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Not that I'm an authority on fandom or anything, but I find I'm really impressed with how Captain Cold's mixed ethnicity is casually mentioned in fics, so that Wentworth Miller's actual mixed heritage isn't just white-washed. I don't recall anyone ever bothering with that in Prison Break fic, and that's not a reflection on the authors, but a reflection of fandom's changing priorities I think, and it's a change that's really satisfying and comforting.

By the by, I think the reason Miller wears his hair short is because TPTB are afraid to have overtly African hair on their passing-for-white character. Which just goes to show how far behind fandom actual tv land is.

In other news - I started rewatching s2 Prison Break, because Michael/Mahone basically. And then I watched all the Captain Cold eps of the Flash and now I discover that Legends of Tomorrow is a series not a movie, so I guess I'll be watching that too.

Also, would you believe Miller is 43? I mean seriously.
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The way the cleaning lady tells me about her new neighbours, how she's already decided not to speak to them because they're foreign. And how they're getting the 'taking bins out, locking the garden door' system all wrong. Probably because they're Indian, or Pakistani, who knows the difference.

All the while I'm standing there, brown as I am, and wrapped in the shawl Nanigee bought me from Lahore.
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So, the Musketeers is on the BBC, 4 eps in to a 10 ep season. It's occasionally silly and somewhat formulaic, but it's also got a wonderfully diverse cast, tackles slavery in the 3rd episode, has two awesome, interesting female characters (who, I think completely failed the Bechdel test. GDI). And Peter Capaldi playing the ancestor to modern-day Malcolm Tucker.

Actually in general, (excepting D'artagnan, who is a bit of a blank character anyway) the acting is all pretty damn good. Capaldi, obvs. But Tom Burke's Athos is gorgeously conflicted and hates everything. Milady is great as the manipulative, secretive, possibly-not-completely-evil reason for Athos' manpain. The king is perfect and weak and petty and awful. I enjoyed Aramis' angsty turn last ep. It's still early days yet, but we've got the Porthos centric ep coming up, and then I'm hoping for a longer arc to round out the season, who knows.

ANYWAY. The reason for this post - beyond an attempt to enable people into the fandom (Everyone is ridiculously shippy. EVERYONE. Without the writing being Godawful slashbait.) - THE REASON is that it looks GREAT. And it's not just the filming (a lot on location, which really makes the difference, but even the sets look good). It's also the CLOTHES. I'd like to make a follow up Milady/Constance post, and one for the aristo's as well, but for now - the Musketeers:

Clothes and character meta + pics )
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Where Ward is replaced by a Muslim woman... )

* -- I have heard SHIELD has improved recently, so maybe this is no longer relevant. But I bet it doesn't have Muslim sorta lesbians and evil robots and conversations about race and passing and becoming part of the system and shared bodies and DEAD PUPPIES. So clearly mine is much better.
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I was thinking about that fic I recced a few posts back, where I assumed the narrator was female. Because I was reading articles and I repeatedly assumed female, and had to recalibrate when I realised 'my wife' meant 'I am a het man' not 'I am a lesbian'. Or when the author mentions his kids calling him Daddy (wait, what? who the fuck is dad- OH. RIGHT). I AUTOMATICALLY assume EVERYONE on the internet is female. Not just in fandom. EVERYONE. I don't even think about it. And then K is like. LOL that meme, "There are no girls on the internet" and I'm like. WHAT? WHAT WORLD DO YOU LIVE IN?

I find I'm looking for the reblog button when I'm scrolling through my DW flist. GDI TUMBLR. YOU RUINED ME.

Between the new Veronica Mars trailer and the Loki thing?* I am gonna go to Comic Con one day. It's gonna happen. It's gonna be THE SHIT.

*(watching that gives me both intense squee/shivery feelings and embarrassment squick. IDEK).

True Blood... um. recent episodes. 5 and 6?


Other things also happened. )

Orange is the new black.

I always expect so much violence rape and murder from prison shows or films. It weirds me out when you see mostly people getting on with their lives. To be fair, it's clearly a way lower security prison than the ones in Prison Break or Oz, (presumably? haven't actually seen Oz). or any of the movies I've seen.

I mean, there's prison wives and scary in charge people. But it's mostly used to keep referencing Piper's past girlfriend/lesbianism. In fact, mostly just so they can bring up lesbianism in every ep. I can't work out if this is a good thing or not. I think my final opinion will depend greatly on whether she ditches Mr American Pie and goes for the ex-girlfriend.

Anyway, it's an amusing set up and interesting enough characters.

