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Pride & Prejudice and Zombies.

It was actually exactly what I needed. Ladies in pretty dresses stabbing things, fighting zombies and rescuing men. The entire thing was insane, plot doesn't hold up worth a damn, but it was fun and tongue in cheek and sort of comforting, in a ridiculous, bloody sort of way.

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Oh, also? Darcy's greatcoat is made of leather. Yeah.

It really made me want a Temeraire movie/tv series - for that, Regency AU feel, plus awesome women and a critique of Britain's colonial history. Talk about high concept. Napoleonic wars, with dragons. Why has no one made that yet?
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  • So my twitter account seems to have been hacked, since I was suddenly following 1000 or so accounts.I painstakingly unfollowed, only to watch random people get followed before my eyes, without me doing anything. IDK how or why such a pointless hack exists, but whatever. My twitter account is now deactivated. I never used it anyway.
  • Love this: Sam Storyteller's Rewriting Firefly
  • Shutdown LK Hamilton - She's trolling us isn't she? It's like that Joaquin Phoenix/Casey Afleck stunt. It's going to turn out to be an elaborate performance piece. Deliberately destroying her writing. Picking up the pieces that are the most awful, rewriting them in particular. Cutting out anything good, writing more of the worst. She's actually honed it. It was a process. There was dross in amongst the good, then more dross and the good dropped to mediocre. And then it was awful amongst the bad and now it's ALL AWFUL. I think. I think I'm in awe. I think she might just be the Antichrist. Wow.
  • Undoing Maleficent - So wait, giving depth and complexity to female characters is 'undoing' them? You'd rather have them remain beautiful cyphers? Their two dimensionality lending them... what? Better fap value? Because messy real people with ups and downs and good and bad don't fantasise so well? Ok, that's inflammatory of me, STILL THOUGH. I call bullshit. (Also, what trend? Wicked and this? Two movies? Srsly?) It's all well and good to call for 'new characters' but if the execs are going to greenlight new characs it's gonna be 'white male antiheroes' a la every single show on tv right now. Not 'complex female villains without an existing fanbase'. If we want interesting female characs on our screens, then we have to look for already famous ones, no one will take the risk on new ones because the entire industry is loaded against us. So, you know. Fuck off Mr internet writer guy.
  • So I have Good Wife thoughts, looking back at the characters and how they've grown and looking at the different friendships, and looking at what chances they've missed along the way and which they've leapt on, and putting things in perspective and so on and so forth. but right now whenever I think about the show, it's either CAPSLOCK SCREAMING. or it's me curled up in the foetal position crying. SO. MAYBE LATER. WHEN I HAVE PUT MY HEART BACK TOGETHER.

Thief Gold

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So, the Musketeers is on the BBC, 4 eps in to a 10 ep season. It's occasionally silly and somewhat formulaic, but it's also got a wonderfully diverse cast, tackles slavery in the 3rd episode, has two awesome, interesting female characters (who, I think completely failed the Bechdel test. GDI). And Peter Capaldi playing the ancestor to modern-day Malcolm Tucker.

Actually in general, (excepting D'artagnan, who is a bit of a blank character anyway) the acting is all pretty damn good. Capaldi, obvs. But Tom Burke's Athos is gorgeously conflicted and hates everything. Milady is great as the manipulative, secretive, possibly-not-completely-evil reason for Athos' manpain. The king is perfect and weak and petty and awful. I enjoyed Aramis' angsty turn last ep. It's still early days yet, but we've got the Porthos centric ep coming up, and then I'm hoping for a longer arc to round out the season, who knows.

ANYWAY. The reason for this post - beyond an attempt to enable people into the fandom (Everyone is ridiculously shippy. EVERYONE. Without the writing being Godawful slashbait.) - THE REASON is that it looks GREAT. And it's not just the filming (a lot on location, which really makes the difference, but even the sets look good). It's also the CLOTHES. I'd like to make a follow up Milady/Constance post, and one for the aristo's as well, but for now - the Musketeers:

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Nov. 2nd, 2013 08:13 pm
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I'm looking for (period) shows where there is an obvious lack of female characters, and when they do turn up, they're almost exclusively relegated to sister/daughter/mother/lover positions.

Primarily historical shows, where this behaviour is justified because 'historic misogyny' e.g. Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men. I'd also be interested in fantasy-history shows, like Game of Thrones, or shows that are set in a 'male sphere', but not necessarily in the past, like The Sopranos or Breaking Bad.

I want to do a bit of research and find a bunch of awesome women I can point to and say LOOK. SEE WHO YOU ARE ERASING. It literally took 5 minutes to find a fuckload of women involved in prohibition, both on the speakeasy/smuggling side, as well as the pro-prohibition side. 

I understand the argument for wanting the 'big names'/the famous players. But historical figures get famous not because of what they actually did, but because they got talked about. If we keep focusing on the men and ignoring the women, of course there will never be any famous women. Not because they never existed or made less of an impact on the world, but because we've been systematically erasing their presence to the point that most people can't even conceive of their existence.
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Ultimately I was spoiled for the main thing I knew I'd hate. The other things I disliked were mostly ignorable and though they take up space here, in terms of how many watching minutes were devoted to them? They were outnumbered by the fun, positive elements. I just find it easier to talk about and take apart the things that I didn't like than the things I did. I'M SORRY GUYS. THE GLASS IS HALF EMPTY. Overall, like, watch it? For sure. Have fun. But the thing you know you'll hate. Yeah. You gonna hate.

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