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I'm looking for (period) shows where there is an obvious lack of female characters, and when they do turn up, they're almost exclusively relegated to sister/daughter/mother/lover positions.

Primarily historical shows, where this behaviour is justified because 'historic misogyny' e.g. Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men. I'd also be interested in fantasy-history shows, like Game of Thrones, or shows that are set in a 'male sphere', but not necessarily in the past, like The Sopranos or Breaking Bad.

I want to do a bit of research and find a bunch of awesome women I can point to and say LOOK. SEE WHO YOU ARE ERASING. It literally took 5 minutes to find a fuckload of women involved in prohibition, both on the speakeasy/smuggling side, as well as the pro-prohibition side. 

I understand the argument for wanting the 'big names'/the famous players. But historical figures get famous not because of what they actually did, but because they got talked about. If we keep focusing on the men and ignoring the women, of course there will never be any famous women. Not because they never existed or made less of an impact on the world, but because we've been systematically erasing their presence to the point that most people can't even conceive of their existence.
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I find the line between meta and literary criticism quite tough. I think maybe I tend to include all media (film/tv) criticism because, well, the majority of it is fandom. If you get media/tv crit online, chances are it comes from a fanblog. Because mainstream critics have this snobbish attitude towards caring too much about 'just tv'. You review it and that's that. But books you can critique. Because literature is REAL ART. But with lit crit I feel like it's getting too close to the aca side of acafan, or just too 'mainstream' crit, not fan crit?

IDK. It is a thing I have noticed about myself, a tv/book double standard. My own flaws, exposed for your perusal. Enjoy.

"So, instead, I would like to take the time to speculate who some of Nolan’s other regulars might play.Michael Caine will be Cooper’s mentor—but I’m going to say he ends up evil this time. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Cooper’s assistant. If Hathaway’s character isn’t the wife/girlfriend of Cooper, the loss of whom sends him spiralling into a pit of insanity, then I’m going to guess Marion Cotillard for that role. Then there’s Cillian Murphy, hopefully in a role that doesn’t require him to wear a bag over his head again. I’m having a hard time placing Tom Hardy. And I’d love for Ken Watanabe to show up, but I don’t know who I want him to be other than “someone cool.” (Of course, he’s Ken Watanabe.)"

(The Mary Sue, emphasis mine)

What's that you say? Nolan making another movie with fridged women? NO SHIT.

Carrie Trailer - "Carrie is like Harry Potter. Except she didn't get saved." FFF I WANT THAT FIC. (Glass Harp : Potter Theme)

Being Taken Seriously - the Double Standard. I made a post about make up and the female/male professional wear double standard a while back. Though actually I think most of that discussion was in the comments to the LJ post. Anyway, relevant.

I've learnt how to make ringlet curls with my hair straightener. THE. COOLEST. THING. (thank you youtube)

OH MY GOD. I just realised who my dentist reminds me of. Goran Visnjic. FUCK MY LIFE. HOT DENTISTS SHOULD BE AGAINST THE LAW.

I really wanted to include this (For all the women I have loved who were dragged through the mud) at [community profile] metanews but I didn't want to break the week old posts rule any further than I already have (it's a tough one to stick to). I already tweeted it I think, but I haven't got round to following anyone on [ profile] nemonclature or doing anything useful with it, so I'm currently just shouting into the void.
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[community profile] veni_vidi_vids  have closed down, :( sadface forever. Where am I going to get my vid recs from now? A lot of people don't post to vidding

Anyone have a reccing newsletter or pinboarddiigodelicious thing they do? I'm so behind on the web 2.0 reccing scene, I have no idea how it works.

I love reading awesome feminist posts on the internet. But then I read the comments, and after the usual +1 positive stuff, comes the derailing and the plain awful -- The men who make it all about them, the Nice Guys, and then the women who've internalised all the same misgynistic crap and just regurgitate it back. UGH. MY GUTS. THEY ARE IN KNOTS. Example: The art of no, cont.

Req. hate on Natasha.

About face! )

Short Story recs by Aliette de Bodard

Effects of Colonialisation and cultural hegemony? The ending made me cry (in a good way). This fic is clever and brilliant.

Scattered along the river of heaven
Revolution and the aftermath. Great world-building and dB does a good job of slipping the expo into the story. It takes place in the same universe as Immersion, but on different planets and stations with mostly different poeples (Galatic is mentioned in passing). The ending is sharp and clever.

Fandom wank:

Oh SPN fandom. Never stop.
Hiddles fans are just as cray cray.

All the How It Should Have Ended superhero clips on youtube are AWESOME. Is there banter filled fanfic from the HISHE superhero cafe? Because I WANT.

Also, this is basically the Chitauri fanfic I wanted in vid form.
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...And I have this collection of really random bits and pieces saved up to post. So, brain-splurge:

blah blah blah )

I thought I'd already posted these ages ago, but apparently not. Just shows how sharp my memory is.

Films: Transit, Chronicle, Gone, Young Adult )
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Little Thor.