Here are some as I watch reactions (for the whole season - spoilers) )

Watched Pacific Rim to see what the fuss was about. )
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I was looking for meta on this but all could find were the comments on the [community profile] scans_daily  post. I'm hoping someone more in the fandom has written something? Because I want to read it! But as a signal boost/my thoughts/whatever:

So Alex Summers came out with the "m-word" speech a few months ago see here and here. And there was some backlash over it in fandom, but mostly measured critique? As far as I remember. (But then Remender made the lovely hobo piss comment which people objected to. Because it was fucking offensive). But basically it boiled down to him not wanting to be seen as a mutant, and colourblindness, and treated as equal and post-racial society blah blah.

So recently Kitty came out with this. Which is much more on the intersectionality/no such thing as colourblindness, assimilation is a lie and reminds me of that quote by Kerry Washington, (which I think is here, but maybe she's talked about it elsewhere also).

But on a more meta level, when you take both Alex and Kitty's words together, it presents a kind of rounded worldbuilding where one person doesn't own The Voice of The Oppressed (TM). Which is of the good I think. I like that both views can coexist, even if I agree with one more. It means they're treating the mutant issues as something pervasive and lived. Just like RL oppression is lived. (People are wondering if it's a reflection of the writer's differing world views (see the [community profile] scans_daily comments) which is possible, but not necessarily a bad thing? Since in doesn't seem to come off anvilicious.)

Anyway, I'm not in Marvel Comics fandom, so I can't really comment on this in any way but externally, I would like to know what other people have written/think though.

What I can comment on is the way the oppression storyline has been dealt with in the films universe. So jumping on a tangent...

What does Prof X (and the 'good guys') do to further equality for mutants?

When your leader is telling you to effectively do nothing, then no wonder Alex ends up saying, well, do nothing. When Prof X is aggressively maintaining the status quo, then no wonder Alex wants to assimilate without ever rocking the non-mutant boat.

In the movies, the only actions the Prof takes are to combat the human hating mutants (Magneto et al.) like, that's basically it? In First Class he tries stop a different human hating mutant. Outside of that, he runs his school and tries to find other mutants. What does he actually do in terms of activism? As far as I can remember he furthers no agenda of visibility, if anything he encourages mutants to secrete themselves away in his little isolationist, hidden community.

He's not spearheading a political career, he's not campaigning for rights or freedoms, drafting a specific bill, trying to get mutants out of incarceration, working towards a more inclusive educational system, developing healthcare, setting up a Mutant Aid society or anything, anything that activism requires. He makes no speeches, he organises no protests. He sits, in his sprawling castle on his rolling green hills bolstered and made safe by his money and he does nothing.

And we're expected to see him as the best hope for mutantkind?

We're distracted from his hypocritical apathy by the threats 'bad' mutants pose, and the psycho bigots of the human world: there's Magneto and Shaw, there's whathisname, from X men 2, and there's Mr Sinister and that time travel guy, apocalypse? and the...sentinels? The robot things? You can see how much knowledge I have outside of movie canon, but whatever, there are threats, (and fuckloads of time travel afaik how come the movies haven't hit that?) but there are never any genuine threats relating to the nitty gritty, the real life side of the discrimination storyline they attempt to portray. Or, that they allude to, without ever actually portraying. They riff off the oppression parallels, but when pinned down, (see above links) claim they were NEVER WRITING ABOUT OPPRESSION ANYWAY. PARALLELS? WHAT PARALLELS? OH LOOK, HAVE MORE TIME TRAVEL.

Am I wrong here? I could be forgetting some political subplot from the first three movies since it has been a while. But all I can remember is that Beast has some vaguely political/consultant(?) role, but it was implied that he and the Professor weren't all that close? Like not in that they'd stopped being friends, but grown apart, maybe because, IDK, Prof's ideology was all about sitting back and doing nothing? Because wasn't there a 'haven't seen you in a while'/'great to see you again' sort of vibe when Beast got involved? Maybe? Kinda? Gah, I should probably rewatch before making grand statements.
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trail of trailers )

And a vid to tail this all off with:

Broken Crown vid by almostgaby: OMFG. WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME CRY? I don't usually go for Thor/Loki, but provided I can see it as familial/gen. Then I am THERE. (On that note, where the fuck is the 'Somebody that I used to know' Thor/Loki vid? BECAUSE EVERYTHING ABOUT THAT SONG IS THEM.)
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I don't really get the point of omega verse AUs. )

Shake it Out by Elandria Lore (Teen Wolf: Lydia)
I would like for this to happen. That's another thing about HBIC Lydia, it just skips over the bit where she has to deal with al the fucked up shit S2 put her through and actually, I quite like trauma fics.

