongle internet thing, still no internet in the flat. ¡Dios mío!


Ok, so do you ever get this thing where you get a soundtrack/music in your head? I don´t mean a tune stuck in your head, I mean, for example, when I'm making up stories, or daydreaming. I get a soundtrack in my head. If I focus too hard on it, it disappears into silence. Usually I don't notice it's there, but if I do, If I sort of half focus, like looking at something out of the corner of your eye, I can listen to it.

But I'm not consciously deciding what note comes next. I don't even decide what style/genre of music it is. It just seems to happen.



A packet of reviews (SPOILERS ABOUND):
Remember that OMG FILLUMS post I made a while back? )

Bookses - Malinda Lo´s Ash and Huntress )
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Does no one else call Marble Arch, 'Marble Arble'? Is it really just me?
/am weird.


I want to read Shadow of the Templar again.
I'm not a re-read-y kind of person. And I only finished it a few days ago, but. MAN. I want.


Game of Thrones )


writing frustration )


Fairly Legal )
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eps 15 - end. [spoilers of course]

I don't really review shows so much as capslock random words. Like, if you're watching the show, it make sense, but I really doubt it means anything if you haven't seen the show. APOLOGIES every 99% of you who haven't watched. What can I say, you're missing out on some epic crack, right here.


Adios show, you were epic crazy )
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... I may have to kidnap you and set you up as a sex slave in the basement. Except, we don't have a basement, so bear with me while I go build one.

PB season four. Season of the hats. )


Invasion )
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Michael/Mahone. Latest 'ship obsession. Also? Lasting a lot longer than Xander/Spike. Epic rec post gonna go up on [ profile] nemo_recs. I even read RPF for this. Srsly this ship/fandom has taken me over.

Does anyone have vids? I've seen [ profile] sdwolfpup 's two, but the others I've found are all no longer hosted.

Thoughts on S1-3, some spoilers )


Also, in the continuing saga of making C into a smaller me - I managed to hook her on Cliff McNish's Doomspell trilogy, which stands out in my memories for one reason and one reason only - Dubcon femslash. (Okay technically that's two reasons? Shuttup). And yes, the witch's Alien- style double jaw thing, and possibly the purple teeth spiders, and the snake, and possibly, like, flying magical babies? Or something? IDEK man, those books were pretty insane.
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Guys, guys, guys. I love the library. No really. I love the library. It has Prison Break seasons 1-3... NOW I HAVE PB SEASONS 1-3, and I have 4 on reserve. \o/ Man I'm not gonna get any studying done.

Also, so I am actually incapable of returning a book for C without going and finding another one to take out and make her read. THERE IS SO MUCH AWESOME LITERATURE OUT THERE. MUST MOULD HER INTO A SMALLER ME. READ FANTASY ALL DAY LONG.

So, PB.

Wow, this show really is absurd. All these tiny (and not so tiny) coincidences that Michael bases his plan on. I love how all his flashy/insane/clever plots manage to hide away all the TOTAL ABSURDITIES.

Managing to get in the correct prison. Being paired with someone like Sucre, not T-Bag. Getting Sara as his doctor. Abruzzi deciding to help, not torture further. Building the Taj Mahal replica for the warden?! FFFF. Thing is though, the show knows it and doesn't care. (I mean, "Properly propagated." = LOL forever.) That makes all the difference - doing it knowingly, with a wink at the audience, instead of taking themselves oh-so-seriously.

Michael is soooooooooooo pretty omg. HIS EYES. UNF. And Linc is so ugly, it's lols. Actually, boring as well. Skip skip skip. Linc the sink (lame nick-name, man.) Also I forgot how boring LJ was back then, IDK I think he grew on me, I could be wrong. Same goes for Veronica. She never grew. Skip skip skippy skip. At least all the losers tend to share scenes, that cuts down on time.


Sara Tancredi is adorable as ever. I hated that they 'killed' her off in such a crap way. Yay for bringing her back again.

I like that I've forgotten most of the plot details here, I remember the basic plan, but the details are all new. I love the intro, and the scene transitions rushing through the guts of the prison building. Ah SHOW. YOU ARE FUN.

Random thing that is bugging me: - OK, so Abruzzi? I have this image of Peter Stormare saying "frreeaaak" in this weird, drawing it out sort of way, possibly with his face all up in someone else's. Does he do that? Is it in Constantine? It can't be in PB, his character isn't wacko enough. It's totally pissing me off. But I can't remember enough to google. Don't you hate that?
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More joy day in prison by gwyn  --  This is the kinda post that, if made in person, would be at a frequency audible only to dogs and small children and involve a great deal of flailing wildly interspersed with - OMG AND OMG. IT JUST. FFFF AND. YOU KNOW? LIKE. OMG. I CAN'T EVEN. JUST. UH.

I wholeheartedly approve.

Also. I do this... Why do I do this? I get into a show (Prison Break/White Collar/Inception/Sherlock) And I'm all YAY OHYAY this is amazing I LOVE IT. Except, wait, now I'm going to stop and not watch any more of it for MONTHS.