There is also Iron Baby which is amusing, albeit slightly creepy.

I'm still in the process of settling into dreamwidth. Mostly that means I'm going through batches of comms and people bookmarked and gradually extending my circle. (Halloo if I friended you!) Next I'll probably make further cuts over at lj as I try to add people's dw mirrors and drop their lj ones.

I feel the need to give the journal a haircut. Also I realise that tag is very useless without screencaps of what the change is, so I'm going to put caps and links next time so that it can actually serve some purpose.

'Get bent' is such an odd curse. )


Really interesting post by Aliette de Bodard, starting from Sherlock 2x03, but really talking about the representation of women in literature in the past and contrasting it to now. (Roughly summarised as: it was misogynist, but at least they were there, whereas now we barely even exist.)


I hate the 'cut corners' approach to canon 'ships. The ones where we don't see any development of the actual 'ship. We see the meeting and the lust, but after that we're just expected to believe in them as a couple. Tada! They're together. ... )

RECS World lit and Second person POV )

Random quote:
"[P]reviously I've had to go looking for spoilers, but now there's tumblr which is seemingly populated mostly by children who weren't in fandom the day the rest of us did Spoiler Cuts and You: An Introduction."
(from [personal profile] netgirl_y2k)

So true.

Question: Why do people keep the ashes from cremated bodies? People don't parts from buried bodies. Is it reassuring? Is it for a sense of connection with the one who's passed? Why is it socially acceptable to keep ash, but not bones or hair?
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Unknown (2006)

I love twisty thrillers and I love Jim Caviezel and I love slashy duos. This film. GUYS.

The premise is awesome... )

Source Code
was rather silly, but Jake Gyllenhaal is always watchable, and he had good chemistry with Vera Farmiga. Not so great with Michelle Monaghan (the love interest) which was a little disappointing. The plot was predictable but there was enough action, and it was fast-paced enough to sustain interest. In all, a solid Silly Bang Bang flick.

I also watched Conan and Abduction. Which were both awful, and I only managed to watch through judicious use of the fast forward button and because I've been on a bid to ignore my life and distract myself with shit tv for the past fortnight or so.

Well done, we have brown people who aren't Will Smith as leads, can we now have them starring in not-shit movies?

Taylor Lautner cannot act to save his life, but he does have very attractive canines.(What? I get weirdly specific sometimes, so sue me. I see why they cast him as a werewolf though).

Conan was so unbelievably sexist and hideous. Though now I really want genderswap fix it fic. Internet, make that happen.
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Guys, help me out. There's a show (or a book, or a film) involving 'true love's kiss' ( it's not Once upon a time) where two characters kiss and it fails to have the desired effect - and the guy is all NO WAIT, I DO LOVE YOU, but the woman runs off all sad?

And as a viewer I was pretty sure he did honestly love her, like, I think I actually remember saying so in a post on this journal. But the implication in the show was that he loved something else more. (His work? His job? Money? Power? IDK. Not another person though.)

I just watched Once Upon a Time ep 1x12 with Rumpelstiltskin and Belle and it reminded me of this enough to irritate and not enough for me to name whatever the fuck it is. HELP ME OUT GUYS, PLEASE.

This vid (Sail, GOT) ) is making me want to start watching Game of Thrones again, except really, I only want to watch if it's just about Dani, Sansa and Arya, the boys can all go hang. Maybe I'll try fic instead. Do you think there's Dani/Arya future!fic (where Arya isn't, like, 8 years old?) I'd read the fuck out of that. They would be bitchin' Queens. Technical term


I first heard the word in an interview with Emma Thompson. She was either asked her favourite word, or her favourite attribute in a partner, I'm not sure, either way: "Uxorious", she replied, deadpan.

"Uxorious is an adjective meaning 'very or excessively fond of your wife', e.g.: he was an almost perfect husband: uxorious, hard-working, and a good provider. It comes from the Latin uxor 'wife'." )
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So, following on from previous Bollywood-ness. I decided I need to catch up on some movies. considering I've seen a grand total of about 5 Bollywood films, this may take a while. I watched Devdas (2002), didn't realise there were multiple versions until after. I'm gonna watch the 1955 one as well if I can bear it. Because, you see... IT'S ALL ABOUT DEVDAS' MANPAIN. To be fair, the title should have tipped me off. But, okay, I'm not expecting much by way of any sort of equality in these movies. Have a tangential explanation: I read someone's post about silly actioners recently in which they were complaining about various fails, and it got me thinking about my 'silly bang bang' category of films, (action, explosions), and how I don't expect anything from them. They serve exactly the purpose stated - fire go boom! So while the various fails register, they don't hurt.

The same thing mostly applies here. Except. This was epic bad, guys. I know it's a famous story, plus it's basically a retelling of Krishna/Radha and so I feel bad knocking it. But, but... THE MANPAIN OMFG. He fucks up his relationship with Paro thanks to his indecision and cowardice, and then he proceeds to DRINK HIMSELF TO DEATH. That's it, literally. The only other thing he manages to do is verbally abuse Chandramukhi into falling in love with him (yeah IDK either.) Plus there's the whole scarring Paro by hitting her in the face with a necklace in order to show his love.