Moves by [ profile] sisabet (Teen Wolf: Stiles)
Aw Stiles

[ profile] askmisspotts - So I went and asked a whole bunch of 'Dear Miss Potts...' questions. Because all questions should be asked politely, guys. (Mwahaha and someone seems to have copied my format. I shall spread stealth politeness through the entire interwebs. Mwahahaaaaa!)

Thor: The Dark World trailer

Teardrops by [ profile] almostgaby (Inception: Mal/ensemble)
Why couldn't we have had this movie? The movie about Mal, who drew them in, who was the centre of all their worlds, who brought them all together then lost herself. (Feathers on my Breath by [ profile] ifeelbetter is a wonderful, atmospheric fic written for the vid.)


Defiance pilot

Spoilers under the cut )

So, my overall opinion, it looks good, but lacks substance. I'm willing to hold out, because early eps are often so, so shit. And pilots are always about the big battle bullshit. Honestly though, I love scifi, and I'm willing to forgive a lot provided I'm given aliens and/or spaceships.
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 photo boyd.jpg

Sparked by: This tumblr post and this fandomwanderers post, quoted below.

"A fandom in hiatus is extremely focused on little details they might have overlooked in the broad sweep of transmission, and eventually, left to their own devices for long enough, they may even become fixated on tiny fragments of fanon with no basis in their favourite obsession whatsoever. This leads, usually, to chaos, and occasional confusion when, for example, the meanest character’s teddy bear is nowhere to be seen when the series returns."

Like Lydia becoming HBIC in Teen Wolf fanfic during the inter-season hiatus. I love hyper-competent Lydia, but realistically, it should really be Boyd in that position. Lydia has proven her intelligence, but that alone isn't a marker of ability to lead. She's manipulative, insecure, secretive and in a very non-trusting place right now. (Okay that describes Derek, but no one is calling him a good Alpha either.) Plus she's canonically immune to the bite.

Boyd's a calm, intelligent, focused kinda guy, and he's already part of the wolf pack, so within the whole, 'circle of trust'. We know you can have multiple Alphas in a pack thanks to the Alpha pack, and that you can have Betas in charge of a pack thanks to Scott's pack, so it's not like alternate hierarchy systems are unheard of. So Boyd as the intelligent Beta/eventual Alpha, (all he'd have to do is kill an Alpha pack memember and since he was cornered by them at the end of S2, it's not all that unrealistic. He kills one, Erica conveniently dies to allow for the actress' no-show in S3. Alternatively, the gang breaks him out and he kills someone either during the escape or at any point during the ensuing war), contrasting with Derek as the reppository of wolf knowledge/idk, emotional centre Alpha. (TBH, Derek is the worst Alpha in all of forever, but I always thought he suited being Beta far better than anything else and his behaviour as Alpha has only proved that.)

Boyd chose to be a wolf. He chose. He wasn't forced into it like Scott, he wasn't creepily seduced into it like Erica, he didn't grasp at it as a means of power, like Isaac and Jackson. At no point is his choice presented as a bid for greater strength. (Note he's a strongly built kinda guy already, and canon hasn't given him a fucked up family life I don't think.) As far as I recall the one thing he wanted was to stop being a loner? (Was this canon or my fanon/ I'm a bit blurry). Which, okay, that could point to familial isolation. But surely someone who chose pack over power, community over isolation (cough Scott cough) is going to be a great contender for a good Alpha?

Okay, he did run away, that's true. But that can be fanwanked away - his decision making processes weren't recovered after all that torture, or Erica wanted to run and he genuinely loved her, or, hell, he made a mistake. People make mistakes, Derek's made plenty, Scott too, and Lydia.

I'm not going to lie, part of me thinks it's the black guy syndrome at play. (Does that have a better name? come on, it's the internet, someone must have coined it.) He's black and so fandom's collective eyes pass over him without stopping and instead alight on some white dude(tte). And like I said, I love Lydia, I love that fanon Lydia gets to be sharp and clever and strong and doesn't have to hide her light because fuck that shit, people can deal with her on her own terms. It's an empowering narrative and as a woman I love it, but as a PoC, I'm less enthralled.
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So that was the busiest weekend in forever. I have to sleep all of the week to recover.

Cosplay question )

Talking about fannish stuff. I feel Earthcam should be used for some sort of massive, international, fan extravaganza. Don't ask me what, I don't know, it just seems too futuristic and cool/creepy and invasive, not to use. That or some sort of world-wide spygame, IDK.

Does no one make wallpapers any more? Where are all the graphics makers at? Still on LJ? Did all those elite icon comms cause the fandom to implode or something?