And then I come back and WHOA LOOK there's a fandom and fans and shit, and GDI I missed it. ALL. AGAIN. D:


Anyway, continuing the Prison Break thing, sdwolfpup's Michael/Mahone primer. And hey, SGU people, [ profile] cerebel used to write fic. If that isn't a reason to dive into the fandom, IDK what is :D
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I've changed the way I do things on this journal and certain topics (mostly relating to RL) are now flocked. Fandom related stuff will remain open, as will fanworks. For the most part, there will be no change.


drugged!fic )

ron the death eater )


Black Jewels )
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Yeah, so... I hate my layout

There I said it, fickle aren't I? I did pre-empt it though if you remember. I KNOW MYSELF, I DO. The swirly grey background and lack of obvious hyperlinks finally got to me. Searching for a new one as we speak. (as I type, whatever.) I'm either staying headerless, or I'm stealing my Sherlock header, [ profile] byronicsherlock but that header is biiiig and I'm still kinda anti-big. So, IDK.

In other news I left my laptop plugged in for the entire week we were on holiday. The battery? Is so dead. It lasts about 15/20 mins before dying.



VD - 2x01 )


VD - 2x02 )
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Dark Angel - Jensen Ackles has been on my mind...

I'm one of those hardcore Max/Alec shippers. I first saw the DA re-runs of S2 on the TV when I was younger (oh Channel Five, you were so crap awesome) and so, when I went and d/led it and re-watched properly, I enjoyed S1, but I already knew the mmmalec was on his way. So I was biased. I was an Alec/Max shipper before Alec even appeared on screen.

I've never hated Max (I can't deal with hardcore Max-bashing in fics) but Alec was certainly my favourite character. I was just reading stuff about how Weatherly fucked up the show and was, basically, an evil, self-important wanker - so all that anti-Logan fanfic is kinda justified - and how the writers would have liked S3 to play out, if Cameron, and Weatherly/Alba hadn't screwed up... (Alec/Max with Logan becoming a blood-junkie.) Though I'll admit I don't really like hardcore Logan-bashing either. CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?

It does amuse me that the two most jarring bits in terms of Alec and Logan - the pool game and the bit where Logan has to 'save' Alec from the Familiar crack team - Weatherly insisted on putting them in. IDIOT.

ANWYAY apparently Ackles is a darling, \o/ I tend to associate him with Dean nowadays, who in my mind is a lamer version of Alec (come on, you know it's true) and clearly this is unfair to him. ASHverse!Alec, all the way. (The ASHverse being this awesome - unfortunately abandoned - epic long DA fic. Best shit ever, I kid you not.)

ANYWAY. I had a point here somewhere...

No, maybe I didn't.

I was thinking about genetically engineered supersoldiers you see, due to playing F.E.A.R on A's computer, and then I had a craving for fic about genetically engineered supersoldiers... and DA is my only genetically engineered supersoldier fandom... unless you count Cylons.


BSG has kind of eaten my mind recently. I've finally managed to persuade the family to watch and we're all talking about stuff.

"YOU CYLON" has become the insult du jour. Anyway, this has resulted in a lot of meta thoughts about BSG and a stalking of BSG fan's journals (*cough* [ profile] nicole_anell *cough*) so, over the next few days weeks I'll try to get coherent and post on that. For now, have some rambling thoughts:

Spoilers for all seasons... )

ETA: Apparently this layout doesn't make hyperlinks obvious, I'm not sure if this is due to my fiddling, or if it's meant to be like that, so I've gone back and bolded the links in the last few entries as a temporary measure.
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meta links )


The escapist movie rec )


True Blood 3x01 )


ALSO because I lose at prioritising. I went and posted a prompt here: Star Trek Reboot, Uhura, the ponytail. I have had this kink for fucking ages guys, someone fill it, or point me to a place where it's already been done. IT MUST HAVE BEEN DONE SOMEWHERE.

I also filled this Terminator/Aliens, Sarah Connor/Ellen Ripley, Almost a mirror, PG and this: Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet, It is not done, PG

AND NOW I MUST SLEEP COS I AM DEAD AND MOVING BACK HOME TOMORROW. Egad, there goes all my free time >_<.

mmmmmmm TV

Jun. 6th, 2010 02:53 pm
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episode 19 spoilers )



final few eps season 2 spoilers )


Spartacus: Blood and Sand

I'd heard good things, been turned off by the absurd campiness of the trailer, but it has Darken Rahl in, so okay, gave it a go.


Er yeah.

ep 1 )
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So in my apparently RP hiatus I have found two new characters I want to app. DEAR GOD NEMO. Remus and Damon aren't even properly settled in yet. And... Hiatus? Do you even understand the word? >_< AND TLV has shut applications down anyway, so you couldn't even if you wanted to.


In other news, F!S and Black Jewels... )
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SO , essays ALL due in over the next two weeks.

Amount written: BARELY ANYTHING
Books read: BARELY ANY

Films and vids watched: FUCKLOADS

Yes yes I'm doing well. Here, enjoy the fruits of my labours.



Terminator salvation.

Slashy fun - WHERE IS THE FIC? )

Whip it

Femslashy fun - Where is the fic? )

Vampire Diaries

Het/Slashy fun - WHERE IS THE... yeah you get where I'm going. )

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