I mean, all the various fails: the marriage focus, the evul in-laws, the getting locked in her house by her husband. All that is pretty much par for the course, but, egad the manpain. There's all the stuff the women do: Paro has to be the step-mother in this new family and deal with a husband in love with his dead wife. Chandramukhi is a whore as Devdas so likes to remind her, she has to be savvy and clever and fight off EVIL MOUSTACHE's amorous overtures. BUT NO INSTEAD OF FOCUSING ON THAT, WE FOCUS ON DEVDAS ROLLING AROUND THE PLACE DRINKING AND AND MAINPAINING HIS WAY THROUGH HIS USELESS LIFE.

Basically I just want fic where Paro and Chandramukhi elope and live in sin together. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?

Anyway, on a more shallow note Shakrukh Khan's nose was as large as ever, eyebrows were as awesome as ever, and Ashwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit are both stupidly gorgeous. Dola Re Dola was my favourite song/dance scene, even if it does fail the Bechdel test (what am I saying? The entire movie fails it). IT SHOWCASES THE FEMSLASH POTENTIAL THOUGH. Also it features bonus creepy moustache being creepy. He goes on to EPIC REVEAL Chandramukhi as a whore in the next scene.

If I were to do an 'official' SGU rewatch, would anyone be interested? I could plug it not just at [ profile] young_rush but at one of the general sgu comms as well. How regular are rewatches usually? One ep a day? Plus there's the question of timezones. Also there needs to be some sort of liveblogging element. AIM would be easiest for me since I already have it, but maybe ljchat would be an easier option for everyone else? How does ljchat even work? Anyone used it before?

TVD -- Strange and Untrue by [ profile] crickets.


OH SHOW. You were fail and I hate you for that. But I can't quit you. Damn it I'm already missing you. Come back.

TGW 3x09 )

Going Postal )

New Girl )

Once Upon a Time )
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I had been writing while on the metro in to work. Epic teen wolf boyangst, almost missed my stop a few times. But my bicing card has come through now, and unfortunately writing and cycling don't go well together. (Unless you mean writing + cycling = DEAD.)

So. I might still take the metro for the longer journeys, which means two days out of four will be 'teen wolf writing' journeys and the other two... 'try not to get run over while cycling' journeys.


I'm not sure whether I should finish the AU at the end of ep 1 or continue. If I let it, I can see it's going to take over my every waking moment and I'd like to have enough drive to write other things in the fandom. I've been trawling [ profile] comment_fic for prompts which is always fun.

kink, POC, and gender thoughts (still about TW) )
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Could be fun. With caveat:

I feel like I need a tag for films where women only exist as 'the mum' or 'the girlfriend'. Female characters free standing and important in their own right? PFF NO. THE WIMMINZ only matter if they are defined by their relation to THE MENZ.

[world of girlfriends] maybe?
/made it.

The entire set up is one where there cannot be equality. It's not a matter of, 'the female characters don't do shit' it's a matter of, 'these characters are not the same as these other characters' -- The standards, the set up, the parameters, the everything, it's an entirely different scale we're marking them against.

It's like having a film about these people and some pets, whose defining characteristic is being owned by these people. You don't say, OH the dog had a big role or OH the dog had a great character, because it's a fucking dog, it's not a person, it doesn't work that way.

That's what these, [world of girlfriends] films do to women. It's not that the characters fall short, it's that they don't even get the chance to try. They're not in the fucking race. The makers/writers make a choice to rate male narratives above female, it's intrisnically sexist. No matter what happens in the film, there is no way for it to be equal.

It doesn't feel pointed, in that you don't get the icky, Christopher-Nolan-oh-god-stop-fridging-your-women, feeling. You just get that more insidious, I-have-been-erased-from-this-picture, feeling.


My week with Marilyn
IDK if I'll watch it, but Eddie Redmayne sure is pretty, (even if his lips freak me out a bit). Can we have more of these CHEEKBONES English boys please? Or just cast him and Hiddleston in everything ever, I'd settle for that.

The Iron Lady
Right, because there's such a lack of old white ENGLISH actresses. Not that I'll be watching it anyway, because fuck Maggie. But still it's the spirit of the thing. (Though from the trailer at least the accent sounds fine, so there is that I suppose).
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RIGHT, so you know why everyone should watch this show? I mean the really simple insta-rec reason? There is no crowning moment of awesome, there are no super awesome 'omg this one!' characters...


Like, the plot and the characters and the pacing and the everything is wonderful, yes. But... you know those things, those things that fill you with squee and you want to grab random people off the street and shake them until they're all dizzy and deaf from your shouting and then maybe they will understand half of how you're feeling?


* - ok fine, except Jeremy. God Jeremy, get a life.

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