I've decided to buy myself a birthday present, )

Listening to Tegan and Sara's new album (via [personal profile] calvinahobbes I think?). And then I was scrolling my flist and "I'm not your hero" came on while I was reading [personal profile] amaresu's post with this icon:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Please rec me: Plotty racebending and genderbending fic. )
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I'm enjoying reading requires hate, who reviews books and blogs about racism, sexism and homohobia in the SF world. But sort of tangentially to that -- I like that there are loads of blogs out there that talk about racism, lots of different types of racism, sometimes religionism, (or should I just say Islamaphobia?) which unsurprisingly, is relevant to my interests (oh intersectionality).

But really, I wish more mixed-race kids would speak up. I'd love to read people's thoughts about passing or 'how ethnic is ethnic?' What it's like to be called white by one person then brown by another (or not brown enough, or not white enough). And obviously I'd rather a British perspective, because, relevant. I get the feeling the experiences, of say, a Black American who can pass in the US is not going to be the same as mine.

Also there's the Islamic curveball - being a Muslim is a much stronger cultural identity than my Pakistani blood, so again it's a different, invisible sort of divide or passing or whatever. Plus there are all those wonderful English class issues and scholarship girl envy issues.

There's just things, lots of things, self-confidence things, and 'can I be part of this discussion?' things, and 'who's culture am I appropriating here?' things, and just. Straddling the line, (lots of lines... hello bisexuality) is a tough place to be.

So. Um I'd like to commiserate? With other line straddlers? Or something. I guess I could try and fashion a coherent post, but since it's mostly formless thoughts and worries, I think the post would be more brain-splurge, than well articulated argument.

Does anyone know of any blogs that hit the subject on the nose?
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Why are jokes that make fun of cultures and nationalities so funny? Is it because they're taking the taboo and messing with it?

Dylan Moran on various Nationalities:

The Germans, The English and Irish and some crossover with the Germans clip, The AmericansThe Australians and the English again, The French.

Goodness Gracious Me was an epic comedy sketch show that ripped off various British-Asian stereotypes:

Going out for an EnglishTypical Asian ParentsAsian Top Gear, (srsly, my mum remembers driving to various functions with the littlest cousins stuffed down in the foot space. Hell, I have 'fond' memories of riding 5 to a backseat.) Mona Lisa is IndianCompetitive mothersWhite Asian, (OMG I went to uni with women like her), Gay sonEat! Eat!Christianity is IndianMeena and BeenaDelhi Students on a train journeyLack of Indian CulturePunjabi GirlHindi People.

And I leave you with Community's 'That's racist'.
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Unknown (2006)

I love twisty thrillers and I love Jim Caviezel and I love slashy duos. This film. GUYS.

The premise is awesome... )

Source Code
was rather silly, but Jake Gyllenhaal is always watchable, and he had good chemistry with Vera Farmiga. Not so great with Michelle Monaghan (the love interest) which was a little disappointing. The plot was predictable but there was enough action, and it was fast-paced enough to sustain interest. In all, a solid Silly Bang Bang flick.

I also watched Conan and Abduction. Which were both awful, and I only managed to watch through judicious use of the fast forward button and because I've been on a bid to ignore my life and distract myself with shit tv for the past fortnight or so.

Well done, we have brown people who aren't Will Smith as leads, can we now have them starring in not-shit movies?

Taylor Lautner cannot act to save his life, but he does have very attractive canines.(What? I get weirdly specific sometimes, so sue me. I see why they cast him as a werewolf though).

Conan was so unbelievably sexist and hideous. Though now I really want genderswap fix it fic. Internet, make that happen.
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Baby Face in Bugsy Malone is Dexter Fletcher, also known as Nathan's dad in Misfits, or Soap, in Lock Stock.


Random brown people in leading roles being randomly brown and no one making a big deal and or plot point out of it: ) pointed it out to me)
Taylor Lautner in Abduction (I think? I haven't actually seen it, just promos).

MORE? Guys, there are more, my brain is blanking. Rec me please? I want brown people having everyday awesome lives entirely independent of their skin colour. Profic or fic, fanon or canon. I AM OPEN.

There's a place for movies that show us what it's like to be of [x] ethnic group or minority, they can be great films and I'm all for them. But it's also nice to be able to imagine yourself in the [generic lead role] and not have to mentally edit your skin colour in order to fit.


New Girl )

Favourite Community Eps (S1 and S2) ) Abed's mental voice is spot on.

Very belated Once Upon A Time review (Episode 7)

ALL THE SPOILERS. Consider yourself warned. )

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