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I've defaulted on a whole bunch of fests. I'm trying to write original fic but nothing is working.

I'm here. but I'm not really here, here. If you get me. I mean, I have some fics that will get posted soonish. But I think signing up for things involving deadlines was not the best idea.

Anyway, I did go to the Expo on Sat, which was AWESOME. I have to bring a camera next time. Some of the costumes were A-MAY-ZING. There was an unfortunate lack of Star Trek people though. I noticed a couple of Next Gen-ers, but no TOS, not even STXI. Despite that I was pretty happy with my Uhura get-up. I got a positive response from a few people. I now need to decide what to go as for the LFCC. COSPLAY. IT IS CONTAGIOUS AND ADDICTIVE.

I didn't really take the time to browse the Dealer room, (it was SO PACKED. My God I did not expect that many people) and like I said, I should have brought a camera so I could perve on praise other people's epic costumes. (There was a fem-Loki and fem-Thor. The fem-Loki was UTTER WIN.)

Other than my eyes dropping out my head at all the wonderful cosplayers, I mostly I focused on going to the panels.

Sarah Shahi (Kate Reed on Fairly Legal) was tiny and gorgeous pretty hilarious. Shamelessly promoting for Fairly Legal, and fairly successful considering I want to give it another go now.

Tyler Hoechlin and Holland Roden (Derek and Lydia on Teen Wolf) were sweet. I'm now more interested in Lydia's story after all Holland's teasing (she'd been sworn to secrecy but apparently Lydia gets a fair amount of attention around mid-season.) They didn't really tell us that much else, though apparently Dylan is not the prankster on set, he's more the prank-ee, which is lols.

Raphael Sbarge (Jiminy Cricket/Archie on OUaT) was UTTERLY ADORABLE. HE KEPT SAYING GEE WHIZ. Not even in a semi-ironic way. He just said it. IT WAS A THING HE SAID. I mean, he was basically Archie IRL. It was the cutest.

The last panel we saw was the guy who plays Nick in Grimm. [ profile] jolinarjackson watches the show and was reccing it to us. (Excepting the German language fail). He seemed personable enough, a little bit too 'cool', but funny despite that.

I haven't seen one-person panels before, I should think that's a tough thing to pull off. The audiences weren't as receptive as they could have been, I think Shahi had the toughest, the other three were in the main stage and seemed to have more watchers of the shows. I think a lot of the people watching Shahi were fans of Life or the L-word, and one guy kept asking her about Alias.

Utterly randomly, on my way home I walked straight past James Purefoy in Paddington station. Just as sexy, if not more, IRL than on tv. I am impress.

K has now massively got into Magic: The Gathering (he stayed for the entire weekend in London, and apparently, when they weren't at the con, they were playing cards. Food? Pff, who needs food?) It is highly addictive and absurdly geeky. I'm not really a fan of the capitalist, materialistic-trap. BUY THESE CARDS. NOW BUY THESE CARDS. ALSO THESE THINGS. ALSO. AND MORE.

But the game itself is plenty fun. even if he keeps killing me. Now I want to see if I can find some Oxford LARPers or table-top-ers (is that a phrase?). Because I'm cool. Did you miss that?

In other news, I finally got round to watching the TVD finale, so there's that.

Thoughts and some S4 spoilers, nothing really major )
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After reading Blood Magic, I got a bit obsessed with long fics, and old school HP, specifically Harry/Voldemort. Thing is most, if not all Harry/Voldemort is absolutely fucking awful. I managed to find a couple of readable fics, pushed myself into reading the beginnings of a whole bunch of frankly unreadable fics (beginnings only, because I gave up after a chapter or so) and now EVERYTHING I READ IS AWFUL. IT BROKE ME GUIZ. I CAN'T READ FANFIC ANY MORE. MY EYESSSS. THEY BUUUURN.

This must be what hell feels like. Bad fic. Everywhere.
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I am planning a lesson about Alice in Wonderland. I'm looking for an abridged text to use with my students, and I came across this.

"...But when the Rabbit actually TOOK A WATCH OUT OF ITS WAISTCOAT- POCKET, and looked at it, and then hurried on, Alice started to her feet..."

I couldn't help but read the CAPSLOCK as if the narrator had suddenly STARTED SHOUTING! (The internet has broken me) And then I realised what it really needed was some CAPSLOCK SWEARING.

... Some helpful enabling later (thank you [ profile] gelise!) and this is the result:


I should probably get back to planning the damn lesson now... Can't I just have the students all make GQMF posters for each other? That's useful shit, right?
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I'm gonna update this as I write more. If I write more. Now that I've gone and committed myself this is probably all your getting. More is happening! I should try this more often.

(Also I'm still reserving the right to hate this film when I'm done watching it. The plot holes alone are driving me mad, and I have been warned about the *fails.)

ETA: ok I have to get up early tomorrow, so live ficcing's gonna pause. I'm not going to promise I'll get back to it, since me and promises, oil and water. or possibly some other analogy that actually makes sense. But it's turning out to be a lot of fun, so we'll see. I kept my non-promise!

Also, yes, I am aware this has effectively turned into the OT3 retelling of the movie.

ETA 2: RIGHT, So not only is my version of a happy ending, not particularly happy. But I didn't manage to get any actual shippiness in there, just lots of pre-ship UST and angst. I fail at this game.


Oxford is... Oxford is gorgeous. (Raven) )
How is he not supposed to get flustered? (Charles, Charles/Raven) )
"Wait, wait, wait." (Charles, Charles/Erik) )
Shit. shit shit. Shit shit shit. (Hank) )
Hank/Raven/Erik POVs of the almost kiss )
"Shaw's got friends." (Charles, Charles/Erik) )
The sun shone brighter (Charles, Charles/Erik) )
Charlie's bouncing (Raven, Charlie/Raven) )
They choose the stripper first (Raven) )
It's... fun. It's actually fun, a lot of fun. (Erik, Charles/Erik) )
"Your trousers!" (Erik) )
So, Mummy and Daddy are off, picking up more strippers. (Raven) )
Everything is light. (Darwin, Darwin/Alex) )
He can't see her, he can't see her... (Charles, Charles/Raven) )
They were all... easy with each other. (Alex, Alex/Darwin) )
It's late, (Raven, Charles/Raven) )
The gun is pointed at Erik's head. (Charles, Charles/Erik) )
He didn't hear Moira. (Erik, Charles/Erik) )
This is it. (Hank) )
She's in her own skin. (Charles, Charles/Raven)) )He felt Erik place the helmet on his head. (Charles, Charles/Erik) )
"Erik, Erik!" (Erik, Charles/Erik) )
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A bird flew in through my window today. It made a small circle of my room, it's wings beating loudly, then slipped out again.

It was so unexpected, I felt my heart clench in my chest.


I've been reading the King of Attolia again, )


Rewatched The Eagle avec la famille. )


I am a very active writer, as in I will read parts out loud, act parts out, wave my hands about and squint at the air. I also scream at the screen, bounce up and down when I think of something, scowl at characters, occasionally flap my hand about like I'm trying to fly, and stick my tongue out at my laptop.

I leap about like I'm on drugs, basically. Is this normal? Do other people do this?
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Does no one else call Marble Arch, 'Marble Arble'? Is it really just me?
/am weird.


I want to read Shadow of the Templar again.
I'm not a re-read-y kind of person. And I only finished it a few days ago, but. MAN. I want.


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